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Monday, September 05, 2011


Pete Teo's PSA project promoting the Vote. Directed by Benji Lim. Vocal performances by Afdlin Shauki, Namewee and Kuli. Cameo appearences by politicians and celebrities. Full video release on SEPTEMBER 16, 2011. Join in to be notified.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let us be proud to do our duty for our nation.

And to our elected leaders, no more "HARAP PAGAR, PAGAR MAKAN PADI"


Antares said...

Fabulous! Good to see the young & talented come out to reclaim this potentially magnificent country!

1Malay-sia(L) said...

this could be the right time...

Anonymous said...


Why you are not in the 'Nasi Lemak 2.0' movie but in the 'Karipap Karipap Cinta'?

Anonymous said...


Why you are not in the 'Nasi Lemak 2.0' movie but in the 'Karipap Karipap Cinta'?

MaiDeen said...

The govt try to make "1Malaysia" a magic brand that it will turn anything in the world from stone to gold. That's why you see all the bad service become good service after they stamp it with "1Malaysia" brand. The govt still believe everything can be fixed overnight, including people confident towards BN, service and the quality of the product.

If Najib really wanna help the poor, he should focus more on Malaysia economic not digging money from citizen. He raise the fuel price, electric cost, and now he open "1Malaysia" shoppe, so that everyone buy things from his shoppe. He just try to screw up the market with his superb low cost shoppe.

Ever time when I heard about "1Malaysia" I found myself being cheat with the word. Everything name with the brand "1" doesn't mean it is the only ONE, one standard, single price or unique. It means many. The "1Malaysia" show is trying to open as many shoppe as possible to beat 7Eleven and Mydin. Does it mean "1" shoppe with "1 price"?

Just laugh at it when I see "1Malaysia" brand. If the brand is so powerful to turn everything bad to good, expensive to cheap, bad service to good service, or etc.

Karipap Bonceng said...

More UMNO stupidity: demanding that Mat Sabu return the expenses for his medical treatment. I don’t know what his contract says but most companies would cover their employees 24 hours/day, whether they are working, commuting to work or buying roti canai for their grandmother’s supper.

So while on this subject, I would also like Najib to refund MY money that he spent using govt vehicles while campaigning during the last GE. He was definitely representing UMNO and not the govt during this period. You want proof? There is a photo in the STAR showing him dozing off next to his daughter in a govt owned private jet.

Anonymous said...

sounds like pergi lah...puki lah ..or something ..

Karipap 2.0 said...

When Umno feels threatened as it does now, it plays the Malay race card, warning of some imaginary threat to Malay political power. When the party is in this mode, everyone who is not of the same thinking and religion is an enemy.

How do you build a united 1Malaysia with this racist thinking?

Anonymous said...

Niamahwee ..that's what Imbrahim the Clown called him.

People want to meet PM ,he also want to meet PM..

betul..comical this fellow!

monsterball said...

This is our election song now?
In the 60s...the late..fat comical Zainal Alam...election different.
Modern one..much lively and funny.