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Thursday, July 07, 2011

More Thursday funnies

They are Malaysia's 3rd line of defence, I tell you!

This has got to be the most incredible statement from someone whom we presumed is an intelligent grown-up person.

Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that he wants silat (Malay martial arts) exponents to participate in the country's transformation programme. He also said that he regarded the group as the third line of defence after the armed forces and the police!!!


Read the rest of this incredible utterance HERE

This photo and this story makes it NOT funny anymore but downright scary. What is the Prime Minister saying?

“I believe if there are evil enemies who want to attack the country from without and within, ‘anak-anak lincah’ will rise to fight them,” said Najib in a fiery speech last night.
“But tonight, we do not gather to fight,” added the prime minister. “We do not gather to wield the keris (dagger). We gather for the loyalty and unity of our country.”
Read the full SCARY report HERE



daevyd said...

Mebbe he just watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa that's he's so pumped up about silat

Anonymous said...


9W2XYZ said...

blockhead of the old chip.

Anonymous said...

Eh.... Halo ... !! How about Karate, Kung Fu , Silambam, Gatka ???

ahsiang said...

probably he means mat rempit arm with helmet? :P

Anonymous said...

Somehow I think you guys got it all wrong. I think what Najib actually meant was not silat but JILAT. Don't believe me? Just ask OWC.......... who reckons it is the first, second and third line of defence!


Anonymous said...

This is a silent threat to Bersih 2.0?

Anonymous said...

To upstairs,

Since you mentioned then they will be the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th respectively.

Kongsi KL said...

In case Najib and his government are hard of hearing, the edict of the Yang diPertuan Agong is that the government should bolster democracy. By denying Bersih the right to gather at Stadium Merdeka, Najib is defying the edict of His Majesty. The edict calls on the government to meet the aspirations of the rakyat for free and fair elections but by making it difficult for the rakyat, Najib and his government are showing contempt for the King. The edict implies that Najib should facilitate the movement and the demands for free and fair elections. Clearly, by his actions, and even by Rais' statement, the UMNO-led government has chosen to defy the King. UMNO has lost its right to claim any loyalty to King and country!!!

lizawati said...

many despotic governments around the world hold elections that can seem fair i.e. the ballots are counted and the winner is the one with the most votes. However, there are many ways to manipulate the system so that one party gets an overwhelmingly unfair advantage. For instance, the use of postal votes to bolster certain candidates or delineation of voting boundaries to favour one party over another. Why despotic government still allow "fair" elections to happen then is to lend a veneer of legitimacy to their hold on power. Ensuring fair elections is the basis of all democratic governments which, disappointingly, after 50+ years of independence, we seem unable to do.

"Pakatan won 5 states" is not because of the Malaysian election system; it is in spite of the system. The match is not rigged but one team is cheating. Besides, how does asking for a cleanup of the electoral roll or use of indelible ink help clear Anwar's "smeared character"?

One more thing: if the unthinkable happens and Pakatan wins the next GE, will UMNO/Barisan be asking for clean elections and a reform of the Election Commission?

patriot ori said...

Despite apparently calming down the UMNO created heated poltical situation by the King, UMNO has gone now cold on the stadium. Such dishonesty on UMNO’s part is no longer a surprise.

Bersih has no choice now except to go back on the march.

This is what Brig Gen. (R) Dato’ Arshad Raji’s said in his blog page:

“I believe orders (hopefully not from Minister Hishamuddin Hussein) are out for the military to be prepared for deployment; should serious and uncontrollable rioting breaks out during the rally.

I am firmly against the use of the military, and they ought to be steadfast in remaining neutral. The police have enough resources, and after all it is their primary responsibility to ‘battle’ a public order situation.

The military today is not geared nor equipped for Public Order. In the days gone by, we even had a camera to be used for public order in the ‘equipment table’ in all infantry units. Today, that item is out, and along with it, the gas mask, the stretcher and the banner. Even the Public Order Manual is today a museum piece.”

The danger is that the Army is not geared to control public order. They are taught only to shoot.

Anonymous said...

4th line of defence is throwing crockeries and pots & pans by the Obedient Wives' Club - Another project proudly sponsored by BN!

Skop Khas said...

That's the effect of of the violence in local malay movies, namely KL Gangster and Kongsi, s they have even influence the pea-brain of our PM.

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

Intelligent politicians make smart statements, as expected. Artificially intelligent, that is.

Haha, surely those smart YBs know Pakatan still won 5 states DESPITE their hanky-panky? At least, I HOPE they do. Hard to say, u know, what with all our highly-educated ministers.

Mak lu!

Silo said...

3rd line defence?
ppl use gun now apa guna silat for war?

Anonymous said...

Only insane person thinks there are enemies lurking around you wanting to take you down.

Can't have any better word for a person of the high office but cowed by his own shadow and fighting imaginary enemies in the air.

Our hope for a better Malaysia lies not in such a man nor his party but we have to reflect upon ourselves on what we want for a better Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Ambiga et al will need to go to Border's Bookshop and look for a good book on "How to raise unreasonable & self centred immature children". Learn well the techniques, burn the midnight oil if you will, and apply them when dealing with adults who behaved like unreasonable children. I truely believe,judging by the absurd behavior by the "Kotor" exponents, that would be one way to deal with them.

PS. There will be no cure for the Ibrahim A. Frog disease. Suggest to leave him alone to croak until all the female frogs go home. When no one is listening anymore, he will naturally crawl back into his tempurong and croak no more.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God ! Oh my God !
Let's get out of this country...
Emigrate somwhere fast...Get a PR
like Ng Yen Yen did in Australia.

Well at least there's no Lynas plant down under!

Anonymous said...

keris versus stealth submarine... keris wins!!!

amir rizwan said...

OMG. Can't believe I never knew about your blog. My respect to you sir for lending credence to the Bersih video. Keep up the good work...

Fucked Up said...


Anonymous said...

Let's sing it in Cantonese...


Anonymous said...

This is madness.

Anonymous said...

Real nincompoop with such level of stupidity. What good are they as leaders???? Niamah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck man!

If our PM can say such thing openly and without any qualms, if ever such day happen I'm not going to sit around and wait for this so called silat lanciau to bully us, I'll die and fight till the last drop of my blood to stop their arrogants. either way also die, better fight them if they come. NIAMAH.......kahai!

Anonymous said...

I am really scare loh..friend say the martial art exponent can catch hold of coming Bullet and samore can evolve into tiger at night when THEY SEE YELLOW COLOR. Dont play play if you choose to wear Yellow.

Wah , like this can watch Tiger show lah !

If you dont like tiger show got one
final defence forgot to tell you- Actually they are the descendant of the Big-Mouth frogs , only can find in Boleh Land but they dont like the name their father gave to them- no glamour ma so they change to NINJA TURTLE WARRIOR so can hide their heads (orkuitao) in times of real trouble.

If all the lines of defence still tak boleh pakai, dont wolly. najis still got the very very last defence -Nia choh , Nia kong , Nia mah , Nia peh ,Nia pa , Nia mak Nia Ee ,Nia Sor have to come out lah !

Better than nothing ma. Tak ada udang , ikan bilis pun boleh lah.

Anonymous said...

Well, do you really expect much from the end product of the 'Rahman' theory? The definitive meaning of 'end' in here is up to you to perceive its meaning. I am not saying more. WINGNUTS!

Anonymous said...

UMNO is got to go.

Najib has got to go.

If ever PR does come into power, the first order is to arrest Najib, Hisham, Ibrahim ali, and lain lain who incited hatred under ISA.

Then they can disband ISA while the assholes remain locked in the dungeon!

They have bludgeoned and murdered democracy, and we should take theirs away. An eye for an eye.


Anonymous said...

great piece by lizawati.

When some leader are too crazy for power, they will use any means to squash legitimate dissent like what happen in tunisia, yemen etc

Theres when you get the 3rd, 4th, 5th line of defence. But Against whom? Own citizen?

Some leaders just cant spell the word: shame

Anonymous said...

Najib is DESPERATE now.

Anonymous said...

UMNO - Unscrupulous/Unintelligent Malay Nationalist Organisation.

Remember Najib wanted to bathe the keris in Chinese blood? Who chose this guy to be a PM?! Wait a minute. He wasn't chosen by the people!!

Anonymous said...

Day by day, our government is getting from bad to worst. Why use all these negative approaches??

Lead by example and win the confidence from the rakyat... Well, 50 years in control but never learn.

crazyant said...

so why the need to buy canggih weapons? just send these flers to fight la... dnmch!!

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for democracy when the King has more political sense than the PM!

The Agung has been measured and tactful in his statement and conduct. The BN Government appear not to have been able to use the esteemed office of the monarch for its own dastardly political ends.

The Agung's meeting with Bersih is a watershed moment. It shows that the Agung not only understands the issues, but is concerned to hear more. I bet the PM tried his best not to allow the meeting, hence all his avoidance of saying that he had met the Agung just before.

Politically, it is another nail in Najib's coffin. It was probably his idea to involve the Agung. That was because he was not getting anywhere in dealing with the issue politically.

The Agung's good sense and measured advice, meant that Najib is without cover. Bersih feels vindicated after calling his bluff on the stadium deal and exposing him. His UMNO right wing are furious as they appear out-flanked because they can't be seen as going against the Agung. Najib is no Mahatir and will not take on the rulers - and certainly not this Agung who has already shown his independence of will in Terengganu.

It's a sad day for democracy when the King has more political sense than the PM, who is having delusion of Hikayat Songsang Mahawangsa!

Hang Tuah 2011 said...

Najib is just like father like son, inciting riot and threatening to kill innocent Malaysians to protect his unwelcome position.
Najib has created fear to all Malaysians by not allowing a peaceful rally, by setting up road blocks, by warning people not to go KL or be arrested.

How can a Prime Minister inform citizens that he will ask Silat members to start killing the citizens if they joint a protest like Bersih for a good cause. How can he call Bersih evil?.

Is Najib really running a dirty and unfair election?. Why is he so afraid of fair election, is he afraid of the truth?.

What happen to Najib’s 1Malaysia/ People first. Performance now. slogan?. Is 1Malaysia means asking the police to start arresting innocent Malaysians?, asking FRU and silat students to start killing innocent Malaysian citizens?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Najib foloowing badawi.....what a fool...his son in law is trying to stab naji's back. His plan is working najib looking at him wearing the tongkolok he looks like a fool. Falling into khairy's trap.

Anonymous said...

He always dream to be Hang Najis lah!

At home fatty cannot satisfy...find excitement outside lor!

Anonymous said...

4th = mat rempits;
5th = perkasaa;
6th = bomohs;
7th = mamaks;
8th = ....?

ktteokt said...

From my observations, these silat guys seem to wallop themselves more than their opponents!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anak-anak lucah, more like.


Nobullshit said...

Silat is the 3rd line of defence ? I challenge any silat exponant to go on the world stage outside Malaysia. My bloody foot ! Silat is only good as a wedding display. Only in M'sia that it is glorified into a form of martial art. Throw away the crooked knife and show how brave you are when you are alone. Shit...

Anonymous said...

With all the police force concentrated in KL, is it safe to predict there'll be rife crimes happening in the fringes of the city?

Anonymous said...

should have saved up billions for the unsinkable subs ...then aminah would NOT have been c4ed & dat fler would have lari ke UK with bini & anak loh ...SIGHS !

Anonymous said...


Is the photo doctored because all I see is a smoky room filled with half dead old men wearing some ceremonial head gears. But I guess the UMNO sponsored specialists from Dartmouth College will certify the photo is authentic.

Anyways if these bunch of silat "exponents" are the 3rd line of defense for this country, I certainly will welcome any invading hostile enemy forces with open arms. Of course before that happens, I think the paramedics behind this 3th line of defense will have their hands full carrying the corpses of this 3rd line silat "exponents" because 90% of these silat "exponents" would already suffered and died from heart attacks when the enemy charges at them.

adamJ said...

I'm a DiGi user, supporting the yellow man. I like Spongebob Squarepants and The Simpsons a lot. I like to be clean too, I mean who likes to be in a dirty situation? What's wrong with being clean? Let me ask a question. Which would you prefer, a dirty window which you can't see through or a clean, TRANSPARENT window which can be seen through? I don't see a reason to stay and love dirt. All I see are excuses to stay dirty.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Whatever and whoever ! Mohd Ghani Mamak of Penang or Ibrahim Ali Wrom Of Pasir Mas, or exponents of the 3rd line of defence (Shit!) when History repeats itself, the cost is always higher! And to the PM and his 3rd line of defence, I can only borrow your vocab " N I A M A H!!!"

shine said...


Anonymous said...

its treason and subversive measures coming from the pm, how then can he put ppl in jail for being subversive and not do it onto himself.

its this an invitation for mma or cage or just boxing match between silat and the rest of its populace.

round 1 goes to najib but afterwhich i doubt there will be a round 2 coz najib will be koed by his own doing.

Anonymous said...

Plain simple.. He is not fit to be the pm! People today are not as stupid anymore.
They have not seen the power of the people when pissed off.

Anon C said...

These bersih supporters are pure bullshit hypocrites.

They say they support bersih's right of assembly but didn't support UMNO youth or perkasa right of assembly.

They say they are peaceful coz ambiga claimed so but its not peaceful if KJ says so. Only they are peace loving people in the world. Only they who can determine it's peaceful.

They say bersih can assemble on 9th but perkasa and UMNO youth cannot and should pick other days. How come a right to assemble be subject to priorities in time?

They fight for free, fair objective media but support fallacious false unfair speculative one sided media like Malaysia today, malaysiakini and Malaysian insider. Rpk spunned stories based on hearsay SD can hardly be said to be fair And objective but they justify it as truth.MI has many times censored totally my criticism against them but proclaimed to believe in freedom of speech. Why demand free and fair media only on msm and not other media? Why condemn Utusan and accept the Utusan standard of MT or MI?

They say they support democracy but support PR who is headed by a person who without doubt practices manipulation forgery fraudulent democratic practices. Huh doesn't make sense.

Worse they say they want to start a peaceful march but actually intend to create a colour revolution like Thailand. They want our nation to split in colours so that we can divide with bloodbath.

If they had been sincere they would do it in shah Alam. It has a much bigger stadium capacity. Much bigger open space. Stadium merdeka can fill only 20k.

I have supported and defended their right to assembly initially. But when they only want stadium merdeka, it smacks utter political motivation. No intent of having a peaceful march at all. And it shows they want police to take action so that they can create a colour revolution like Thailand. Damn bersih for leading our nation to the abyss of bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

yeah, then i will smear some pig lard over my body; let see whether those dimwits dare to fight me!

Anonymous said...

without the traditional muzic they cant defend bn one, dun worry !

Bosia-ones could defend pm better !!

Sherkawi said...

Electoral fallout has very little meaning to BN, as long as they can: -

1) Switch off the lights while votes counting is in progress;
2) Sudden appearance of bundle of votes all in favour of BN after the lights are back on; and
3) Continue to have fictitious postal votes with 99% in their favour.

Aren't we all sick of this same old dirty tricks in every elections?

Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Dr Ir Mahhahtirh Nejip Amvah Abraham (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ABRAHAM LINCOLN) said...

Hi there, Uncle Teoh!

Remember me?? I was the one who humbly requested you to show me the NIAMAH!!! car sticker so that in the event of unsuitability, the sticker would not be wasted.

So here I am, trying my very best to convey my utmost sincere appreciation and gratitude to your kind gesture and consideration.

Thank you, tq, 10q, thk u, thx, terima kasih, tima ksh, t/ksh.

Anonymous said...

now do you still want to believe his 1BULLSHIT?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the silat exponents used their "ilmu' to disappear into thin air today. Ha! Ha! Ha!

ImNeO said...

Pure Stupidity or Criminal King Pin's blunder. You tell me.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Patrick we silat brotherhood will not go after you (and the likes of you). You got Najib all wrong wronglaaa. Don't worryla Apek. He's talking about us protecting this beloved country and to die for it so that the likes of you can live in peace and harmony and can go on spewing your hate guts on this blog. Aiya don't worry la Apek, don't be scaredlaa. You still can gather your fortune onee. Anyway if anything we are the ones who will stay and fight for this land maaa, your kind can run looo, Singapore kaa, China kaa, Thailand kaaa, anywhere oso canlaa apek. You like cockroach what? anywhere oso can live one, sure can maaa. Aiya! What la!


Anonymous said...

I read this in an article what the PM said:
"Don't doubt our strength," he said. "If we want to create chaos, we can. Umno has 3 million members. If we gather 1 million members, it is more than enough. We can conquer Kuala Lumpur."

What the @#$#!!!
Malaysia can do without this type of leaders threatening chaos!!!

Alphard Liow said...

The theme was the same in all the BN-controlled papers: the turnout of Bersih 2.0 was small; the gathering was taken over by Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) reformasi group and, unlike what the Bersih organisers promised, it was an unruly mob and the police were very professional.

The Star had the cheek to say “Game Over”, and its pseudo journalist Wong Chun Wai also hammered Bersih. These newspaper bosses must be congratulating themselves, happy at the praises received from their political masters. Some may even be thinking about a Datukship or Tan Sriship.

When you whacked Bersih, you were whacking me and the guy next door: your readers. You were insulting your readers by saying that only 6,000 people turned up. The YouTube shows up the NST, Star, China Press, Utusan Malaysia and TV3 (you said that protesters were paid RM200 to attend the march) for the lying scum that you are.

Every sentence damning the people who turned out for the Bersih rally was aimed at your readers. Every inaccurate headline and report in the newspaper was an insult to the thousands who turned out for a noble cause.

In most enlightened countries, it is the media who fight for noble causes. In Malaysia, they are doing the dirty work of a repressive regime and insulting the people who pay their salaries.

Anonymous said...

No Polis Di-Raja Malaysia, there will be peace in Malaysia.

No UMNO, there will be peace in the world!

Anonymous said...

Funny la this Najib. Wrong line, shud be comedian instead.

Anonymous said...

BUT we have >25 juta non-umNO members to conquer WHOLE malaysia !!

Anonymous said...

Not too business minded leh all of you. Since the PM had said it's the 3rd line of defence, it's now officially under the employment of the govt.will be titled the Royal Silat Lincah Defence Corp of Tanah Melayu, and I suspect a budget of RM100 billions a year will be justifiable. All of them will soon enough be clothed in Gold Kain Songket. Rosmah will be the patron and of course she deserves a crown with a 50 karat diamond.

Anonymous said...

SOHAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIVABLE

Anonymous said...

We have little faith with our police who are supposed to be the guardian of the law but they are now thinking of all ways to break the laws to justify their wants.

They are so shallow and so low on their ability that whatever they do, immediately the public is aware that they are plans hatched by the pdrm, e.g.concocting new conspiracy theories to justify the detention of these six PSM members under the Emergency Ordinance (EO). Those detained were forced to undergo “intense interrogations” by police from the District (IO), Criminal Investigation department (CID) and Special Branch-Bukit Aman units who used techniques like abusive language and physical measures (detainees were made to stand for up to seven hours). Some detainees were made to sign documents with unknown contents.

The conspiracy theories the police created are that the detained PSM members had gone through “special training” akin to that of “suicide bombers. The perception of the police by the public is at an all time low, no wonder the public says the pdrm are filled with people with very low education, just like our umno/bn ministers. So lacked of depth intellectually. All the educated and good ones are with Pakatan Rakyat!

Anonymous said...

to .anon c

bet you cant read compass.or direction.

from.moron. at least i knew i am a moron.

Anonymous said...

i thought silat is from indonesia. got ask permission from the indon or not?

like last time ..when jippy visted our soldier where they did a 'warrior welcome dance' maori style..lucky NZ didnt taruk us .

Anonymous said... now utusan said jews got something to do with kotor.