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Monday, August 15, 2011

Job Vacancy

Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurants 
has a vacancy for a RESTAURANT CAPTAIN
Salary from RM1,600 up depending on experience and suitability. 
For interview please call 012 2846181

Since I posted this up on we have received exactly 0 applications. This could mean:-

a)  Malaysians aren't interested in this kind of work

b)  Malaysia has full employment

c)  All the legal foreign workers are busy getting themselves registered to get their blue IC's and vote

The job is still open. So if you are interested or know of someone who needs work, call us.



Hasri said...

Is your restaurant approved by JAIS or JAKIM? Got halal cert or not?

I have to be careful as I do not want your restaurant to be raided while I am under your employment,

Venie said...

Hello from Brunei, If u going to open a branch in Brunei pls let me know :D

Anonymous said...

Ahaha yes Patrick, the erection ... opps, the election I meant, is coming :))

Anonymous said...

d) People scared of Uncle Patrick.

Rudy said...

I guess becoz its in Pulau Ketam. Have to go there by boat. 1.6k on an island. hahaha....

Anonymous said...

does the jaiass people believe the reward of the 7 virgins ,when they screwed the CHRISTAIN.?

OR do they have the fucking sickening obligation to blow themselves up..? surely not ! (I think..i could be wrong ..they are morons after all..)

signed .no balls chinese living in usj.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian are not interested in entry-level jobs like RESTAURANT CAPTAIN.

Everybody wants to be RESTAURANT GENERAL la.

Anonymous said...

Stay kool Boss, ppl who needs the job don't read vacancies in blogs.

Anonymous said...

do u need a degree to apply for the position? i got toll booth operations' experience too. degree from a local u only but it is not within the top 500 in the world.

nstman said...

RM1500 too low. How about RM7000 plus inconvenience allowance caused by raids.

Salvatore_Dali said...

Patrick, the reasons why you have 0 applicants:

a) 1,600 is too low, may be deemed to be below poverty line

b) people who read Engris and surfs the net in the language may not be your target audience

c) Malaysia really have zero unemployment rate

d) Legal foreign workers fear that working "with you" will get them sent back home by the authorities

e) all potential applicants think they will get scolded by you in foul language ebleyday

Anonymous said...

That kind of salary where got cukup makan.I think that is the reason why no response.

Anonymous said...

Oh venie!

Come to me baby~~

clearwater said...

Maybe RM1600+ basic pay won't cut it. Any fringe benefits that can improve the package? Hard to survive in KL on RM1600. Or maybe your Niamah readers already have well paid jobs.

Supermak said...

There have been clones in the EC database, the NRD database, and the Umno database.

Were they were “instructed” to to introduce clones into their database? Who “instructed” them? How long have they been doing this?

Out of the three bodies – EC, NRD, Umno – which body has the most to gain from the introduction of clones? Which one will gain power from this exercise?

BN has been cheating all along to win elections. The EC is just a tool of Umno, just like the NRD and ROS. Enough is enough. The rakyat of Malaysia call for a royal commission of inquiry.

Anonymous said...

After GE13 we all know that umno will be booted out. That means umno ministers will be out of their jobs.

But not nazri. No. Not this guy. He has a talent. A talent for telling jokes. He could write scripts for rowan atkinson or even that international man of mystery, austin powers, or for 'jangan Tidur Lagi' or 'Raja Lawak'.

Anonymous said...


You treat your staff like slaves!

megaman said...

U oso quite niamah one as a boss ...

As a local how to survive on RM 1600 per month in PJ / KL ?

U do not expect locals to live like banglas in their own country, do you ?

Anonymous said...

Is you job pensionable ...i mean after one term (3 months) I stop : do i get monthly pencen of rm800 ( half of the salary)plus rm500 b4 setiap 'hari raya' !?

Jika NO....then i prefer to 'fly kites' lo !!

bangladin said...

RM 1600 can-lah. cukup makan. this is a restaurant and those left-over, you can wallop them at the end of the day. of course, if the boss is in a foul mood, there will be incessant shouting of 'niamah'. with a niamah here, niamah there, ee yah ee yah yoh.

Thong Thee LKu said...

Do you employer realise one must own a car to drive to work at your location? Who want to work as a non fulfilling captain at your restaurant watching the snobbish arrogant middle class yakking away with beer whilst the salary not enough to cover personal overheads?

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick,
Dont run away from choice D. Not many people read your blog n of jobseekers-NONE!
Dont be dissappointed, at least I am here.

nstman said...

A word of caution to job seekers. Be prepared for a lot of niamahs when the going gets tough

Tiger said...

It's ok lah Pat.
You overpaying your staff lah.
I pay my Supervisor RM1200.
Who ask him not to pass his SPM?
All these people who think they're underpaid, hello, what value are you adding to your company first lah?
Ask yourself that.
For RM1600, I'd expect my Supervisor to sing and dance for the customers too.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Teoh, Malaysian do not do hard work meh. sell DVD can earn rm more than1600 a week. Beome a hwaker n sell sell chau kue teu can make more than 1600 a month. Sell backside can make more than rm 1600 a day. Sell soul can make more than rm 1600 an hour. The good old hard working day has bn long over. Where hv u bn all these times?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patz,

No offence but 1,600 is hard to survive in this economy, even for a supervisory role.


Ah Ngau said...

Hey,this is captain of the restaurant.So it must be like the caption of the ship or aeroplane.
So on that basis,RM1,600 seems to be too low.

Anonymous said...

rm1600 mana cukup? Kapten lagi...banyak kerja gaji Koperal!

Anonymous said...

RM1600?! How to survive oh?!

Anyways, something not interesting of your advertisement. You should put the higher end of the pay instead of the lowest. Example,

"Attractive salary package up to RM10,000!!!"


Uncle Pat... got hire part timers or not?

Rais said...

Please use the right butter, not the non-halal one.

Bogey said...

RM1600 per month? Dont be a cheapskate la Patrick.... Niamah!
Maybe u can find a Bangla willing to work for that pay. Heck! even retirees with nothing better to do won't accept that kinda pay.

So ahh...why don't u raise the pay and wait 6-7 yrs for me to retire from my day job... canna?

Bogey said...

RM1600 p/m? U pay peanuts, u get Banglas la Patrick....besides, all the scolding that we'll get from u, surely u can raise the pay a bit more.... Niamah!

Even retirees with nothing better to do won't want to work with that kind of pay..... btw ahhh... I'm retiring in 6-7 yrs time, so if you raise to RM2K or more I may consider la....hahaha... Niamah!

!!hamain said...

hahaha...Pat, so farney la. You sincere, sincere offer job on your website, kena "ter" by your readers.

So teruk la, I feel so bad for u. Infact if I was you, I'd be pissed. But like you say lor, "waffor?". If I can say what I like, niamah you'all can say what you like lor.

Anonymous said...

silly suggestion for PAT. kapitan s 'job.

1. make sure do not rasuah !
2. Free gift ok lah..
3. cannot fuck waitress but waiter can. (no eye see by pat..)
4.must have martial art so that can beat the crap out of grummpy customer.
5. cannot use bad words. only pat can..

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Najib knows that he has to keep looking over his shoulder now all the time when he’s not sleeping with an eye open, his rusting keris poised at his side with the threat from his dpm looming.

Anonymous said...

I think 1600 on pulau ketam is fair enough because it has a lower cost of living. u will also spend less on entertainment and travel. im sure there is commission and other perks too the base salary