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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Malaysian Musical Journey

Harmony is just what you think it should be.

In Perfect Harmony is a musical concert produced by the Dama Orchestra. It is a musical journey which takes the audience through the musical landscape of our country during the past four decades.  On the journey we remember our differences and celebrate our diversity. We remember our dream and vision of a land of harmony, understanding and laughter. We applaud our achievements and learn from our mistakes. And we never lose the ability to laugh at ourselves. Laugh with our brethren. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun and all the other more than 100 ethnic groups that make up this glorious land we all call home. Malaysia.

But at the end of the day In Perfect Harmony is a musical concert. A show. And we all take away from it what we wish to. Such is the democracy of theatre. And the liberty of the audience.

I would like to share one audience member's take of the show that he/she saw at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) last night. But just to make things clear. The bunch of marauding bullies who attacked the Chinese man and his daughter were ALL Chinese! :-) Here, read this and think...

Not so perfect a harmony as depicted by the chauvinist Chinese!

I met an old friend at the pres club he works for a big corporation and asked me if I want to go see a musical titled "A Malaysian Musical Journey" (AMMJ) at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). So he gave me five complimentary tickets!
He said it was going to be good when the Solianos will start the night with my favourite Malay songs!
Well, it turned out AMMJ was not what it claimed to be. AMMJ should have been dubbed A Malaysian-Chinese Musical Journey, just one of those pathetic sad old story of how Chinese in this country struggled. No one else struggled just the Chinese.
But that is fine with me, they did help built the country, but please do not portray it at the expense of Malays, who were portrayed as a bunch of a marauding bullies attacking a Chinese man and his little daughter out to make a living.
When that scene was shown I bet you that crippled Chinese narrator was laughing so hard he would exclaimed "Niamah Melayu served you right!"
I was soooo looking forward to enjoying the show which I did, until that crippled Chinese narrator was jibing and making allusive and deprecatory remark on our prime minister by hinting the PM should, like Richard Nixon, resign because of being involved in an "explosive" in an unnecessary innuendo making reference to an alleged involvement of PM and the dead Mongolian woman.
Then this crippled Ciuniama Chinese made an unnecessary political remark about Mahathir Mohamad and Maggi Mee, very degrading indeed!
In the final analysis the musical was indeed very Chinese in essence, laced with a sprinkle of P.Ramlee and few Malay songs I did not stay to watch the second half of the musical I was disgusted.
Why can't a musical be a true depiction of a the essence of the journey it depicts, why must a frustrated crippled Chinaman destroyed my evening with an unnecessary political statement and innuendos?
To people like crippled Patrik Teo the narrator of the musical, with a good government do not for once that you think you can stage a musical anywhere in this country.
In the morning when you switch on the light of you fancy apartment or a house you live in or turning on a tap to take a shower there is government there, with a good stable government you will smell like a pig turd because in countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya everyone smell, not as bad as you though, because they have no water and electricity.


Anonymous said...

The truth hurts... some people just can't handle it and resort to personal attacks. Anyway, people laugh cos there is a grain of truth, whether it's "explosive" or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

wow..that is one angry man!! Like what he said, he went for a musical, then why dont he enjoy it as a musical perfomance? If one cant laugh at oneself, how are we gonna laugh with the world? This world is large but small in size and if everything we take it so seriously, how we gonna walk through the pathway of life? Are we gonna be black face all the time and angry all the time? Learn to laugh and the world will laugh with you and not at you....

Anonymous said...

So the tax-payers' money are really wasted on cybertroopers. FUCK! Malaysia Today is down again.

Anonymous said...

U can't expect a silo-dweller to look beyond the halo of light, that's been all the sky that he has been known of.

So why take offense? People, like that person, is scattering all over Bolihland. A simple throw of pebble will easily hit a few within a gathering crowd. A sad reality of our current nationhood.

BTW, the comment shown this person has no sense of theatrical presentation. He/she would properly saying the same thing with Les Miserable, Cry - my beloved country, A Schindler's list etc, by substituting the right descriptions of the characters at the Malayan counterpart!

Enuff of this pseudo-intellectual!

Tiger said...

Wtf is this guy ranting about?
I definitely can see by now that most of these pro-M supporters are deranged.
Er, it now looks like they can't see beyond color of skin, and that's all they care about.
I went to the show, Patrick.
Good job and well done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Omigosh!! Amazing! What can I say?!! Words temporarily escape me. Sad to think that such bile can come forth from such an (obviously) educated gentleman.

Why would someone lash out in this manner? Are we as a people so tightly bound by race? Does the mere mention or sight of another race automatically raise our ire?

Can we agree to disagree without being disagreeable?

Well, obviously some people are a little bit peeved with you Patrick. Good to see you can take it all in your stride!! (Note: No foaming at the mouth allowed!!)

Good dose of vitriol from that chappie...enuff to last me for at least 24 hours going around the house and shaking my head and muttering to myself..wah lao eh...that fella ah phwoar!! damn hot under his collar leh!


Unca Pete

ngiam said...


I bought the just-released RM6 original Nasi Lemak 2.0 DVD.

How an I get you to autograph it?

Anonymous said...

The budget is totally not balancing and loop sided. We will not vote Barisan cause the budget does'nt benefit us. Throw them out come GE13. Make sure they wont survive after that. Bloody stupid budget without any oomph. Whoever take care of our well being will get our support. Price of goods keep rising day by day but pay is not going up.Make us like a fool. We are not asking for sky. Year in year out pampering civil servant. Not enough food on the table who is going to give us. Definately not the corrupted government who plundered our wealth with whooping budget deficit. Rakyat won't trust you anymore. Bye Bye.

Anonymous said...

Really pity his family who attended the show with him, just another zombie wandering hopelessly.

Anonymous said...

Deepest sympathy for that sulking audience. When is this specie going to live outside the tempurung. They need clutches, need diapers 52 years this country still churn out this kind of jerk. No wonder foreigners still think Malaysians live on trees.

Mahathiew dreams Malaysia will be a developed country by 2020. dream on!!! Perhaps maybe can dream and lucky to achieve that by 2050.

Najib probably need another 1Malaysia Rehabilitation project to cater for that sad audience.

God bless him

tali buns said...

This is not unexpected in view of the emergence of the likes eg Ibrahim Katak Ali , the Obedience Wives Club, Dato Trios etc.

Anonymous said...

clever lah ..this dr.mamak can screw the poor kg folks like left right north south east west ...

..and they still considered him best.

chinese fuck him balls mah..public also say beari good fellow..

ah pu nai nai ....dieded oredi..long long time before ayam ber telor !

what a great country i am living in..full of surprise!

i love MALAYSIA.

Anonymous said...

cheh, this Mr. RM (his initials) is really butthurt over your show.

i went to his blog and almost everything there is about chinese conspiracies, as if chinamen are hiding behind coconut trees and waiting to rob him to get sports toto money. and he cannot tell the difference between communists and kuomintang!

bodoh betoi!

Anonymous said...

That was one very angry man. Why should anything be about race all the time? Ppl of all races enjoyed puteri gunung ledang, even if it did not show one single indian/chinese character. And he should not go around insulting anyone with disability. I feel sorry for him, his world must be very gloomy.

Steve Jobbers said...

This guy gets a free ticket and then takes potshots at an MCA-owned newspaper's event. Isn't he supposed to be shooting DAP? I guess when you spin racial stuff all the time you get confused about what you're doing. Anyway the part about Malays attacking an old Chinaman is an absolute LIE. Wasn't it from some old Hong Kong tearjerker 'Papa don't you cry' or something? That was Chinese on Chinese crime lah.

Isma said...

This reviewer is just another raving victim mentality lunatic. Who cares if he's hurting? Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that a person has to feel responsible for the misdeeds of his race? It is so typical with this puak-mentality! Having said this, I saw the said concert and readily confirm the bullies were Chinese actors. The stupid bugger probably was given a seat at the far back of the theatre, that he mistook the actors as his 'clans' - I sat at the front, row-E, for your info. I also would like to tell this person he is so lack of grace. Does his religion allow him to call others cripple? If he didn't like the show, there is no need to get personal.

new fart said...

Wat else can I add???? cybertrooper on the attack!

Steven said...

Patrick, what this galah is trying to say is, as long as the government provides water and electricity to the people, meantime they can rob, steal and rape, AND KILL, from the people, it is good government and you should be grateful for that! Shit, this is sound logic, isn't it? But then coming from these lots' brains, what else can we expect??? Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
I was at the show last nite with my teenage sons and little daughter. Even they found it fabulous!! The slapstick comments from the "DJ"were hilarious. I wish the Instant Cafe Theatre would make a comeback. It's good that we can all laugh at ourselves.

Anonymous said...

wah...didnt know their religion can do 2 somes ,3 somes and 4 somes..!

I am glad I was not born into something like that by law...

phew ..sweat!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Another 1TRAGICALLY FUNNY example of the group of 1DUNNOWHY FUNNY group.

Good to know that you are able to fish them out with your SARCASTICALLY FUNNY blog.



Anonymous said...

dear patrick, well i thought you put up a good show with your humorous and powerful voice. bravo. thanks so much

GD said...

This was DPM/our Education Minister today (16/10) on PPSMI: "Apart from having to learn a language which is not their mother tongue, our children are being made to study the two subjects in English as well,” he said, adding that studies had also shown that pupils would better understand a subject if it was taught in their mother tongue."
So the Tamil school fellas will soon be learning everything in Tamil including BM and English and likewise the Chinese fellas. Looks like our education system is going down the drain..

Ghaf said...

' A perfect harmony ' hoop ! , a musical journey of ups and downs fantasizing of ' our dream and vision of a land of harmony ' hoop again !

Since the day of the second wave of immigrants stepped foot in the ' glorious land we call home , Malaysia ' as claimed , Malaysia has never been in the state of mind to ' celebrate our diversity ' and differences . It has always been the connotation of acceptance , tolerance and wisdom that superficially cultured that make us vaguely apparent ; nevertheless , a water tight and segmented society .

Yes we have the ' ability to laugh at ourselves , laugh with brethren ' and be self-criticism and be open minded to ourselves ' through the musical landscape of our country ' but throwing constructed words and thoughts in our head was an erratic bearing and an arbitration to the inevitably sensitive environment .

No doubt , there is such configuration of democracy in theater , thus liberty of the audience prevails . But democracy and liberty are not absolute . It has to come with the sense of articulation . It is a responsibility to be articulated .

Since it is a musical concert , it is musically and heavenly excellence but the some contents are ' sumbang' in its harmony .

nstman said...

This country is full of sickos who are aided and abetted by paid Umno bloggers and agents. These sickos think the people should be grateful to Umno for even the air we breathe. These mutts think that we owe Umno an eternal debt.

Anonymous said...

A confession...

I am a malay, a bumi, my father died when I was still a kid. Had to go through all sort of difficulties in my life. My mother only work as clerk, we barely make it even for food.

In school I was sidelined by my teacher because I was not her favourite, the malays kid despise me and most of my friends were not malay. To make things worse the teacher even insulted me and my family, calling me names but at that age I barely even know abuses.
And these were malay Ustazah. I was sidelined from taking science class because they think that I am not qualified. Despite passion for science I was rejected merely because I am not the favorite.

After all those bad time in school life, I had the chance to enter University. But then again I was sidelined because I was not from science class. I had to fork out own money to go for IPTS with the other non-malays kids. Studied hard, and sometimes barely even get a chance to get decent meal, sometimes no meal at all.

After all these while, during University I met with lots of obstacles, I had an illness that almost took my life, only god knows how it was like. After all these, I found myself leading a spiritual life.. one that does not conform with Islamic teachings and just because of my belief again, I was threatened, and even risk getting persecuted by the states.

In their attempts to convinced me to go back to Islam, they blackmail me that if I leave Islam, I wont be a malay anymore.. a bumi, well.. what I thought was "after all these years and after all came to me and mention whether I am proud or otherwise being a malay?" Wasnt it not them that no longer consider me a malay, and what was worse was that only certain malays actually get help from them. I was sidelined and all that I have is my own hard work.

In truth, I dont give a damn whether I will lose the tittle of my race anymore. I am not proud of being a malay, not even Islam. Most of the leaders are fake, sex maniac and have inordinate love for money.

But today, it is quite obvious that I can no longer make much choice, it is either I stay to be repressed or leave. With both PR and BN being the same, where else would you go?

Anonymous said...

簡直是狗嘴里吐不出象牙......他媽的 !

Anonymous said...

If an arse want to compare 1Msia with fcuk-up bottom most countries like Egypt, Irag or Libya, then so be it. He obviously doesn't know that Malaysia used to be in the top of the list. So this arse turns on the tap and he gets water, and to him that's good government! What a loser in denial. Marther farking niamah!

chenowith said...

Whoever this person is, I think she/he may have read too much into it that she/he ended up confusing her/himself.

P.S: I've watched the musical and I thought it was good! Despite the fact that I don't EVER watch musicals! (yea performing arts isn't my cup of tea :P).But nonetheless, the young performers looked promising and the jokes were cleverly written and sophisticatedly told. Well done.

Hidup Melayu said...

i love tun mahatir. i think he is a good leader. i also love umno. is that wrong? should i be attacked?

I also have chinese gf? i have chinese friends. i dont know whats the big deal. her family also loves me even they know i support khairi. is that wrong?

i hope umno continue to lead the government. alhamdulilah

Anonymous said...

to 2.21. if your cina gf is a christain ,would you be stoned to dead?

no.2: will she be forced to believe your God.? ( she is born a free person not forced into any religion know?)

from: just a cina babi.

Anonymous said...

support thieves and robbers ?
so black is not black and white is yellow ?

Failed sad..

kera asli said...

that guy most likely an umno cyber trooper who's life depend on handouts. they are ultra-sensitive; whenever their mentor/s are being subject of discussion or any form, they will go into hysteria; macam kera kena belacan. why? they worry their handouts may be affected.

he shouldn't be at the show in the first place, he would certainly be in great comfort and satisfaction if he joins the Obedient Wives Club, that kind of joint most suited him perhaps:)

new fart said...

Hidup Melayu...ahem...umNO cyber-trooper, no, we don't like to attack YOU and neither do we like attacking your beloved APANAMA and your beloved um.....NO. What we do like attacking is what they have done WRONGS! And that includes ROB, STEAL, RAPE and KILL!!! Now, that's what we are attacking, not blindly loving like the way you did! You can have Chinese GF la, Indian GF la, African GF la, etc GFs la, for all we care. What you do personally is none of our business. But when you are voted government, paid public servants, and you ROBBED, STOLE, RAPED and KILLED, then we say FUCK YOU and GO TO HELL! So now, grab your tail and go back to big mama for more milk! Niamah Chibai!

Anonymous said...

This member of the audience is, by all accounts, a MELAYU, and an Umno one at that. He referred to Najib as 'our Prime Minister'. Hahaha. Well, he's not my PM, I didn't elect him, did you, all the commentors here? NO, we didn't.

Good thing you left half way, you are not welcomed to stay. Next time, please don't waste a good ticket to more deserving and appreciative audiences.

Anonymous said...

BTW, when the govt. provides basic facilities like water, electricity cigarette money for govt. scholars, where do you think the money comes from?? They come from tax-payers and funds from other taxes, i.e, some of us!!!! So we should be thankful for that???

Anonymous said...

Dearest Hidup Melayu......just because you have a Chinese GF and some Chinese friends make you a saint? Hidup UMNO ???? BTW, you aren't blind , are you? Maybe just a bit short on gray matter between your ears.

Hidup Melayu said...

you all jeles as usual... i love malaysia and i have multiracial friends because this is the BN way. Umno has led our country from the beginning and it is only apt that you lot be grateful.. u have to resorted to call me cibai because that shows ur mentality. thank Allah we dont live in China where 18 people walk by an injured girl without helping her but i think all the sepets in penang will do the same. u are all ungrateful to umno and bn. shame on u. HIDUP MELAYU< HIDUP UMNO, 1MALAYSIA!!! im happy to be a malaysian!

anon said...

Dear Patrick,

We enjoyed Perfect Harmony thoroughly. The narration, despite what others say, was in my opinion, key to the entire musical journey as it helped make the connection to that era.

It was really an engrossing, witty and humorous performance that brought back many memories, both happy and sad.

Congratulations for a wonderful evening and wishing there will more of such performances in the future.