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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hands up if you know the answer

Okay, everybody listen up......

How many of you think that Barisan Nasional is screwing up the country and need to be voted out at the next General Elections put your hands up.........Phwaar!  So many hands up.  Thank you.

How many of you think that Pakatan Rakyat will do a better job when they get into Putrajaya put your hands up.........Good, good, good quite a few hands up.  Thank you.

How many of you know what Pakatan Rakyat's plans are to correct all the things you think are wrong with Malaysia's management/governance put your hands up...........ok let me, two, three....okay not so many hands.... Thank you.

How many of you have read the manifestoes of the parties that make up Pakatan Rakyat, namely DAP, PKR and PAS? You don't know what a manifesto is ah?  Okay a manifesto is defined as a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives or views of its issuer.  In other words their plan for things la.  So how many have read any one manifesto of DAP, PKR or PAS or Pakatan Rakyat as a whole please put up your hands.......come on don't be shy.....

You can read the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto HERE

It will be useful next time you attend a ceramah or fund-raising dinner or any event where PR people are speaking.  After listening to all the wonderfully entertaining stories about anti-corruption, competitve open tenders, welfare dividends for the rakyat, equitable policies etc you can ask them questions about their plans for the future of Malaysia.



Anonymous said...

Patrick, u knw wat, ur predictions is as good as Nostradamus and i can have ur blog as a referral for future malaysia political predictions

Here are the links for the predictions for your earlier post in ur blog:

bravo and long live, Patrick

Anonymous said...


One thing at a time. Pakatan's immediate manifesto is to kick out BN and restore some semblance of a proper government. Rome wasn't build in one day so be patient man. Just like Egypt and now Libya, kick out the corrupt tyrants first to stop the bleeding and then let the people decide what next. I'm ok with this approach. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
I think the most important question to ask is "Do you know that we, the taxpayers, are paying(employing) people to run our nation. Do you know that it is our right (as employers) to request the managers(ministers) to sack any employees (civil servants)who are inefficient?" Even managers or CEO's are sacked in the private sector!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.I was there too at the dinner and CM Lim was choking replying to your questions.Honestly,the answers given was not a bit satisfactory because he was not prepared for it.

Anyway did he give you back the RM60 you paid for the tickect and asked you and Kee Thuan Chye not to attend their fun raising dinner anymore?

Xian said...

Thanks for this piece of information. I've been interested to read what their manifesto is, and the next election will be my first time voting. I'm living in Australia atm, and I'm planning to fly back to vote! :)

Anonymous said...

the biggest loser is malaysia n her citizens if n when BN UMNO MCA wins again

Anonymous said...

Uncle, your prediction about the MRT/ Chinatown land acquisition and mca/chua sl connection turned out to be absolutely accurate. However I am not impressed because it is a standard garmen good cop, bad cop routine. Haha

卖博士 字:孔明 said...

Patrick, MCA really do what you predicted few days ago on Jln Sultan issue...

wtf, Chua CD listen to you???

Anonymous said...

really like u la uncle Patrick...
ni 1st time aku bce NIAMAH!!!,artikel2 yg bagus but sum r funny 2..all n all bleh jd bacaan aku mse waktu lapang selepas uncle Pete punye MALAYSIA

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Hopefully Pakatan will do away with all those datuk or tan sri titles.
It is annoying to address leaders with datuk this or tan shit that.
Such titles are creating a level of distance between the leader and common folks.
Using just plain Encik ,Puan , Mister , Madam and Haji are much more approachable.
Chuck those titles, youre working for the people.
Will be okay to have such titles when a leader retire from service.

Anonymous said...

Theology is still top 5 (at least at Borders Penang) side by side with apanama book.

Theoly 2 better come out fast. This time compile your past comments on The Star etc sure meletup at Popular, MPH, Borders, Mamak bookstands. Of course must come out fast otherwise the content may not be relevant with changing time.

OK. Price at RM11.1 (elecion date ?)

FED UP said...

I don't care,I just want the bloody BN(Barisan Najis) to get out of Putrajaya come GE13.
They messed up our country,become arrogant(especially ministers as if they can never be wrong),using gangsterism to threaten people,twist and turn PM,corrupted BN politicians especially from UNMO,useless MCA n GERAKAN leaders.
After more than 50 years of rule by BN,we still see so many complaints against them,people are complaining life is more difficult than before.Last time we do not have this illegal immigrants so much,no need for gated/guarded community(what the police is doing?),our currency was much stronger then,the rich become richer,poor become more poor(this is why crimes have increased).
We must vote for a change!

Alphard Liow said...

True to your observation, CSL has demonstrated that he is a 'true Chinese savior' by making 'impossible possible' in 'saving' the old shop houses along Jlan Sultan from MRT acuisition/demolition.

I am waiting for CSL to make 'impossible to screw Umno' possible.

Anonymous said...

In the coming GE13 you can expect BN to pull out all the dirty tricks to win. They have to. It is a matter of survival. It is simply unthinkable for Najib and co. to lose because they have so much skeletons in the closet. The whole bunch of past and present BN leaders and heads of Govt. depts and institutions have not only abused their power but have also abused them to the extent of enriching themselves extensively. The only prospect for them is jail or worse. So you can expect them to go to the extreme to make sure this does not happen.

And why not when you have a chief of AF who cannot diffentiate party from Govt and in whose mind, supporting the govt of the day is synonymous with supporting UMNO/BN. I wouldn’t even waste time commenting who the PDRM supports. Ditto for the other govt agencies and institutions.

Wak Domo said...

Saiful has also admitted in court that in the days prior to the alleged rape, he met with then-Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor, and Rosmah’s close friend, former top athlete Mumtaz Jaafar, the executive chairperson of the National Athlete Welfare Foundation, an organization to which Rosmah is the patroness.

Saiful also acknowledged meeting with Rodwan Mohd Yusof, who was the investigating officer in Anwar’s discredited first trial for sodomy in 1998 and was accused of fabricating the evidence that put Anwar in prison for six years. He also met with Khairil Anas Jusof, an aide to Najib, and spoke on the telephone with Musa Hassan, now the head of the Malaysian police who led the investigating team in the first sodomy case.

How was a former student whom Anwar described in his statement as “just a university dropout working part time helping out my chief of staff,” able to gain access to Najib, his staff members, his wife, one of the country’s former top athletes and other officials if he didn’t have anything important to talk about?

Charlie Oscar said...

Sinar Harian should send an investigative reporter to all the karaoke joints, massage parlours and night clubs and see how many Malay GROs and massage girls work in such places.

There are many, I assure you, but that certainly does not mean Islam permits prostitution. For that matter, no religion permits or encourages prostitution.

The authorities should haul up the editor of this newspaper and retract their publishing permit for printing such a slanderous and seditious article. But we all know, that's not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

No need to know PR manifesto so long as it can replace BN.

Wak Domo said...

Since Utusan Malaysia has lost creditability with its readers with their numerous unbridled untruths appearing in many of their articles, the baton is now conveniently passed to Sinar Harian to do an 'execution job' on controversial issue of apostasy of Muslims by so-called 'Christian apostasy movement'.

Sinar Harian, formed only in 2006, is owned by Kumpulan Karangkraf. The use of this up-and-coming tabloid could be because of its popularity in the Malay-dominated east coast of Kelantan,Trengganu and Pahang.

The article linking Christinaity to prostitution is quite uncharacteristic of their claims as to its impartial and objective news content. Expect more articles of this sort to come out.

The bogeyman in Christianity, appears to be the winning weapon of Umno in the war of perception in the hearts and minds of the Muslim, particularly in the rural corner of the country. Pakatan Rakyat would be well-advised to take heed of this before it gets out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan's manifesto can be crap but having a well-written one does not mean there will be good governance. Just look at Barisan Nasional!!!

As it is, just put a coconut tree to stand against any Barisan person in the election and I will happily campaign and vote for the coconut tree.

Tiger said...

No. 1, read this piece:

Then, you as a voter will know what's the real problem we have with our country.

No. 2: Pakatan is not a perfect government, nor do we expect it to be. But it will be bloody much better than BN, who has been raping this country for the past 40 years.

No. 3, hello, register lah! NOW!
Then vote with your BRAIN!
Not all BN candidates are bad, and not all PR candidates are perfect.

Kar1sma Daud said...

The new political landscape showed that significant numbers of urban Malaysians of all ethnic groups had moved beyond the conservative mould of ethnic accommodation towards joining forces to fight the poor management of public finance, inflation and corruption - issues that go beyond ethnic politics. This new awakening was perceived as a threat to the race-based ideology and the position of the political and business elites aligned to Umno.

Anonymous said...

I was disturbed by the RTM2 program 'Platun Harimau' last nite (Thur 9pm-10pm).

It is about a team of heroic askar melayu hunting down 2 Chinese communists (hiding in orang asli settlement).

The show has a present day setting judging from the style of clothings, type of weapon and telecommunication equipment used. It even used the music of 'Beauty & the Beast' as background music.

Question is: Is there still chinese communist insurgents in the Malaysian jungle today?

Why RTM (& Rais) must continue to have communist bogeyman to scare the malays? Why must they portray modern-day Malaysian Chinese as communists?

Anyway the show is pretty laughable as the askar is so incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Pat, if ...just IF la ... 100feet under my house got cooking...oops crude OIL , diamonds ( as BIG as ros's one), gold, silver ....DO they belong to me or bn ...pls ? it's URGENT : b4 i sign the S/P agreement !

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick, to what I see it's not so much the plans. It's the people who run the Govt. Malaysia has plenty of plans, NEP's left right and centre and where have that gotten us??? If PR have plenty of plans to do this and that but the politicians are like the goons of BN, do you think they will be carried out? Penang and Selangor under PR came as surprises without so much of any plans as you would call it and see how well they have done compared to the unending plans under BN!! So Uncle Patrick don't keep harping on plans but just keep voting in the likes of people like LGE and the good plans will come. These people plan for the Rakyat not for their own pockets.

koo koo chiau said...

This is the ugly truth behind the KL MRT project and the planned acquisition of Jln Sultan shop houses:

Anonymous said...

another shitty comments by mamak kutty . 'they are to blame shit.'
Mr.sleepy I actually pity him .once open mouth linking the recent big clean walk thing..straight away next day kena connected with corruption happens in australia...then straight away back in sleep mode.zzzzzzzzzzzz

big kuku

Anonymous said...

ah yoh...the kiasu mamak is blowing his buffalo horn again.....

I only respect his age !

Shamad said...

BN should emulate Penang by governing with principles of “efficiency, accountability and transparency” or “CAT”.

This has already received praise in the Auditor-General’s Report, The Economist and from Transparency International.

Anonymous said...

fyi : watch 'najib in hakkah' for Aidil Fitri !!

Suhaimi Awani said...

Najib’s purportedly lethargic attempt to reform the election system stemmed from the leader’s loss of confidence from among his own men in Umno, indicating that his support was not only weak in public but within his own party.

Tricia said...

There is a Chinese saying: ‘Bu dao Huang He xin bu si’. This is derived from the old Chinese belief that when a person dies, the spirit will have to cross the Yellow River (Huang He), and when the person discovers that the nails on his finger and toes have dropped off, the final reality of death is imminent. This is not the first time that MCA has come so close to political death.

To many observers, Chua seems to be flogging a dead horse. There is also a Chinese saying about trying to save a dead horse as if it is alive.

Politics has never been an exact science. You cannot push Chua into a test tube in order to delineate the shades of his honesty and integrity.

Nevertheless, in the eyes of many MCA members, he is a liability to the party. They are saying in private that he has not lived up to his own pledges but is instead repeating the follies of Ong Ka Ting.

Platun mawas said...

Former MCA president Ong Tee Keat can't admit the Chinese are being marginalised? By this stance he is foolishly admitting that MCA is irrelevant and no longer represents the Chinese.

If you have no voice but only hands to polish your masters' jewels, you are disgusting and cut a pathetic figure to believe you are doing any good for the community. Why you are still in BN?

Anonymous said...

UMNO, MIC and MCA are a consequence of British colonial rule in this country. It's sad that despite achieving independence, this mentality has never left us. UMNO,MIC and MCA is no longer relevant in this present age. Our country can never progress if we are being led by three different RACIALLY BASED parties each striving for their own benefit only. Whenever something good for the country is to be implemented, we hear cries from each community they are being marginalised. I am afraid even the leaders are racists because the parties they represent are based on race, not citizenship. None of our leaders has brought us out of this RUT. We are like an old record playing again and again and again and again, the SAME old racial and religious issues. It's time for a change. We as citizens have this right to reject racism. DO YOUR PART!!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Patrick..... if previously Ong Tee Keat has revealed the can of worms..... Chua Soi Lek is still apple polishing his Big Boss, but then, he is not realised that MCA is total irrelevant for us...... by the way, let him be, as we vote for PR Teams and better still, move on for the new hope.......

Anonymous said...

Before Merdeka, Melayu, China dan India berganding bahu, Selepas merdeka only Melayu UMNO call China dan India pendatang,

In the name of NEP it is OK for UMNO to abuse our country judicial system even to bailed out a former PM's son (MCIS), MAS, Renong, then put the blame on Chinese for working hard and saving money for rainy day, accusing Indian for GE12.

what other excuses do you think UMNO has to bluff the Rakyat that they are the sole fighter for Independance? Are there anymore T.Addul Rahman? Is Mahathir, Najib comparable to our Father of Independance?

What is due to Rakyat Malaysia of all races, please respect them and return it to them. then only this is call Independance, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to prosper and peace.

Kopi-O said...

MCA leaders must refresh their fading memory before they so quickly forgive and defend their UMNO brothers on behalf of chinese Malaysians:

1) Datuk Hisham: Using the Keris Again in UMNO Youth Meet 2007

2) Datuk Johari: UMNO (Political Parties Malaysia) say Chines & India are "EXTRA".!
said about Chinese and Indian votes

3) Besut Minister: Parlimen Malaysia - You Tak Suka, You Keluar Dari Malaysia

Mat Indera said...

PM Najib Razak has spent a lot of money and time in promoting his 1Malaysia, ETP (Economic Transformation Programme), or whatever.

However, he has shown little concern about the happenings on ground. In other words, are his policies being translated into action? If there are, where are they?

Given the public perception that there is a big gap between talking and delivering actually breeds distrust toward Najib. As the saying goes, to ordinary people on the street, all the talks are "shiok sendiri sahaja".

He should have left Puduraya as it is, no need for name change.

Mat Indera said...

PM Najib Razak has spent a lot of money and time in promoting his 1Malaysia, ETP (Economic Transformation Programme), or whatever.

However, he has shown little concern about the happenings on ground. In other words, are his policies being translated into action? If there are, where are they?

Given the public perception that there is a big gap between talking and delivering actually breeds distrust toward Najib. As the saying goes, to ordinary people on the street, all the talks are "shiok sendiri sahaja".

He should have left Puduraya as it is, no need for name change.

Anonymous said...

The DAP, often seen as a “Chinese party” by critics, is working to bring Malay and Bumiputera bloggers into the fold in an effort to broaden the party’s appeal ahead of possible polls next year. Several Malay and Dayak bloggers have agreed to join the party will be made soon, possibly later this month.

Minah Bonceng said...

Hishamuddin said more than 2.3 million foreigners have been registered to date.

Think about it. 2.3 million potential voters for BN.

karipap sotong said...

22 more cases of discrepancies involving fresh postal voters registered at an army camp at the Rasah parliamentary constituency in Negri Sembilan have been deected.

One that stands out is a female military personnel, Yuzina Nodin, who had registered her spouse also as a female postal voter with an almost similar name, Yuniza Nodin.

Same-sex marriage in Malaysian army camp?