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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are you an idiot?

No, I'm not perfect. It is only this big.
The lie la. What you think I was talking about? 

Did you wake up today feeling like a an idiot?  No?  Good. Because there's news in the papers today, again, about politicians who think that the Malaysian Rakyat are all blithering idiots.  I got this feeling when I read page N26 of The Star today.  A story titled History in the making. It was about the impending elections in Sarawak. As are most of the news stories the past few days. This one is about the MCA boss Chua Soi Lek and his efforts in garnering support for his bosses...errr... I mean his coalition partners to keep the state and the 2-thirds majority.

So, Patrick how does it make us feel foolish, you ask. First, I think the writer of this story, Jocelyn Tan refers to Chua as some sort of hero even calling him an "Alpha male", "Someone who doesn't pull any punches and has no qualms tackling the local Chinese sentiment". She also says that Chua has a "direct" style which startled the crowd that he spoke to.  No surprise that.  Because if you were in the audience I would think you'd be startled too is not downright pissed-off.  Just read what he said...

"This election is not only about Pa Mao but about the whole of Sarawak". Errrr... elections are always about the people who vote. The Rakyat. Get it? Duh!!!

"I know all of you are angry with Pa Mao because 30 years is a long time. No one is perfect. No party is perfect. Umno is not perfect. Even myself. I am not perfect".

Yes, I think it is obvious that Sarawakians are angry and they want change.
Yes, the people of Sarawak know that no one is perfect and that's why they want change.
Yes, the people of Sarawak know all too well that you are far from perfect. And they are probably wondering what the fuck you are doing in their state talking to them like they are idiots.

And just in case you Sarawakians don't feel stupid enough Chua Soi Lek also warned you that the DAP's alliance with PAS meant that giving more clout to DAP would only strengthen PAS' long-term goal to form an Islamic state. Strange allegations coming from the leader of a coalition partner of a party that is far more Islamic-ising in visible practice than PAS.

Sarawakians, the final insult from this fler from Semenanjung is when he was reported as telling you guys, "Hello, Taib already said he was going after the polls what. So what is your problem?"

So, all my kawan-kawan in Sarawak, this weekend you have to decide only one thing. Whether all this attention you're getting from Najib, Muhyiddin, Chua Soi Lek, Taib, Barisan Nasional, MCA is about protecting your interests, your future or their rice bowls. I hope you decide and choose well because what you do will affect us over here too. And we all brudders right? So vote wisely. Please.



ANTI -BN said...

Yes, it's about time TAIB fuck off. He has garnered enough billions. and all the acting from Najis and his ministers should stop. They only cum once in 5 years during erections and pretend that they care. t(-.-t) to all you fakers.

Anonymous said...

BN will definitely win as usual.

Malaysians are too stupid to see through their ploys.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the pervert Soileak my fren. What r ur thoughts on RPK's
revelation on TV3 ? Pray tell us.

Roderick said...

Hoiyo! dis blue-flim king got face somemore to say, "EVEN MYSELF. I am not perfect." You think we all got shit for brain ah?

anak kelantan said...

Why is Chua Soiled leg so buzy over there licking Pek Mo's boots? Oh yes, I forgot, jackals from the same lair.

crazyant said...

aiyah... this jocelyn tan is a bn whore wat... u dunno meh?

Anonymous said...

You mean you still reading things written by whores turned journalists?

Anonymous said...

3 songs to choose for Taib, Soi Lek, Najib & the gang
Of course, 3 degree is very very appropriate

Anonymous said...

Hi Brudder Patrick,

I hope you will allow my post even though it appears crude. MCA should aptly stands for "Moh Choon-toi Association". Otherwise how can one explain why Chua Soi Lek and his fellow MCA eunuchs are behaving like foot stools to UMNO.

Thank you brudder.

Anonymous said...

Should it not read as journalists turned whores?

Anonymous said...

BN logic: "Vote for us, Taib has planned for retirement"

Sarawakian's logic: Don't vote for BN, Taib will retire effective 16th April 11

donplaypuks said...


"No, I'm not an idiot. Practice will make me a perfect idi..."

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

If the Grand Old Man of Singapore said that MCA is castrated party.......what so uncrude
Just to let you know I meet that chicken Ong Ka Chuan before when I was a teen....he was running like a chicken away from my parents

Anonymous said...

Must excuse CSL mah!! U know long time oredi never do show outside and sperm reach pituary gland!

eugene said...

I really hope people of Sarawak will be a wise decision,,, CHANGE is always good

Suci Dalam Debu said...


*******And they are probably wondering what the fuck you are doing in their state talking to them like they are idiots.*******

I have to disagree with you. Sarawakians are IDIOTS indeed. Where else can you find people who keep voting for some chief who has been screwing them for more than 30 yrs? If not IDIOTS, what are they? Sadly the not-idiots are in a small minority.

My fervent hope is that Sarawakians are fools no more. I hope they also know how to KICK ass instead of KISS ass.

hornbill Jr said...

Stupid for SUPP to bring in mca to accelerate their downfall in Sarawak!

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Jocelyn Tan's writings, but to denigrate her by throwing out words like "whores" not only weakens one's argument, it also brings one down to her level of creed. After all, she's the one serving up propaganda in the guise of journalism (one of a reporter's worst offence, in my book).

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Najib's transformation plan is working... even RPK has repent!

But I will still vote for Pakatan bcos I do not believe in RPK from the beginning.

Suhaimi Awani said...

The time has come. It is time for change.

My brothers and sisters Malaysians in Sarawak, on 416, you have the privilege of leading this nation of ours to change. Let the change start in Sarawak, the first step to changing the tenant in Putrajaya.

416 for change.

LinPeh said...

That JoysTick stuff is only good for one thing as its name suggests. But sorry to say I would not touch her even with a ten-foot pole. She only writes thrash. First for the Never Speak the Truth paper, and now for the Star.

Anonymous said...

So, as expected, BN won.

Sarawakians, I am disappoint.

Anonymous said...

sakai country what do you expect ..if not careful they cook you man...

Ubahputera said...

MCA (Kong Cho Ha) blamed the DAP for the swing of Chinese vote to the opposition. He further claimed that DAP is not able to help the Chinese.

I think MCA should look itself in the mirror before making such a comment. It is precisely because MCA is not able to help the Chinese that the Chinese at large have turned to DAP and for that matter, Pakatan.

And to MCA, PLEASE don’t claim that you represent the Chinese in Malaysia; we don’t need you!!!

After Gerakan and SUPP, you will be the next one to be sent packing for good.

Hwang said...

Chua Soi Lek was racialising the results of the Sarawak election by asking SUPP not to take up any Cabinet posts in the Sarawak government.

In that case, as a MCA chief, CSL should instruct Perak MCA state executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon to resign immediately as MCA won only one state seat in the 2008 general election. His failure to ask Mah to resign shows his typical double standard of saying one thing but doing another.

Anyway, we all know that CSL can talk to syiok sendiri without thinking.

ktteokt said...

He's not! He's just an UPSIDE DOWN "TOIDI"! said...

MCA groomed DAP giant killer!

Agik Idup said...


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Anonymous said...

mamak doctor said those who support dap must be chinese..this mamak really hate chinese lah..maybe when he is young he was sodomised by a chinese ah pek!...

Anonymous said...

Those mangly mongrel MCA dogs are barking to their master's tune, everywhere, critizing the PR runned government. What the fcuk have they been doing about lack of trained teachers, lacking of facilities, overcrowded classes (40+ pupils to a class) in Chinese Primary Schools? Pukimak diaorang.

Keong said...




Yap Ah Loy Jr. said...

MCA is in self denial syndrom.
It cannot accept the fact that the Chinese no longer trust or need MCA.

MCA can go on rotting for all we care but PLEASE PLEASE don’t say you represent the Chinese in this country!

We don’t need you and we are ashamed to be associated with you, a bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

CSL should ask UMNO to direct its paper Utusan Malaysia to withdraw and apologise to all Malaysians for practicing a form of apartheid by inciting racial segregation and hatred in calling for 1Melayu, 1 Bumi movement.

But CSL dare not do it.

Anonymous said...

Porn star chua, How is the community be any different whether if MCA is dead or alive? You mca jokers has been around for a while but what good have you given to the community?

We were killed on the 13 of May 1969, where were you?
We were called pendatang and told to go back to China, where were you?
We were oppressed in education arena, where were you?
We were side stepped in the public sector, where were you?
7% discount for the non chinese despite houses priced over RM500k, where were you?
ibrahim ali threathened the chinese, where ARE you?
1bumiputra/melayu, where ARE you?
Interlock, where ARE you?

WHERE ARE YOU mca 25 kids ??!!!

I quote ibrahim ali - "Dont talk shit!"


monsterball said...


monsterball said...

Dr. Hsu said..'Imagine a Crap teaching others how to walk straight"
And to me..since that Crab was elected as MCA is know known as...
"Macham-macham Crab Ada" or "Malaysian Crab Association"
Can you imagine one playing his softy tootsie...encouraging it to stand straight...for the whole world to so proud to be president of his Crab Asso.?

Go Dutch said...

Malaysians seem to be possessed by an insatiable curiosity about what happens in other people’s bedrooms.

Malaysian also seem to be possessed by an insatiable curiosity about what happens in other people’s toilet? Then got more shit evidence and shit DNA to prove along with i bra him’s another 3 Big shits.When will be the day the government can put all the priority issues above all this trivial, political conspiration and shit till lau sai more issues??

We must‘Change The Government’… Otherwise our beloved canland will be so perfect for international sex industry filming hub.

Charlie Oscar said...

Thanks to Utusan & Perkasa for driving the Chinese folks to the arms of DAP which Dr M was spot-on to say that it is disastrous! The seeds of destruction are unwittingly sown now and you will see the whirlwind comes the next election. Dr M can see the end-results of Utusan & Perkasa's undoings for the Malays. The DAPs are laughing all the way ... carry on Utusan & Perkasa keep on harping your hatred of the Chinese folks who through their sweats and tears help build -up Malaysia for the Malays alone cannot build this country cos' Chinese paid the most taxes as attested by Dr M himself. Dr M has great foresight but Utusan & Perkasa have myopic sights.

Anonymous said...

hello custom got vacancy or not?

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the Malay privilege issues, as long as it is according to what is accorded in the constitution,no less, no more.

Why is CSL challenging PR or PKR to amend the constitution on this? I don't remember any of the PR component party ever propagated for that? Non even the so called 'Racist' DAP?!! It is very simple really: if you wanted to challenge your neighbor to put his foot in his mouth, try put yours into your own mouth first.

Put your money where your mouth is,CSL, bring it up in the parliament, bring it up in the cabinet! Oh, sorry, forgotten that you even have no place in the cabinet..

Ex MCA member said...

Chua Soi Lek is truly Niamah.

First he tells voters not to vote Pakatan because PAS wants to form an Islamic state. Now that Umno is courting PAS, he is are willing to let them join BN.

How to trust him?

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek, you want to talk about reality? Let me tell you the reality. MCA is currently represented in the government but with little or no results. Umno is in fact the one calling all the shots and all MCA could do, from time to time, is to make some noises so as to tell the community that they are still around, but of no consequence at all.

Frankly, since the 2008 GE, we are not even aware that you are still around until you come up with some ridiculous statements to lighten up our day. In other words, with or without you, it makes no difference to us as we will still get by.

You want us to vote for you, show us your game plan. For a start, ask Umno to return the finance portfolio to MCA. After all, it was once handled by MCA under the late Tan Siew Sin, I am sure such request is not unreasonable.

Your game plan should also include decisions made on education and economic issues. The road map must be clear, precise and concise. No beating around bush.

Muar-chee said...

The chinese community does not suuport MCA and its leaders are not our representatives, PERIOD. If the BN government is credible and their componnent parties did not perform to the requirements of the rakyat, they should be admonished and told to buck up. Instead this tainted PM and his cronies had the gall to tell the community that our representation is finished because of us practising our rights to choose and vote? Does our government have any commonsense at all? Their greed for power had blinded them so muc that they can no longer tell the difference between wrong and right or black and white?

As for CSL, please prop up your pillow at night when you go to bed and think very carefully what principles do you upheld and what examples are you setting for the younger generation. I doubt very much you ever bother and care.

華裔選民 said...