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Monday, August 22, 2011

Very confusion la.

It is not so simple. But what we can do immediately we will do la. Of course we can hold elections immediately because that is our prerogative kan.

First, Bersih walked/marched/demonstrated for clean and fair elections. They say a lot of things not right. Postal votes, registered voters who are more than 100 years old, dead voters even.  Then the government said okay we will form this Parliamentary Select Committee and sort things out. They appoint 9 flers to do this job. Then they argue with Opposition flers about who should lead the committee with someone coming out to suggest that the Speaker should lead. Why? Because the fler is IMPARTIAL wor!  Phwaaar!!! (Pssst...I've got this Lorex watch. Cheap. Genuine one. Only RM50 for you special.) Okay, okay still they were going to correct the wrong things in the electoral rolls and whatnot la. Then we all heaved a sigh of relief. Ahhhhh...finally on the way to fair and clean elections.  AND THEN...........

Najib announces that the next general election can happen anytime and that setting the date of the election is the prerogative of the ruling government!!! HUH!!! But if things not yet corrected how to have elections? The the Najib fler go and tell us that the elections are not and cannot be bound by the works of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reforms. He also said the garmen will try to implement any suggestions that the PSC comes up with before the elections. He also said that the PSC would discuss and decide the types of improvements to be made to the electoral process.  The question I want to ask is that if the PSC has not yet finalised it studies and given its recommendations how can elections take place?

But of course being the PM, Najib has an answer. He said, "We will try, there must be something that can be done immediately. What we can do immediately, we will do immediately."  Hahahahahaha...ya?


You confusion or not? And then ah, if you notchet registered to vote, this weekend is probably your last chance. So if you don't enjoy being screwed from behind like some fuls...I mean fools we know,  I suggest you go and register la.



Anonymous said...

Erm... 13th General Election wont be the last for Malaysia i think.. We can have the clean n fair election now (in which PR might still manage to maintain its 5 states) and a cleaner and fairer election later (in which PR might be the ruling party, eh?)Lets not be greedy.. improvement is always a continuous thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Insincere is the better word la.

When he took over, jibby promised NEM and reforms and transformation.

After much hype and funfare, the watered down version is much of the same with badawi's vision or lack of it. The only different is the marketing hype that is prevalent in every sphere of media imaginable.

Not forgetting the big ticket project ala mahathir style: 100 storey building, costliest project: MRT, 1malaysia free email, KL Business district, tourism facebook pages

The words "you help me, i help you" have more sincerity in it, really.

nightfish3 said...

actually what najib is doing is to give out more cash here and there to fish for vote.he havent given out enuff,The illegals belum kautim yet,millions extra voters's coming in..You can bet your last 5 buck on it.

Anonymous said...


Me not so vely cunfused. Me understanding Primate Ministerile Notcheap saying the PSC will only action after BN winning the coming Erection bekos the PSC needing time and more time to belajar lah and investigasi lah the Tidak Bersih claims of fraoud erectolal loll.

You shud knoe our Primate Ministerile stylo way of cakap cakaping one thingy but actuarly meaning another one thingy. Many many person no understanding Notcheap and saying he flippity floppity all the time but actuarly he no flippity floppity. Our Notcheap is only tukaring mode whenever he need to gostan on his earliest saying.

Me hoping you wud understanding our poor Primate ministerile and don't hentam him so much bekos he is under tlemendos pleasure from his Fatso Rosimah to denial the US$24 millium ring. And he also under many many pleasure to come to Anwar sodomee trial to speak lies to show Anwar sodomee Shitful. Pleass go easy easy on Notcheap.

Thanking you many times, Patricia.

Anonymous said...

manipulation., lying, deception are the trade marks of BN UMNO MCA leaders as recorded over all these years, correct correct correct

Anonymous said...

if DNA is a transformer, he would have transformed into 'EXCUSE'.

Gizmojoy Studios said...
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Anonymous said...

cunt his some slack will ya! Big N is taking a lot of heat from outside and inside, front and back. He's doing what he can to run the country.

Anonymous said...

no worries...according to an old malay pepatah: even confucius was confused

Anonymous said...

patricia WHO !!??

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
The Master of Transformation cannot wait for his next erection lah!!!
He's got the Shiok Sendiri Syndrome making him all itchy and has gone out of control.


Anonymous said...

Samsam said...
WTF does that mean? He has been talking gobble-de-gook since he became DPM and more so after he became PM. He has been talking what those extravagantly paid armchair consultants spoon-fed him to say. Asked him to explain what "Satu-Malaysia" was all about, he could not answer except saying that "as long as you practise it"! Whenever there was an issue happening, he would always kept his "elegant silence"
until much later when he has to say something. And often his deputy would say something contraly to what he said. Then he would flip-flop on what he had said. Are you confused?

Anonymous said...

Let's don't talk about politics but logic here. If election to be held before the completion of PSC study, what happen to this PSC? What if some of them lost in the election? Are they going to form a new PSC and start all over again?

If really want to have election before the PSC study, better form the PSC after election. Don't waste rakyat's time and money.
here. If election to be held before the completion of PSC study, what happen to this PSC? What if some of them lost in the election? Are they going to form a new PSC and start all over again?

If really want to have election before the PSC study, better form the PSC after election. Don't waste rakyat's time and money.

najib manaukau said...

As usual the P.M. is proposing to form a parliamentary committee just to show to the world he is doing something about the situation.
Just like when he proposed to give scholarships to all the top students, regardless of their races, then when it came to the crunch he revealed his true intensions of his proposal. He then had the non Malay top students given the scholarships and enrolled them in the half past six varsities in Malaysia. Above all into n three courses they have applied for. Most, if not all the students will reject the scholarships and it would then appear that these students turned down the scholarships themselves that he very generously offered.
Nothing has changed the NEP (never enough policy) students are still sent abroad for their holidays as usual.
That was only untypical example of what Najib is doing to appear he is not colour blind !

Anonymous said...


More than 50yrs to main main still dunno. And still want chance arr...?????

We all could have been in Brunei shoes *years ago la!!

We NOT stupid!!!!!!

BoTak said...

Look at his semi bold head.He always scratches it(bcos he also got confused)so much so it became like that! Haha!

Anonymous said...


Summary of the last 3 Prime Ministers "hot air" slogans:

Mahathir - Blind Vision 2020
Badawi - Islam Harakiri
Najib - 1Malaysia Bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim with his system of misinformation, con-munication and culture of corruption has made us all bemused with a ludicrous claim that Bersih participants were paid to attend the rally.

Harimau Tua said...

Our talents (including Patrick Teoh) goes to Singapore for better future...whereas Indonesia, Nepal, Banglas workers come to Malaysia for better future..but as low-rate workers.

We as low-medium education..stuck here forever unless we moved to other 3rd world countries as `orang asing' or go to developed countries as low-rate workers. if govt. still only care for govt. staffs...but not `whole nation' then we cant achieved Vision 2020 then - developed nation.

NEP must abolished, proton car must cuts price, open markets, fair tender, fair to other races,ban corruption, ban smoking,cut down numbers of staffs in govt. WE MUST LEARN TO STAND ON OUR FEET FIRST BEFORE WE CAN RUN.

Ask yourself, why we still behind Singapore since independence day till now in everything? Our resources are MORE than Singapore 3-5 times..but we still lack behind.

Anonymous said...

Hokkien proverb : :EAT UNTIL NO MORE ROADS " !!!!!!!

How not to NOT CONFUSED ???????

Question :Who started and allow or this evil or find the root cause (...sound familiar ???? ..mamak fucker..???)

Maideen said...

Penang has already made some remarkable in-roads in the 3 years with CM Lim Guan Eng. If you have been reading the news you would know it had the highest rate of growth and absolute value in terms of FDI in 2010. The Economist recently ran a glowing article about which didn't cost CM Lim one single sen (unlike UMNO and FBC).

Sure, we don't know how Pakatan Rakyat will do as the Government of Malaysia. On the other hand, we DO KNOW that UMNO/BN is an unmitigated disaster of the most exceptional kind. Between an unknown quantity with some good achievements and a confirmed complete catastrophe, it's a no-brainer which to choose.

KANASAI said...

Najib don't know how to govern the country one.His flip-flop words just to buy his ways through.That is why we all got confused!
He may got his 'machai'to devise all sorts of strategy(the ETP,NKRA,etc)and his 1This and 1That,but I still doubt very much their success.
And don't compared our country with Singapore.We will never catch up with them!

Anonymous said...

The gomen always say that if the election is not fair, then how come the opposition won 5 states? Even tripods like the porn star shamelessly comes out to say this.

But then we KNOW that if the election is fair, BN would have already been gone!

Frank said...

Nothing but simply pure verbal masturbation. This fucking liar has a pathological case of always verbally masturbating himself in public. Disgusting bugger!

Anonymous said...

Like the game of touching the pole and going round and round, until you can't stand still later! Banyak pusing!

Anonymous said...

1.verbal masturbation
2.shyiok sendiri

semua original malaysia boleh words!

who say we got no talent ??


Anonymous said...

If pakatan rakyat want to win next election...kick out ananda krisnan,vincent tan,francis teoh etc from malaysia 1st...they are planner of malaysian problem with BN leader...

Anonymous said...

pornstar now hero..?? that also can bluff bluff one...

chinaman also can bluff ...malay man more easy loh...

Anonymous said...

PM Najib wants GE-13 before electoral reforms. In a functioning democracy, the rakyat has a choice. The fundamental difference is that we are denied that choice.

We distrust our electoral processes despite Najib’s assurance about the parliamentary select committee (PSC) on electoral reforms. Will Umno/BN leave office gracefully?

Wak Domo said...

This country is in clear and present danger of literally being destroyed because of the decimation of the integrity of the electoral process. We are heading to armageddon if UMNO/BN win is not clear and proven to be so.

This incompetent and corrupted regime in order to cling on to power for more than 54 years shamelessly using all the useless newspapers like Utusan,BH and now Sinar Harian to do dirty jobs to split the races by exploiting racial and religious issues.All wise voters must vote out the rotten to the core regime in the coming GE.

Anonymous said...

first najib get his deal.
2nd get the pudu jail area
3rd get the sg besi airport for u know who?
4rd get the frim area
5nd now get another diamond from prsident mugabe visit ,just not long ago!
then play -play with a place call china town, dig-dig inside but get the land first,, then evrything will be good for us , niamah!!!

the next pm, i think what he will get ? maybe bukit beruntung area

Anonymous said...

barger ..just read ..orang asli vows to protest if land taking away from them...sure or not ???..heard Rm10.00 is enough to ...................................................................................................! throw in another Rm5.00 ,you can get ....too.

Niamah .


Kelly said...

boss - can I follow you on G+? pretty please?

Anonymous said...

i stay in kampung peth ..,.! piuk ..puik..puik....inspiratrional my balls....!!!!

no balls chang from usj.