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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love Elections

Yay! Bring on more elections! 
Oi! Who put this photo here?

I just love government erect...I mean elections.  General Elections, State Elections, By-Elections. Any elections that involve Barisan Nasional and any other of the other flers.  Don't you? You should because during election time so many good things happen. Poor people get money. People get roads, community halls, schools. All sorts of good things. So what's not to like? Hai mai? Just in today's Star there are so many announcements of good things happening in Malaysia to Malaysians. And we all know that the  Sarawak state elections are this weekend. And there's been strong rumours of a snap general election for BN to get a strong mandate from the Malaysian Rakyat.

In today's papers there are so many examples of why elections are good for the people of Malaysia. First the prime minister announces:-

Current forecast is that the capital market size will more than double to RM4.5 trillion by 2020, and with greater internationalisation, this figure could increase to as much as RM5.8 trillion over the same period - Najib Razak

Phwaaarrrrr!!! RM5.8 trillion. Fantastic. Right? But I'll bet none of you reading this know what the fuck that statement means to you.

On another page, Chua Soi Lek announces that the MCA has obtained a piece of land for SJKC La Salle Chinese School in Sri Petaling. Phwaaaerrrr!!! School with a missionary name. Chinese some more. That's not all. The MCA prez also announced that he had managed to obtain RM5million allocation from the ministry of education for the construction of the school.  Yay!!! Bring on more elections I say!

And then ah...after more than a decade the Lutheran Church has managed to obtain a piece of land to build a CHURCH!!! And in Sri Hartamas somemore!!! No more shophouse worships for those flers d. And the letter of approval was presented by no less than the minister of ... (what is he minister of actually?) Raja Nong Chik. And not so long ago another minister was almost defending a bunch of flers for trying to burn down a church. See? Elections are good.

Every time there is an election the ruling government flers are all scared of losing so they come out and give Malaysians all sorts of goodies. "Vote for us and I will approve the check on Monday" kind of thing.

Actually ah...I think if we vote the current government out the one that comes in will know what to do, right? They will give us what we want and need. Or they will find themselves voted out. And the flers who were voted out will want back in so much that they will do all that we want so that we will vote them in again.

Sighhhhhhhh...what a system.  But there is one thing wrong. We are all so predictable. They give us stuff during elections and so we are lulled into thinking, "Eh? Not bad what these flers." So we vote them in for another 5 years. They screw us another six ways from Sunday. Again. And then when the next time rolls along they give us stuff again and...I guess you get the drift la. I am thinking so do they. That's why we're in this shit-house.



xlanxdiablox said...

lol. very true indeed. in the end, it all comes down to the mentality of the people.

Trevor said...

LOL, this post is a dejavu of your book Teohlogy.

I'm sure you get the drift, too ;)

patrickteoh said...

Aiyoh Trevor! You mean I wrote the same thing in the book ah? Shit!

Anonymous said...

Agree! I say we let them take turn at the job.

This way, we get what we want, they get what they want!

Fair and square.

It's a real disservice to your kids if we keep voting in types like egypt's mubarak for over 30years.

shanaz@RS said...

The government sounds like a real manipulative parent who acts like he/she cares. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, as they say - we deserve whom we vote for! And bro - when you have he time check this blog out too:- a little less colouful than yours - but readable la!

Anonymous said...

Don't think they will give out omega watch. If they do you be screwed!

Anonymous said...

Buy-Erections ah !? where.. please !!

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Patrick

I am from Sarawak now residing in KL. I wrote the following to send to all my fellow Sarawakian especially those in N67.

I don't buy the rhetoric of "I promise to.. ", "You help me I help you".

I only buy "Instant Now"

ktteokt said...

They will promise you heaven and hell during elections and by-elections but after they have won, words like PENDATANG, KETUANAN MELAYU, SPECIAL RIGHTS will start to pour out and before you know it, they will start to raise the kris and declare to bathe it in Chinese blood! By the way, why do they call their special right "KETUANAN Me-layu"? What good is a ketuanan (supremacy) that will me-layu (wither)????

d'enricher said...

Been following yr blog for quite awhile, and sure enough your points are so true.

Just for thoughts, even if the present government are voted out, the new government can take up what is good isn't it.

By the way, in Sarawak at this juncture, 'ada' government 'ke' ???

I am still wondering, dishing out this and that...

oops ... sorry, Malaysia Boleh.

Tiger said...

Words truer were never spoken.

Anonymous said...

I see u like to complain alot,everything is not perfact for u..bro nothing is perfact la in this world even u oso jalan japit.

Suhaimi Awani said...

If Pakatan comes into office, they will also have the money for your development.

So, no need for BN to talk nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, old boy, spot on!

Anonymous said...

Quoted from Ubah bersama DAP's facebook:
I only 'knew' that my hometown is so underdeveloped during election. 'Some people' are dishing out development projects as if they are just giving out Tupperwares! 48 years for them to do it - is it not long enough?! We must change this situation! The country for the people. Not the people for the country!!!

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

Wait till u see what they'll give us when they're about to lose the 50% majority! Vote them back into a strong 2/3 majority, and you'll get Sleeping Beauty 2.0.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, I like elections too so much fun to see hypocrite leaders, sitting on floor with makcik makcik tumbuk belacan...prepare rendang, play congkak with school children, ride motorbike without helmet... most of them will shed crocodile tears.. and what not.There are some who will wash, iron and even dye for the old folk. What a show. Malaysia betul betul ho liao.

Anonymous said...

Last bye election we have You heap me I heap you..this time even better with Thrust me thrust me...aiyoh yoh.....whaaaat lah you.

Hsian said...

Astro on the blink so watching 8TV and there us a strange Sarawak nationalistic song filler; such a super blatant attempt to suck up to Sarawakians. You should see it and post the video on your blog! So sad but laughable