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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Wishing all Malaysians of the Christian faith


May the Lord's blessing and love be upon all


Anonymous said...

May Allah respond to the Al-kitab issue.

Anonymous said...

May Allah strike 1st commenter with lightning. hehe

Mike Forex Cable said...

Patrick, which church u attend?

Anonymous said...

There is a growing sign of real desperation on the part of BN and their cohorts like Utusan & Perkasa. They have to resort to inflame things so that they could have their own way.

Awang Selamat not all of us have half the brain you think we have. You are merely trying to insult the intelligence of all Malaysians. Lim Guan Eng is doing a good job in Penang and this is the REAL nightmare to you not the racial politics you are fantasizing about.

What is happening in the Middle East is really worrying people like you, Ibrahim Ali and the so called Dr.M who must be worried sick. The end is just around the corner and I suggest you look for bolt hole to escape as you are so irrelevant.

Malaysians are just too smart for your silly inclination towards racism.

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek labelled as crazy by his own MCA Branch in Penang: - urban voters in Sarawak voted for PR and DAP not on race but because they wanted good governance, an end to widespread corruption and Taib Mahmud's misrule

Urban voters in Sarawak voted for PR and DAP not on race but because they wanted good governance, an end to widespread corruption and Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud's misrule. DAP would not have won the four seats of Kidurong, Meradong, Batu Kawah and Dudong without strong Iban support as these seats have either slightly more than 50% of Chinese voters or even slightly more than 50% of Iban voters.

Anonymous said...

All races in malaysia must unite regardless of faith. Our unity should not be broken despite attempts by irresponsible political parties and NGOs.

Treasure peace and reject all political BS.

Anonymous said...

Instead of investigating why there is an adverse reaction from the non-Malays due to the seriousness of the allegation made in Utusan, our DPM has decided to blindly defend them, stating that the newspaper was the Malay voice.

Is he planning to sabotage PM's bogus 1Malaysia plan? I am deeply concerned with the future of the nation under his leadership.

Bernice said...

Why were you not invited to MediaCorp's Star Award show on Sunday?

patrickteoh said...

Hi Bernice. I am only a once in a while contract artiste who does work for MediaCorp. They don't invite people like us to events.

daniel said...

woke up late with flu and fever and the first thing that greet me was a package for my son from popular bookstore,and i was indeed surprise that I have won ya Teohlogy book.Thanks Patrick. I dont quite remember what i wrote that caught ya eyes..must be something nasty and nice..
p.s..dun worry ,i wont put it under my bed.err...makan at ya place got discount anot?
is that ya signature on the book?

God bless

Anonymous said...


You are also not invitd in Malam Sri Angkasa or the Malaysian Film Festival?

Anonymous said...

DAP would not have won the support of the chinese if not for the inability of MCA and Gerakan to represent the chinese community. effectively. The chinese parties have been sidelined by UMNO to such an extend that they are irrelevant to the chinese anymore. We can't blame the situation totally on MCA and Gerakan. Although they also have to bear some responsibility for their greed to be appointed as ministers. UMNO too is to be blame. The PM is to be blame for the situation. The situation will worsen if the PM is not careful in dealing with whole situation. Please don't think that by raising the race issue the PM can go around the problems.

MyFC said...

The declining circulation of Utusan Malaysia reflects its low garbage quality, junked even by it own journalists and by Malay readers. This trash sheet has made a mockery of Islam in publicising the screening of the sex video allegedly implicating an Umno political foe and the vicious smear campaign carried out by the Datuk T trio against that person in the mosque.

Not satisfied with bringing ridicule to Muslims, Utusan now is targeting Christians and sowing incitement and hatred for the church. It is deliberately causing racial and religious tension to polarise the people in the hope of winning Malay support. This vile move can only backfire on Umno, causing Malaysians, including fair-minded Malays, to reject Umno-BN.

It does not serve PM Najib's purpose to have a group of recalcitrants within Utusan to subvert his 1Malaysia agenda. Unless Najib deals firmly with them, including the dim-wit cousin of his in the Home Ministry, Najib's administration is in jeopardy of falling.

The sedition committed by Utusan is twisted around by the home minister to accuse the Christian church of being a 'seditious movement'. Umno is deliberately and maliciously provoking strife between Christians and Muslims to rally Malay support.

Anonymous said...

Islam’s position as official religion in Malaysia is enshrined by the Constitution. Four large political parties, two of which are the largest parties in Malaysia,are there to defend it. The majority of 60% of Malaysians who profess the religion protect it.But yes, sir you are right-Islam is under attack. It is under attack by those hell-bent on stoking racial tensions and religious unease, and in the process give a good religion a bad name.It is under attack, by you. And in all this, a more relevant question that arises, sir, if you believe Muslims is under attack in Malaysia, what of the Christians?