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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's it all about?

The Bersih 2.0 rally is happening July 9, 2011. Are you sure what it is all about? If you don't know or if you have been side-tracked or if you have forgotten.  It isn't about race, rights and privileges, over-
throwing the government or waging war against the Agung. It is not an Opposition initiative. 

It is about...

1. Clean the electoral roll

2. Reform postal ballot

3. Use of indelible ink

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

5. Free and fair access to media

6. Strengthen public institutions

7. Stop corruption

8. Stop dirty politics

That is ALL. 



Anonymous said...

and street demo will solve all this, instead of proper, civilised dialogue, and parliamentary debate?

check out other responses..

Anonymous said...

check out which foreign hand is behind bersih as admitted by Ambiga ( receiving funds).

Do check out what Wiki says on NDI operations for CIA

Anonymous said...

It’s hard to say BERSIH 2.0 is not the opposition initiative. First of all, Md Sabu is one of BERSIH’s top man. Then PAS has urge thousands of its supporters to join the rally.

Secondly, the BERSIH rally came up immediately after the two experts from the US said that the man in the sex video is Anwar Ibrahim. To make matter worst, Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case is nearing the end, with almost certainty that the opposition leader losing.

So, BERSIH 2.0 IS A POLITICAL RALLY. The sad thing is that the Malays are on the front line, fighting Malays.

najib manaukau said...

There is only one way to achieve the 8 points you mentioned in your article. It has come to a point that no amount of reasoning with these corrupted Umno morons will achieve anything. Just like trying to get the drug addicts to stop taking drugs these drug addicts will promise on their mothers' graves they will stop taking drugs in future but as soon as you turn your back on them (Umno) they will turn to taking their drugs.
They simply cannot live without the corruption, it is part of them, they know they will just vanish from this earth if they do.
There is only one way to kick these deceitful and corrupted Umno morons out of their gravy trains is to vote them out in the coming GE.
So make very sure you cast your votes in the coming GE and end their 53 years of deceit and corruption. Most of all to continue spending R45 millions just on keeping the PM and his deputy's house lighting and air conditioning on each year. How much more can you take ? Enough is enough !

pinsysu said...

simple straight foward demands by the rakyat but complicated twists by those in the corridors of power who stand to lose their corrupted previleges ... God is watching. Allah is watching. The world is watching. Repent before it is too late.

Jom 9 July 2011 ... the detoxification program by the people of Malaysia!!

Yellow is the flavour for those who have conscience & fear God.

CITIZEN said...

Anon @11.56pm,all the democratic processes to resolve this issue has been pursued but ignored or sidelined by the authority(the SPR).
BERSIH2.0 walk on 9th July is about the walk by the citizens to hand over the petitions to the King and those joining are just to show support.
The one who will create trouble are the hooligans/uncivilised who are not upholding democracy.

telur dua said...

Yes, most Malaysians know that but try explaining to those moronic spinners and trouble-makers.

Anonymous said...

You are right Pat..that all..SIMPLE and EASY to undertsand.But,some idiot goons in PRDM(Polis Raja Di Malaysia) seem do their masters and that 'jumping frog'.
What a shame for Malaysians.

Anonymous said...


how do u deal with a pack of perkasa dogs? they refuse to engage in a debate, they refuse to reason.

they are all volume. they somehow know urban chinese are too kiasu to be involved directly with bersih2.0. they know urban chinese are mostly too jaded.

so how do we finish this perkasa dogs off, once and for all? their rules of engagement is fists and threats. not meaningful debates.

same with those umno youth mat rempits. are we really that afraid of them?


heck, even the police is on their side. so, should we not be afraid? i mean i am afraid of lock-ups and police stations. i heard and read what they do to some of those under their custody. i am just an average urban malaysian. i want nothing with do with the police.

although i love the ideals of bersih2.0, i am a coward. sorry.


Wardina said...

BN is so scared of Bersih 2.0 because bn failed in those 8 points!

Simple as that.

Ken said...

People's hopes are modest. No matter what race, region, religion and class we come from, most of us believe that every child should have a genuinely good education. And those children should be able to go to college even if their parents aren't rich. We want to be safe from criminals. We want the assurance that the taxes we pay are spent well. We want clean air, clean water, and the ability to retire comfortably at some point. And although we don't expect our government to solve all our problems, and we certainly don't like seeing our tax dollars wasted, it's only fair to expect that government should help.

We're all sick of the dead zone that Malaysian politics has become - where backbiting and character attacks have become part of our daily news routine. We're all aware that the nation's most significant challenges are being ignored. Everyone talks about reforms and transformation and plans and programmes and manifestos. But how much of that are we really seeing?

Let's face it. We all talk about it. We've all played the armchair critic role at some point or another. Any of us can and have pointed out the flaws so apparent in our government. We all talk. Ask anyone on the street what they've done about the situation our nation is facing lately and chances are you'll get a blank stare. But walk into a coffee shop and suddenly you're surrounded by veteran politicians discoursing the latest injustice/scandal/expose etc.

Maybe the time for talk has passed. As the saying goes, talk is cheap.

I believe the first step towards changing the face of Malaysian politics/government is getting involved, simply by registering to vote and exercising that right to vote. I wonder how many skeptics out there have decided to forgo that right simply because "my 1 vote won't make a difference". True, in Malaysia you can win 90% of the seats with 60% of the votes, but that only serves to emphasise the importance of each vote. We need to be absolutely clear about one thing - transformation can never be birthed of apathy.

The next step is reinforcing the need for free and fair elections.

Does the fact that 30,000 people walking someplace change anything? Not explicitly perhaps. But it inspires defiance against a broken system, engenders a willingness to stand up for change and above all, represents the audacity to hope and to believe that our nation can be transformed.

I didn't give 2 cents about Malaysia or its politics before 2008. But seeing the first Bersih rally on TV in 2008 awoke something in me. I realised for the first time that I could not leave it to someone else to fight my battles for my nation on my behalf. For the first time, I dared to believe that things could change.

I'm not writing this to ask anyone to join the rally. It's risky business indeed, what with the prospect of getting water cannon-ed, tear gas-ed or if you're extremely unlucky, arrested. I write this because I feel it's my duty and obligation to speak out as a young person to say we all have to care enough and believe that change is possible when we exercise our votes and EC is playing fair. Wear yellow on July 9 to show that you care.

Do you remember how we used to be taught in school that the young people are the future of the nation? Well, we can only be that if we care enough.

Utusan Mak Siat said...

Celaka UMporNO Bastards Nasional not interested in clean and fair elections!

Only Erections, Seks,Lies and VCDs matters most!!!

Anonymous said...

may all beings, seen and unseen, known and unknown, virtual and real, be showered with blessings of loving kindness, happiness and free from earthly suffering, thereafter attain the perfect bliss of nibbana

Sgt Hassan said...

PM Najib Abdul Razak has the gall to ask the rakyat to adjust their lifestyles while he and DPM Muhyiddin Yassin splurge all the rakyat's savings (RM48 millions) on their official homes?

Anonymous said...

It's about Dirty politic which way you look at it.

When you are going NORTH that recreation stop is on your LEFT while you are driving to the SOUTH that recreation stop is on your RIGHT.

Anyway the Highway (rally) itself is Clean & BERSIH unless there are some mischievous elements oontaminated it.

Look at the way that DOM- dirty old man scorned at people ,does it cross your mind the picture of THE DEVIL SMILING IN DELIGHT ?

Loh See Fatt.

didid said...

Anon 11:56 & 12:17,

Nice try but you are merely parroting Utusan. UMNO trollops busy at work eh?

Anonymous said...

In their desperate attempt to stay in power, BN has made us into a failed state, where law and order has collapsed. There is no longer fairplay. Police are no longer protecting the rakyat, just their political masters.

There is no issue of evidence of crime. Just arrest and proclaim. A T shirt, with a late communist leaders figure, makes one a communist. How far fetch can you get. If there is really any evidence, show it to us? We want to know the truth.

This is BN in panic mode. So sad. 31 good Malaysians are in jail for no good reason.

We must change the tenant in Putrajaya. BN lease has expired.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope they wont raise my temper further, cause I really dont wish to join Bersih 2.0

But looking at how they are arresting people for just wearing yellow shirts.. it becoming a tipping point to me too!

Push it further, gomen, push it further! And you will see me.

Anonymous said...


links given by anon 12:17 not even linked to utusan.

Parrots cant read, can you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, check this out.

didi said...

anon 6:01,

Did I say anything about his links? I'm merely commenting about his talking points. Seriously do you even know what the meaning of parroting is? Oh wait parrots merely repeat whatever they are being taught to say, no thinking process involve. You can think, can't you?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't we as citizens of Malaysia allowed to express what we want in a Government after all we are the ones who elected them in the first place. We are asked to believe in the current system, tightened our belts, but look at what our Ministers are doing!

Anonymous said...

Do you know...





AA said...

Eh.. unker , all these demands sound reasonable and fair to me, why can't the gomen and EC do it ?

Anonymous said...

in the last 5 years, RM48 is spent on renovating and maintaining the residences of PM and DPM.

What a waste!

Anonymous said...

Its about



Anonymous said...

Pat. a low life shitty breathing creature called Ibrahim Ali seems to racial war cry every day. He seems to love to repeat the history of 513 (May 13, 1969), little does this germ know that EACH TIME WHEN HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, IT IS GOING TO COST MORE AND MORE. Is he so willing to pay the price all for the sake of Ketuanan Melayu? Does he know that when the Chinese's and that of other non-Melayu's contribution are destroyed, he can only be the "tuan" of a very broken nation of the 3rd world? Pathetic fella. I wonder how this Ibrahim Ali guy sleep at night? Or does he sleep at all?

Anonymous said...

u guys should check out this post, darm it.. 88 ppl register for election under 1 address. WTF!!

John Hardick said...

Malaysians must save Malaysia from UMNO. UMNO today is not what UMNO members believe it to be.

The original was about Malay struggle but since the time of Mahatir, it is about domination by the elites. Step by step, communism and apartheid sipped into UMNO and the hybrid of these two very worst kind of ideology gave rise to UMNOism.

Since then UMNO is about lies,cheating, cronyism, nepotism, greed, tyranny, etc. Look at the state of our country. Do we have any semblance of democracy? It is UMNOism all over the country. Our civil service has been indoctrinated with UMNOism, our National Institutions too, so much so even our judiciary has been indoctrinated with UMNOism.

We have university professors and lecturers who cannot even put forward credible arguments when commenting on the BERSIH march. When the socalled intellectuals resort to telling lies or cannot come up with facts, it says that our education system cannot turn out thinking people but morons.

On the BERSIH march, the full tyranny of what UMNOism is, is on show. The intellectuals allowed themselves to be used to lie to the people. The police and even the judiciary has been roped in to show how wicked UMNOism is.

We find the apartheid regime of Mugabe despicable and we abhor communism, but the hybrid of these two, UMNOism is a lot worse.

No one can save Malaysia from becoming a pariah state except Malaysian. We need to urgently get rid of UMNO, lest we liove to regret.

GE 13 is around the corner, we need to save ourselves from UMNO.

Ejen Nora said...

We must understand how PAS hold Kelantan and PR won in 5 states . First you must have a very big majority to win each state seat, if slim majority BN will swallow all through postal vote. Through phantom vote and postal vote Bn will be in power forever by cheating.

So we must get all our friends, colleagues, relatives.... to come out to vote for Pakatan, rain or shine on election day.

But please register now (although it might be too late even if you do now knowing our EC is ikut perintah to suit bn).

Amir said...

Vote wisely? The thing is now that our voting system is outdated and pretty much tainted because the rakyat & NGO alliance believe that the SPR is one-sided by you know who.

Genarally, the purpose of the rally is to secure the 8 demands and submit it to the King which is somehow deemed a threat to the national security and now the people is being threaten if they were to take it to the streets. We have laws in the country and engaging it as we follow.

Now the Irresponsible party is going against the very law that protects the people and using it against the people. Where is the equal fairnest in that?

If the ruling party and SPR have nothing to hide then why are they tripping? Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

Blue Blood said...

We all know that PDRM are under tremendous pressure from certain 'quarters' to carry out all these uncalled activities against BERSIH and oppositions parties.

I don't believe after all these years of donning this BLUE suit...they have forgotten what is the TRUE calling to be in the FORCE. They have been truly 'messed' up by the so called 'politians'.

I sincerely believe there are still the few who will rise and stand up for what the TRUE calling of the Force is all about. Come one BLUEmen, it is time to rise and stand up again for your TRUE calling....make us the Malaysians proud again with our BLUEmen and feel the pride and glory once again...

bolarasaksa said...

Everyone knows the real reasons for BERSIH rally.

Deputy IGP give us all the reasons why it cannot be permitted…ignoring the core reasons…for CLEAN election and NO CORRUPTIONS.

From nothing ..built up to make the rally sound like trouble causing towards a clean and noble government under Najib.

When communists are hinted…this give the added reason to use ISA again.

The 25 NGOs arrested in Penang should be released within 24 hours. If not….then ISA is applied.
This is the litmus test that Najib needs.

After 9th July…it is either Emergency Rule or an announcement for 13th GE date.

And Najib told lawyers not to participate.

Why all the fuss from nothing?
That’s dirty politics at his best.
Will Malaysians be afraid..very afraid?

It can only be seen at a GE…which Najib should announce soon…since Deputy IGP and IGP are supporting him.

I think he still have nightmares…thinking will the entire Police Force be on his side…and as such…13th GE maybe delayed …..until his nightmares stop.


komando said...

If both the donkeis (PM & DPM) spent RM48 Mil in 5 years it means they have spent :
RM24,657.53 sen per day!

Each moron spent RM12K++ per day
Are we to be told that!
Are we so sure?

They must be eating non stop 24hrs!
Watching TV & DVD (Blues)non stop!
Aircond non stop - 24/7
Lights all lighted up 24/7
All non stop for 365 days for 5 farking years!

Trevor said...

First of all, I support everybody's freedom in speech.

Bersih 2.0's intention, as I know, is to promote CLEAN election process (you can see how 'unclean' it was in Sarawak election)

Anybody / any parties can join this rally.

To those who against this rally - come on, there are parties that REALLY CREATE tension in this country, such as PERKASA.

Channel your protest to those parties - for its action so far had created nothing but tensions among race.

1Malay-sia(L) said...

how sure are you that 5, 7 and 8 can ever be achieved?

Namza Norman said...

Monday July 4, 2011
Evaluate what politicians say

I HAVE been following news reports in the mainstream and alternative media on Bersih 2.0.

I can’t help but conclude that the Bersih 2.0 rally and the counter protests by Perkasa and Umno Youth are mere politics. Forgive me for being a cynic as I lost my idealism long ago.

I take what politicians say, whether in the Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, with a big pinch of salt. Politicians are fond of telling their audience that everything they do is for the rakyat and never to advance their own selfish political ambitions.

The ancient Greek philosophers were right – there are enough people who will believe everything that politicians tell them.

Take for example Bersih 2.0’s call for reforms in the electoral system. Nothing is wrong with that except that they said the same thing in 2007 – a year before the 2008 general election.

They then also claimed that the electoral system was flawed with plenty of abuses.

Yet, Pakatan Rakyat went on to win five states, denied the Barisan its two-thirds majority and of course, Kelantan has been under PAS rule for 21 years.

Surely, if the system was manipulated and rigged, the Barisan wouldn’t have lost these states, including Penang and Selangor, the country’s two most important states.

After all, it was the same electoral rolls which they claimed was flawed!

I wish those supporting Bersih 2.0 would be critical and honest enough to ask organiser Datuk S. Ambiga for an answer.

I find it amusing that Pakatan leaders are talking about the principles of accountability in the electoral system when they themselves do not practise it.

Look at their top leaders! Almost all are appointed. PKR’s Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is ketua umum, an appointed position for life. He did not seek election but he talks about clean electoral system while PAS’ Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat is the spiritual adviser, another appointed post.

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is the party’s advisor but we all know he calls the shots in the party. Again, it’s an appointed post.

So, we have a case where all the top guns of the three Pakatan parties are appointed. Ambiga, please clean up these parties.

In the DAP, there is no direct election as the delegates vote for a pool of central executive committee posts. These CEC winners then decide for themselves who should take the top posts.

So, even those who polled the highest votes mean nothing in the DAP. That’s democracy in DAP.

For a party that advocates so much about press freedom and access to the media during the elections, it is one Pakatan party that does not allow the press to cover its general assembly, except for the opening speeches!

I am also unhappy with the communal approach of Perkasa towards Bersih 2.0. There are many non-Malays who are also against the rally, so there’s no need to use the racial approach. Most Malaysians are against the Bersih 2.0 gathering.

I hope that more Umno leaders would dissociate themselves from Perkasa, like Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, as Datuk Ibrahim Ali’s remarks make me sick.

I wish Malaysians, especially the younger ones, would be more rational when they evaluate the statements made by politicians.

Do not take the white and black approach.

Petaling Jaya.

Ayub said...

We want Bersih!

Yellow Fever said...

Anonymous @ 11.56pm and 12.17 am are the same IDIOT BN trolls.

Stupid Dopes.
If we are able to resolve
through "proper" parliamentary debates and talking cock, we wouldn't need to waste our precious time and come out with a peaceful, (and I repeat PEACEFUL !) rally just so the DEAF people up there can hear us.

Get it ??????

Anonymous said...

If we cannot march and still want our voice to be heard, can we just hang yellow cloth outside our house on that day?

rakyat said...

Daulat Tuanku,Daulat Tuanku

Patik mohon beribu ampun demikian..
Demi kasih sayang Tuanku patik harap bahawa pekara berikut boleh diambil untuk seterusnya supaya negara ditadbir dengan baik tetapi bukan oleh golongan buruk.

1.Agong should just grant an audience with Ambiga and Bersih2.0 Group to hand over the memorandum.

2.Menasihat PM dan golongannya jangan ambil kesempatan memburukkan rakyat yang jujur pakai tatik yang jahat dan guna kuasa politik,badan kerajaan atau polis.

3.Bubar kerajaan sekarang dengan serta merta atas suruhan bangga Tuanku sebagai Agong Yang Amat Dihormati supaya rakyat akan pilih semula kerajaan yang bagus dan pemimpin yang lebih yakin untuk rakyat Malaysia.

Sekian saja harapan rakyat untuk seterusnya mencapai wawasan kahadapan.

Yang Jujur,

Anonymous said...

About time to make you background yellow!

dagen said...

A responsive and responsible government would always listen to the people and would always keep the line for communication with the people open.

Umno decided to cut communication with the people on this important issue. The great umno police arrogantly (and disastrously) announced that the great umno police will not talk anymore.

That announcement, although was by the great umno police, is as good as an announcement by jibby jib himself. So really the agung ought to call on umno and jibby jib to maintain communication with the people.

This thing about umno rally vs people’s rally which jibby jib has been threatening, really jib and umno ought to realise that past and present events of the world tell us one piece of reality consistently. Nothing could be more powerful than people’s power! That is why suppression/oppression was created by dictator governments (like umno). Suppression and oppression by their very nature are measures that could be maintained for brief periods and on temporary basis only.

Vote umno out!

Anjing Besar said...

If Bersih 2.0 is waging war on the King, then what about UMNO youth ? What about Perkasa ? The most important for the incoming PAS ala Paktan Rakyat to undertake is to clean the JUDICIARY POLICE & ATORNEY GENERAL’S DEPT. Prosecute the Judges even at the highest level because all the evidence is NO THE FUCKING COURT RECORDS; they can’t get away with UMNO impunity. A crime is a crime and there is no time bar against a crime.

Anonymous said...

@ Namza Norman

1) What makes you think "MOST" Malaysians are against Bersih
gathering ? Have you even accessed
YouTube, Facebook pages, spoken to the people in the pasar, read blogs, heard your relatives and friend's grouses or do you live under your comfy UMNO tempurung ?

Probably you realised the sentiment that's why you start to
comment on blogs like Niamah to "educate" and appear "moderate"
so that people can see your UMNO kind of view. Sorry la bro...we disappoint you

Please don't insult our brains and act so self righteous as if we can't differentiate by ourselves what is good or what is not. Not only UMNO people can think you know.


2) Those who are aphetetic or don't voice out have long lost hope for their country or either consider themselves penumpangs ready to emigrate or even worse couldn't care less about Bolehland.

You should be glad that ordinary
Malaysians like us who have no political affiliation even take the trouble to rally for Bersih
despite threats by police. We don't get Menteri-Menteri titles or wang ganjaran like BN you know.

We still love and care for our country. And these words come from
an ex BN supporter like me.


3) You can preach until the cows come home, but we know that the electoral polls are unclean.

a) Some old people who have died are still registered as voters (in BN area of course )

b) Illegal Filipinos and Indons given IC so that they vote dacing

c) Kawasan pembangkang being broken into smaller and smaller pieces , even as small as a few hundred voters in Melaka so that BN manyak senang bagi rasuah & menang

d) BN giving RM 200 to voters
( my relative kena )

e) Evidence of twenty to thirty obscure Chinese, Indian and Malay registered in the SAME address to vote in a BN constituency

d) Postal votes allowed for soldiers and wives, but overseas
Malaysians not allowed to vote.
Why ah ? Because the latter is anti BN ah ? Most democratic countries allow ...Malaysia special ke....?

Wondering how to check on the authenticity of postal votes ?

Even as much as they tried, PR still managed to win some seats because the dacing party failed to cheat in mixed constituencies , urban areas or areas where Chinese are majority.

And these kawasan-kawasan have got tens thousands of voters and they know urban people are educated and are not easily bought
by "duit raya" . And honestly, how many "postal votes" can save BN in this constituency


Having said that, if BN wins, it's
the rakyat's call. If PR wins, it's also the rakyat's call.

We just want a free and fair election . We want to eliminate
CORRUPTION> Hapuskan Rasuah tau !

Plus Bersih is NOT about the opposition although we have some
opposition participants.

You wanna talk dirty politics, just look at your Mamakthir and UMNO Baru he created. So many people many judges who don't agree with him unjustly terminated.
Till today our judiciary system is severely retarded

But of knew all these didn't you ? You're just here to lecture us on your thoughts.

Too bad we have brains....

OKB said...

Demanding electoral reforms is a cogent way of mobilising Malaysians and increasing their political involvement because:

1) a democracy’s credibility and efficacy depends on the perceived fairness of the electoral system and Malaysia’s has not met that for a long time now. This point is intuitively understood by the common man and woman.

2) electoral fairness is an issue that does not turn racial easily and has therefore functioned well as a lightning rod for general discontent.

3) there have been many by-elections in Malaysia and these cannot help but showcase official disregard for clean and fair elections.

Anonymous said...

Hisham should take note that His Majesty did not say that the government should arrest Bersih supporters. If Hisham persists in arresting Bersih supporters and refuses to release all those who have been detained and revoked all charges against them, Hisham would be going against the spirit of the King's edict. Hisham, choose whether you will obey the King or disobey him.

Najib, you too must choose whether you will obey or disobey the King. The King's edict is plain. You are to bolster democracy and work with Bersih to meet the aspirations of the rakyat. Giving Bersih a physical place to meet in the form of a stadium does not meet with the King's edict. The King wants you to meet the aspirations of the rakyat for free and fair elections. Will you obey the king or are you so afraid of the rakyat's exercise of their democratic rights that you are willing to disobey the King? The ball is really in your court. Don't send Khairy to do your job!!!

Anonymous said...

To all the undemocratic and ignorant readers - look around the world! People go on peaceful demonstration to show that they are not happy with the way the country is govern. These people want to be heard, they want change FOR THE BETTER.

It is only a very small group of people who takes the advantage to create unrest. If our government is a fair government, then let the people march peacefully, arrest the few people who had made racial and undemocratic threats. Until I see these, I am not convinced we have a fair government.


Anonymous said...

Even our beloved DYMM Agong willing to meet BERSIH.What say you,Mr PM and your bunch of 'Running dogs' in PRDM..the most arogant in PDRM is the no 2 fler..may be he just 'naik pangat' ,so must show off a bit la.

Anonymous said...

Bro..u been silence for more than a week..kena tangkap for wearing yellow 'camel' t shirt or what??

Zainal 69 said...

What's the point of allowing Bersih to rally in Merdeka Stadium when the police prevent people from attending the rally? What is the point of rallying when Najib does not implement the demands for clean elections?

Najib is a wily snake. He allows Bersih the stadium, but leaves it to the police to prevent people from attending and leaves it to the EC to refuse the demands of Bersih.

He made use of the EC, police and even the king. Malaysians have been cheated by him.

That's why, Najib is sitting in Putrajaya while the rest are still trying very hard to pass even the preliminary stage of presenting the grouses to the government, which will be thrown into the wastepaper basket. That's how clever Najib is.

ktteokt said...

BERSIH wants clean elections and the other IDIOTS are going against BERSIH? In other words, these idiots are admitting that they are KOTOR!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. funny laa.. kenapa mau sangat buat ini bersih? oooo saya tau.. mungkin you orang rasa yang pembangkang tak patut menang 5 negeri kan? yaaa.. betul la tu SPRM ada buat silap kira punya.. sepatutnya pembangkang tak menang kat satu negeri pun.. lu orang semua pambangkang sampah! tak mengenang budi punya orang..

Sandra Foo said...

for some (very useful) comic relief, someone has been kind enough to construct the Idiot's Guide to 9th July Marches. sort of like a Rallies for Dummies thing. it's very amusing but speaks seriously about what could happen tomorrow and how to deal with it:

Anonymous said...

BERSIH was supposed to be clean, but too ignorant to take the warning that how easily trouble-makers could hijacked the movement.. And sadly that's what really happened.

Anonymous said...

BERSIH 2.0 should have a 9th demand, the most blatant but well covered up Election Commission transgression.

In Sarawak, I am not sure about this in the other States, CM Tiab's constituency has an electoral roll of only 6000 voters, and it is not uncommon for city constituencies to have 30,000 to 40,000 voters on the electoral roll.

What I want BERSIH 2.0 to fight for is the size of the electoral roll for every seat be uniform and equal....either have a seat for every 6000 votes or 30,000 for EVERY seat. Is that fair comment?

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting to note that in CM Tiab's Cabinet of ministers, most of them slipped through the election on these 6000 voters constituencies. A closer study of that constituency's voters roll will note extremely high ratio of "parachute" voters; staunch supporters whose votes were transferred from city constituencies where their own parties have no candidates. These are bussed in to vote during election day.

What can BERSIH 2.0 do about this?

ahpah said...

You tell me about anwar's dirty politics?