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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I need help deciphering this one as well. Really one. Anyone understand please explain okay?

I think he or she is trying to tell you something .

Probably you was once his icon in broadcasting . You may have been once a well balance person in your outlooks . Now you have turned into a person who disregard the reality . As you have aged you have transformed to be a mind blowing chauvinist . Your chauvinistic consciousness has reflected in your musical play recently .

I felt the same way too . Though the musical concert was in perfect harmony musically but the plot had the undertones which were irritating and perhaps unnecessary to be in the plot lines .

The musical journey you mentioned was a journey to remember our differences , to laugh together , to learn our mistakes and to celebrate our diversity . For many , It is a painful journey to remember and how much we try to learn to live together with our differences there are always some who try to rock it .

Our dream and vision of a land of harmony , understanding and laughter are just the dreams of a dreamer . 



Tiger said...

Er, I believe he's trying to say:
I can't write in proper grammar because BN decided to forsake the future of our young Malaysians by ditching English aside.

I may be a sane person (or not), but my thoughts cannot be expressed properly due to the gradual screwing-up of our national schools.

My special thanks to the MisEducated Ministers."

ok translation for you, Patrick?

ordinary malaysian said...

@Patrick, why don't you try google translate? Maybe they can help. I no speak the local lingo lah. It will make you loco, man!

new fart said...

Patrick, literally translated, I think what this goon is trying to say is.....GTFO if you don't like it here and go back to where your ancestors come from! After all we are just pendatang here.
This should be about the right translation I think..............

sam said...

maybe, just maybe, he's trying to say...

I don't like you, I like to live under the tempurung and I want to sound really sophisticated.

caravanserai said...

The frog wants to live
In its own shell forget others
Living by the sea feeling the rushing waves
The night whirring of the soft breezes

In that coconut shell
Nothing to see only darkness
It is bliss for once long ago
Nobody knows the frog hides there

The solitude of time
The frog feels great
Then the sound of ships anchor
The sound of footsteps

The voices it can't understand
The nights of soft breezes shared
The frog doesn't like it any more
It isn't king on its turf!

The nights of foreign sounds
It rattles its mind to sleepless nights
Open up its eyes it's like its own
Only the colors and religions diversify

Coexistence with the foreign voices
They look alike yet speak in different tongues
The world in the coconut shell
It has to evolve to suit the time

Anonymous said...

Dear Unca Patrick,

Let me look thru my made-in-china dictionelly ah..mmmm..

Man says onetime u velly good guy, now no loh, because now u mentally no balanced woh.

He also say hoh, your blain got blowjob woh! (How ah?)Something about this chauvinistic thing you have woh.

Wah lao eh..his engrand very powderful leh until my blain ah, smoke also come out woh.

Aiyah he say, why you all ah, whole life go & rock his and his kind's boat one?

He also say leh, unless u people stop telling jokes that are unfunny to him ah, koyak liao. No more harmony for us woh!!

Seriously, sometimes ah, can stay home and don't go watch concert mah, can or not?


Unca Pete

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Seriously, in the first paragraph,I think the commentor expressed that previously he was living happily, being ignorant of the real facts (Misinformed life).

In the second paragraph, he now sees the real situation but cannot accept the reality.

The next paragraph states that he would like to ignore the reality and go back to living in his own Ethopia.

He thinks that the idealims that were portrayed are not acheivable and therefore would most probably like to crawl back to the warmth of his coconut shell.

I am not able to afford the concert but I am sure you are not the person who influenced the whole show. Perhaps the poor guy should do some soul searching and find out what IS the meaning of 'CONCERT'


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

@SAM 1:45PM
I think I sound a bit like SAM 1:45pm. Only a bit more hot air.

My appreciation to you for allowing us to air our views.


Anonymous said...

I was going to try Google translate, but found out that Google hasn't got their Manglish -> English translation yet.

Hambali said...

Perhaps the nation has been let down by the likes of Trojan horse like RPK and Zaid who have sold their souls.

So it is easily associate Patrick as one since he celebrated his birthday with the blessing and support from The Star.

It makes me very sad since I have been a fan since the kee Huat radio show.

Anonymous said...

Some people are delusional.

Just because you get your inspirations from The Star, they think you're all against The Star.

Just because you're against BN, they think you're unpatriotic.

Just because you eat pork, they think you're against Islam.

etc, etc, etc....

Anonymous said...

i think just be consistent in thought and delivery to the people since you are more or less a public figure now.

The Star has degenerated into political machinery and your association by accepting the framed picture indirectly means you have succumbed to them and have appeared to be hypocrite now a laughing stock among some of your readers.

The only redemption to them is not to ever hang this framed picture in your restaurant to preserve your apolitical critic status.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

dY PAT..dont fuck them (cantonese).the peoplw who crticise you .you should deserved recognition . even from the STAR . why not ? after collecting your reward you still can fuck them north south east west left right ..???

keep it up.

Anonymous said...

this was written in another language and run through google translator (or babel etc). a rather common occurrence in bolihland these days, given the paucity of competence in english.

Anonymous said...

teohlogy to appear on the star soon?

that's in perfect harmony - niamah consultant for a useless paper.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Teoh tried to tell PPSMI malaysians that he has high standard Elite English.

I can understand but Naimah cannot.

This is the language of Malaysian English. If you cannot understand, try asking the young ones.

Anonymous said...

I think the message is this:
The writer had a deep feeling for someone when both of them are in the musical playing together.
But the relationship did not bear fruit and each going their way and the writer is telling the feelings now.Rite?

didi said...

Anon 10:34,

You either speak proper english or you don't. If you are going to write in english, at least try to write it properly. I'm offended that you said that's Malaysian English. Are we bunch of morons who can't learn a language properly? With people like you, it's no wonder Malay and English in Malaysia are going down the drain.

Hallelujah said...

Haha hire cybertroopers also hire yang tahu Bahasa Inggeris lah, but then yang tahu tu kebanyakannya pun dah takde dah kerja bodoh-bodoh dipergunakan.