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Friday, September 16, 2011

UndiLah. The video

Watch and spread it to all you love and care about.


Amin said...

I think it is a good video clip. Potraying people from all walks of life.

But why balck and white?

In Color, better!!


Anonymous said...

Great video! Shared on my blog, the black & white do bring meaning.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! Pergi beramai-ramai untuk mengundi !

Buka mata anda besar-besar dan undilah !

Undi Patrick boleh ke ?

Patrick boleh !


Anonymous said...

"CHANGE"-- Yes We Can!!!

CinaTuaJilatDuitNamedPatrick said...

Pukimak Patrick,
You sow hatred towards BN government (we love that), but you let yourself to be used as propaganda agent by acting in the BN-governed LHDN advertisement.
It just show how hypocrite you are, and like some Hindraf and BERSIH leaders, you are a snake that should never be trusted.
Fuck off and rot in your disgusting shack. Pakatan Rakyat are better off without people like you.
So undi Patrick?? Lanciau!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! Undilah... make your vote count...Change now or never!!!!!! Malaysia is our country,we must uphold its sovereignty, integrity,dignity through the violence please...

Suarakami said...

Najib, if you are not afraid of Anwar or rather Pakatan.

Do the following;
1) call of the sodomy charges so that Anwar can focus on challenging you in coming GE
2) don't call election until all the 8 requests by Bersih 2.0 are met.
3) Free up media so they can be independent. This means no political party is allow to hold any shares in media company.
4) once all the above are done, call for GE.

Otherwise, it means you are scare of Anwar and more importantly Pakatan.

Leslie Teoh said...

That Cantonese rapper on 'Malaysian Boy' video (Suarakami theme song?) is cool.

What is his name?

But it is cooler now to rap in Hokkien.

எந்திரன் said...

In any poltical parties, there are bound to be hawk and extremist within. The larger context is that the citizens of Malaysia are the major stakeholders of this nation. Any laws that stifle freedom of speech and expression is against the very tenent of "basic human rights".

Rakyat will eventually VOTE out an "authocratic and arrogant government. The evolution to full democracy may be slow but it will surely be there. I for one had voted for Pas before and will do it again.

Fan of The Show said...

My first time on this blog. Hey, I know that voice - it belongs to this chap who was "The Mystery DJ" on the Coca Cola's "The Cool and Swinging Show" way back in 1971/ 72(?). The show started with the infectious drum beats - from the theme of the original Hawaii 5-0 TV serial. Will definitely re-visit

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Certainly I vote your LHDN video clip! Very touching!

Apparently there are a lot of senior citizens that are being left in the old folks home by their children.......

The story line in your video clip differs though...

Ex TDC Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Good News! The DPM who refuses to call himself Malaysian suddenly remembers that his wife is HALF Indian! Is that why UMNO has been F***ing the Indians? Now he wants to help "Indians" to enter the main stream. I am worried about entering any stream. I am Indian. I cannot swim lah!.

tatami said...

Is the ISA repeal another whitewash, a vote buying exercise for the upcoming general elections or a ploy to boost flagging ratings for our beleaguered Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak?

I think it is all of the above.

nkkhoo said...

I can't understand why people get fidgety every time Najib or other BN leaders for that matter, start to embark on a transformation program or something to that effect. Najib is so desperate that he is paying foreign consultants to have 'cool makeover'.

People with more matured minds will not easily get swayed by all these gimmicks. It is those who are simple-minded and with less access to the real world that are susceptible to their pretence. So, hold your horses and refrain from issuing statements that could turn out in favour of BN. Time will tell if these so-called promises will be fulfilled. Don't waste your time playing mind games with them. Meanwhile, it's best that the opposition focus their energies on more pressing issues that affect the livelihood of the ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

Describing Najib as cool, really makes me wanna throw up. Sheesh, the things media does to try to portray something that is infinitely far away from the truth. I wash my eyes, I put on 'Alcon' eyedrops, I rub them, I squint and squint looking at Najib's face over and over again and I am never able to see the 'cool' that is in Najib. Am I supposed to cross my eyes so that both my eyes coming together, like you know nerds do, and then look at Najib to see his coolness? Oh, I get it now, that's how one does it, to get the impression of Najib's cool.

Anonymous said...

niamah hai . good advise from one fellow - dont show of your stolen money after people dont respect lah.
slowly ..slowly use body can find out wan.....

as for me GOD knows what i do therefor i cannot curi and rasuah. no matter how i justified the action.

Salsarina said...

Can't you guys ever accept the fact the when the weakling PM says one thing, his deputy and others will do the opposite... Forget ever there's democracy in Malaysia. We only have problems in Malaysia.. CORRUPTION

wild hog said...

Ku Li merely mentioned problems in general, ones that many of us already knew anyway. But the point that he's making in this video is that as citizens we should be concerned about those problems in society and voting is one of the important ways of making sure that those problems would be addressed and resolved by the chosen leaders concerned.

And if the appearance of Opposition politicians in the video clip is a problem to the powers-that-be, then the Najib administration should stop the charade of wanting the best democracy this side of Mother Earth! Opposition politicians, by the way, are legitimate personalities in a real democracy.

Bini Gangster said...

Undilah video taken off-air over Ku Li speech, opposition figures:

Truly Niamah.
One more reason to reject BN.

Bonceng said...

Banning a video that encourages people to vote? Now that's malaysian world-class democracy?

Something is seriously wrong with this BN administration. They seem to fear their own shadows and everything informative is deem to be sensitive. What is the point of repealing the ISA when even a video calling on the people to vote is treated with such disdain?

Surely, Malaysians must have better grey matters than those in UMNO to decide what is right and what is wrong. The taking off of this video will be another Bersih 2.0 to UMNO/Najib, only minus the police. And the cousins will be in damage control modes very soon.

Something must be very wrong somewhere in the administration. Why is the Government so sensitive over such a small matters calling on eligible voters to register and vote? Never had we seen such a high handed administration in the history of Malaysia! There are just too much contradictions within the administration itself, add the weak Prime Minister, this country is running on auto mode !

Malaysians, aren't you tired of people telling you what you can do, what you cannot do when you are of voting age and a full adult? Let us once and for all dump this useless and reportedly hugely corrupt administration out for good come PRU 13! Even if we cannot win Federal powers, dump them out in as many states as possible in the Peninsular. Malaysians must speak out, wake up and show the world that we are ready for change and will not be controlled by a few mediocre leaders! Malaysians, Malaysia call upon you to Selamatkan Malaysia, come PRU 13!

nkkhoo said...


老翁 said...


Nur kasih said...

MCMC's directive to Astro and Media Prima to ban airing 'Undilah' has ridiculed Najib's claims that Malaysia is the world's ‘best democracy’.

Anonymous said...

BN appears to treat the rakyat like fools; it vexes us with sodomy trials, sex tapes and the rewriting of history. Then, in an attempt to bolster our flagging spirits, it tell us that the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be abolished and Malaysia made the “best democracy in the world”

These are 'problems' implicitly highlighted in Undlilah video.

So BN is not happy. Thus MCMC is called upon to ban it on TV.

Anonymous said...

and now this video is being withdrawn by MCMC~~~~~ walaueh! whats with it????

Anonymous said...

Ini video-clip mana ada standard punya. Background mural pun ntah apa-apa dgn cat mengelupas, apa malaysia ni kat dlm ghetto ke apa?. Ini org mungkin banyak suka pegi back-lane sbb bnyk gmbr back-lane. Amik gmbr parlimen pun tak ada respect, dari bawah fly-over. Itu sharifah amani pun memalukan wanita melayu dgn aksi yg ntah apa-apa dgn baju kurung melayu. Artisitik lah konon.. Ada pulak rostrum dgn tulisan 'nasi lemak' dgn tong gas. Konon nak ingatkan org tentang nasi lemak 2.0 lah tu. Sign-board 'hospital Tung Shen tu kira nak flash-back incident Bersih Rally lah konon.. Sign-board 'DER' tu plak apa? Perli lah tu.. Dia org sendri suka pegi standard punya hair dressing saloon, tapi letak gmbr bac-lane barber. Degrading M'sia betul lah! Then tehre is this pregnant lady terkinja-kinja dpn bangunan yg architecture melambangkan seni bina Islam as it looks exactly like a mosque. Tak ad respect dgn org punya religion. Do that in the church lah!. Umbrellas ( yg memayungi seseorang dr unsur2 yg tak frenly) bening taken away from 2 malay/muslim men in front of a mosque. Lu mau imply apa ni??? Best part: trying to degrade the PM at 3:37 secs. AND putting Ku Li as the 'narrator' or 'main-cast'??? Oh..ho..ho..hoo. U think people stupid ah? Who knows skali Ku Li blakng pusing in the elections..and HE being the main-cast of the UNDIlah clip!! Woi!! Yenggeterima?? Yenna sollei?? Mau cari mkn bikin filem, bikin baik2. Mau masuk politik, masuk terang2. jgn main sembunyi2. If the maker of this clip thinks that his job is very 'artisitic'...I think its SHIT !!!.

Huang Fan said...


I got pleasant surprise to see you on Nasi Lemak 2.0 as the food judge. Wonder why your face is not shown in the movie poster - sure can sell more ticket one, right?

Also, cannot understand why your superstar name is not on the poster credit? Scare it cannibalize the box office of Karipap Cinta?

Watching you speaking cantonese already worth the ticket price. Namewee did not pay you enough to utter Niamah in the show?

The guy speaking broken English in the show is cool.

Nasi Lemak 2.0 is a great movie.
Die Die also must watch one.
Karen Kong is so cute with thick eyebrow.

Better see the show, at least to see Patrick Teoh speaking Ipoh-style cantonese.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks Huang Fan. I am glad you enjoyed Nasi Lemak 2.0 Yes it is a great FUN watch.

Mine was just a cameo role so I guess it doesn't warrant credit on the poster la. But whatever it is I was glad to be part of Namewee's debut feature film.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You 'movie time' on Nasi Lemak 2.0 is longer than Reshmonou's (Han-tu Ya) but he can appear on poster but not you? Strange.

I hope there will be a sequel.
We have enough local talents instead of enriching the pockets of Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Henry Thia whose movie quality has gone downhill.

What say you?

Perhaps Patrick Teo of Metrowealth is now brave enough to make local Chinese movies.

Yong said...

Hey Anon 4:44PM

It is David Teo of Metrowealth, not Patrick Teo.

Anyway David Teo Abdulah is more interested in milking Finas fund by making standard-recycled- formula malay movies.

We have noticed many talented local Chinese actors/actresses.We should support local Chinese movie industry as Singapore has been tapping our talents to make money off Malaysian audience.

Patrick Teoh is talented in 3 languages to act in malay, English and Chinese movies. He should led his support for Chinese movies after his superb performance in Nasi Lemak 2.0.

Anonymous said...

Sekarang ini Najib sedang menjelajah negara dan ber “shopping” undi. Beli sana dan beli sini. Jika menang lagi boleh cari lagi wang untuk menggantikan yang telah di belanjakan dalam masa sibuk membeli undi sebelum PRU itu. Keadaan akan menjadi seperti biasa kembali....pemimpin sibuk menyaingi rakyat untuk berniaga dengan bermodalkan kuasa yang di berikan rakyat tadi.

Walaupun “Melayu tidak akan hilang di dunia ini” tetapi “Melayu akan hilang dunianya”. Syabas Umno kerana Melayu sudah beransur-ansur hilang dunianya hasil dari perjuangan parti ini.

Marsiling Uncle said...

Huang Fan

I am a Singaporean and my family enjoy Nasi Lemak 2.0 in JB cinema yesterday. I hope it is screened in Singapore to wake up Jack Neo.

Patrick is really versatile.
Too modest to call his role as cameo.

Anonymous said...

Glad that namewee f@3#% off Fauziah of Utusan for criticising nasi lemak 2.0 without even watching it.

Fauziah prefers to naik bonceng, eat karipap khurafat, santau with mat rempit as a bini gangster. No wonder tak ada otak langsung.

Jackson said...

a little late but, Hay, Long Time reader of ur blog, was surprised when i saw Nasi Lemak 2.0 and saw u inside...never heard u mentioned it in ur blog! glad u took part in it and u did very well ^_^

Anonymous said...

It is not coincidental UMNO has decided to appeal more to the Malay voters because they have done their maths. First, they possess the advantage to draw and redraw constituencies to favour voters supporting UMNO. Second, they have systematically allowed Muslim immigrants to outnumber the Chinese, Indians and non Muslim bumi in Sabah and Sarawak. In fact many non Malays have left the country not to return again. Such a strategy can only be based on one assumption – that the majority of the Malays are still in favour of exclusiveness, privileges and supremacy.

Libas kaw kaw said...

Ordinary Malays do not have the protection and are dignified! Only UMNO Malays need the protection because they are a lazy lot that are used to getting easy money!

Today, Najib asked the Malays to have dignity and shed protectionism! Guess what? Can place my last ringgit bet with you, tomorrow or a few days to come, Perkasa/Muhyddin will say otherwise! The turmoil in UMNO is so intense and PRU 13 is UMNO's to lose!

Malaysians, let us for once vote out this incorrigible UMNO/BN and give Pakatan Rakyat a chance. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Most important mission to achieve our vision is to first totally wipe out MCA/MIC/GELAKAN in the peninsular. That means another 20 seats for Pakatan! Salam Reformasi! Selamatkan Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

One of the main allegations that MCA makes against DAP is that it is a party of opportunistic and bankrupt politicians who are constantly criticising for the sake of criticising. But that negative perception no longer holds true in the eyes of many Malaysians, especially since 2008. People can judge the difference in governance now between BN and Pakatan, particularly DAP’s leadership in Penang and the crucial role it plays in Selangor. You can fool some people sometime but not all of them always.

wah lao eh said...

Marsiling uncle

Please note that Nasi Lemak 2.0 will be screened in Singapore cinemas in October.

Happy watching!

Anonymous said...

So Jabba the Hutt has struck the first blow against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s new reform package barely two weeks after it was announced.

Despite promising to give more latitude to the media, his administration’s knee-jerk response to the “Undilah” video has only demonstrated that old habits die hard — if something disagrees with you, ban it.

The issue for me is not whether Pete Teo had intended to draw parallels between Najib and the hermaphroditic mob boss.

Only Teo truly knows the answer to that and, even if the allegation were true, the last time I checked it wasn’t a crime to be a hypocrite (in this case, to be allegedly partisan in what was intended to be a non-partisan project).

The issue is the disproportionate reaction of government to the perceived slight. To think the wheels of our state machinery were put in motion for what is, at worst, a sly but harmless dig at the current administration.

Anonymous said...

Undilah Pakatan!

I decided after watching Najib's Merdeka Day speech.

Negaraku said...

Patrick, you purposedly sparked anger among many malays who are still angry towards Namewee for his past racists remarks. You are insensitive, and all I can say is you are among the people who like it when Negaraku being rediculed. "Undilah" I doubt it that Namewee ever voted before.