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Monday, August 08, 2011

Ngeh Ngeh Kong

The most misleading newspaper headline award today goes to The Star. They wrote...

Explain proper way to raid a church, Kong tells Ngeh

MCA's Kong
DAP's Ngeh

We RAID places of worship so often these days that there are proper and improper ways to do so now? And not to sound personal about it la but the names of the 2 flers signal that the story would be quite tragically funny. You can read it HERE



Anonymous said...

That guy is your transport minister!

He and yen yen are all there to improve our transportation and tourism!

Look at the picture again.

Can you trust him to guard your apartment's gate?

IPOHKIA said...

Tell Kong Cho Ha, he will,be gone after PRU 13, stop talking rubbish here, Patrick he is the cow with the nose hook by the PORNO actor. Ngeh knows what he has got to tell, KCH is a drukard

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, Great inspiration from you to get the combination of NGEH NGEH KONG. Did you actually meant to say in Hokkien that this empty kongkong really have nothing better to say but desperately needed to say something ???

Anonymous said...

there you go. a real life datok kong! 4D anyone?

Anonymous said...

smart asses might want to read this.

There is nothing wrong with JAIS actions.

And since when JAIS need a warrant?? read the law, laar!!

Can somebody explain why some materials were destroyed before Jais entered ???

and three escape thru the back door???

Nothing wrong, aah??

An innocent NGO function, aah??

Something smelly, aah?


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kong..

On 31 August... I will be a King..

Thefore... I am King Kong

Anonymous said...

Lu Kong Ham MI
Lu Chin Chin Kong Kam

Translation from Hokkien

What are U talking about ?
You are a real idiot

Patrick CAN WIN said...

Chua Soi Lek (porno), Liow Tiong Lai (Tung Shin fiasco), Ng Yen Yen (RM1.8mil FB and her son's biz partner scandal), Kong Cho Ha (you tell me la), Koh Tsu-Koon (basically UMNO's dog), Ling Liong Sik (PKFZ),... don't we have ANY capable chinese leader in Malaysia to lead ? I still stick to Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Ong Tee Keat (maybe not as bad-ass as the 5 above).

Patrick, I believe majority of chinese will support you if you run as independent candidate in the next election. You CAN WIN. We need at least a realistic and funny leader up there.

Too fed-up with all talk cock, no f#@king action but raking rakyat's money ass-hole in the government.

Anonymous said...

That transport minister is recycling old trick, this time wanting cars to have dual airbags, like his predessesor wanting buses to have black boxes.

What's next? GPS a mandatory and must be bought from licensed MCA retailers?

Anonymous said...

I think all cina the same, before get themselves blast by radiucal muslim, they will play with dumb action, then comes a guy with guts and blast them overboard.
pat, you are one! i salute the tru grit guys.

donkey smiling always from this chicken politician,no ball at all!!

why raid the church?those dumn jais people, maybe anothet C4 is implanted in the dinner table.
maybe another malai rotten kampung attitude! if you run over a chicken in the kampung , you better run ,otherwise you kena hit 1 those stupid officers and the mentality arrogant guys

we another butt cleaning - try explain to the smart people...niamah

Anonymous said...

Remember our BRILLIANT Tasek Gelugor MP NMY, Minister in d PM Dept said: “D European financial crisis n United States economic slowdown will NOT affect d country’s economy”

Of cos our Bursa M’sia traders will tell NM to his face NIAMAH! TOKKOK!!

Habib said...

Top Indonesian newspaper, Kosmos, suggested that Rosmah’s future in-laws had links to the Russian mafia. According to it, the $24 million ring was a gift for Rosmah thanks to Daniyar’s mum Maira Nazarbayev, a character said to mirror Imelda Marcos. Rosmah is indeed in good company with Maira and Imelda.

Could it be that the ring was truly a gift and sent to Rosmah? But the tax-duties were waived because it was a gift for Rosmah? If so, then Rosmah is guilty of not paying taxes on a luxury item valued at USD24.4 million.

If so, it then becomes clear the denial and veil over the whole matter is in fact another of the first couple’s infamous Public Relations scams to save Rosmah from being identified as having ultra-luxurious tastes while the nation spirals into economic limbo courtesy of her husband’s lackadaisical government?

webmarhaen said...

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Anonymous said...

Ya, Uncle Patrick, stand for 13th GE as an opposition candidate mah. Sure got support one, don't worry lah..

Anonymous said...

FYI 'Ngeh' also mean 'hardened' in Hokkien with reference to erection.

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa said...

Adam can enrol to study in MARA as it offers PPSMI.

Anonymous said...

Pat.. Perhaps you can comment on why our petrol price has not been reduced yet. This is already long overdue. Even our neighbour, Singapore has reduced their petrol price months ago. Kindly highlight this issue in your best possible style. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

eh.?? .maybe .. found weapon and dope too....

niamah !

Anak Sarawak said...

With reference to our SPM Sejarah, we can say now Malaysians have been brainwashed with very shallow and unsubstantiated writings on the faces of Malaysia.

History teachers with no substances to defend the truth found on the written texts may find themselves odd to answer modern school children. Believe it or not students can explore even further to uncover the about many half truths about Malaysia! Not surprising so Sarawakians may find themselves more interesting and exciting on Sarawak adventures rather than those Hang Hang Hang Tuah Tuah Tuah Pat Pat Pat. Is it not Sarawak And Its People exceptional to erase the racial sentiment?

Alphard Liow said...

CSL is starting to sound like Muhyiddin. MCA leaders are cold-bloodedly re-aligning their support behind a man whom they used to accuse of being racist and anti- 1Malaysia. Why? Because like many others, they see Najib as ‘finished’ and Muhyiddin the next prime minister of Malaysia.

The MCA leaders see the realignment as ‘workable’ for their party as Najib has seriously lost favor amongst the Chinese. CSL had tried the Najib approach by telling the Chinese community that a vote for DAP would mean less Chinese representation in Parliament. The Chinese community did not buy into it and Dr Chua was ridiculed, jeered and laughed off as a silly goose.

Now, CSL is trying the Muhyiddin route. Will we see Dr Chua state that he is “Chinese first, and Malaysian second”?

David Chin said...

I am a Malaysian living overseas. Just love your blog!

Anonymous said...

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Os Pocot said...

Through the years, Malaysia has managed very well to keep economic migrants from encroaching on our shores and our resources, but we are now fighting a losing battle thanks to the BN government’s insecurity over its political future. There is just too much talk and evidence popping up on a daily baisis that the Najib administration is indeed handing out ‘instant’ citizenships in return for votes in the coming General Election. As Malaysians buckle up against the rising costs of living, taking on side jobs to make ends meet, they are shocked to see so many illegal immigrants being granted a lifeline while they fight a losing battle.

Most of these immigrants now courted by the BN may never return home. Many will find ways and means to integrate into our society, marry our people, and impose on our generosity. Should Malaysia face an economic recession or a collapse leading to a depression, we will be faced with a few million unwanted migrants, who will have no compunction in committing crimes to feed their hungry tummies.

50 years have shown that Malaysians from every race are peaceful and harmonious, who will never riot indiscriminately, but with the influx of foreigners who do not value our culture and peaceful co-existence, we could one day experience London Riots in downtown KL. Our Malaysian culture will disappear slowly but surely and so will our future.

Perwaja Eric said...

Kong as the trasnport minister should probe the MAS fiasco of Tajuddin Ramli in a way to salvage MCA image after the PKFZ scandal affecting its leaders.

Kong should as Nazri and Umno how the withdrawal of all suits against Tajuddin could save the Federal Government billions when it has entered the national folklore that it is the Malaysian taxpayers who are the real victims of the Tajuddin-MAS financial bailout in 2000 to the tune of billions of ringgit – starting with the RM1.8 billion government buy-back of Tajuddin’s 29.09 per cent stake in MAS at RM8 per share representing a premium of RM4.32 or 117 per cent over the market price at RM3.68 per share when the deal was signed on 20th December 2000 and followed by MAS police reports from 2002 that Tajuddin had caused the national flag carrier to suffer losses in excess of RM8 billion.

Tiger said...

Who to blame?

Anonymous said...

RE:Sorry to hijack here..lately news on MAS got me wondering with..

Can anyone here let me know what happen to the fellow who bought 1 million dollar paint for his office while he was the MD or something like that for MAS .? many thanks!

from: just a man on the street.

Anonymous said...

mac kong,

i tell you how to raid illegal empat ekor. your father ok with this? how about catching drug smugglers? ask your brother, kong.
you no shame, dirt?

Anonymous said...

Hi there Patrick,
Used to read ur old blog. Enjoyed it and still do.
If u don't mind me giving you a personal opinion of mine, I do find the niamah blog, real difficult on the eye. Guess it's due to the black colour background and all those colourful and bright advertisements that blind the eye.
It just takes the attention away from the writing. I did so much enjoy ur old blog, patrickteoh something something, since it was on white background and real simple and easy to read.
And as always, ur flair for writing is always so inviting. So I will try to read up on ur niamah blog. All the best, Mr DJ Teoh.

Anonymous said...


Patrick, you are the only one that is making sense in malaysian politic. Seriously.. no kidding. we want u to be the next PM

Anonymous said...

ah yoh..this ezam felow .want to burn also no balls .


Anonymous said...

yen yen? go suck a banana.

Signed :chinese

Anonymous said...

By using the same NEP ret@rds logic, the Christian world can now also ban all Muslims from preaching to Christians. Same for those Buddhist and Hindu countries. Put them in jail if they proselyte to non- Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Prosecute Tajuddin…all UMNO B crooks will come tumbling down ….like Humpty Dumpty…and their hero…Mahathir will be a proven crook with facts exposed…and more Muslims will vote for change.
Nazri is not protecting his own millions.
When the going is no good for crooks…they do unite and give one more shot …fooling Malaysians in whatever ways they can.
For Nazri to say RM500 million…not worth suing and better to negotiate…exposes what kind od a Minister he is.
Now that Najib’s case is proven to exceed RM630 million stolen….I am sure…Nazri will say..”willing buyer…willing seller”…nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

UMNO only wants to be in power, and it will not honour the so-called coalition of parties representative of their respective races. UMNO sticks to robbing the interests of other races for “Malays” so that UMNOputras could rob the country under the protection of Malay voters? It should be noted that “Malay” are not the Malays as intended by the founders of the nation.

MCA should have long left the party, and so should MIC. UMNO now thinks that it could replace Gerakan which is quite dead by a multi-racial party of DAP. KSU of Gerakan should read the message clearer than CSL for MCA has long been treated as a window-dresser for BN.

Anonymous said...

Somebody told me when Yen Yen was young she was pretty, hot and steamy. WOW!.......

Anonymous said...

to: 10.40 pau by who..?

Anonymous said...

YENNx2 steamy ???I did her big a dead fish !

Retired Self Considered Rich Playboy with a big cannon.