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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday WTF! funnies

We must be moderate!!! You understand?

Some days are just days when you want to shout out loud What the FUCK!!! Today is one of those. Okay.  First of all, the prime minister, Najib Razak makes this big announcement at the Langkawi International Dialogue which was reported in The Star like this...

Moderation is the way....Najib's call to stand united against extremism gains support. 

I am not sure what the fler was referring to in his speech la. Whether it is some big international issue that required moderation or what.  But in light of what's been happening right here in Malaysia the past couple of weeks doesn't the prime minister's statement make you want to vomit?  Moderation issit? Stand against extremism issit? While some clown right here in the prime minister's own backyard is allowed to make seditious threats of racial violence and go unpunished? Not even so much as a slap on the wrist? When even Umno's own Khairy Jamaluddin has called for action against the fat clown for making racist and seditious statements and threatening the Chinese community and yet the clown is allowed to continue with his extremist rants. But of course our dear prime minister was just telling that rubbish to all the flers from Africa la.

Maybe they all more gullible la. Or maybe they just needed a good laugh.

The other WTF! story in The Star today concerns Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir. This man is accused by the International Court of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in his country. Wikileaks also allegedly revealed that he has embezzled state funds amounting to US$9 billion! But with 1 stroke of the pen The Star has almost cleared his name by praising him as a "leader much maligned by the international community". Phwaaaar! Good or not? The columnist also described his absence from the Langkawi International Dialogue as a "missed opportunity" for Malaysia. Well, maybe that is true la for some of our flers here in Malaysia. A fler who can allegedly embezzle US$9 billion might have lots to share.



Anti Big Dog said...

A staggering 99% of slightly more than one million respondents in a poll by The Star Online have indicated support for the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9.

I hope Patrick can join the rally!

Gerak Tak khas said...

The case of police senior officer and many cops from the Kuala Lumpur Narcotics division were detained two weeks ago on suspicion of drug trafficking. This is as reported in the newspaper on the 19 June, which is very alarming especially this is involving so many police personals.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia.. no eyes see.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Najib has missed a golden opportunity to learn from al-Bashir on how to embezzle US$9 billion. But there is still hope because Mugabe is around and Najib can learn some tricks from him.

As for the Star, pretty obvious that its recently honoured chief editor Dato Seri Wong is eyeing an honour from al-Bashir by the apple polishing/balls carrying article on al-Bashir. I heard that in Sudan, they honour a man by presenting him with a presidential penis shield. Lets hope that the penis shield is not too big for Dato Seri Wong.

Yourmum said...

What Najib meant was we have all been very corrupt and extreme but now to get re-elected we must pretend to be more moderate in our approach. Only more stupid people will believe him and his angelic message and believe me there are plenty.

The "missed opportunity" refers to the missed opportunity to learn from chief Al Bashir the latest techniques on how to suck the country dry.

Someone please tell me why Malaysia only mixes with and lead only the no-hopers. I suppose all crows are black.

Advice to all who can, please leave now and leave Malaysia to the Abraham Alis. Don't delude yourselves and curse later.


Zmas said...





CK said...

Read this. It is even more funny.

Moo.. said...

Not so funny Wednesday.

Some genius in Syabas decided to cut water supply for two days in PJ and some parts of KL. Looks like business have to 'close shop' for two days and makan sendiri.

The beautiful part is that the give less than 24 hours notice to the public and this flyer expect us to store water in pails, cups, bowls, plates and glass to last for two days.

Anonymous said...

corrupted attracts corrupted.

charleskiwi said...

Abrahim Ali,

Just remember the Chinese too have two hands and two legs too ! So until we meet don't predict on the outcome yet and for your benefit you should stay home and watch T.V.
Also you are the last person in this universe the chinese will need your advice because you are a bloody bastard and a bloody racist. Physician heal thyself we, the Chinese, is trained to run a 100 meter race in 100 meters and not 10 meters like you. Real son of a moron !

Big Brother said...

Najib is telling the African delegates to be moderate and not be extreme.He wants to be the 'papa'of the African nations and he even suggests to send his man(Datuk Idris Jalal) to teach the Africans how to tranform their economy just the way Malaysia has this ETP,KPI,KNRA and what not.
Najib hopes to get some honours from the African country before his departure from Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

Birds of the same feather flock together at LID....BN sure missed the opportunities to learn how to embezzle.....more $$$

Anonymous said...

our anak malaysia used to being jack shock-shock in almost all areas of life since indepence and the jacker knew very well they are fucking moron till today.But nevermind and let them Syiok sendiri.... like this they can continue to be a moron..!

tunglang said...

Teology the book even at discounted RM28 makes better reading than the polisher Wong Choon Wai's On The Beat book !

Have you got the sales figures of your book ? I think it also beats Dr M's book unless MPH rigged the sales figures ?

Anonymous said...

The Datuk-Datuk Wong of the mca owned Star has gone on Selangor-government bashing lately. It's so
blatantly biased that it has lost its objectivity and creditability. I remember the former minister from Gerakan LKY described the star as "toilet paper".

Anonymous said...

to day i read the bintang . after reading especially on their comment on the poll. i thought to myself ..:like that also can eh" ..tainted result ????? sure or not bintang ...?

truly malaysia boleh !

Anonymous said...

corruption becomes a norm or normacy ..biasa aje ..and will be added in the syallabus as a sales method in local marketing school soon.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! Our very dear PM Najib is in dreamland...

Ohh, by the way... PM here does not mean Prime Minister or Perdana Menteri... It means Profesor Madya (Associate Professor).

It is my honour to personally bestow him this title because of his extraordinary ability to forsee the future.....

You agree with me, Professor Emeritus Patrick? I BET YOU DO!

Anonymous said...

Hello my pappa Afrika friends,

Malaysia is a good friend to you all corrupted African nations. We'll give President Mugabe a run for his money , cos when it comes to corruption, we are No.1.
Hooray for 1 Malaysia!

You abolished apertheid in the south long time ago, but see, we are still practicing them proudly here just because we can. That is why we're in Bolehland. Apa-apa pun boleh.

And you my Afrikan brothers, we welcome you with big arms. No, not the talented Afrikans or smart alecks. We love drug mules. See for yourself how our streets are filled with thousands of Negro brothers feeding our youth with drugs. Lately we also love our Iranian brothers. Man..they have good supply of marijuana.

And yes. We are so glad to be a model nation to all Afrikans.

ktteokt said...


Anonymous said...

The Star newspaper is so loopsided in their views n coverage. They wrote articles condemning the Penang state gov. Hello? Penang is now truly leading. Seriously I have so much respect for pakatan bcoz of Penang. If only they can translate all state into a Penang. The Star can continue to be loopsided all they want. The more they do it, the more it will backfire on their paymaster

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Of course it is a very big "Missed opportunity " TheStar is somewhat right .
Birds of a feather flocks together mah.

NiaMah 1Malaise

Anonymous said...


RE: Crowd for Hire Wanted

1. must be a moron
2. believe in 7 virgin after death
3. sell back side if needed]

we pay good .

Plus Point : those hire in kuantan recently are encourage to re apply.

Professor Madya from Malaysia said...

Hi, Ms/Mrs/Mr ktteokt (9.48 PM).

Your "讲一套,做一套" is impressive...but in my opinion, you are really underestimating the PM laa.

What the heck do you mean 讲一套,做一套??? Allow me to rephrase your words...

The correct one should be, and ought to be...


MALAYSIA BOLEH! I LOVE YOU, PM Najib!!! (PM = Professor Madya)

Anonymous said...

Najib is expanding his 1malaysia franchise:

1) Toilet (at Petaling Street?)
2) Klinik
3) 'Prima' housing
4) Mydin supermarket

Soon we will have 1Malaysia teh tarik, goreng pisang, nasi kandar, char kuey teow, bak kut teh...

Anonymous said...

Good news for actors like Patrick Teoh.

Iskandarwood in Johor to create acting opportunity for you!

Anonymous said...

the government of rosmahland,nowseemslike they lost track of truegrit,mugabe also can be accepted, what the f this guy will do next ? another guy jump from masalam building...or another price increase....I taught you guys buy the sugar factory from the apek forcefully... what the f...maybe another apek company you guys are eyeing ... maybe chinese
pok brothers company.. NO-NO must be moderate guys ,must telan -telan them slowly un-noticely..
what the niamah.... authority. we pay you on the votesthat bring you here today,,,.shit... next election see who will pay you sit on top,maybe army and police free ballotvotes wiill do,...n iamah

Anonymous said...

Dear PM Najib

The more you try to deny us the rights for Bersih, the higher the chance for you to be out of the office in the next GE

We will show you who is the real kingmaker, since you have forgotten that the power is with the rakyat.

We will give you a wake up call on July 9 and eventually boot yout out during the GE 13.


Anonymous said...

the same arseholes who preached on sundays. gosh, do they have children? never imagine how they can look into the eyes of their children with such hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Want moderation? show all of your pussies, and boobies and the WORLD will be a peaceful, and better place to live.

Anonymous said...

What can this nation expect from a man who held the keris and threatened to soak it in Chinese blood.

Can such man be trusted?

This man will sell a piece of stone to the kampong Malays and tell them it is a precious stone which they should keep under their pillows to be properous.

He will sell these kampong men coconut oil and tell them that it Viagra for ‘tahan lama’.
If they believe Utusan why not Najib.

Anak Senai said...

Vote Pakatan!

Anonymous said...

anyone know whether the WIFE OBEDIENCE CLUB is open to other race cos lately my wife doesnt want to fuck!