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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It is Anwar!

It is not their fault. The American experts dah confirm da. After all, they made Avatar so they must know kan? Tun pun da cakap dulu.

Datuk T:                       So okay. You are very sure that the video is genuine kan? 

American Expert:          Yes, we have done our extensive investigations and all sorts of tests and we can safely say that the video is genuine and it has not been tampered in any way. Or has any computer generated images added or enhancements done to it. Although I would suggest you use a better quality video cam the next time you want to make a porn movie.

Datuk T:                      So the fler in the video is Anwar Ibrahim?

American Expert:        Who? What are you talking about?

Datuk T:                      The fler who fucked the prostitute in the video tu. He is Anwar Ibrahim kan?

American Expert:        We don't know who the fuck this Ann Woa is and we don't fucking care. Just hand over the money. We got appointments with the guys from Sudan next. Ok? Thank you.

Datuk T:                     Ni okay juga bro. Suruh Star menulis headline macam ni, "It is Anwar". Ha! Semua pakcik, makcik kampung mesti percahaya dan kita akan menang! Kao tim! Phwaaar! Besssss ni bro. Jom gi shopping dulu.

American Expert:       Errr...I think you forgot one little detail?

Datuk T:                    Apa tu? What is that?

American Expert:       (rubbing thumb and fingers together...)

Datuk T:                   Oh! Sorry ah. Oi! Thamby mana Australian briefcase Taib tu? Bagi la dia.

American Expert:      Thank you. Now fuck off. And close the door behind you. Please.



Anonymous said...

Star's Wong CW On The Beat losing out to Patrick's Teohlogy and hence drastic & desperate to get 'big bro"'s help by publishing such headline ?

james bong said...

i really don't understand this caper. If dato T (taik) is so involved in this to the extent of being in the room himself why can't he just drag the woman by the tits and present to the public and asked her to point to anwar and say...yes he fucked me!. end of problem.

Zmas said...




Adriel D.K said...

The Datuk stuogoes.. eh sorry I mean Datuk Tridiots.. or nvm as long it is T infront.

Wonder what did they get to be a scapegoat for Najib... anyone staying near them notice anything new? a house or maybe a mongolian maid? lol wait.. or maybe saifui as their P.A? lol

Anonymous said...

compare lanchau photo lah..where got 2 lanchau the same one ?

Anonymous said...

Honestly it is so damn easy to fool the American experts especially those from Dirtymouth College. Just show them a photo of Eskay and tell them that Eskay is Anwar. Then show them the porn video and of course the Dirtymouth College experts will identify the person in the video as Eskay, aka, Anwar.

These americans are so gullible.

Moo.. said...

What a crap?

I thought the charges against the three bozos are the showing of sex video in public.

Does it matter who the fxxker or fxxkie is?

ha ha ha ha ha ...

Anonymous said...

It's a real tragedy, I tell you ....till now they still don't see it

Do we really care who it was in the video ? How hypocritical can one be

It's the calculated and extended effort put in to malign another person that is putting us off.


Anonymous said...

csl 100% self-admitted hero Vs 99.99% NOT self-admitted 'suspect' !!

who should be charged ??

Anonymous said...

!!?? the NO-inglis speaking @#$%^&* is involved too !!??

Anonymous said...

How actually they did the measurement and arrived at the 99.99% figure? By the pixel counts of the actor in the video as compared to what ever photo or video of AnWhoa? Did the so called experts know who the f**k is AnWhoa? The Eskay fellow first claimed that he found the video in a hotel room. Then in the court he claimed that the video was filmed with his camcorder. It looks like this case is a spinoff from the Sodomies series. Then you have the magistrate himself allowing the video to be shown in the court. Isn't he himself commiting the same offence as the dishonourable datuk Ts? They have turned Malaysia into a farcical nation of the world.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, you are real creative with the dialogue, ah??? Funny,,,

Anonymous said...

Some ppl are damn bodohpid...the evidence is there for all to of the T flers looks 99.999999% like Anwar but the HM and police still buat bodoh. PM buat tak tau. That's why one stupid fler offering his old RR also no takers to-date. Malaysia is damn funny laaaaaaaaaa.

99.999% said...

I am 99.999% sure a Mongolian's murder was linked to a 99.999% cockless politician in a 99.999% fucked up country with 99.999% screwed judges, 99.999% corrupt institutions, 99.999% wanna-be-malay mamaks, 99.999% shameless rid-one tees and 100.000% brainless Abraham Alis.

Am I 100% right ?

100% NiaaahmmmaaahhH

Anonymous said...

Don't blame American experts lah. Ask them how much were their fees. We can't blame them. They were only ask to determine whether the face of the porno actor was similar to Anwar's. Any fool will say it is similar and the porno actor looks like Anwar.

BUT they were never asked to compare the anatomy ( bodily structure) of the porno actor and that of Anwar's. If they had done so and assuming they are professional, they would confirm that the anatomy of the porno actor is 99.99% different from Anwar.

telur dua said...

That's exactly what happened.

When I saw the headline in the Star, I was think what kind of a ¥£€$ newspaper is this?

Anonymous said...

Great sense of Humour, Patrick!
Btw,most of the comments are great and funny....keep it up! Malaysians are speaking up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

One piece of advice.

Be careful of the bersih logo on top of your blog.

They are bringing in those with the logo for questioning.

Check out the online reports.

Norman Yusri said...

I think even our very owned KRU brothers have the required technology to make that kind of video.

Anonymous said...

On on side we have pro-PR supporting clean, fair and transparent election.

On the other hand, we have pro-BN NOT supporting clean, fair and transparent election.

Can it be more obvious which side to choose? Clear as daylight. Bersih atau Kotor. Even a toddler can pick.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Patrick !

Enjoy reading it.

And those 3 Stooges and their producer ... FOOK OFF !

Gerak Tak Khas said...

Bersih leaders are summoned by the police for trying to organise a peaceful rally. Whereas, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is also planning a similar rally and making remarks implying possible violence and even asking the Chinese to stay at home, and yet he is not being questioned.

The police summoned Bersih leaders to probably interrogate them, find out their plans, and maybe even intimidate them to call off the rally.

They will then summon Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and Ibrahim Ali not to interrogate them, but to probably discuss plans on how to best disrupt the Bersih rally from the information they have gathered from the Bersih interrogation.

Anonymous said...

and the fucking star bullshit headlined it as "It is Anwar"

and the editors called themselves christians. they have the galls to preach on sundays on living god's way of life. freaking rich, freaking rich Star Editors.

Anonymous said...

Oi Patrick, Stop being unkind to the Thamby even if he is sh*t. He can't help himself.Once a sh*t,alays a sh*t.

Anonymous said...


You left out the last two lines in the dialogue between the Datuk T and The American Expert which goes like this:

Datuk T: Can I have a receipt for your video authentication service fees in case I need to prove to MACC that we indeed paid you guys.

American Expert: OK, but the receipt will only show 1/10th of the actual fees. The 9/10th of the fees are for our own personal expenses and not related to Dartmouth College. We'll send the receipt to you via UPS. Now get the fuck out of our office.

Anonymous said...

I guess the f*** person is actually Datuk T. Haha..

1st time your blog.. 2 Thumbs Up, Uncle Pat!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Actually it was HQ video equipment being used ( you're not in the know obviously) . Those released on the net were compressed version.
What about the CCTV at the apartment lobby? That's not porn right?

If it is not Anwar, then who? Can anybody give a clear answer? 3 months oredi.
Maybe anwar should get his own team of expert too. Don't pay them otherwise they will be biased.
(Of course this will not happen)
Apparently johari already declared himself as the expert by producing a truly convincing documentary proving it wasn't anwar. Bravo!! The BN government will collapse now because of this damaging documentary on YouTube !!

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like him, sounds like him but it wasn't him !!!

Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

Sounds familiar ???

Every dog has its day !!!

Niamah !!!

Treat us like bloody fools ! We are suffering democratically, financially, spiritually, etc. !!!

Still want to treat us like small little children !!!

Don't know what to say but NIAMAH !!!

the star newspaper said...

MHthir says anwar is homo, now anwar is straight, maybe next time beastily... Sigh... When will all these nonsense ends.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who hired and paid for services of experts of this type will know that for the right amount of money, they will :

a. issue a report that says what you want them to say but in a way that can be interpreted in many different ways and is non-committal at all.
b has 1 page setting out their tentative findings and 1900 pages of assumptions.

Has anyone seen the report, much less read it? Has anyone bother to how credible these experts are?

One poster suggested dragging the prostitute in the movie by her tits and make her point out who screwed her. That's a damn good idea and beats the expert opinion

Anonymous said...

I am going to screen the CSL sex video in the public and let them charge me for the same offence as the Datuk Tipu. Then the court will also set up 2 big screen to so show the video on the date of trial.
After all is only RM2000 fine. I can collect donation on the spot to pay the fine.


its not aun wah, use yr eyes
not a crime to have sex in thailand, why bother

Anonymous said...

American expert: The porno guy is 99.99% Anwoa, but then Eskay looks like Anwoa 99.99% to an American eye, so with a little make-up Eskay looks 100% like Anwoa to an American...

SSrahman said...

Pat, Look at the Bursa ! People are not stupid ,stupid pm!

On better beat said...

Don't buy The Star, please.

Donate the money to the needy.
It will do your karma good.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bro Pat,
You better be an Editor la. So much shits get published nowadys.

Anonymous said...

UMNO alone is responsible for the lessening of power of the Sultans and the injudicious way Islam is applied. UMNO has claimed they represent the Malays who have usurped the powers of the Sultan and denigrated Islam.

Anonymous said...

These are the main problems with the Gomen.
On porn -they asked the Americans -correct move they can do everything even Avatar.
On Bersih - they should ask the Iranian they can bring down all kind of rebellion.
On Money - they can ask Jews since they control all the banks in the world.
On how to run a proper gomen they never ask the Singaporean - malu
On how to run a proper secular society they never ask the Turks
They talk to the wrong people - The Zimbawean, The Sudanese,Iranians are his best friends.
how to progress in 2020 ??

Anonymous said...

warr sooo sure, 99.99%, sounds like result from DNA testing!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, my mom reads the star sometimes. We were travelling to penang on a saturday morning and she needed some reading material.

So we decided to get the Star for its other sections...

When I read the headlines, It's Anwar, I immediately didn't want it. The 7-11 lady wanted to force my purchase, she argued that she's keyed in the price into the system. Was giving me bad atttitude too.

I snapped back at her and said NO.



komando said...

we sure can get a movie of fat mamaia fucking a dog

Anonymous said...

I think if Eskay tells us that he made the video himself that's why he's sure that's Anwar, it would have save everybody the time.

Mulut gelap said...

Pardon my ignorence but why did they engage experts from Darkmouth Uni? It's not even an Ivy League.

Wong Chun Toy said...

Looks like Najip...
Sounds like Najip...
Smells like Najip...
But, its not Najip, the faggot comedian!!!

Anonymous said...

New movies going to be released....extra, extra, big momma doing the horizontal with a carpet showing, by invitations only. Sounds good eh? How about 3 some with a blownup winsome? Bloody WINGNUTS!

Anonymous said...

We all should know that it is wasting money to buy The Star.

Anonymous said...

BN is trying to have the world believe that Malaysia will descend into anarchy when 30 members of the public (15 0f them women with some underage members) “will wage war against the Agong” with placards, banners, T shirts and slogans. And National Laureates will incite the public to overthrow the Govt with seditious poems.

This is how “lembik” the BN Govt is to fear such protests. And now we have Malaysia’s version of “Baghdad Ali” using the same script as 1969 by claiming that the communist bogeyman is behind the Bersih rally as a prelude to an ISA crackdown.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more nonsense to the rakyat, please, umno! We need more of such highly intelligent plots to fan our rage against u.

1Malaysia-sia Sahaja - Rakyat Diperbodohkan, Rasuah Diutamakan

Anonymous said...

What is all the big fuss! There are so many of the present politician caught with their pants down in Malaysia!! These politician are still in government or actively involved in politics!

Kick out these bloody politician first then only they can talk about kicking Anwar!!