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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hiyoh! Really Niamah la!!!

Hiyoh! Don't worry what I say. Just follow aje la! Faham tak?

Over the last couple of days there have been several incredible stories that have appeared in the MSM as well as the online alternative media.  And most if not all of the events reported definitely will qualify for entry into Ripley's Believe It Or Not la.


Did you read about Najib's unbelievable announcement about not wanting to say whether he is Malaysian 1st or Malay first? It was reported in The Malaysian Insider HERE.  The Prime Minister was asked this 'sensitive' question by a student when he attended the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. Najib refused to openly declare himself a “Malaysian first”. Why?  His alleged answer will stun any Malaysian into total disbelief. Najib's answer was that he did not, ‘want to respond in a way that will divide me from my deputy. In Malaysia, that can be very dangerous’.  If you have ever felt like just a pawn in a giant Malaysian game of politics that statement from the PM should have removed all doubt.  But that is not all, Najib allegedly continued and said “1 Malaysia is our guiding philosophy. It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow.”  If anybody can credibly explain what the fuck that means I will buy you dinner.  It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow? Follow whom? Follow what? Is it like I will follow 1Malaysia concept but you're a fucking pendatang and should be grateful for what scraps you get so shut the fuck up? Sorry I said the last bit la but I follow 1Malaysia concept. 1 for me and 1 for you ma. Get it?


The other current thing happening that is quite frighteningly amusing is this registration of legal and illegal foreign workers. And ya, the biometric system. First of all I'll bet none of you reading this can fully explain or understand what it is and what it actually does for the country, this biometric thing-a-ma-jig. Can you? I can't. But I do know that since the name BIOMETRIC started being bandied around by the flers from the Home Ministry there has been nothing but fuck-ups. Remember how the system collapsed at the Johor Immigration check-points? Now we read about the system collapsing daily while being used in the registration exercise. But that is not what gets my goat about this registration thing.

Registering legal foreign workers?  Now, that statement alone is quite confusing. If they are not registered workers doesn't it make them illegal workers? And if they are illegal foreign workers how did they get work here in the first place? And shouldn't they be penalized instead of registered?

Registering illegal foreign workers and offering them amnesty?  If they are illegal foreign workers working here shouldn't they be deported? After all, we deport people for simple things like making a speech at a dinner party. So why are we wasting time and money registering these illegal workers? So they can come in, work illegally and then get registered to become "legal"? Very strange Malaysia Boleh system ain't it?

And then ah, what is this amnesty offer to the illegal baargers about? 

My online dictionary defines AMNESTY as the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.

So what? Does it mean that all those illegal flers from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar etc. are going to get their papers to stay and work in Malaysia? And eventually become Permanent Residents or worse, citizens with voting rights? And all from starting as illegal workers?  

Wah! I've heard that Malaysia is a paradise but this gives that statement new meaning man!

When I read the papers about this registration of legal and illegal workers I discover that there are hundred of thousands of them. Probably totaling past the million mark on final count. Call me paranoid or whatever but this scares the shit out of me with the General Elections coming up soon. We have close to 4 million eligible Malaysians who have not registered to vote. And meanwhile, they are opening counters round-the-clock to register legal and illegal workers. I am not saying that there is any connection at all here. But isn't there something at the back of your mind that tells you something is not quite right?

The only comfort about this registration thing is that it is now Ramadhan and Muslims fast. So the Immigration flers probably ain't working as fast as they can do at punching those biometric machines.

Okay la, I shall leave you today with a story that is not so tearing-out-hair type la.

It is reported in The Star today that a teenaged contractor in Penang is the talk of the town. He was awarded a RM1million contract for a school building project. But what is so funny about the story which is about MCA's Tan Cheng Liang accusing the Penang government about being racist in awarding contracts, is this paragraph in the Star report...

"Wanita MCA deputy secretary-general Tan Cheng Liang claimed that the bumiputra student was awarded the project to construct a double-storey religious school in Batu Maung which has since been completed."

This MCA woman seriously needs a brain re-tweak. So what if the contractor is 19 years old? So what if he is bumiputra? So what if he is a part-time college student? The important thing is he got the contract through open tender. So he must have met all the conditions set. And he has successfully completed the project he was awarded. Eh hello! Ms. Tan if you want to make some noise also must be a bit smarter la. Go find out if the kid has completed the building without defects and that the quality standards set by the government have been met. Stuff like that la.  Still want to talk about race issit? Now add age some more.



Anonymous said...

bodoh and bor lam par punya pink lip and bodoh punya porn star and the gang. MCA sucks! they should change their name to MCH!!!!!! duh...

donplaypuks said...

Contract won by Bumi in open tender also complain by MCA windbag.

Aiyo, I think after next GE whole of MCA will be kaput like in history!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Tabuk Tuan!!! for calling a spade

Badut Nasional said...

No longer bother with those barking-mad MC Anjings!

BENatang10 said...

MORONIC Celaka ASSociation are truly Mad Dogs... RM1 million projek,bark-barking mad but PKFZ RM1 Billion projek fraud, diam-diam sit rollover play dead!

Anonymous said...

betul betul kannea nea. Because of only thing, that is the power to rule the country, those bastard wanted to sell this country. we welcome them to come in, every illegal one we make them legal by registering them. What the fuck what the nonsense.....and they have guts to say cina, india and others which are citizen of this country as pendatang, and therefore should go home.
Instead of setting up registration centre to register all those PATI, why not the government ask the police, military, rela, perkosa and others to carry our operation, find those PATI, where ever they are, register them and give them PR status or citizenship straight away. Or set up office at all PATI's entry point along the boarder or along our coastal, register them and give them PR or citizenship BECAUSE TO BECOME A MALAYSIAN CITIZEN IS SO CHEAP, just sokong UMNO and you will get it. In USA, you must go to war or sacrifice your life before being accepted as US citizen.Notv like this Bolehland.....stupid. I just cannot accept it if this thing actually happened in my country.

Anonymous said...

MCA complained Penang govment sidelined chinese, Umno complained malays sidelined, MIC said indians sidelined, all simultaneously. So who does LGE help if all 99%races sidelined, my guess is that LGE is biasedly helping only those mat sallehs holidaying in Batu Ferringgi...bad Chief Minister really.Kimma was right after all, very bad LGE.

Anonymous said...

I would give a thumbs up to the bumiputra teenage contractor if he completed the job on time, with acceptable quality and obtained job through open tender. The state governmnet should show case to the country that this boy as the real towering Malay.

Yeap Cheng Liang said...

The more I read the more I am fucking tulan. I need erection now so I can vote the fucking Bn out.

Yeap CL

Anonymous said...

pimps of UMNO will do anything just to please the TAIKO>

Net time, you see that bitch, juts give her a spit.

Leithaisor said...

Well whather you and I, and even add in a zillion Malaysians also, may think, all that biometric this and biometric that certainly can add up to a very fat cash cow.

I read in The Star today that:

A total of 336 agents nationwide were appointed by
the Home Ministry to help carry out the registration
with agents advised to rent at least two machines
for the process.

Each machine costs RM8,750 to rent per month,
excluding a refundable RM6,000 security deposit.

Chaos at counters as machines break down

If the agents followed Home Ministry advice, then the monthly rental adds up to:

336 x 2 x RM8,750 = RM 5,880,000

And the "refundable deposit" adds up to:

336 x 2 x RM6,000 = RM4,032,000

I don't know about you, but I'd like to be the happy hero who got THAT contract!

Not only do I get RM4m upfront, which could well pay for the machines, with maybe some nice change left over... (recall the price of SmartTag gadgets in the bad ol'days? RM250 or so? When RM150 or so would get you an all singing, all dancing DVD player at a time when DVDs where the HOT gizmo around?)

I'd get RM5.8m rental every month!

Should the agents not get an option to buy that gadget? Better still, have alternative sources for the devices - free market competiton and transp[arency, no?
And did you catch the subject of the item from The Star I quoted as source?

Yup... the pricey gadgets were dropping dead left and right just a matter of days out of their boxes. And not just in the hands of agents; at the Immigration Department itself even. See:

Several of the biometric machines were found to be not
operating when the exercise began at 8am yesterday at
the Immigration Department and at several appointed
agents at Pusat Bandar Damansara here.

Most of the machines were unable to access the National
Foreigners Enforcement and Registration System (NERS)
because of incorrect passwords and incompatible software.

Oh wow... 1Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the word stupid is just not enough to describe all these Mca flers! Dont they realise that every time some dungu from this mosquito chinese party says something, it is like they are C4 ing themselves into oblivion?

Anonymous said...

aiyoh- why MCA so silent on the millions of illegals on our shores, and of course dead silent on LING now charged for stealing in the PKFZ billion dollar scandal. MCA leaders are thieves n hypocrites

Anonymous said...

i think you guys must fuck and continue fucking loctor mamak kutty. this evil bastard started it all.!

i knew p.ramlee wasnt like that ..

fuck mamak kutty . hooray !

Anonymous said...

AMNESTY program...the apanama fler started it. Actually the influx of these illegals is Malaysian employers own making. They want employee who doesn't demand, work 12-14 hours and if possible no leave and of course low salary without EPF/SOCSO or medical. When government raid, the many association start to protest. Give the same grandmother excuse "Malaysian are choosy, lazy..yada..yada" Then the flers retreat. The same drama is played over and over. Who is the idiot? The rakyat la, Kanni na ...

The flers who get gomen contract and own petrol stations all hire foreigners. Human trafficking is GREAT business ma! They already started to sell Malaysia since apanama took over.

Anonymous said...

Help the malays MCA complain, help the chinese Umno complain...i never come across such stupid politicians in bn since that idiot MP who complain anything under the sun about women(period,sexy clothes,) but got himself a voluptous 2nd wife in thailand.Sick of all these hypocrites in bn!

VeryAngryMalaysian said...

These BN ppl would go any length to stay in power, even selling their country (citizenship) and mother if need be. They DON'T care about our country's safety or security, as long as they get $$$$$ in their term.

Just think, all these foreign people at our country, registered or not, now numbered by the millions. If these each of these fellas decided to throw a pebble, no PDRM, LTAT, or any enforcement group could do anything cos they'll be burried under tons or rocks. Of course Najib won't be around the country cos he was never a Malaysian 1st (P.S. maybe he's $$$ first). So much for ISA .... Oh, i forgot, ISA is ONLY used to catch political 'criminals', NOT the real threat to the country.

Just imagine, if these citizen fiasco continue, they could form their own 'LEGAL' party, and contest for the next GE. For sure they'll have a landslide win, and rule our country!!

Anonymous said...


This country has not only gone to the dogs, it is now submerged in the depths of the deepest and stinkiest sewers (the country's doing a better job in submerging than the 2 scorpene submarines). The timing of registering these illegal workers is so coincidentally closed to the coming elections that I would not be surprised if we find these newly registered illegal workers in front and behind us in the voting queue on election day.

As for the biometric system, it is nothing more than a Fcuk Up project to enrich some cronies. Imagine the EC insisting on using the biometric system for the coming elections. Would anyone want to bet the the biometric system will break down in the opposition dominated constituencies such that no one can vote in those constituencies? And the EC/government's probable answer would be "too bad, come vote again the next elections in 5 years time when we have ironed out the kinks in the biometric system". Truly Niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I somehow got the feeling of "fishiness' or "monkey business" about the biometric things for the legals-and-illegals registration and the EC talks of introduucing "biometric" for the coming GE. The big money that's going to be generated for the "legal-illegals" exercise and the usual-suspect-beneficiaries. And the possible frauds that could happen and that could be difficult to detect for the "biometric" system proposed by the EC. And on the mca's racist chanting, they are becoming a "tin-kosong", only manage to make monotonous and meaningless noise now and then. They never raised question about collapsing stadium roofs, repeatingly leaking parliament roofs, and leaking Palace of Justice that were causing millions, long overdue completion of the Shah Alam Hospital......the list is just endless. Hopeless lah.

Anonymous said...

A 19 year old Bumi student who completed a RM1 million building contract. Now, that's a fucking smart boy. He deserves a big pat on the back. Malaysia needs lots of young people like that!!!

Maybe the biggest screw up this kid did was he forgot to bribe Tan Cheng Liang or MCA when he built the building.

Anonymous said...

“1 Malaysia is our guiding philosophy. It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow.”

That means, Najib has no fucking idea what 1Malaysia is all about because his foreign PR company cooked up this damn thing for him. Najib is also shitting in his pants because he is scared shit of his deputy who happened to disagree with all these 1Malaysia stuff. Every night, recently, Najib's been crying on big mama's lap because he had to spend the daytime outside in the big bad world pretending to be the prime minister, which is a damn scary thing if you have no idea what you are doing.

Now, Patrick, can I get my dinner?

Anonymous said...

Pat... You missed out the release of the 6 imigration officers held under ISA for human trafficking.
It would seemed that you just need to say that "You promise not to do it again" and you will be released.
WTF is going on? I nearly fell off my chair reading this rubbish coming from our home minister... you know who lah..

Anonymous said...

If the exercise was done to legitimized illegal workers to increase the gomen's vote bank then our gomen is not only f*#K-uped but also screwed-up to resort to such tactics.
Such act of treason has far reaching implications to the safety and economy of the nation. The first starte to suffer the consequences of this desperate act would be Sabah as it will be flooded with foreigners that will compete with the locals for public services and rising crime rate for sure. God save Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

Illegal foreign workers = Legal citizens with voting rights and welcomed

Legal Malaysia-born non-bumiputra citizens = Pendatangs and better leave

Anonymous said...

Ironic that:
MCA trying to show it's fighting the rights for Chinese, MIC trying to show it's fighting the rights for Indians,
UMNO always fighting the rights for Malays.

MCA+MIC+UMNO = Race-based 1Malaysia?

1LamPah said...

Follow 1Malaysia? Just what is 1Malaysia? What is this 1Malay,1Bumiputra? If it means oneness,then I can coin 1Lanciau(means one cock only for the wife which will signify loyalty),1Cibai(means one hole for the husband),so this will promote happy family.Right?

Ridhuan said...

BN is busy registering foreign workers and permanent residents as voters ahead of a general election in exchange for their votes!

So we need every vote to counter this dirty tactic.

Singa said...

CM Lim Guan Eng and the PR Government of Penang must ignore all criticism of a racial nature as we Malaysians should be guided by universally accepted (good) values of transparency, accountability, responsibilty and intergrity. The tenders/contracts were awarded to many Malay Malaysians based purely on merits and pricing. So, why the fuss? Is it because MCA contractors were not 'qualified' to be awarded? Advice to MCA . Raise at the Cabinet Meetings, and demand fair and just action,on the issue of corruption and corrupt practices in the following: PKFZ; purchase of Scorpene submarines, jetfighters and arms by the government; and IPP etc. etc. A whole lot of skeletons in the UMNO/BN cupboard!

Hijau Sekitar said...

Since Bersih rally, I realised that most of our Malay brothers are good.. only the umnoputras are evil. I'm a small time Chinese contractor dealing in renovation works. Honestly I prefer to engage a Malay tiler then a Chinese one cos they give more reasonable pricing. For this I need not charge my customers too exorbitant cos some of them need to renovate due to wear and tear and not for show... So to MCA, I'm considered anti Chinese, rite? Stop your dirty tactics MCA, ansd also remember that as long as you have a President like Chua Soi Lek with low morality, you can forget getting Chinese to support you. Supporting him means telling my daughters or daughters in law that it ok to let their husbands turn porn stars... got it, MCA.

Anonymous said...

When Najip said that UMNO will defend Putrajaya at all cost, it means that UMNO is willing to commit all kinds of electoral fraud and immorality to win the next GE. PR has to be constantly on guard to catch and expose any electoral fraud attempt and mobilize preventive actions as early as possible. UMNO is looking at having the GE before any electoral reforms can be done. We can already see many evidence of fraud attempts such as permanent resident on the electoral roll and quickly converted to citizen as soon as the matter was highlighted. This matter has to be investigated and exposed to the international community.

Anonymous said...

Normally you need a MyKad before you can register as a voter. But in Malaysia, you can put the cart before the horse. Apparently you can just swear to the Election Commission (EC) that you will vote BN, and EC will register you as a PR, and your status will be subsequently updated as a voter.

You can then tip Pakatan Rakyat off that a PR has been registered as a voter, and they will make some noise. The National Registration Department (NRD) will then automatically upgrade your PR status into full-fledged citizenship complete with MyKad.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE NIAMAH!: "The only comfort about this registration thing is that it is now Ramadhan and Muslims fast. So the Immigration flers probably ain't working as fast as they can do at punching those biometric machines."



Anonymous said...

we already said from day 1 that this 1malaysia & all other 1XXXXXs are just slogans & craps. Proven by the creator himself now!!!!! NIAMAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

RM24 Juta Berlian said...

Regim BN, EC and NRD are collaborating to cheat their way to a BN victory in the next election?

Anonymous said...

If BN is giving citizenship for votes, then BN deserves to be buried for their treason!

Anonymous said...

The other point is if the damn system is so good and foolproof as mentioned by the half past six fler... doesn't it also mean auto registration for malaysians over the age of 21 !
Bunch of idiots... That's why you need to be qualified to hold such posts. Such posts cannot be given to idiots without the proper exposure and qualifications.

Kan Chan said...

Hmmm.. Let's see.

A Jib = Mr. Hacker
A Din = Sir Humphrey

Anonymous said...

Wow! If this is true, we should respect this young man. Ay age 19 and you got a RM 1 million contract. Keep it up young man. Don't let people tell you that you are too young. I am proud of you. You can be of any race in Malaysia. The Ms. from MCA must be jealous of you.

Anonymous said...

eh razman. dont pretend pretend bluff bluff and syiok sendiri.

this bastard punch in at 9pm..jom pergi minium..

fucker lucky the corrupt gomen can still feed them .if work in other country ...terus mati!

by the way..criticizing some one physical diability is worst then a racist ..and somemore in ramadan month ....just remember islam is for middle east country not sakai -corruptable -syiok sendiri race .

Anonymous said...

Jippy: ah..yoh..really headache .!!!.what fuck are yo doing JAIS ??? rading church?
I said raid massage palour !!!!! real fucker lah you guys...


Anonymous said...

Does MIC Deserve Three Ministers?

Obviously not. What they deserve are three stooges.

What we have here is one more licensed politician to con the Indians, as if they have not been conned enough already by Samy Vellu.

And talking about Samy Vellu, with his ministerial level appointment on Malaysian taxpayer’s money, what has he achieved for Malaysia thus far? Is he busy spending taxpayers’ money chasing budding actresses’ skirts in the Indian subcontinent? Or arranging for the likes of Shah Rukh Khan to adorn FLOM’s social functions? Or maybe using tax payers money to fund the expenses to acquire projects for certain cronies?

Gotcha! said...

These no-brainer statements and speeches made by UMNO/BN loonies have been going on for far too long and are driving the people up the fucking wall. To top it off, they brought in that maniac hoping to shore up their diminishing popularity and boy, did they screw up big time!!
Step on the pressure, Patrick. Both of us have survived thus far and we are here to stay and so are the rest.

Anonymous said...

Many Malaysian professionals who returned with foreign spouses are still struggling with the renewable PR procedures. But illegal immigrants and renegades are easily getting citizenships and PR status virtually spoon fed to them. Why?

It is about time that our Rulers stepped forward and made a point to keep Malaysia for Malaysians – their loyal subjects. If we do not act fast, someday, Malaysians will wake up to find themselves being lorded over by foreigners (already outnumbered our Indian community) who have claimed citizenship.

Yasmeen Honey said...

The recent evidence uncovered by PAS shows a BN plot to stuff the electoral rolls with foreigners who have been given instant citizenship. This itself warns us that BN is not going to take the General Election for granted. Due to all their fumbling and flip flops, Najib with Rosmah tagging sheepishly behind, have been given clear signals that their time is almost up. This is why they are trying to make sure they win by a huge margin so that their enemies in UMNO cannot unseat them.

Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Nejip Rojak Marharthier Ann War Abraham (not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln) said...

Oh my Lord!

Can anybody please count how many words has Uncle Pat wrote in this post?

I personally think that this piece qualifies to be named the winner of the Commonwealth Essay Competition lar...

Anonymous said...

is he the PM or DPM? really idiotic. that confirms his 1Maalysia is nothing but utter BULLSHIT

Anonymous said...

the mongrel MCA Tan has to behave like an UMNO dog. Just doing her job while her chief indulges in his philandering activities. Truly MCA.

Anonymous said...

1malaysia is just a guiding line as long you follows??? Niamah! FOLLOW U?
even australia afraid to send 800 boat people here ! follow u?huh!!!

Anonymous said...

tom if UMNO ask her to change her family name, she will do it. No 1 UMNO bitch for sale.

Anonymous said...

Mamak kutty commented the OPPOSITIO also does it !

When will this fellow come to realised that :


FOR 20yrs .to him is two wrong make things normal!