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Friday, September 30, 2011


And the award goes to.....

My sincere apologies for not updating the blog as often as I should. I have been very busy over the past couple of months trying to 'cari makan' (work for a living) is one reason. The other is that, for some strange reason, my domestic helper, who used to have the daily chore stopped buying The Star and I didn't ask why!!! And that has deprived me of one of my favorite sources of funnies and Niamah!!! material. Just this morning I was thinking about this and paused for a moment to consider making the short trip down 22 floors, walking across a 20-meter lobby followed by a 70 meter walk to the convenience store to get a copy of The Peoples' Newspaper. And the journey back.  I thought about it and .... nah! Then I got online to read The Malaysian Insider to look for some weekend funnies for Niamah!!! It's a bit lean I'm afraid.  But I managed to find a couple that might bring a smile to your faces ahead of the weekend.


The winner of the "I can't believe I actually said this and expect that people will believe me" Award is Deputy Minister of Information Communications and Culture Datuk Maglin D’Cruz when he said,

"......when the government wants to implement something we will always ask the people first. We cannot simply just implement it." Full story HERE.


And the winner of the "I know what I am saying is true but no Malaysian is even going to attempt to believe me and that it could happen" Award is former senior police officer, Mat Zain for saying,

"Any DPP has the power to prosecute the A-G if they want to. Anyone amongst them who has the courage and will. No one can stop them. Not even the prime minister." Phwaaar!!! Terror funny, right?
Full story HERE.

Have a nice weekend, folks


Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'd never have guessed...

Guess who?

"..........while one man standing in the road is a nuisance, a mere distraction, 10 men standing together are far harder to ignore. And if those 10 become 100, a thousand, a million, a billion even, they become force so big, so strong and so united in their common cause that those who espouse hatred will face a very simple choice. They can join us, or they can remain where they are and be crushed by the force of our collective will."

Who do you think said that? Bet you won't get it right.........

Prime Minister, Najib Razak. 
Oxford - 17th May, 2011

Read the full text of his speech HERE. But be prepared with a barf bag. Just in case la.


Friday, September 09, 2011

Get used to it people!

Our annual haze season. 

Malaysians can get used to anything. Or you might think that la seeing how we deal with things like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the roads we drive on etc. etc.etc.

Years ago when the water from our taps changed colour to that of kurang manis teh tarik we all made such a big noise. OI!!! How can man? We all pay money one you know. Baarger how can the government give us dirty water? Our children will get sick.  Then the government spun us some stories. Hiyah! The water pipes old already ma. Need time to change and need lots of money also. So take time lor. Be patient la. In the meantime, buy water filters lor. And man! Did we buy water filters! How many Malaysians became millionaires selling those things I wonder? And soon the conversation shifted from "How can the blaardy garmen not be able to supply clean water to its citizens"...... to ...... "Eh! What brand your filter ah? Mine is imported one you know?" ...... "Ya ka? Mine cost RM10,000.Yours how much?"

And all too soon we surrendered yet another one of our fundamental rights as tax-paying citizens. And got used to water filters becoming an essential of living in this country.

Then we were told that in order to develope our country into the 21st century we needed a better system of roads. And that we needed to privatize expressway building cos the government didn't have enough money to build them fast enough. This meant that we had to pay tolls to use these expressways. How can? We all made noise about it for a while. Even as these expressways just charge us for getting our cars into grid-locked traffic jams faster than usual. But we soon got used to it and stopped making noise. And we surrendered something else again. Although I am not sure having good roads free-of-charge is a right of a citizen la.

Then a few years ago we had our first sniff of the HAZE.  When it first drifted over to our shores Phwaaar we made so much noise that the corridors of Putrajaya shook man. We did, right? To the extent I think ministers were sent over to 'solve' the problem. And those pharmacy flers sold surgical masks like hot cakes. The meteorological department published daily updates on air quality. The newspapers were full of stories of children affected, coughing, lung problems etc. and kept out of school.

And then our tourism flers said that publishing air quality reports affects tourist arrivals and therefore would adversely affect our revenue. The reports stopped. But the call for blood of those flers burning the forests in Indonesia continued. And so somebody released the news that the fires were actually set by oil palm plantation owners clearing land for planting. And that most of these plantations were Malaysian-owned!!! Oh dear! How can man?

And then news about the haze began to disappear from our media. Sales of masks slowed down. And we went about life in Malaysia as though nothing was amiss. Oh yes, we still do cough and tear a bit la. But it's an annual affair ma, this haze thing. Nothing we can do what.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Everybody! This is awesome. Watch it and spread it around to all your family and friends and all Malaysians who care to make Malaysia what it can and should be.


Monday, September 05, 2011


Pete Teo's PSA project promoting the Vote. Directed by Benji Lim. Vocal performances by Afdlin Shauki, Namewee and Kuli. Cameo appearences by politicians and celebrities. Full video release on SEPTEMBER 16, 2011. Join in to be notified.