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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free email or not free email?

Yay! Free email account for all Malaysians. Only cost RM50million. 
No, no, no...I mean won't cost anything cos it is a private sector initiative.

First of all I must apologise for not following the comedy about free 1Malaysia email accounts as closely as I should have la. But I woke this morning and read the news reports about it and I got very confused leh. Okay, let me try and list what I remember about the comedy show as chronologically accurate as I can.

1.   Najib announces that as part of his grand scheme of things every Malaysian aged 18 years and above will receive a free 1Malaysia email account.

2.   All sorts of shit hit the fan. Thousands of Malaysians came online and protested. Free? We already have free email accounts. Gmail. Yahoo. Hotmail. Et cetera.  We've had them for years. So why do we need this 1Malaysia email?

3.   It's just a way of Big Brother wanting to keep track of us. What we're up to and to make sure that we don't get "urges" to support the Opposition.

4.   Then it was announced that the whole business is going to handled by a company called Tricubes Bhd. which is a GN7 (or something number la) company. Meaning that it is in danger of being de-listed by the BSM because of poor performance or something. At the time the shares of this company were worth only RM0.05 each.

5.   Another piece of turd hit the fan when they said the whole exercise was going to cost RM50million. People started screaming. Waffor? Why waste money? Free email account without internet connection or computer for what? Give la free WiFi. Or 1Malaysia laptops to every Malaysian over 18.

6.   Then garmen explain that it is not only free email but also a way of communicating with the garmen on all sorts of things. Can ask questions. Can pay bills. Can make life easy when dealing with the garmen la.

7.   Then garmen also explain that it is a private initiative and money is not coming from tax-payers.

That last statement really made me confused la.

So this company that is really in the shit house financially decides one day to do this free email and multi-tasking portal because it realised it wanted to do its duty and give Malaysians something free before they go bankrupt ah?  No. Today they explained that the company plans to generate revenue from the 1Malaysia Email project via advertising, an online marketplace, and the online delivery of government bills and notices. Oh. this is an example of the company's brilliant business strategy in the face of impending TUTUP la.

And the latest report in The Malaysian Insider discovers that Pemandu, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit, has changed details of the 1Malaysia email project on its website between the day it was announced and yesterday, and now calls it a private sector initiative when it was previously listed as a government initiative. Not something that will reverse public perception of the project nor instil much needed confidence in the garmen's transparency, right?  But here comes the best bit so far from this near to bankrupt company.

"...the government is neither funding nor underwriting this project" and it would be financing the RM50million require over 10 years by reinvesting revenue from the project.


They plan to finance the project by re-investing revenue from the project??? When the project not yet start or just started where got revenue to re-invest? Got ah?  Must be some kind of new business strategy.

I don't know about you but as a lay Malaysian all I am thinking is that the government must have said to these flers. Ok la since you in deep shit we help you out. You go invent this thing and we will announce a new BN garmen initiative and buy whatever you make la. We'll pay to connect all our payment stuff to you. All notices. All sorts of things la.

But wait...sorry, sorry it is YOUR initiative ok? Not ours. Make that clear ah! (pssst...Najib, you cocked up. Again.)



Anonymous said...

Advertisement revenue. There will be targeted adverts depending on ur viewing n surfing patterns.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat
Even as a Malaysian living abroad, I really donno whether to laugh or cry leh... maybe cry...

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the funniest way of the garmen to make money! Sad to say that our country is now being run by monkeys....

Anonymous said...

Actually it's all a "roadside medicine" marketing gone bad.

Either way, it shows how great our ETP or NKRA or FCUKup programmes are.

1)If its government initiative, why spend RM50m for something thats free and given to some GN3 Company?

2)If its private initiative, why is it even listed under ETP? My char keuh teow store can list under ETP or not? can generate income and job also you know.

If you scrutinize the real ETP, what they do is, they gather a few "private" "future" and "potential" investment and package it under the ETP brandname.

Aint that ingenious marketing?

Anonymous said...


10. Now every Malaysian can help Prince Agulaguladhada of Nigeria claim his gold inheritance and get very rich for helping him out.

9. Now every Malaysian can wake up to the goriest photos of road accidents in their inbox every morning.

8. If your email ID is Zhao Xi Bai, expect lots of emails from curious strangers.

7. Get latest local politician porn videos leaked by concerned ex-civil servants.

6. Know where to get the cheapest Viagra in Malaysia

5. If your name is Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman, you can get ""

4. "" taken. "1fatlady@" still available.

3. If you are a grandfather already, you can call yourself "Datuk(your_name)"

2. If you are prone to pre-menstrual stress, with a medical certificate from a locally qualified Government doctor, you can register ""

1. "Wah, so lucky! still not taken!"

KoSong Cafe said...

Another of Najib's magic performance: now you see it now you don't. He is able to let you see what you want to see... just voice out your opinions, and he will do the rest.

Anonymous said...


Aiyah, we all know the end result. 1Garmen will buy back the private initiative from Tricube Bhd and pay them RM50 million + RM100 million as goodwill + RM250 million for miscellaneous costs. If I were you, I will be buying up Tricube shares now as the price will surely be surging upwards.

By the way, I will be the first to register my new 1email account as

d'enricher said...


Not a single sen of our money, says PM Najib.

Can we charge him for lying if he does spend any single sen ???aryiscry

Anonymous said...

Not a single sen to pay for the project - technically, it may be true. No direct funding, no soft loan, no financial guarantee....

What there probably will be would be a contract between the gov and the company to pay a contracted amount, on an annual basis say, for the gov to use the email service for the rakyat to be able to "communicate" with the gov. And this guaranteed income stream will be what the company will probably raise initial financing against. A very indirect form of a guarantee.

Question is - why do we, the rakyat, want the gov to spend our tax money to commission services for which we have no need for? Biasalah, I guess.....

Anonymous said...

Stop insulting our intelligence! 1Malaysia email account, wtf for???

elizabeth said...

The email account enables govt agencies like EPF or MPPJ to send us the statements or assessment notices. They probably will be charging these agencies for the service... Is it free? I understand that we can register online with MBSJ to get assessment info. I also hve a i-account set up to view nd download my epf statement, anytime I want to... So what is the big deal with this one huh? I agree with LGE, the govt should give us all free wifi!!!

Anonymous said...

Today the share of this bankrupt company is traded up from 0.05 cent to a high of 40c, looks like somebody is making a Killing - Free 1 Malaysia email bull shit. Niamah.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, and just 2 hours after my comment earlier about gov potentially paying for services (rather than direct finance...this comes out:

guess no one is surprised.

Anonymous said...

what's next? Start a 1Malaysia youtube with at least one intercourse video on it claiming to be the opposition's high rank leader?

LOL rm 50,000,000 my ass!

TrueFiction said...

Did you read the latest? Govt agencies to pay Tricubes for database.

What this means: Tricubes build product. Government pay for product using taxpayer money. Probably exclusive contract so Tricubes will probably laugh all the way to the bank.

No clarity if this database/product is needed. In fact why does Government need the database when it already have the national registration records?

Anonymous said...

Wht the co name tritube or something like that, belong to son in law Datuk Zaman Khan who one of the another crony co la..

Tun Rasuah said...

I tell you the best part, they will rename the "spam" buttons in this email system to "Najis". Shiok or not?!

Dayangku Nuraini Wahed said...


Anonymous said...

I book

Kristine said...

Najib! U son of a fucking bitch!

Anonymous said...

Free email to Malaysians reminds me of this old joke:

Why does the blonde climb over the fence?
To see what's on the other side.

TL;DR: BN is fucking dumb.

Anonymous said...

we're not only screwed,but we're raped in broad daylight.
and we should be grateful to the government.


Tun Rasuah said...

I bet the charges will comes in later when they will claim creating the email system is free, but hosting charges and server need to upgrade and need government fund to build a 100 storey mega tower to store all the database server ... WTF

Anonymous said...

Free? Yeah right and I am a born again bloody virgin! Latest news...Government agencies accessing the IMalaysia Email have to pay 50cts and I must be a bloody ass NOT to understand that anything associated with the term 'Government' means OUR money!!!!!!!!.
Do I need another email added to my already 7 emails.....nah, I think NOT! You can take the 1Malaysia email and stuff it where you and I know is the best place for it! NOT mine but yours, Mr. PM

2Malaysia said...

thank you thank you thank you people for the 50 million.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how resist we are with the email. The government WILL have more idea to force us all to use it. Trust me on this one... Probably unitl next PM... Those slogan change once PM change after all!

donplaypuks said...

This is clearly a crony bailout using Govt and Taxpayers' hard earned money!!

Tricubes is 15.63% owned by CIMB headed by Nazir Razak, PM Najib's brother. Tricube was going bust and about to be de-listed by the KLSE.

Suddenly, they are awarded a $50 billion projcet that wholly depends on EPF, Income Tax and other Govt Depts outsourcing their mailing services to Tricubes, for a FEE of at least 50 cents email.

Did Nazir Razak and CIMB disclose their vested interest when Tricube "bid" for this MONOPOLY project.

IF it is a private sector initiative, then why was Pemandu/Mampu involved in calling for tenders? Where's the logic?

We must not allow half-baked Roti Jala and PM Najib to lie, mislead, U-turn and hoodwink the citizens of this country.

This is looting and raping US on an unprecedented scale!

Are there any more info about the major shareholder (31%) of Tricube, Khairul Zainal Mokhtar, that they are not disclosing to us? Who is he?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

shoe string malaysia said...

Know usual these guys are still sitting
Under the coconut tree trying to dream and make big
$$$. Great dream n great proposal but with hidden agenda la..

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat ah, here is a packet of air I will give it to you free of charge. To tell you the true, I charge the garmen a lot of money of packing this air, get it packed in a plastic bag and distribute it free to the rakyat. You see I am very smart lah of making money. Close your restaurant business now and come join me in this 1Malaysia Free Oxygen project.

Nia Mah Chee Pek!

Anonymous said...

Pre-acquired all malaysian above 18 as their members. They can get all these free of charge!!!!! Just need to setup the infra to take the load. Everyone will want this.

Other sites are giving free gifts, lots of money in advertisement, just to acquire the member.

how they make profit can turn very ugly...

1. mykad authentication - exclusive sales of modified card reader. it's exclusive, can place any price.

2. It got connection to mykad database, incomes tax, epf statements. they know your age, gender, religion, income, professions. All these are real data, not the fake one we simply input on other internet sites. In internet world, all these are as valuable as golds.

3. I don't think they dare to sell our info, but they can consume it. perform data mining on the data, for sales of product, target marketing and advertisement. jobs, products, cars, loan, ... it's limitless. any industry. Furthermore, this will have high hit rate, because it's is our real personal data!!

4. offer office application on the web. this is legal way to earn money. but still, i not happy with their way in acquiring the members.

volume is the king. for the above, if u can make 1 dollar out from 1 user, it means millions of dollars.

we can scream, cry, protest, the game will still rolling.. unless, BN loss the coming election.

so..... go buy the company shares!!!!!

but, u know. sometime, even u give them a super car, if they don't know how to drive, it still end up as loser.

Anonymous said...


This free email thing is meant for UMNO/BN to get ready for GE13. If every rakyat has a free email account, the UMNO/BN can use it as communication tool to blast out their propaganda as and when they like. This way they can cover all corners of Malaysia.

Nearing GE13, these UMNO goons will blast messages via email which incite racial disharmony, threaten security and cause another May 13.

mark my words.....

mutton curry said...

Don't forget - its only for Malaysians - so obviously to register you will have to provide your IC number mah! Otherwise any GRO from Mongolia also can get e-mail address what! So you know la, e-mail address, your ic number, credit card details all on-line on a Malaysian server - aiyyooo!!! just what the doctor ordered! Hey people check out this blog as well

najib manaukau said...

Coming from the President of Umno I am not at all surprised ! It goes to show he has been too busy with his many evil schemes on how to build up his 'pension' and how to deceit the people. It is indeed a tragedy to have someone like that as a P.M. but there is no better choice. Imagine a blind man is trying to lead the country !

Henley said...

ermmm ... try selling ice to the Eskimos and see if it works..

Tiger said...

BN running out of ideas how to steal the rakyat's money lah!

Anonymous said...


The idea of giving "free" but "not so free" email to the rakyat has proven the flers in PEMANDU or advisors to PM on this matter are "really" idiot and have short-sighted problem. PM pls fire them before they make you look more stupid to the world. Even advanced countries like US or Europe also dont implement this. This is not because they are not capable, but because it is a stupid thing to do. It is stupid because:

1. It will make gov agencies more lazy. (Blast thru email, done, no paper work,no communication, no follow-up)

2. No personal touch like snail mail. (reading real book and ebook, which one better ?)

3. Not ALL adults citizen have connection to email. So some will get and some will not get. It is not fair to others.

4. Official documents, bills, fine, notice etc, from government agencies to us, if sent thru email, can not be trusted, no matter how secure they are, still hackable and can be manipulated, faked or tampered by some flers.

5. The transaction and info of what gov agencies sent to us and vice versa resides in third party datacenter permanently or temporarily (really ?), what guarantee do we have, it will not be used/misused by the vendors/others?

6. If mail box full, agencies keep sending reminder to the guy (but the guy has actually passed-away, in hospital, in prison, overseas , busy etc), the agencies still need to pay, meaning use rakyat's money for this useless email to his inbox.

7. Can the email server be stable and survive brutal global spam attacks and make sure in our inbox no spam, otherwise they will charge us anti-spam service or software for reason not caused by us. what happen if people without computer knowledge accidentally click the spam link and cause damages to him, can we sue the agencies? if can, how and what is the limit, how fast to settle the case?

To summarize, don't waste money and time. The benefit is not to rakyat. Better use the money for PM/Leader/agencies to meet and visit rakyat face-to-face to know, listen and help their needs, more human touch pleeezzz.

Kanasai said...

The 50mil funding will come from CIMB under the bank's venture capital investment programme.
But the point is already we have so many online payment schemes which are free to the payee(like Maybank2U),so how can this new scheme will attract customer(which will have to pay for paying bills through this co) is anybody's guess.
This leads me to think that this project is none other than a propaganda scheme for the govt.
Or worst still,they might force everybody to pay their bills(especially govt bills) through this service and everyone is obliged to open an account with this company.

Anonymous said...

I think its a brilliant business plan what! Get revenues from adverts and also commisions from processing Govt bills.Also Govt will pay $$$M to this Company to spearhead any promotions.Aiyah, if big bro wants to help macham macham pun ada la

eddie said...

someone better check if there is any insider trading in this at 5 sen n now dump to the suckees!!!!! Grap the last straw before bungkus.

Anonymous said...

Another joke from Najib.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that you all (sweet & innocent) will receive personal greeting from Papa & mama (back ground music- california dreaming) selling their smile on each festival and reminder around election time-.

Undilah kami -Party(1HPTA)- 1 Habuk pun tak ada- Honestly Clean .

That's all folks.
Tom & Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, It is Free (terms & conditions apply).

I will do anything AT ALL COST to get you free.

Tai Koo Chin.
Freenpaid media director.

Leithaisor said...

Reminds me of a lousy joke from years ago:

One the beach, there was an offer for a boatride to an enticing island some distance off-shore: "Boat to island: RM0.50 per person".

So cheap! So the boat was full and motoring to the island in no time.

Then, on landing at the island, there was another notice: "Ride to beach: RM50 per person".

Just who on earth does Tricubes and the assorted government officials, including Najib, think will actually buy that "free email, no government funds involved" line?

Then emerged "little" detail like "saving" the government money by routing govt department - EPF and IRB were mentioned in reports together with driving license renewals, quit rent reminders and summonses - notices thorugh the "free" email system. It would be foolish to assume that Tricubes is so patriotic and magnanyous as to fo that for free, no? After all, how is the GN3 company going to make money and survive?

So... the govt departments will likely have to pay. Is that not the rakyat's money?

Worse, I wonder whether all those notices from govt departments will ONLY be sent via that 1Msia email system. No alternative email addresses entertained? Macam tu "voluntary" ke? Macam tu pasti "100% signup" KPI achieved ke?

What about communciations from the rakayat to the govt departments? ONLY entertain those sent from 1Msia e-mail addresses ke? Other domains rejected? If so, macam tu "voluntary" ke?

And what about the large numbers of folks who live where the Net does not reach, where tadak letrik wan?

Heck... this 1Msia email scheme [no, I did not use "scam"] brings back the aweful taste of the repeated "tiday membebankan rakyat" and "adjust your lifestyle" spiel from BN ministers and Samy "TOLL" Vellu's "pledge" to provide a toll-free alternative route for all toll highways.

And Najib wants to win back the rakyat's confidence and votes? How lah deh....

Anonymous said...

Looking at Sarawak, I highly doubt PKR can win big in the next GE.

While Malaysian netizens are aware of government's wrongdoings, it doesn't change the fact that majority of Malaysian citizen (who are not into Internet) are not.

Most are just simpletons who are easily tempted with temporary gains during election seasons.

Thomas said...

F*#@K-lah! PM, Don't you have more pressing matters to solve than chunking out this unnecessary lame and so called free email thing down the throat of our youngster. Huh? So free-ah you!

I tell you people, at this rate we are going and our leader doing silly things, we are doomed for good!!

Anonymous said...

Boleh land people very funny .If not CORRUPTION then is the CHINESE KENA ROMPAK issue!


P/S. Just read in a local forum that Modertors or Owner of that forum start asking for donation for one of their community leader who passed away.

Is this a normal practise in boleh land ?

English Man said...

Our BN gahmen very good one. Can get 3rd party to do job for free one.

Nagypt created this joke to sidetrack your attention on
1) BN diminishing votes in Sarawak;
2) BN's Transformation program is losing shine to Pakatan's UBAH;uy
3) the risk of rare earth processing by Lynas

Anyway, today Patrick got buy The Star today or not? Quite thin, so your maid will not be happy. Anyway inside Star got offer from Popular for your Teohlogy book. Still expensive after discount. So I shall wait for further lelong since the receipt I get will be too late for income tax submission. So wait til next year, maybe can get 50% diskaun? said...

Everybody knows that UMNO owns Utusan and that Utusan is the mouthpiece of UMNO. Does anybody, other than the UMNO President, believe that the '1 Melayu, 1 Bumi movement, is the personal opinion of Utusan but not UMNO?

Anonymous said...

we certainly has 2 set of law. thw 'writer' who propose 1 Malay...concept. shoiuldnt this consider raising sensitive issue?

try to write 1 India ..and see.. I think 5 sec. you will be in lockup or may become superman!

Rasyidah said...

I think free can email account must also come with a free Ipad2 personalised with 1Malaysia emblem, one for every rakyat. Sure Najib can do it for free, right?

Cantona said...

MCA leaders' failure to condemn Utusan Malaysia's racist call for 1Melayu 1Bumi proves again how powerless MCA is against UMNO

It's been two days since the recalcitrant UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia fanned the flames of racial disunity by calling for a 1Melayu, 1Bumi movement to battle the so-called Chinese challenge to Malay dominance in Malaysia, and yet, MCA leaders are still conspicuously silent on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I bet they will later announce the CEO of the company as the next malaysia IT initiative equavalent to Facebook. Rich and famous. After earning 50mil upfront without a sweat and not knowing how the free email will perform. They will spend a few mil to look good and 6 months later the original directors got a huge one time bonus totalling 40mil and disappeared. Someone will take over and declare bankrupt within a month quietly! If anyone found out, I bet another sex scandal will surface to divert your attention. Omega watch doesn't work anymore, check what other brand the opposition is using, Armani underwear? Hugo Boss spec?

Anonymous said...

to open, pay 10 sen please.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will not be like RPK.
He is a TRUE Malay . I mean when money is shown infront of his nose he turns against the ones who feeds him. This is true of a friend of mine who used his boss name on Malaysia Today and has been saying all kinds of racial issues. And can you believe it he screwed RPK up and called him a TRUE MALAYS meaning he will sell his mother for money and this farker RPK disclosed the name and mobile number in his article not knowing that the person behind the articles was not the boss but some idiot who has been using his boss name. And the poor boss has been receiving calls accusing him of being a racist. so in short how can you trust RPK. For those of you who comment on his blog BECAREFUL he will sell you to the Special branch. You cant trust this MALAY. HE is a TOTAL snake. Kill him before he kills the nation.

tunglang said...

It looks like Najib is turning to be a lame-duck PM. Abdul Taib Mahmud is supreme in Sarawak and Najib can't shake him. His deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is 1Melayu first and Utusan can just spew racist utterances daily without any fear of repercussion. 1Malaysia, my foot, PM.

First, it was the 100-storey tower, now it's the 1Malaysia email accounts. But why announce it in the first place if it is a private initiative? I don't recall you announcing other private initiatives that contribute to the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) or GTP (Government Transformation Programme).

We cannot have a PM who seems to be moving from one lie to another. Why the double standards with Utusan Malaysia? Charge the racist under the ISA (Internal Security Act) and all Malaysians will look up to you and support you.

Your administration is increasingly looking untenable and lacking legitimacy, if you just care to look beyond the group of sycophantic people that you have around you. You have an increasing budget deficit, a bloated civil service, an economy that is increasingly losing ground to our neighbours and you think you can get away just by promoting sex videos and sodomy trials? I do feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

For 50 million they can provide 50,000 netbooks to deserving college students (perhaps, the entire intake into public tertiary institutions this year). Now, that will earn my respect.

Hussein said...

After the failed 'Ketuanan Melayu', now the '1 Bumiputra' is to be launch motivated by the racist Ibrahim Ali. The situation in Malaysia is becoming from good to bad to worst. Where is the rukun negara which says 'Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju'? This is another topic being created as to eluding the real truth about the 'Unfaithful corrupted UMNO bad guys with their dirty and filthy doing that may further damage this beautiful country. People had enough is enough and want the change.

Mahathir disagrees with Perkasa, calling their 1Melayu, 1 Bumi Movement disastrous. I wonder how many Malaysians believe him since he also rejects Najib's 1Malaysia and propagates 'Ketuanan Melayu' We can call this another UNMO sandiwara if he does not prove his sincerity by resigning as patron of Perkasa.

UNMO plays the good guy while Perkasa and other UNMO-sponsored NGO's play the guy so that UNMO appears to be a moderate party to win over the support of the non-Malays. Using the same old and silly script to fool a new generation of educated and intelligent Malaysians?
No way, man.

nkkhoo said...

Tricubes can start this email nonsense and you bet it will be dead in the water in no time. Okay, fine, you are not going to charge users, so where the money coming from to reimburse the expenditure? Get advertisers to put their ads like Google Adwords.? Put banners ads? You won't be able to count the number of ads on one hand no matter how hard you try.

BTW, email is not a safe place to leave your bank account number, credit card number and other personal particulars. Those companies who are already conducting money transactions have always advise people not to login via email and so on. Wonder how secured it can be, when it can be hacked.

Millions have Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other free email accounts already, so bother with one started by a company that may not float for long? This is all ridiculously crazy!!

Gran Tarino said...

Will MCA President Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek dare to ask UMNO to direct its paper Utusan Malaysia to withdraw and apologise to all Malaysians for practicing a form of apartheid by inciting racial segregation and hatred in calling for 1Melayu, 1 Bumi movement?

This is the wishes of all Chinese, but CSL choose to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Tricube sure have money to reinvest lah. 16M users, one email per month , one email 50 cents, that is 16M x 12 x 0.5 = RM 96M for one department/yr. If got 10 department/ministries = RM 960M/yr. Imagine contract for 10-30 yrs ? that is 9.6B to 28.8B money. So don't joke and laugh lah, its billion dollar business if calculation is correct. THIS IS FREE TO USER BUT NOT GOVERNMENT LPPL. Government people don't know how to calculate and the guy say that he say 0.5 to 1.50 per email for you leh. So who is right ?

Anonymous said...

The places for korek are all occupied So no choice but to find new avenue like the Cantonese said"you are singing it means to say I can do what I like so ni chuong yah

Anonymous said...

to english man:

Chinese kena rompak ? all started by dR.Mamak.

everytime there is a crisis amomg the babi community or business ,they will 'rob'cina mata sepet to give out money to 'subsidized'them!

eg. genting bhd moving out ..slowly more and more mata sepet will follow too..


A USJ Resident.

Anonymous said...

CSL said ,you fucker cina babi !! you want to be represented in the gomen or not ? (no power olso least syiok sendiri mah...) want ot not ?..dont want fuck off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a gud easter funny weekend, cheers!!!!!:))), u make my day, Pat:))

Anonymous said...

50mil already spent lah...then announced, if everyone happy, can score point mah, Najib got brain and think high tech...since all not happy, just say private lor. Who know where the money came from and when was it spent, can anyone check? if you put someone as CEO of the company, must let him let him look good, have big car, house, give him money first, if no ad come in and company not making money, just close shop and set another company....thats how they make entrepreneur, why so stupid, why work so hard like chinese...

Didi said...

Hahahahahahaha! This is just one of najib's flip-flopping.

Suhaimi Awani said...

The Umno elites are riding on the backs of Malaysians who work hard to contribute to the GNP. They siphon our national wealth into their private pockets through the NEP, and now they are doing the same, using different names, NEM, GTP, ETP, etc. They bluff no one but themselves. A vote for BN is a vote for Umno and for more of the same.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Niamah!

Anonymous said...

U all so gotta read this! 1Malaysia e-mail parody!!! haha..

monsterball said...

Not free..if all are idiots and keep quiet..silently approving. Then..millions shiphoned off again..hoping no one knows.
Now free....since everyone is yelling..angrily.
And to shut confirmed really really free...with not oe sen tax payers money taken out.
Flip flopping is his trade mark.

BENatang10 said...

EPF pays mean we EPF members pays lah... think we all Sor Hai Sor Kau!!!

P M = Prime Minster or Prime Monkey you decide lah???

Anonymous said...

Oh...dont trust what you read in the papers.
Time & time again, the gomen is trying to mask the true situation (so-called for our benefits) Remember previously news of PULAPOL (Police trainess) contracting adenovirus ? Why is virus being tested in bacteria lab??? it was actually rat droppings poisoning aka leptospirosis & the training centre was dirty. Just face up la - dirty mean dirty...dont think all M'sians stupid ok?!?

Anonymous said...

ah yoh ..yoh ..mca kena fuck again by perkasa ..really no face lah..better go die lah csl.!

at least mic play smart hide in the corner!keep quiet quiet ...


Anonymous said...

Tehy will subcon it to Pos Malaysia to the email

uncle lim

Anonymous said...

Utusan Malaysia nose-dived from one of the nation’s top circulation papers to a disreputable rag, falling from a height of a daily circulation of 350,000 to less than half the numbers, as Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) figures for the full year ended June 30, 2010 showed its circulation had dropped to 170,558 as compared to 181,346 the previous year!

Anonymous said...

Our country is flooded with locally produced Master & PhD holders cannot even spearhead the national developments!!! Our lustful PM needs to lure back those foreign graduates to drive the development by offering tax incentives and other benefits!

This shows that our educational systems are terribly sucked! Those suckers in BN/UMNO proudly claimed that our educational systems can produced more PhD holders than our neighboring and tiny nation, Singapore! Ha ha ha… Yeah, you did it, suckers! Why you need to reimport those foreign graduates’?

Do you know that over 350,000 Chinese speak English daily in China? Do you know that over millions of Chinese learning English in local and overseas?

On the other hand, do you know that over 250 Confucius Institutes teaching Mandarin Chinese in the world?? Likewise, there are over 300,000 foreign students, mainly the West, learning Mandarin Chinese these days???

Yeah, keep sucking with your Ketuan Melayu, BN/UMNO suckers! Also, sucking along with your fatty and hoggy Perkasa chief!!!

1Confused said...

What is the value proposition for 1 Malaysia Email? What are the benefits? Why EPF and IRB need to pay Tricubes to deliver email? Why can't EPF and IRB just send email to any email accounts registered by the users? Email technology is free. I don't get it. The argument that EPF and IRB is paying 50 cents to send mail by post so they now have to pay Tricubes is ridiculous. Technology innovation is suppose to do things better and cheaper. Who gives Tricubes the right to take away Malaysian's choice of using any email provider?

Anonymous said...

dont blame anybody. under a dentist already like that ...rob the average Joe preferably mata sepat as much as you can when you are in power !

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

najis is telling the truth.
Half truth lah. Yes, it is FREE !
But tax payers will have to pay whenever the govt agencies uses it.
50 cents per email!
I will not say that najib is an idiot.

But whoever voted for bn is the idiot.

Justice said...

It seems to me now that our government never gave a damn about people's opinion and went ahead with the project.

I find it repulsive.

They call it free, but charges government 50sen an email. Charging government money means the same as charging the taxpayers' money. RM50M is nothing more than a distraction (if it's REALLY from private fund).

In the long run, billions of ringgits will be wasted just from 'Peringatan: Anda belum membayar tunggakan bil elektrik anda. Sila jelaskan sebelum XX/XX/XX. Jika anda telah membayar tunggakan tersebut, sila abaikan peringatan ini.' Spam these letters 5 mails per person and look at the profit!

This is so wrong on many levels yet they still go ahead with it. I smell corruption.

Anonymous said...

I've sent an email to Star regarding this, but I guess they'll never publish it since it's not in favour of the project.

I sometimes cry thinking about my future in Malaysia. And I'm just 20y.o..

MyOMy said...

A site parodying the much criticised RM50 million project: is the solution.

Anonymous said...

50 sn per email will drive the government to bankrupsy.

Anyway, Why do I need to pay for a secured email account when I can get it free from Yahoo, MSN or Google mail?

And I definitely will not subscribe to this government email because I am sure they will monitor and scrutinise all my emails and if I write something which is innocent but for some reason the government deems it anti-Melayu, anti-1Malaysia or anti-BN, then I will get into big, big trouble.

It's another way for them to pocket our money and to monitor us and suppress our freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

another Melayu get rich schemme ? never mind least not mamakutty famaily I dont mind ..hee..hee

Anonymous said...

Charging 50 sen is cheap-lah!

When a govt can pay commission for its minister to secure military vessels for the country, what more about the common folks like us!!

What is the stage after "the shit has hit the fan" stage? That is the dire situation that we are in right now!

I feel for you, the anonymous 20 yo. If you get a chance, get out of the country!!

Sadee said...

Perkasa seems to have a penchant for sloganeering, and each time a slogan is drummed up, it catches the very heart of the Malays. One does not need further exposition. Just swallow and nod to all the howling of the Perkasa leaders of which they are extremely proficient. No reasoning or rational thinking is required. They just want others to know that the Malays must be superior because they are the majority. And Ibrahim Ali is just ever willing to draw out his kris, and for what?

CyberPRINX said...

i Wanna Book "Fuck"

Justice said...

Look at the government - they just don't care and still go on with the project.

Then put on their smug face when they win the election again. Our votes have been taken for granted.

Then we complain silently as usual while the government continues to do whatever they want.

Same shit repeating every cycle. So sick of it.

ChongSiew said...

monkeys are runing around!!!

ChongSiew said...

monkeys are runing around!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys the background to this whole fiasco is simple. Remember some months ago Najib sent SMS messages to a few million Malaysians? He was immediately pounced upon by the opposition fellas who wanted to know if we can charge him for invasion of privacy and also they wanted to know who paid for the sms messages. So a smart aleck who read the complaints dreamed up this 1Malaysia email lor...Now Najib can send emails to ALL Malaysians and claim this is permission based spam and that we ALL asked for it. And while he spams us at will, he makes government agencies pick up the tab by sending us bills via email which they could have done without this Tricubes shit anyway. So the real deal is GE is coming. He needs a FREE of charge way to spam us without getting screwed by the likes of Tony Pua....This is the beef. The rest is just gravy lah.

Anonymous said...

This is how Umno has done business for decades starting with the 'great' Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In his obsession to create a super-rich Malay business community, the government was directed to award huge public projects under closed or negotiated tenders to cronies of the party. In return the party got funding and some of its leaders at division and branch level got lucrative sub-contracts and supply contracts.

In some cases, even these went to crony companies of ministers and their families. The majority of Class F bumiputera contractors got nothing as most jobs went to Class A or B contractors. So the Malay agenda was served by the vesting of wealth and status on a select few.

Of course over the years, most of these elite instant Malay millionaires and billionaires went bust or had to be bailed out using public funds, including Mahathir's sons. These practices continue under Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Adriana said...

Idris Jala tried to justify this MyMail on a two-pages advertorial but it still don't answer the question why a separate email platform is required to communicate with government agencies.

We have been e-Filing for income tax using our own emails, so what is the issue? We can check out balances of EPF via the agency's website. And Idris Jala want us to believe agencies like EPF, LHDN and JPN do not have a computer database or competent IT personnel to make a simple script to send notices to rakyat's existing Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail account.

If Tricubes needs a bailout say so, don't bull around and waste public funds.

Jalil said...

Has our Internet literacy reached 100 percent? Is Najib going to bring down the cost of subscribing to the Internet? The charges are too high and the majority cannot afford to subscribe. So could Idris Jala solve this problem by asking his boss to give free WiFi to all Malaysians so that MyEmail can be successful?

I believe Najib would say no because it would affect Telekom's TMnet and Unifi services. MyEmail project will affect Pos Malaysia so is that okay? Let's be frank. The project was designed to save Tricubes, which is facing financial problems.