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Saturday, May 21, 2011

What the ****!

Minta maaf ya. But you all must really stop eating altogether la. Ok? Anyway, it's bad for you and you will save money if you don't eat.

There has been a lot of speculation about the prices of RON95 petrol and diesel going up because the government intends to cut subsidies for fuel. I am not pissed off about all the proposed cuts of subsidies. What I am pissed off about is that we NEVER ever see the money that we are supposed to be saving from all these cuts!!! We're always told by the PM, DPM and other assorted BN YB's that the money saved from cutting subsidies will be used for all sorts of projects that will benefit the Rakyat in the long run. But do we see these? Maybe my eyesight not so good la. You leh? Got see ah? If got please share with us okay? So we don't have to enter the weekend so TOO LAN leh?  Thank you hor.


p/s And like DAP's Tony Pua said the "overwhelming bulk of fuel-related subsidies (are) given to companies with lucrative concessions earning billions of Ringgit in profits annually". So explain that first before asking the Rakyat to 'change their lifestyle and tighten their belts" Muhyiddin Yassin!!! AGAIN!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What cock!

Together we'll tighten our grip on their gullibility. 
(The money for both their suits would feed a rural family of 4 for a couple of months. At least!)

We all know politicians tend to talk cock. Most of the time. But there are times when the cock they talk can really get on your goat la.  Like today in The Star, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that there are going to be "increase in prices on various products due to increase in oil prices and reduction in food supply caused by changes in the global climate." I especially like that last part. "......caused by changes in the global climate."  Phwaaar!!! Sounds damn terror, right? Changes in global climate. Of course, if you read on you will realise that part of what he was trying to do was to cushion the announcement that the government was going to cut subsidies on diesel among other things. Cuts in subsidies are inevitable I suppose but it was the DPM's next statement that really pissed me off.

He said "Malaysians should control their expenses and learn to increase their own food supply."

Doesn't that make you mad? Control expenses? Like how? Eat ONE meal a day instead of THREE? Tighten the belts some more? If we tighten belts any more like the DPM and last time the PM advised us to do we'd die of asphyxiation. Increase our own food supply? How? Plant rice in terrace house 4ftx6ft "gardens"?

And in the meantime the government has just spent money erecting all those 1Malaysia monuments to stupid extravagance all over the country, bought submarines that don't submerge to patrol ...... (actually to patrol what ah?), failed to explain YB's whose lifestyles are comparable or exceed those of the rich and famous, or YB children who can afford to even consider RM400million divorce can continue the list as you wish. And you know you can make a long list.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some damn funny stuff

Sssssssssssssssshhhhhh! Cabinet meeting in session.

This is a good Thursday for a few laughs from the newspapers and online news portals.  On the front page of The Sun today there is a story headlined "Islam's status secure". The story is about Najib's furious attempts at defusing the tensions raised by the Utusan Malaysia articles about a Christian plot to take over the government and make Christianity the religion of the country. The PM said that "everyone must accept the fact that Islam is the official religion of the country and that it cannot be changed in whatever form. This is because the reality is that we have the Federal Constitution and its provision on the position of Islam and the other religions is very clear......Under whatever circumstances, the Federal Constitution cannot be amended and as such, no one should be worried or feel uneasy on this matter"...

What's funny is that Najib said the Federal Constitution is cannot be amended "under whatever circumstances".  I think it is common knowledge that the Malaysian Constitution, since Merdeka, has been amended more than 600 times!!! So why our prime minister tell us cannot? Like that will sure scare anyone who thinks that the nonsense Utusan says will come true, right? Funny, right?

Another funny can be found on page N3 of The Star today.  The headline read DOE: Drop in visibility an annual affair.  The story was in reference to the shitty air-quality that we are currently experiencing. Haze up your ass that chokes your lungs faster than a pack of finest Virginia tobacco.  What's funny? Don't you remember that just a few short years ago it was, "What?! Fuck the baargers!". Demonstrate in front of their Embassy. Boycott their maids and labourers.  Report them to the United Nations. Stop listening to keroncong. How can they do this to us every year? And now it is "An annual affair"?  But at least now they do say that the haze is the result of winds blowing over smoke from open burning in Sumatra.  No more that "a neighbouring country" kind of shit. Progress!

On another page of The Star today is the report about Taib Mahmud's son divorcing his estranged wife.  Mahmud's wife is asking for RM400million in matrimonial property and 'gifts'.  Now I find that really funny. Why?  How come Barisan Nasional chief ministers and YB's always have the ability to raise children who have such brilliant entrepreneurial skills as to amass vast fortunes in such a short time and at such a young age? Funny, right? Okay la. So it also pisses me off la. You too, right?

And this to me is the funniest bit from The Star today......"Umno has to be the pillar of the country. The Umno brand and its leaders are still strong and valued by the people. If we work hard to maintain our position by putting the people first, we will continue to celebrate more anniversaries in the future"....Najib Razak, president of Umno.

I want to laugh with you some more la but the haze is coming inside and I'm choking. It's just an annual affair la.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday funny

No la. It's nothing.

I was feeling bored while waiting for people to arrive for a lunch meeting. So I looked around and found a magazine which had a photo of Dr. Mahathir on the cover. And like so many Malaysians I did the next thing which was to open the magazine to see what Dr. M was up to. Inside there was a multi-paged article and interview with the senior statesman. Nothing new or funny about that I suppose. Then towards the end of the piece I noticed that the writer had done a listing of Dr. Mahathir's 'achievements' and titled it "Dr. Mahathir's Legacies".  What I read made me fall off the chair laughing. Truth be told if I was Dr. M I would really be upset that such a list was printed. Take a look and see if you think it is funny. In a ironic kind of way.

Dr. Mahathir's Legacies:-

Vision 2020
National Car manufacturer, Proton
Petronas Twin Towers
North-South Expressway
Multimedia Super Corridor
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Sepang International Circuit
Bakun Dam
Langkawi's Development
Malaysia Boleh

Other than the North-South Expressway which made travelling a bit more convenient for Malaysians, does the man have anything to be proud of? Funny, right?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When a community comes together

When a community comes together, regardless of race or religion, wonderful things can happen. Including making bad music videos and tolerating corny lyrics and bad singing. After all, we made this TOGETHER.

But in the case of these flers it might just have been too little a little too late la. Same as us maybe, hor?

We have much to learn.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Aiyoh! What is happening la?

Events in Malaysia over the last few weeks have really been mind-bogglingly confusing and scary and funny. All at the same time.

Najib and his supporters are still mouthing the 1Malaysia slogan although a little less confidently than before. And I think the other slogan, Rakyat DiDahulukan is all but forgotten in the political parties' race to see who can outdo whom in the circus centre-ring.

First, we hear of the leader of a race-based political party, MCA, telling the Chinese communities that unless they choose MCA in the next general election they (Chinese) stand to lose representation in Parliament. This is followed a few days later by more threats to the Chinese from no-less than the Prime Minister himself! I paraphrase, but he more or less said, "Unless you vote for Barisan Nasional and MCA you flers are fucked!"  If that is the way things are done in Bolehland then I pity the Eurasian flers. And the Orang Asli brethren. With the kind of representation they have in Parliament they're fucked for sure. Wait a minute...I think they already are. Sorry guys. Maybe you want to consider starting up parties of your own. Since it has been said many times by the Prime Minister and other YB's that Malaysia is not ready and should not have a 2-party system then perhaps the more parties we have the better.

The latest issue to come up is this ridiculous accusation by Umno-controlled daily, Utusan Malaysia that there are plans afoot by certain political parties and Christian groups to turn Malaysia into a Christian country!!! And that a Christian prime minister (or non-Muslim one) is so totally unacceptable. This is all beginning to sound like a school yard fight, doesn't it? Among children with nothing else better to do because the teacher is not looking or caring or using the students to start something for their (the teachers) benefit. And some more those flers keep quoting the Malaysian Constitution! When it is clearly written in the Constitution that what they (Utusan and their supporters) are claiming is WRONG! Read this report.

I think the events of the past few weeks must finally make all Malaysians realise that we are ALL Malaysians. That this is OUR country. That we must ALL work TOGETHER, regardless of race and religion for the future of our Children and our HOME!!! Regardless of what colour we are, which God or Allah or gods we worship. What language we speak. What clothes we wear. What food we eat.

We are Malaysians.