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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Really NIAMAH la!


Early this morning one of my wife's staff members was stopped on his way to work. He was riding his motorcycle. The police stopped him and insisted that he take off his jacket to show them what T-shirt he was wearing!!! Ya. That was what I said when I heard about the incident. What the FUCK???!!! Apparently, they were still looking to arrest people found wearing the yellow T-shirts with Bersih 2.0 on it. Promoting an illegal gathering it seems. But I am totally confused now. What is legal and what is illegal. Or in the words of one of the men in blue, "UN-illegal".

Let's re-play the events of the last few days. His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agung issued a statement calling on the organisers of Bersih 2.0 to call off the march on the streets saying that it will do more bad than good.  The organisers being loyal citizens of His Majesty seeked an audience with His Majesty to clarify things and said that if it was His Majesty's wish then they would call off the rally. At almost the same time Prime Minister, Najib in his infinite wisdom announced that he would allow Bersih 2.0 to rally if they would do it within the confines of a stadium. And he even said that they could 'shout' as loud for as long as they want. What does this mean? Wouldn't it mean that Najib is saying that the rally is legally allowed to take place inside a stadium? But then his cousin, the Home Minister had days ago branded the Bersih 2.0 event as an illegal gathering and threatened using the ISA on all involved. And the police, under instructions from the Home Ministry I suppose, started arresting people for taking part and/or promoting an illegal rally. By simply wearing yellow T-shirts or carrying banners or encouraging people to join the rally. And now I read from the Bersih blog that the Merdeka stadium authorities have refused to take Bersih 2.0's booking saying that the stadium is unavailable due to in-house activities or renovations or some such silly reason. So what is going to happen? One cousin says one thing, the other cousin says another. And the civil servants, under instructions from one cousin or some deputy I guess, do something else.

The latest news is that the Home Minister has announced that Bersih 2.0 is still ILLEGAL

What the fuck is happening to this country?

This is really one time I want to open my window and SHOUT out...

 Send STAMPED self-addressed envelope to:-

Patrick Teoh
P.O. Box 472
Jalan Sultan 
Petaling Jaya.


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Onefella says use da stadium, but stadium not free woh...

Other fella says..still illegal what!! Met the King still have to apply for permit using "other" ways.
(but gaffer said it was illegal what?? How to apply??)

Aiyohhh..Patrick..never laughed so much before.Hahahahaha...tears also come out loh. Intellectual Giants in M'sia at work!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!! Aiyoh tak boleh tahan la uncle!!

Anonymous said...

Give us more discounts for your book Teology, surely will beat Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew & that Wong Chun Wai's books as 2011 best sellers in MPH, Borders, Popular !!!

May be can offer them at stadium during Bersih rally ?


Anonymous said...

jom jom JOM !!

danielchowtzeyoong said...

jus do the stickers look like?...

datockchen said...

Sir, you should check out the staff at Maybank branches around the country. They are always in YELLOW attire!!


Anonymous said...

Is the NIAMAH sticker legal or not? Yellow colour Issit? Better apply permit from Home Ministry. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

he..he.. after niamah sticker also kena banned if many vehicles start putting them. think you will seek an audience with agung too :-)

Eugene Yap said...

Aiya... you dunno meh... they are using the "If you can't convince them, then confuse them" strategy hahahah

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

so now illegal or UN-illegal also they cant make a proper stand on it! King of all Niamah is the number of road blocks the police did at peak hours.

Think about it also want to scold niamah d!

Adriel D.K said...

BERSIH be having hard time now, ruling government don't want to let go of their toy. So they do anything to keep it just like a small kid.

Maybe they use the geng biru tua (Gangster with License? LOL) which they are currently now then stadium people? easy only it is either pay them nice big amount on a post dated cheque (But it may end up like Sarawak election LOL rejected by the bank in the end) or just say "Kamu ingat tak cerita perempuan mongolia tu?" ha ha ha

But Uncle Patric I want your car sticker!!!!!! I will send a stamped self-addressed envelope!!! keep 1 for meee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Merdeka Stadium is a fabulous idea.

Very close to Petaling Street. Can get my Bersih shirt there on da way to da stadium.

later I can stroll down the hill to to get massage at Pudu or Loke Yew area.

Or can go shopping at Bukit Bintang or Imbi area.

Stadium we come, with all the fireworks!

Anonymous said...

I think Merdeka Stadium is a fabulous idea.

Very close to Petaling Street. Can get my Bersih shirt there on da way to da stadium.

later I can stroll down the hill to to get massage at Pudu or Loke Yew area.

Or can go shopping at Bukit Bintang or Imbi area.

Stadium we come, with all the fireworks!

Anonymous said...

Our Supreme Head, the Yang DiPertuan Agong has, by his very action in consenting to meet a delegation from Bersih, has signified that he himself recognises Bersih as legitimate. He would not have met such NGOs like Hindraf or the Communist Party of Malaya, CPM, or the like.... he met Bersih members, which meant that the other goons employed by His Majesty's government, must likewise,
also respect his royal wisdom..If not, that is outright treason, no meh?

Anonymous said...

when najib announced that the rally can be held in stadium, i thought our country has improved, at least a little. But it's been such a short time and the improvement had become.... ???

Hisupmoodin said...

Mr.Patrick,I am worried that the police might declare 'NIAMAH' as illegal just like they decreed that BERSIH 2.0 is illegal.

CHANGE said...

Malaysia has become a niamahfulat country lately with the BN stooges governing it and the pohlampah IGP & DIGP.
So we must get rid of those guys and only way we can do is in GE13 for a better Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Najib is a piece of shit with wrong spelling.

Anonymous said...


We're doomed big time with these kind of so-called leaders to lead our country!

God please save Malaysia!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like these idiots leave us no choice but to vote them out. As our former PM said - street rally is the last resort. I say bullshit. General elections and the choice to vote out BN is the last resort.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, another niamah day in 1Niamahland commonly known as 1Malaysia. A country famous for its forked tongues and corrupt ministers with plenty of decomposing bodies in their closets. Police who are more interested to find out if people are wearing yellow tee shirts, yellow knickers or yellow shoes than apprehending rapist, murderers and ah longs. Anti corruption commission officers watching porn than investigating how ministers and civil servants are capable of living beyond their means when the majority Malaysians cannot even afford to eat breakfast now.

The navy whose toy submarines cannot dive or the air force that loses jet engines under their noses. An education system that is fit for the waste disposal. This is paradise. No wonder the present government does not intent on relinquishing its power and hold over this paradise 1Niamahland.

Anonymous said...

Niamah the Pee-Am
Niamah his cousin
Niamah their balacis
Niamah these un-BERSIH a-holes

Lawan tetap lawan lorrrrr....


ethan said...

you asked what is happening to this country...the answer would be simply " it is still govern by the same ppl from 50 years ago"..

King said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yellow colored Niamah stickers? Yes!

Anonymous said...

Niamah.... you pindah to jungle meh, stay there... nobody want to kacau-kacau lu

painter said...

Mr. Teoh....i feel bad for saying this but i am like you also cant stomach this anymore....i woluld like to say it on the "cousins" face....KNNBCCB!!...sorry if it offend, but it really sucks and annoy to read those "cousins" comment this day!!!...i would rather listen to the street dog barking on each other!

Rodney said...

Home Minister: OUTLAWED, Illegal, dangerous, etc. ROS: Not registered, not compliant, etc. Then Big Boss PM: Ok, can use stadium. Apply permit. How to apply if the other 2 flers "outlawed, and not registered"?? The folks sitting up high cannot make up their mind who is in charge, who has the facts, who does what. All that is apparent is all of them are shit scared of this movement. The cops also don't know what they are doing after undergoing training to catch thieves, rapist, killers and now catching people wearing yellow shirts, shoes and whatever. Haizz.....Malaysia!!!!

Anonymous said...

I second that. Kindly add a "FOOLAT" at the back as well :)

Azli said...

UMNO has no bloody clue as to what to do with this growing grassroot movement to have a fair election. They tried draconian measures and then realize that it was working, then they got the king involved (the king's messages are drafted by Najib). The latter initiative seemed to work as it is hard to go against a reasonable request from the king. The question remains is how long will the royalties support Najib.

Bersih has achieved its goal of enlightening the people on the need to clean up the election process so that the people's wishes are respected.

Anonymous said...

The police must stop all kind of harassment, stop arresting the rakyat and creating all sort of nonsense tactics immediately. Please show some respect for the Agong.

Both the government (including the PM and home minister) and Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) must follow both the Agong's and the rakyat's wishes. No two ways about it.

If the police do not stop the intimidation and harassment and release all the detainees today, we should continue with our planned walk for freedom.

Anonymous said...

Bro, i luv the voice-over in the 'if you are a malaysian' video.

I do not watch tv3 news anymore but this clip reminds me of those days.


Anonymous said...

Selangor MB offered Shah Alam Stadium.
The stadium is Bigger, can accommodate more people.
Bersih should rally there.

charleskiwi said...

As predicted Najib is just offering Bersih to hold their rally at a stadium but there is no name of any stadium in K.L. mentioned.Anywhere else the lackeys quarter cooked police and now even 'their' (umno) army will be used to shoot the people participating in it. The whole world is watching !
Try stopping people in foreign countries from protesting and stop the U.N. sanctioned air force from bombing Putrajaya !

Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Dr Ir Mahhahtirh Nejip Amvah Abraham (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ABRAHAM LINCOLN) said...

Dear Uncle Patrick,

Can you please, puhlease, pls, plz, tolong, pretty please send me a sample of your much-sought-after NIAMAH!!! sticker???

I mean, no point wasting a wonderful sticker if I find it not suitable...

Thank you, tq, 10q, thk u, thx, terima kasih, tima ksh, t/ksh.

ktteokt said...

Najis' administration has gone bonkers! They are now DIRECTIONLESS, passing the bug from one to another. Now, he is saying, let the IGP decide! Since when is the PM under the PDRM and has to listen to the IGP?????

Anonymous said...

Uncle, have you noticed that the chin. characters on the banner of the army's simulation exercise double in size and in red?

Zaiton said...

PM Najib should not say the decision lies with the police.

By doing so, he is placing the police above him in the hierarchy. If he continues to do so, he may be overthrown by the police.

Come on, as PM , you are the boss. You are the one to make the decision. You call the shots, not your minions.

If not, your minions may undermine your position, and your post may be at stake.

Silo said...

I tell you.

BERSIH 2.0 does instill fear to ordinary rakyat.

I am not scared of BERSIH 2.0.

I'm only scared of the Bloody govt who uses the none independent PDRM to intimidate us rakyat.

fark them la!

support BERSIH better than support toilet Govt and lipas PDRM~!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right!

1. Is it or is it not the Agung (Raja Malaysia)the commander-in-chief of Polis The Raja Malaysia (PDRM)?

2. Is it or is it not the Agung (Raja Malaysia) the commander-in-chief of the Royal Malaysian Arm Forces, Navy, and Air Force.

3. Is it or is it not that going agaisnt your commander-in-chief orders/edicts is punishable by firing squard or at the very least put to hard labor.

4. Is it or is it not before they were commission they all "sumpah" to defend the King, the Rakyat, and Country. Funny, I don't remmeber they "sumpah" to defend the Govt. of the day.

So PDRM, Army, Navy, & Air Force....remember your oath.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick: The D!G! man is in yellow, the Magnum ladies are in yellow, the Brazilian national football team is yellow jersey, and if I am not mistaken, the home kit of Portsmouth FC England is also in yellow. Would it be illegal if we are to wear those T-s?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, for the sake of those of us working oversea, pls consider making your Niamah stickers down loadable with a small fees, like USD5. I like to print a few to put on CKL300 and also give some to my AngMo friends to stick in on their luggages. U can also make the color the users' choice but Bright Yellow is the best, can be seen miles away.

Anonymous said...

It appears BN government has something to hide from the people...or else why is that a rally to be held in a stadium is not allowed? People are very concerned why the offer made by the PM is not honourned????? Afterall peaceful assembly is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution. If BN has won the elections by fair means what is there to worry...just let the BERSIH people "menyalak" as suggested by BN on numerous occasions.....

Anonymous said...

helo Patrick, U're the best... Love u ~~

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patrick,

It'd be more obvious and meaningful if it is a road tax sticker instead. Doing that, the message NIAMAH!!! will be directed to those who like to "check our road tax" on the roads... My 2-cents!