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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

People unclear on the concept

As you probably know I am currently acting in a musical concert In Perfect Harmony. The concert is produced by the Dama Orchestra and is commissioned by The Star to celebrate their 40th anniversary. I play the role of the narrator who takes the audience on a journey of the musical landscape of Malaysia across the last 4 decades.

On October 16, which was my birthday, my family and the cast and crew of the concert, together with some members of The Star team decided to surprise me with a birthday party after the show. And The Star made a mock front page with my photo on it and presented it to me as a present. We had loads of cake to eat, laughed, had a good time.

That was it.

But there were people quite unclear on the concept. As evidenced by this comment I received after The Star published a story about the event in the Metro section the following day.

Comment on   ................ 

Ha ha. The most niamah story of the week was featured on The Star yesterday where Patrick & family is in perfect harmony with The Star to receive 'The Voice' award despite the paper being the source of niamah topics. How ironic. Maybe Patrick succumbed to the money (or the framed award)dangling in front of him by MCA via The Star? It goes to prove that everyone has a price in Bolehland. Truly Niamah! The readers have been taken for a ride!


p/s and so it goes on. Niamah has been online for years and there are still people who don't know what it is about....

The Star has degenerated into political machinery and your association by accepting the framed picture indirectly means you have succumbed to them and have appeared to be hypocrite now a laughing stock among some of your readers.


Gopeng Kid said...

( I meant that stupid ignorant fool who commented on The Star - doesn't know who's the REAL DEAL! )
Tai-Low PT, this fool does not deserve your faintest attention!

chenowith said...

hoop ! hoop again !

Anonymous said...



Marsha M said...

wow. you seriously get a lot of crap in the inbox, huh? i don't know what they are tokking about also. sorry..

jerky tempurung said...

Obviously case of jealousy. Suggest that idiot go see Saiful to help him get some kind of scholarship from Najib so that he can enroll with some drama school if he really aspire to be like you. Knowing this lazy umno cyber trouper, guess he better off jerking himself under his tempurung

Anonymous said...

Unca Patrick,

Just roll up the Star and swat this mosquito loh! As long as u can sleep at night soundly okay already mah unlike a lot of people like him who really don't know their reason for waking up in the morning.

Unca pete

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Did it ever occur to those people that The Star is trying damage control by trying to polish some apples.


Antares said...

This focuses attention on a fascinating issue: most folks just want to live the best possible life, mind their own affairs and have as much fun as possible doing just that.

Before the digital age brought information from alternative channels into our homes, we could happily ignore the shenanigans going on around us, be it financial or political or both (as money & politics enjoy ganging up & banging the sheeplike masses in their plump rumps).

Suddenly, everything has changed. Given virtually instant access to what's been happening on the political and busyness front (and we're still only seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg that sinks all Titanics), many of us can no longer claim ignorance and remain blissfully unaware of the dark side of everyday reality, indeed whatever makes us resort to shouting "Niamah!" Our old friends who made a career in advertising, public relations, journalism or showbiz are now seen to be in cahoots with the corrupt crony capitalist system... collaborators!

That's what this anonymous commenter is saying - and I bet him & his ilk also turned viciously on RPK for trafficking with TV3, accusing him of selling out. If you're an entrepreneur like Tony Fernandes it's almost impossible to avoid hobnobbing with the scum of the earth who have been in control of the world's resources for aeons.

Ramli Ibrahim had to ampu Rais Yatim when he was minister of culture... I have lost friends for criticizing the lifestyles of the elite, because they are part of the elite! So what do we do? Blow up The Star and everyone who works there? Some of them are my friends, okay? I wouldn't do what they do for a living - but neither can I send their kids through university. It's their own kiasuness, I know, but they are just being "normal" mah. Not everyone can be "supernormal" like me, heh heh.

In the end I keep reminding myself: it's good to be angry and put our foot down on injustice and administrative hanky-panky - but if we start hating the human beings who are themselves caught up in the twisted system, we ourselve will also become twisted and fanatical.

It's what they call throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We want to remove the emotional cancer - not kill the patient!

Anonymous said...

truly a niamah comment~!

Zmas said...



Anonymous said...

DJ Pat

..this bastard has been hired to critised anyone that is anti govt.
looks like it is getting more ..see what happen to penang CM...!


P/ much they pay you mother fucker ? ..yes you ..yah you..soul seller !

kate said...

that's the standard of English comprehension these days in Malaysia. A good time was had by all present at the surprise party and still, this is such an alien concept to some folks.It's definitely a cyber trooper, sir patrick. Happy belated birthday and keep blogging! :-)

Hambali said...

Clearly The Star need to silence the Niamah Voice with sweetener to arrest its (Star) readership.

But for Patrick to accept the award from The Star is a sign of betrayal bordering hypocrasy, with cari makan as an excuse when he has a restaurant to feed his family?

Anonymous said...


Don't be like najib who cannot explain concept.

You have lost your credibility.

I wonder if I can return your Teohlogy for refund.

nanda666 said...

Dear Pat,

I truly love your work but I'd have to say the guy does have a point....You do constantly say that the Star is "crap" for its do laugh and ridicule their work.....
Supporting a STAR production ("an unethical entity") by performing in it doesn't sit right...that's like a guy in the US Army saying,"Hey...I don't agree with the US foreign policy or Bush but just did a tour in Iraq!!..THAT WAS IT...nothing else la...I did shoot a couple of Iraqis....but nothing personal la..hehehe...

Will still support you, though!! good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

niamah got niamahed?

Hidup Melayu said...

all i want to say is welcome pat! coming out of the closet isnt easy! thank you for being a true patriot and lover of 1Malaysia!!! thats the spirit. we love malaysia!!!

Anonymous said...

People who grew up feeding on crap that the Government gives all this while and saying 'It's good shit!' have narrow minds and are not open to ideas . They see and say what the 'perhatin Big Brother' wants them to. So, Pat Happy Belated Birthday to you and long life so that you can and will give us more insight to Niamah happenings and lastly. don't give a rat's ass hit to the idiots that don't know right from left.

CM Punk said...

nanda666 and Hambali were right.

Your readers has been educated by your blog to treat the reports in the Star as niamah stuff.

So just admit that you are wrong. No need to be like Najib to try to explain 'concept' when the picture is there to show you and your family rejoice with The Star.

Do your maid a favour. Tore open the frame and give that mock-up Star front-page to your maid to sell to Karang Guni. At least it will teach your kids that you do not treat your readers like fools.

Anonymous said...

The niamah concept has taken a self-destruction twist?

Anonymous said...

Is Niamah or Teohlogy column appearing soon on The Star?

Perhaps so.
Rocky Bru himself has set a precedent when he joined Malay Mail after getting many readers in his blog.

Wong Chun Wai has scored a coup!

Fisha said...

Truly disappointed with those who made such rude remarks about Patrick being featured on The Star. Come on,its just a newspaper featuring someone who are with certain status in Malaysia. He has his influence, so I guess the newspaper is trying to buy more controversial readers to actually buy the paper and read and discuss about it. See? They managed! So give Patrick a break, anyhow, its just his birthday. I suppose if one day you are on the paper which you disliked, what can you do? Get a life people! Stop making all these nonsense remarks when you yourself doesn't produce any good ideas and blog articles.

Anonymous said...

let's see how you get out of this one Pat.....or are you going to be like our great politicians and tell us more stories.....

tragically funny for you?

Anonymous said...

unclear on the concept?
you sound like Rais now...he he he

adamJ said...

I disagree with nanda666. While The Star overall is an unethical entity, the musical concert specifically itself is not unethical. Thus, Pat's involvement in it should not be seen as unethical.

I don't think Pat treats his reader as fools, its just that readers here must be smart enough to see that, if not all they see is Pat treating his readers like fools.

And yup, the comment is really NIAMAH!!!

adamJ said...

To add on, if Pat should not participate in such an event because The Star itself is unethical, then explain to me, why are so many people buying Apple products? Remember last year's reports on Foxconn's employee commiting suicide and Apple admits the use of child labour. Yes, now they claim things are resolved, but when it happened last year, I highly doubt that people here stopped buying Apple products.

Anonymous said...

Niasenh ...mine soon !

Anonymous said...

..hi pat ..dont worrty be happy..go seek help from the obedient wife ask them how to spiritual fuck ...matbe can release some tension ........yah ?

I think i did ..just fuck the Generations girls last night by sending my spiruatual body to korea...hmmm..nice...yah..all at the same time .. to get my indo girl to clean my bed sheet !!!



Anonymous said...

..hi pat ..dont worrty be happy..go seek help from the obedient wife ask them how to spiritual fuck ...matbe can release some tension ........yah ?

I think i did ..just fuck the Generations girls last night by sending my spiruatual body to korea...hmmm..nice...yah..all at the same time .. to get my indo girl to clean my bed sheet !!!



charlie oscar said...

It is not wrong to assume that Teohlogy is enticed to be on The Star to win more readership.

Patrick has taken the bait in the form of a birthday cake and a frame.

Readers of this blog finally see the true picture of what niamah represent.

Patrick can join the rank of RPK and Rocky Bru.

RIP Niamah for good.

Anonymous said...

the himpun thing. .. rm? and jom to abc nasi kandar shop later ...


5000 people ! 5000 @#%1 more like it ..!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Star has the last laugh.

Patrick has to dig a hole to hide his face.

Anonymous said...

When people did something wrong, tehy try to confuse us with concept.

Anonymous said...

Dont bother about them, some of them is pro-UMNO bloggers. They knowing that you went to the Star whacked you so that you angry with the opposition. Example above, the one that said that he wanted to go Korea to spiritual fuck generations. He is a malay who supported UMNO.. They are lured here through my blog post long ago.

I am a malay, but I think majority of the malay today is dumb.

cram said...

the next time you wrap your rotten fish, may i suggest you wrap these 2 moron ( who commented as post )together.

angmoh said...

only time will tell... only patrick knows the truth... it's not easy to second guess as $$ talks, and yes - every man has a price... even Patrick Teoh!

Anonymous said...

please lah our beloved PM said : Its a Misunderstanding.!

From: Spinist

Anonymous said...

"majority of the malay is dumb"??

including you la... mana ada is, are is the correct answer.

orang melayu yang kutuk melayu ni pengkhianat bangsa sendiri!!

mungkin mak dia sundal atau pelacur yang teringat batang cina atau india... patutla benci bangsa sendiri...

krisis identiti yang teruk.

saya orang cina pun tak kutuk bangsa saya.

no wonder la bangsa with low self esteem ini lemah jati diri.

Yi Pin said...

guys, come on . . .

Niamah is to inspire change, not ignite a mindless war.

If Malaysia were to claim itself good governance one day, it simply has to deserve it through the mature minds of its citizens.

If we act like 10 year olds having 2 sides in a snowball fight, Malaysia will never reach a state of understanding it deserves, and NEEDS from all our beloved citizens, who have come to call Malaysia our Home!

I appeal to everyone, to try and see a bigger picture.

We all grew up from the same piece of land called Malaysia, we all share good and bad times.

Our view should be broad enough not to call people of different opinions our "enemies", otherwise we will end up killing each other and achieve nothing.

Thank you.

PS: Politicians may bring us back to the stone age, yet so may we ourselves.

Anonymous said...

hope you make some like the rpkag fellow!

but being chinese ...whAT YOU MAKE ALSO CANNOT COMPARE those bangsa rasuah fellow..pray 5 times somemore


Anonymous said...

"including you la... mana ada is, are is the correct answer."

Dude, before you try to correct my grammar please fix your language first. Malay is singular, not plural you idiot.

Majority of them does not imply me? get it?

Anonymous said...

5:48 PM

By the way, nia ah beng, learn to use plain grammar. Malay, is SINGULAR so it is 'is' not 'are' IDIOT.

By the way, whether I wanted to call the malay stupid or whatever what do you care? your mom missed my cock?

Anonymous said...

5:48 PM

There you go for you, since I insult my own race and you get angry. Here something for you.


There, happy?

Hidup Melayu said...

im glad BN will still win the next election. UMNO will still lead Malaysia.

i love this country and 1 Malaysia.

Hidup Najibb and UMNO!!!!!!!

down with the racism and negativity.
voting BN is a vote for a positive mindset, which will be beneficial for the country.

i hope khairy will be the next future PM.

Anonymous said...

Oi bodoh.. the majority of the malays AREEEE!!!

bukan IS!!!

dah la bodoh, sombong pulak tu!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you bother to read what I wrote or not stupid malay?

I said MALAY, not MALAYS, MALAYS is grammatically wrong. Because CHINESE, MALAY, OR INDIAN IS A RACE. YOU DONT CALL THEM MALAY ARE A RACE. Go re-learn english you stupid idiot.

Anonymous said...

elo bodoh, if u wrote "majority of malay" itu lagi bodohhhhhhhh.... majority of malay????

gila ka?

its like saying "majority of patrick teoh", majority of reader of niamah.

how can majority of a singular?


Anonymous said...

Wei ah beng,

You seriously need to go proper school for grammar. There is no such thing as "are english" "are malay"

You use "A MALAY" or "are MALAY"?

Majority does not imply PLURAL you idiot.

"Majority of the English used to eat porks."

"Majority of the Chinese is KIASU"

For your information,

Patrick Teoh is a NOUN, a NOUN is an OBJECT how can it be plural? your teacher at your niamahbeng school did not teach you this?

It is like comparing, why did we use past tense after "did" instead of "did not taught"?

OMG.. bodoh SOMBONG.

Anonymous said...

I know you are in fact a malay, but pretend to be non-malay so that I insult non-malay. Typical UMNO-cocksucker.

English lesson for you moron,

People did not use "I did not taught"

Even when it is past tense, instead people use

"I did not teach"

He is a malay, malay is lazy, malay is smart. This is the description, a malay is RACE. How can it be PLURAL?

Majority of the malay is fond of smoking, NOT Majority of the malays are fond of smoking. Get it?

Gosh. IT just shows how badly needed the PPSMI is.

Anonymous said...

and one thing,

you dont use "times" instead you use "time" although IT SOUND the same if you add 's' it is no more a PLURAL, the meaning of the word change if you add 's'.

4 times higher than you.

my time is running out.

Tell me if it carry the same

Next time dont be BODOH sombong, buat malu kaum saja

Anonymous said...

this is becoming english crassroom... learning english is lots of fun lots of fun... pat we should make a movie out of that...

UMNOscatologist said...

On the left I see trolls using Strawman Arguement. On the right I see Ad Hominems. Now grammar Nazi's.

p.s. The Wise man looks to the moon and see's how bright it is, the fool sees the finger thinking that it blocks his vision.