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Monday, October 17, 2011


Can someone try and see if this can be deciphered into something that makes some sense?  I sure don't understand what the writer is trying to say. He's trying to say something. But WHAT???!!!

This is a comment I received to the blogpost "A Malaysian Musical Journey"......

' A perfect harmony ' hoop ! , a musical journey of ups and downs fantasizing of ' our dream and vision of a land of harmony ' hoop again ! 

Since the day of the second wave of immigrants stepped foot in the ' glorious land we call home , Malaysia ' as claimed , Malaysia has never been in the state of mind to ' celebrate our diversity ' and differences . It has always been the connotation of acceptance , tolerance and wisdom that superficially cultured that make us vaguely apparent ; nevertheless , a water tight and segmented society .

Yes we have the ' ability to laugh at ourselves , laugh with brethren ' and be self-criticism and be open minded to ourselves ' through the musical landscape of our country ' but throwing constructed words and thoughts in our head was an erratic bearing and an arbitration to the inevitably sensitive environment . 

No doubt , there is such configuration of democracy in theater , thus liberty of the audience prevails . But democracy and liberty are not absolute . It has to come with the sense of articulation . It is a responsibility to be articulated . 

Since it is a musical concert , it is musically and heavenly excellence but the some contents are ' sumbang' in its harmony . 



Anonymous said...

If the writer can't convince you, I think he or she wants to confuse you !

A very good tactic !

1Niamah !

Yo. said...


David said...

Maybe the fella used Google Translate.

Anonymous said...

C'Mon Niamah,

Dont pretend that you dont understand.

He obviously wrote in Malay and then used the internet to translate into English. Once it was converted to English, he used spell-check just to be sure everything was ok.

danielchowtzeyoong said...

what?!?!?!? it makes no sense...don tel me it is direct translate from BM...that might be the explanation...zzz

Anonymous said...

Don't know what the f'ck is he(or she)talking about.
May be someone with a 'rosak' brain.

Anonymous said...


It looks like something that has been through the stunning mill of google translate.


chenowith said...

he's trying to say 'i love you and good job with the musical'.

Anonymous said...


Now u know how our censorship work.

However, in this case it's more of a syok-sendiri act, as the writer is a known goon around the blogosphere.

Said something nasty & yet tried very hard to camouflage with flowery words!

Well-trained izzn't it?

Amos said...

Ha ha.

The most niamah story of the week was featured on The Star yesterday where Patrick & family is in perfect harmony with The Star to receive 'The Voice' award despite the paper being the source of niamah topics.

How ironic.

Maybe Patrick succumbed to the money (or the framed award)dangling in front of him by MCA via The Star?

It goes to prove that everyone has a price in Bolehland.

Truly Niamah!
The readers have been taken for a ride!

Anonymous said...

Dear Unca Patrick, drove me to tears..hehehe..hoo boy! I don't think I can decipher this bunch of gobbledygook anymore than I can read sumerian.

Looks like the gentleman did a direct translation from Google translator or something.Anyway, look how far we've come..25 years of education experimentations and flip-flops in policies.

Boy, this is rich!But I'll try to shed some light on what this chap is trying to say but remember this is only my take on it!! goes:-

He's saying that the illusion of harmony in M'sia is a hoot!
Also ah, he's hugely constipated that he cannot errr..discharge whats on his mind because its improper to do so.

Because the toilet is blocked and any further addition to the cesspool will endanger the delicate balance of nature.

He further admonishs that even though theatre affords you some dramatic license, it cannot be taken too far.(Who knows who may be sitting in the audience!!)

But all is well and good woh, he says. Enuff said.


Unca Pete

new fart said...

Wa! All the words so flowery one ah! Cannot la, how to understand, we are just ordinary folks neh, and with limited English vocab, we can only read and cannot understand la!
Wait, let me go get an Oxford educated professor to see if he can understand what you have written. Niamah Chibai!

Anonymous said...


All I can say is that the poor sod is really a confused fella/"felline"?. He/she tried his/her darned best with those "fantabulous bombastic" words that I got lost after reading the 2nd para.

Anyways your blog always attract readers of varying degrees of sensibility and senility which makes your articles worth reading and commenting on.

Happy Niamah afternoon to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Maybe this is the reason our UnEducation Minister decided that is is time to remove PPSMI.
This must be the epitome of the success of the Malaysian Education Policy.
You should have read the report on his explanation which I feel is also in the same frame of what the commentator is trying to express.....CONTRAFUSION!!!(my own connotation of contradiction and confusion)


Sudut Santai said...

Haha.. I wonder.. Google translate indeed suck (in Malay-English translation mostly).. even simple words can turn into bizzare words or no sense at all in other languanges.

the star newspaper said...

I think hes tryin to tell u guys the play is a bullshit but he cant tell u in a straight forward manner. Rite?

Anonymous said...

i think that guy is stoned!

peace to all!

Anonymous said...

He is trying to say he cannot get his tiny dick up and the wife is losing patience and starts browsing at NIAMAH site while waiting...


Anonymous said...

I think he or she is trying to tell you something .

Probably you was once his icon in broadcasting . You may have been once a well balance person in your outlooks . Now you have turned into a person who disregard the reality . As you have aged you have transformed to be a mind blowing chauvinist . Your chauvinistic consciousness has reflected in your musical play recently .

I felt the same way too . Though the musical concert was in perfect harmony musically but the plot had the undertones which were irritating and perhaps unnecessary to be in the plot lines .

The musical journey you mentioned was a journey to remember our differences , to laugh together , to learn our mistakes and to celebrate our diversity . For many , It is a painful journey to remember and how much we try to learn to live together with our differences there are always some who try to rock it .

Our dream and vision of a land of harmony , understanding and laughter are just the dreams of a dreamer .

dongui_1 said...

Hhaha, I suspect this is a case of google translating directly from either Chinese or BM.

Good luck deciphering the coded message!

Anonymous said...

This is what I got from Google translate to Malay.

Maybe someone can translate it to proper Inglish.

Menyimpai 'harmonis'!, Satu perjalanan muzik naik dan turun fantasizing 'impian dan visi tanah keharmonian' menyimpai sekali lagi!

Sejak hari gelombang kedua pendatang melangkah kaki di 'tanah gemilang yang kita panggil rumah, Malaysia' seperti yang didakwa, Malaysia tidak pernah berada dalam keadaan fikiran untuk 'meraikan kepelbagaian dan perbezaan. Ianya telah sentiasa konotasi penerimaan, toleransi dan kebijaksanaan yang cetek berbudaya yang menjadikan kita samar-samar jelas; namun, air yang ketat dan masyarakat bersegmen.

Ya, kami mempunyai keupayaan untuk ketawa pada diri kita sendiri, ketawa dengan saudara-saudara 'dan mengkritik diri sendiri dan berfikiran terbuka untuk diri kita sendiri' melalui landskap muzik negara kita 'tetapi membuang perkataan dan pemikiran yang dibina di kepala kita adalah galas yang tidak menentu dan timbang tara kepada persekitaran yang tidak dapat dielakkan sensitif.

Tidak syak lagi, terdapat konfigurasi itu demokrasi dalam teater, oleh itu kebebasan penonton wujud. Tetapi demokrasi dan kebebasan tidak mutlak. Ia datang dengan erti kata artikulasi. Ia adalah tanggungjawab yang akan bersendi.

Kerana ia adalah konsert muzik, muzik dan syurga kecemerlangan tetapi kandungan ada yang 'sumbang' dalam suasana harmoni.

赌懒 said...

Looks like The Star has sweetened The Voice with an award.

Very niamah indeed!

Puma & Cougar said...

Oxford University should be ashamed of producing a student who is prepared to stoops so low to destroy the future of an innocent 16 year-old boy simply to achieve his vicious political motive.

sam said...

maybe, just maybe, he is trying to say...

My brain is as blank as the 500GB hard drive. I need to be brainwashed but I don't like your operating system. Gimme umnOS.

Anonymous said...

This surely made his master of spin (pink lips Jib) proud that the talent is solid and carried on by his lackeys! Caution...WINGNUTS on the loose!

cram said...

I am intoxicated by the exuberance of words of the post. am very sure the guy who posted it do not know what he/she's trying to say.

niaaamah !