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Friday, September 09, 2011

Get used to it people!

Our annual haze season. 

Malaysians can get used to anything. Or you might think that la seeing how we deal with things like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the roads we drive on etc. etc.etc.

Years ago when the water from our taps changed colour to that of kurang manis teh tarik we all made such a big noise. OI!!! How can man? We all pay money one you know. Baarger how can the government give us dirty water? Our children will get sick.  Then the government spun us some stories. Hiyah! The water pipes old already ma. Need time to change and need lots of money also. So take time lor. Be patient la. In the meantime, buy water filters lor. And man! Did we buy water filters! How many Malaysians became millionaires selling those things I wonder? And soon the conversation shifted from "How can the blaardy garmen not be able to supply clean water to its citizens"...... to ...... "Eh! What brand your filter ah? Mine is imported one you know?" ...... "Ya ka? Mine cost RM10,000.Yours how much?"

And all too soon we surrendered yet another one of our fundamental rights as tax-paying citizens. And got used to water filters becoming an essential of living in this country.

Then we were told that in order to develope our country into the 21st century we needed a better system of roads. And that we needed to privatize expressway building cos the government didn't have enough money to build them fast enough. This meant that we had to pay tolls to use these expressways. How can? We all made noise about it for a while. Even as these expressways just charge us for getting our cars into grid-locked traffic jams faster than usual. But we soon got used to it and stopped making noise. And we surrendered something else again. Although I am not sure having good roads free-of-charge is a right of a citizen la.

Then a few years ago we had our first sniff of the HAZE.  When it first drifted over to our shores Phwaaar we made so much noise that the corridors of Putrajaya shook man. We did, right? To the extent I think ministers were sent over to 'solve' the problem. And those pharmacy flers sold surgical masks like hot cakes. The meteorological department published daily updates on air quality. The newspapers were full of stories of children affected, coughing, lung problems etc. and kept out of school.

And then our tourism flers said that publishing air quality reports affects tourist arrivals and therefore would adversely affect our revenue. The reports stopped. But the call for blood of those flers burning the forests in Indonesia continued. And so somebody released the news that the fires were actually set by oil palm plantation owners clearing land for planting. And that most of these plantations were Malaysian-owned!!! Oh dear! How can man?

And then news about the haze began to disappear from our media. Sales of masks slowed down. And we went about life in Malaysia as though nothing was amiss. Oh yes, we still do cough and tear a bit la. But it's an annual affair ma, this haze thing. Nothing we can do what.



Tiger said...

As usual, we "have" to live with it.
How much more can Malaysians take?

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
There is nothing we can do if alone. If we all want to, we can!!!!!!

WE can all vote to change the people governing our nation.

This can be done during the elections.

Get the word around. Inform all your friends of the mismanagement happening.

Be patriotic to our nation.

Save it from going to ruin.


Anonymous said...

Pat, by exposing all these inconvenient truths you are getting nearer to be scolded by perkosa as traitor to the country ripe for stripping off your citizenship, But if you would quickly do a U-turn and spin to praise the men in power for great work done, be surprised for nomination as a datuk.Get smart Pat, go for the latter like all msm editors.You must be a greedy man first, a malaysian second or last.

caravanserai said...

The haze the smoking cloud
In the morning going to the night
Occasionally there is the sun
It tries hard to get its rays down to us

I remembered in Langkawi
The first time I heard of haze
That year was 1997
The haze came white smoking screen

So it was
Every year the haze blanket the sky
The people seem getting used to it
The newspapers dare not write as much anymore

Yen Yen doesn't want to score low KPI
She wants the country to feel the tourist dollar
Streaming down to the tourist spots
No bad publicity woe to her budget

During the time of the sleeping beauty
It was found the plantations owned by Malaysian companies
No action was taken at our soil
It just hung up in the ceiling as a decoration

Now government officers talk
Meeting in Thailand quietly on a low key
What to discuss it has become a yearly affair
Wooing each other without a permanent solution

The haze in our sky
It blinds the government eyes
Now the illegals got citizenship
For the power cooking up the wealth

Anonymous said...

so far nobody die yet , so gomen can take their own sweet time to resolve the issue,by the way so many embarrassment toward us malaysia-niamah ,i think boat people exhange from aussie is a big blow-just one of them
Niamah gomen ,make us look like hooligan country
frog under the well!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia govt. want to complain Indon gomen....Slap you ..! Indon reply !

Anonymous said...

Penises in central to woman orgasm

SandraC said...

u are right..we so easily forget n lose the spirit to fight for what is RIGHTFULLY ours. clean water, clean air for us and our future generations. stupid G

Anonymous said...


Same thing applies to corruption also. We have been making blardy noise about corruption being out of control from the time of a certain premier who is alleged to ask for 10% commission for every project/contract awarded by his administration that he is dubbed Mr.10 Percent. Now we make even more blardy noise about corruption and guess what, we now find out that the 10% has gone up to 30%.

But have no fear, despite us making more and more blardy noise on the now epidemic scale of corruption, the government knows that we have gotten used to corruption so much so the government is giving us the middle finger and telling us "Niamah, so what. What can you blardy do? Vote us out of power? You gotta be joking because we have an instant voter base that will ensure we will continue to win the erections and stay in power. You blardy niamah peasants should be happy our corruption is only at 30% commission. Get used to it, ok. And bugger off now"

Anonymous said...

seriously pissed with the government... but what can we do? Blog like Patrick Teoh? LOL

Anonymous said...

How to solve problem Malaysia 101.

1)When the police start Shooting at us then we start selling kevlar vest lor.

2)When the English level teruk we just employ British Teachers la.

3)When proton car window cannot open then open the door la.So stupid like that also have to teach ah ?

4)When people talk so much in the internet we just confiscate the computers lor.

5)When our students not enough A mah make it easier la easy wut.If not how to score As

6)when Teoh Beng Hock Die suicide or homicide or chiak sai mah put forced to suicide lor.

7)When too many illegals come mah give them free ic kautim la. Why think so hard ?

8)To become high income nation we just increase the pricetag lah whats the big that mah high income la.

9)When crime rate so high we just make more roadblock la, better wut.High income nation mah.

10)When patrick teoh tiuniamah mah tiuniamah lor, he havent tiu his apah wut.

11)When the people die on the roads during raya we give free coffee at petrol station la, then they wake up lor.

12)When Singapore lansi say this say that we just shutt the main pipe la, then they will shut up.

13)When Communist wanna become hero then we change history la British hero wut, never see james pon meh ?, so easy also cannot do meh ?

14)When we are not at par as singapore then we say we are better than myanmar la. Forever they cannot be better than us wut, if not why they come here ?

15)When people cannot get along mah put them 1malaysia la.

16)When Patrick tokkok we talk hai la.

17. When the building collaspe mah build new one la, 100 storey more space wut, okay wut.

18.When wikileaks leak so much, the women tiap tiap bulan also leak wut, so what ?

19.If Avatar so good means 911 never happen lor !!!

20.Jimmy Choo Shoes so famous who can beat Malaysia product ?

When the Sky Drops then we use it as blanket la.

Why you all so worried ?

Uncle Lim

Henley said...

yaloh.. the haze thing is seasonal the durian, rambutan mangosteen fruit season lorr..hehe

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

No lahhh... your cough, soar throat and whatever are from durian la!

Anonymous said...

hey, get used to it.

merdekaraya said...

Thanks to the 'historians from Umno', we will soon have to get used to the fact that the British did not colonise (jajah) us but merely administered (menaung)the states of Malaya.

But I wonder at that time why we had to ask God to save their king and queen and not our sultans? And why did we have to fight to regain the "administration" of our country? Are we expected to believe these eminent professors?

If we were not colonised, then what we have been celebrating on every Aug 31 since 1957 has been a big lie as we should also ask we 'merdeka' from what?

Anonymous said...

Mat Sabu is not entirely wrong. The British wanting to leave in a hurry identified a Malay class to helm political power, one which will keep safe their interests post independence according to the rules of the 'free world', when such a class was found and allied to, others got lumped as the bad guys..this outclassed group Chinese malays etc aligned with another world power the 'totalitarian group' socialists communists etc.

The schism widened and became violent. The malay class which helmed power prevailed and wrote itself into history as the valiant and victorious good guys.

Anonymous said...

Water, road, haze and the nation got bullied over the issue of Indonesian maid too !!!

pelindung said...

When the author degraded the Chinese and Indians in the Interlock, why there were no actions taken?

The Japanese killed thousands if not millions of innocent Malayans during the Japanese occupation, why are we still using Japanese products?

Just because Mat Sabu is from PAS, there is this hue and cry, but if he is from UMNO or Perkasa, BN will say he is entitled to his personal opinion and no actions will be taken.

Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

niamah !! Why is loctor mamak fro kerela said 911 not done by muslim?

i sure hell hope not too...maybe it is done by benggalo from kerala...!!

How much niamah can one take ????

Donna said...

can we actually go sue them??
because i've been coughing for 3 freaking monthss already..

Wira Karipap said...

Tun Mahathir says, ”Malaysia was never colonised by the British but insisted that their advisers acted as if they were the rulers instead of the Malay Sultans.”

This is like saying, I’m not a burglar, I just broke into your house to “borrow” some valuables and cash.

If Dr Mahathir were a historian, the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by the US Government instead of Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! now I can tell those bagger in the west that we enjoy three seasons in Malaysia, dry season, wet season and haa.... haze season....

Antares said...

It would appear that the palm oil industry has become almost as destructive and polluting as the crude oil industry. Drilling for crude oil pollutes land and sea, while large-scale planting of oil palms pollutes land and air, Eat your money money money and die die die!

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, those are nothing man! We Malaysians are tough people!

For over 50 years, Malaysians have been sticking their heads in the sand with their arses sticking up. We let Barisan Nasional play our back and we even pay them in the form of taxes. Everytime, we make a whimper, these BN goons will use the whip and scream bloody murder. And we Malaysians will go back to doing our ostriches, and get our backs played again.

Man, if we can stand 50-plus years of such hardcore stuff, what's traffic jam, yellow water and bad air!

Anonymous said...

but 911 was perpetrated by the us gomen just look at all the inconsistencies in the official 911 report

Anonymous said...

It is very sad why our media didnt mentioned that there were 3 Malaysian among those killed in 911 tragedy last weekend.

Wonder why ?

monsterball said...


monsterball said...

hi Pat...Long time no write.
I am amazed that you can have so much energy to expose the crooked government.. with so much details for us to read and learn.
Bless you, my friend.
I have not forgotten my promise to visit your restaurant.
It is a fact...I seldom and hardly go down to KL city....and when I do..the roads are so confusing.
Looking at the present situation...I say vast majority Malaysians are so sick of Najib and his band of robbers and thieves....spell doomsday for him.
The endless delay announcing the date for 13th clear evidence he knows what's coming.
All I know...his "around the corner"..for 13th a big big circle that may take a year to travel from one end to another.
Does he really know what is "around the corner" mean?
Sure he does.
His English is perfect...but his character...totally untrustworthy.