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Monday, August 08, 2011

Sort of an open letter to Citibank

Citibank said, "Congratulations! You have just been upgraded to a world of added privileges."  Phwaaaar!  Good or not? I have been a Citibank credit card user since 1990. I have a Gold card. Always paid my bills on time and always paid in full. So yesterday, Citibank thought I might like to be upgraded to the Platinum Card and enjoy a  world of added privileges. Although even after reading through the enclosed literature I could not discern any of those privileges other than getting more points at certain retailers and being able to buy Business Class airline tickets at a discount. Something which I cannot afford anyway.  But I thought that since they offered I might just accept la and give the battered ego a boost with a piece of platinum-colored plastic in my wallet. And so I called the number given to 'activate' the card and spoke to a very nice officer who explained things very clearly and politely. Then I was asked to verify that I was indeed the Patrick Teoh to whom the invitation was extended.  What is your old IC number, sir?  What is your address, sir? What is your last transaction, sir and where? When did you last settle your Citibank card bill, how much was it and how did you make payment? And the questions just went on and on and I must admit that I did not manage to answer them to the satisfaction of the interrogating officer. Not because I was an imposter but because my old brain couldn't remember all the details. So in the end, I said thank you to the nice lady on the phone and decided to stick to my trusted old Citibank Gold Card and hung up thinking that rewards from credit card companies aren't really what they are made up to be and I went and popped a blood pressure pill.



kennykhor said...

Pat, 200% agreed at what you said. These so-called privileges are NOT privileges except higher credit limit and most of all it is now called Platinum Card that boosted one's ego. Period.

johnnie lim said...

I did not have such hassle with Standard chartered. They just upgrade mine to platinum and I got the card by courier. btw I had bad experience with citibank, because I paid onetime and always in full and so they thought they could to squeezed anything out of this man and cancelled my card for being a good now whenever I get calls from tele marketeers trying to sell me citibank card they will get hell from me. poor guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, I have also been given the same privilege. I bet you have actually not ever necessarily exceed your credit limit, or, not willing to financially reach the limit that you currently have. That is assuming you are financially prudent conciously. I think that it is actually a scam to get more money from customers. All these upgrades come with greater fees payable!!!!!!!!!! Glad you did not take up the offer. Please check the extra fees payable and you will understand.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh Pat, your last sentence made me laugh until i neary choke myself mati la...! Dun la like that. Thanks for the good laugh anyway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

on verification :
'wat's your mother's name ?'
( which one ? I have 2 mothers. )
'the one la ,where you keluar one !'
( I cant go out with them ...sudah mati ! )
' aiyah ...dat one la ...from the lubang one ! '
( wat !? ....O! ...ok , her name is xxx.)

Anonymous said...

Biniku FORCED me to settle my card debt with my FD & her soft loan of rm800 :
The bank officer scissored the card & told me to wait for my reward :
2 months later , postlaju delivered a sealed / crossed registered (rm5) envelop from the bank to claim my gift at the postlaju office :
I went to 3 different post offices costing me rm10 of petrol & finally with joy received my reward : Mcd coupon of rm4.90 ....@#$%^&* !
NOW, pm gives me rm500 & biniku said : " lagi 300 , bila mau bayar !"
PM, pls laa tolong kasih another 300 , ok !!?? you help me & i help you ma !

jejaka anggun said...

hahaha... tell me about it!

Ngeh ngeh said...

The bank will not like you if you pay your credit bills on time.

Anonymous said...

I apply for a new card after lost. specifically request it to be ready at a period of time .(reasonable). it did not arrive due to some public holiday or something like that in time.
i was frustrated . i call . after fucking fucking .after settled .due to unforseen circumstances . I thought i would get some sympathy to my problem ,instead , before haning up .she said. "Ok understand now ,it is not our fault ok?? ok??

Fuck you ! I said.when I hold your card it is your damn fucking fault if it even 'unforseen circumstances "!!!

By the way .it was our national car card.

already tulan...after that more tulan..

from:50s something frustrated half dead business man.

Anonymous said...

They want to upgrade everybody, more fees to the bank

Anonymous said...

Patrick, after a few correct answers you should control the situation and not let them 'harrass' you with nonsensical questions. Like you, I am getting old and the brain is not too good. They asked my old ic, no problem, how I pay, ATM, no problem, but when they asked me about my credit limit, I just told the girl, hey uncle dont have the statement with me as I am in my lounge now, hey why dont you ask me mothers maiden name, which I gave correctly and she thought reasonable that I am no con man. Ha, give it to them your usual NIAMAH way, lah Patrick.

Anonymous said...

I dumped my Citibank card ages ago. There was a time when they asked me to subscribe to an insurance policy to cover my arrears to them in case I kick the bucket before I get to pay them. To rub salt into the wound, the premium will be charged to my account! I would like to kick the asshole who implemented this idiotic idea. Hey, maybe he now advises UMNO instead. Does this deserve a nice big NIAMAH ?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, besides the so called privileges, they say the annual fee is free..till 2049! That is, if I last that long. Btw, I am 55.

Eddy Lee said...

Patrick, I guess Citibank's staff asks many questions for our security. To be fair to them, they actually do have better service than most local banks, from my personal experience. I got upgraded the same manner to platinum, but if you do use your card often enough, Citibank is willing to waive the costly annual fee. Citibank has it's shortfalls, but overall, they're still OK. I've terminated all other cards since our govt imposed the RM50 tax on credit cards but that's another issue all together. Any one to comment on this TAX???

heckler said...

Dear Pat, did you know the annual fee for a platinum card? 650pa. Nothing fantastic about it. Better joke will be my pal has one and the credit limit is lower than my classic card. Lol

Anonymous said...

WHY banks ONLY want our ibu's names in stead of ayah's ones !!??
MEN cant be trusted kah ...sighs !

NO wonder lah AMBIGA could lead the 709 !!
IF Yingluck could be PM , hey hey hey , AMBIGA ...why NOT anda man !?

after GE13 : pm = Ambiga,
dpm = Wan Azizah ,
or vice-versa !!

MEN ? NO lagi lah ...otherwise Adam could have bited the forbidden fruit 1st lo !!

Adam without eating the fruit-of-knowledge DIN even 'know' how to make love with Eve ...n ALL of us TAK ada di sini-sana lo !!

Biniku always decides 4 me wat n wen to eat, drink , wear, play, sleep, xxxx, read, watch Xless-videos n..n...shit oso !

HEP hep hep Hurray , women ...oops ... mothers/ibus !!

Anonymous said...

Credit card company is like tai yee long already in fact worst with licence.

anonymous said...

shitty bank -- ha,ha, good one

Anonymous said...

Uncle pat, your old brain fails you is better than your identification get stolen. Banks do verification just to ensure you r the one mah, not imposer. Else, you will be complaining to michael chong - "why there's 2 uncle pat?".

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of cyber bullshit. You have been awarded lifetime membership. LOL! Been there done that and the same shit will happen to another card member with so called 'free' upgrade. Like the saying that goes like this...'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

seow said...

Citi offered me a Giant card which i took up. after activating it cannot swipe. Wanted to cancel it but they say hang on to it. While overseas with my family citi called to inform me all my other citi cards frozen becos i did not settle my giant citi card. The rm50 card fee was to be waived if i make a rm50 purchase. That nite 8000km from home the citi officer heard my entire vocabulary of 4 letter words. After they called a the third time to explain why they coulnt reactivate my cards and hearing my opinion on where they can stick it to, they suddenly found the resolve to reinstate all my cards. Other than that citi has never failed me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

not good la marah2..just increase your Blood pressure..annual fee is rm600 and u can call the bank to request for the waiver.i suggest u to create no need to remember all those transactions but only your 4 digit pin number. but yes, bank prefer revolvers/prompt paymaster who only pay minimum payment every they can charge interest, which is one of the bank's source of income:)

Anonymous said...

Chill out, Pat! The girl was probably trying to make an i-pass on you.

If you had continue with the questionings, you may end up with a date with her.

Anonymous said...

Instead of getting a new CARD, you might end up banging the citibank recep. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know why in Msia, the RM50 govt tax is still there even after 2 frigging years! It's one of those ways that govt takes money from the rakyat and is never transparent on how it is spent! Now where's my few K worth of tax credit that the LHDN is yet to pay me back?!! Sudah 2 tahun ya know... Niamah!!!


Anonymous said...

From my past experience, the worst credit card services were from Citibank. NEVER EVER in my life I'll get any credit cards from them. Good luck to those who have it.