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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday funnies

AIYOH! Can laugh until die la.

Comedy worthy of a Oxford graduate......

"Thievery in Kelantan amputation of the hand. In Kuala Lumpur jail. In Penang we’ll wait for what Caliph Lim Guan Eng has to say......Such is the reality that faces us if we let the opposition take over. The administrative system will be left in disarray, in tatters without direction"- Khairy Jamaluddin.

Then what about thievery in Putrajaya? 
And we have seen the reality of keeping Barisan Nasional in power. We've seen it for more than 50 years. Thank you.


Umno guarantees Malay rule, says Khairy

When I read that headline I almost choked on my Chinese tea! After 54 years we still don't get it, do we? There are still Malays who demand Malay rule? Only Malay rule.

Should we not be demanding GOOD, PROSPEROUS, HARMONIUS rule?

Who the fuck cares if great work in government is done by Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban or migrant African! Who the fuck cares? Well, apparently Umno seems to think a lot of people do.


You think that Umno politicians are the only ones who are hilarious during this time? In a fucked-up kind of way? Well, PKR is right in there among the best. Listen to this...

"To ensure that the last Malay stronghold that is political power is not traded away by Umno we challenge Umno to amend the federal constitution to insert conditions and guarantees that the prime minister must be Malay" - Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin, PKR Youth chief.

The "last Malay stronghold that is political power"??? 

The prime minister MUST be Malay??? 


I am sure that you, like me, have been waiting to hear what Umno Wanita chief and cabinet minister, Sharizat Abdul Jalil had threatened to say a couple of days ago. About the whole NFC/Cow Condo fiasco, right? But when she did yesterday at the Umno conference it was quite disappointing la.

All she said was " husband is involved in NFC. He does his work and I do mine I have nothing to do with it the fiasco. Why ask me to resign?" 

Ha? YB, like that osso dunno ah? Why you got no honor one ah? No integrity ah?

Then she added just a pinch of the venom that she promised by saying (and I paraphrase here ok?) ......

Eh leh! My husband do, you ask ME to resign? Then ask Wan Azizah to resign osso la! Her husband standing trial for buggery what! 

Well, YB, as a Malaysian citizen who doesn't find this really that funny I would like you to consider a friendly suggestion. If you think Wan Azizah should do the honorable thing and resign for what her husband is accused of doing and she does not, then why don't you take the lead la and show us what you're made of.

Ya! See? My husband fucks up, I resign. Her husband fucks...sorry...messes up she does not resign. Ha! See la, she cannot be trusted one. So vote for me in GE, k?

But the funniest comedy today comes from the Master......

"When they heard I was going to wind up debates they knew I would have substance in my argument. That’s why they fled they boycotted I would have torn them to pieces anything they raised I would have made them look stupid They were worried they were scared" - Nazri Aziz commenting on the Opposition walkout in Parliament yesterday during the Peaceful Assembly Bill debate (the word is used loosely of course)

Well, pardon me all over the fucking place, Yang Berhormat! If you have relevant information, this "substance" you're talking about shouldn't you also share it with us, the Rakyat? Unless the substance you were referring to is something you snort in between talking cock. 

Here are a couple more gems from the YB...

"You give notice within 10 days and the cops must respond within five days If they do not respond you can proceed with the assembly"

"We need to seek notice for non-gazetted areas For example if you want to hold an assembly outside Anwar’s house Don’t you think he has the right to say okay or not And we need that notice period to seek his permission"
(so now when Khairy decides to demonstrate in front of the U.S. Embassy the American flers can say, " thanks man. We prefer that you don't. Now fuck off!" Issit?)

Have a nice day, my fellow Malaysians.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday funnies

Itu boo toot, boo toot bukan gua punya pasal. Guarantee punya!

This story from The Malaysian Insider is so funny it doesn't need to have any input from me la to bring on the laughs.  I have cut and pasted some of the lines from the article. You make up your own mind as to when and at which part you want to laugh the loudest.  Here you are...

Faced with increasing public pressure Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil said today she will address the National Feedlot Centre NFC controversy during Umno’s general assembly this week even though it has "nothing to do with me "

(Okay la, in case  you've been sleeping the past couple of months, the National Feedlot Centre is managed by her husband and family)

"I am being patient as a woman I have to be calm... they (PR) are doing this because they are afraid of Wanita Umno’s strength"


The good old doc is at it again. Confusing the shit out of everyone. His latest pontifications reported by The Malaysian Insider today...

"Too much freedom will destroy society"

"Dr Mahathir said in Malaysia there were increasing calls for “freedom of sex” citing this as a kind of “abuse of freedom” which could destroy society..."

(Got meh? Have you heard any recent calls for freedom of sex? What is freedom of sex. Do you know?)

"Society becomes primitive backwards if there is too much freedom A good amount is good but too much freedom no"

"I think this government is listening to the people very quickly, in my time I don’t respond at all. You can interpret it as giving in or you can interpret it as being sensitive ”


Hiyoh! Tak bolih tahan already la. If laugh some more sure burst a gut la. Happy Monday, fellow-Malaysians.


Kill Bill!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

What tokking you? Boleh!

Let's see if it is just me or other people too find this very amusing and incomprehensible.  The chief secretary to the government, Sidek Hassan said for the country to be a top performer the private sector needed to grow in tandem with its civil service “Our country can become more competitive by having the public sector 20 to 50 years ahead and bring it to today and have the corporate sector 50 years ahead and bring it to today Then our country Malaysia can indeed be Number 1”

So...okay...what you are saying is that if Malaysia is today what it would be like in 50 years time then we will be No. 1 in everything la. Correct? Oh I see...thank you ah, Tan Sri. You are so smart la. Any of you out there as smart as the Tan Sri ah? Cos I don't know what the fuck he's talking about wor. Sorry ah.


Done in super quick time 2

Trust me. This Bill is very good for you one. 

Something terrifying is happening in our country right now which many of us may not quite realise.  Those BN flers are in a big hurry to push through this Peaceful Assembly Bill which they hope will make Malaysians believe that they are listening  to the Rakyat's demands and fulfilling the Prime Minister's boast of wanting Malaysia to be a world-class democracy.  But all it is is just another big round of side-shows to hood-wink the uninformed and disinterested. On Malaysia Day this year, Najib had announced plans to repeal the Internal Security Act. Do away with the need to have a police permit for demonstrations and other peaceful assemblies. No need to renew printing and publishing licence annually. Phwaar!  But the more cynical of us knew that there was a catch. And there sure was. Part of it is called the Peaceful Assembly Bill. If you have not yet read about how ridiculous this Bill is then you better go online, Google it and read. Or the nightmare may come true for all Malaysians. Very soon.

Here is a copy of the article by the President of the Malaysian Bar, Lim Chee Wee taken from The Malaysian Mirror which will give you something to get worried about. Like your future.

By Lim Chee Wee, President, Malaysian Bar via Malaysian Mirror
The Peaceful Assembly Bill (“Bill”) was tabled in Parliament for its first reading on 22 November 2011, which we believe was the same day that Members of Parliament first received copies of the Bill. It must be noted that advance notice was not given, save for speculation in the media that the Bill would be tabled on 24 November 2011.
In addition, the second reading of the Bill began in Parliament today, merely two days after the first reading.
There appears to be unseemly haste in introducing this far-reaching and crucial legislation, without sufficient time for Members of Parliament themselves to review the Bill fully, and without adequate public consultation.
The Bill, in replacing the present legislative provision in section 27 of the Police Act 1967, introduced several controversial and objectionable provisions. For instance:
(1) Prohibition of street protests (defined widely as “open air assembly which begins with a meeting at a specified place and consists of walking in a mass march or rally for the purpose of objecting to or advancing a particular cause or causes”);
(2) Prohibition of organisation of assemblies by persons below the age of twenty one years;
(3) Prohibition of participation in peaceful assemblies of children below the age of fifteen years;
(4) Unduly onerous responsibilities and restrictions on organisers and assemblies; and
(5) Excessive fines for non-compliance of the Bill.
These restrictive provisions in the Bill effectively render meaningless our constitutional guarantee, by constraining assembly to very limited circumstances.
This stands in stark contrast to the words of the Prime Minister in his speech on the eve of Malaysia Day 2011. That speech was widely applauded by the Malaysian Bar, and by Malaysians in general, in their honest belief that there would be real and genuine reforms.
The Prime Minister had stated:
I often opine that long gone is the era in which the government knows everything and claims monopoly over wisdom. . . .
The Government will also review section 27 of the Police Act 1967, taking into consideration Article 10 of the Federal Constitution regarding freedom of assembly and so as to be in line with international norms on the same matter. . . . (emphasis added)
Be confident that it is a strength and not a weakness for us to place our trust in the Malaysian people’s intelligence to make decisions that will shape the path of their own future. . . .
It is absolutely clear that the steps I just announced are none other than early initiatives of an organised and graceful political transformation. It stands as a crucial and much needed complement to the initiatives of economic transformation and public presentation which the government has outlined and implemented for over two years in the effort to pioneer a modern and progressive nation. . . .
In closing, I wish to emphasise that free of any suspicion and doubt, the Malaysia that we all dream of and are in the process of creating is a Malaysia that practices [sic] a functional and inclusive democracy where public peace and prosperity is preserved in accordance with the supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law and respect for basic human rights and individual rights.
The Malaysian Bar recommends that the Bill be referred to a Parliamentary Select Committee, which would engage in a public consultation process consistent with the Prime Minister’s promise of “a Malaysia that practices [sic] a functional and inclusive democracy”.
Further, the Malaysian Bar is now wary as to the form and substance of the two proposed pieces of legislation that will replace the Internal Security Act 1960, given this disappointing experience. We urge the Prime Minister to hold steadfast – with courage and determination – to his laudable Malaysia Day pledges, and fulfil the rakyat’s expectations.


And here is MCLM President, Haris Ibrahim's not-so-polite take on the whole circus...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Done in super quick time!

I went to renew my passport this morning. As a cynical Malaysian when it comes to dealing with government departments I posted on Twitter and Facebook the day before asking for advice and suggestions as to which Immigration office I should go to for the most efficient and painless service. As usual I received a whole bunch of suggestions. Thank you.

I decided to go the new Immigration office in Kelana Jaya (actually it is in Plaza Glomac) since it was the one closest to my home. I had budgeted 3 hours for the process after reading the stories from the other Malaysians who have had experience with passport renewal in recent months.

I arrived at the location at about 11.15AM. There is a convenient public car-park right in the next block. And as I was walking to the Immigration office I passed a little photo shop which offered instant passport photo taking services for RM10. Took my photo and proceeded to the Immigration office which is located right next door to a mamak restaurant. Nice.
This is the Immigration office that moved from Subang Terminal 2

It being a Malaysian government department the first thing that greeted me was this hand-written A4 paper sign on the door... can a government office not have something or other ROSAK at any one time? Right?  When I entered I was struck by the design of the place. Who is the daft architect who designs Immigration Department facilities? Why are facilities required to cater to large crowds always designed WIDE but not LONG. It's about 16 ft. from counter to door!!! How come ah? How to accommodate queues la? Queues = LENGTH. Not Width!!! Idiots! The result of this poor design...

I was advised by this kindly-looking pakcik pegawai to use the passport renewal machine. The machine was located in a tiny room on one side of the lobby...

...not too bad actually. They only allowed one person in at a time and the average time each required to use the machine with the assistance of an Immigration officer was 4 minutes. Impressive. And the pegawai was bi-lingual. Impressive!!!

I had budgeted 3 hours but the whole process took me less than 9 minutes from the moment I arrived!!! IMPRESSIVE!!!

But then...

Sorry, encik. Mesin memproses rosak la. So you have to come back on Friday to collect your passport. Maaf ya?

It wouldn't be a Malaysian government department if there was nothing ROSAK kan?  But still I was thankful that it was a relatively painless process to renew my passport at the Jabatan Imigresen Cawangan Kelana Jaya. Terima Kasih.

And while there I met 3 fans. One, the kindly pakcik at the reception counter who thought my name was Robert. Another remembered me from the days of Radio 4 which meant that he was at least as old as I am. And the 3rd was a fan of this blog.  Nice to have met  you all.


p/s the photos look shitty because they are taken with my Samsung Galaxy 1 phone camera. But it's cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S2.  I'll live with the shitty photos.

p/s 2 Another thing I learned today. Imigresen is spelt with 1 M.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sarawak, a different country...I mean state. Or do I?

It's a very different looking bird, ain't it?

Everytime I visit Sarawak I feel like I am in a different country. Things there are just somehow.....different. In so many positive ways. People were friendlier. Places were cleaner. People were more...together. And at times I felt more Malaysian there than I have ever done over here on the peninsula. And that I think is by the gracious sufferance of the Sarawakians and not because I hold a Malaysian passport. I could never really put my finger on why and how exactly things were different over there.  They just ...... were!

I may have found the reason today. In the front page of The Sun.  I tried looking for the same story in The Star but couldn't find it. Maybe they didn't think it worth printing. NST? No my maid still prefers The Star for fish wrap so I don't buy the NST.  What about the Sun's front page story?  I shall copy it here in its entirety as I found it in the online edition.  I am not going to comment on it. You read it and see if you can't find your own reasons for thinking why things are so different over there. For now. I am beginning to understand why I need a passport to go there.

Comment later if you like and share your thoughts with us. By the way, the highlights are mine.

Sarawak won't adopt anti-apostasy law

KUCHING (Nov 13, 2011): The state government does not intend to adopt anti-apostasy law because Sarawak practises religious freedom where each and every individual can choose the religion of his or her choice.
However, Assistant Minister of Islamic Affairs Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said, this does not mean that the State Islamic Department was encouraging all those who had converted to Islam to leave the religion.
“We do not encourage converts to leave the religion neither do we have an iron grip on them. We can only advice them,” said Daud yesterday, reiterating that the state upholds the rights of individuals where religion is concerned.
Daud was commenting on a recent statement by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom that it was up to the individual states to propose an anti-apostasy law.
Speaking to reporters after attending a graduation and award presentation ceremony at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Matang, Daud said Muslims in the state are not the majority and it would create bad feelings among the non-Muslims if the Anti-Apostasy Act was to be implemented.
Daud said the state, unlike West Malaysia, looks at religion from a different point of view and if converts really want to leave the religion after being advised against it, there is nothing much that the State Religious Department can do.
“However, we have set up a committee called ‘Akidah Committee’ headed by the State Mufti to help the new converts and to counsel them on religious matters,” he said.
Daud explained that a convert who wanted to leave the religion would normally inform the State Religious Department about it and he (the convert) would be given counselling sessions by officers from the department for up to a year before he (the convert) makes a final decision.
The Assistant Minister said that he had personally received requests from several individuals regarding the matter, and his solution was always to let the individuals decide what was best for them.
Most converts, he said, converted to Islam for the sake of marrying a Muslim man or woman and they had almost zero knowledge about Islam.
“Even their Muslim partner may have very little knowledge of Islam and they tend to lead a non-Islamic way of life after conversion, leading them to think that there is no difference if they go back to their old beliefs.
“Another problem is that those who want to leave the religion have to deal with the National Registration Department in deleting the ‘bin’ or ‘binti’ from their name as displayed in the identification card,” he said.


Friday, November 11, 2011

It's 11-11-11. So?

When in doubt, hit the button!

For some unexplained reason lots of people are excited about today's date.
Auspicious! Unique! Won't come again for long time! But for the other more jaded Malaysians it is just the 11th of November, 2011.  But the people at the Star obviously thought it a big enough deal to help them sell some more newspapers. And so they put up on the front page a really funny story to mark the auspicious 11-11-11 date. The story is headlined
"11 reasons why no 2011 polls." 

Reason #5 caught my eye and made me laugh.

Reason #5 - Najib and Muhyiddin are going on holiday in December. 

Number 8 is quite funny too...

Reason #8 - The Budget goodies will only kick in next year so it would be better to wait. 

If you're waiting for me to explain why I find stuff like the above amusing, then you wait in vain because I am not going to explain. If you can't see the comedy then I guess you ... can't.


I just found out from reading The Malaysian Insider that Najib is more popular than Anwar among Malaysians. Yeah, I'll bet that brought a quizzical frown to your face. And the survey was conducted not by some Barisan Nasional or Umno machine. It was done by a PKR internal poll! Bet that shocked you huh? Thank you PKR. Not that I, as a Malaysian voter ever liked Anwar that much myself. Do you think that there will ever be a day when Malaysians will vote for good policies and governance rather than give a fuck who the president of the party is?


MCA's Chua Soi Lek says that Malaysians living overseas should not have the right to vote because they are out of touch with the state of affairs in Malaysia. Phwaaar!!! I love it when politicians so bravely show everyone that they are so out of touch with the state of affairs regarding their electorate. Don't you? The Chua fler believes that, because he says that Malaysians overseas only read and receive information from "questionable" sources which may not reflect the “true situation” ongoing in the country. Is Mr. Chua saying that Malaysians who are IN the country receive news and information from sources that do reflect the "true situation"?  And what are these sources? RTM? TV3? NTV7? 8TV? TV9? Bernama? The NST? The Star? Utusan Malaysia?

But I do tabik Mr. Chua for one thing. Balls. Well, two things actually. Balls and a thick skin. Well, maybe three things...oh never mind la.


And if you think your elected representatives in Parliament are in the august house discussing things that are good for your life and future. Think again. Part of what was discussed yesterday was whether Saiful had an affair with DPP Farah Azlina! Think about that the next time you receive your TNB bill. Or when your kids come back from school totally confused with whether it is BM or English for Math and Science. 


And the funny of the day has got to be the Attorney-General, Gani Patail telling the parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms that the Federal Constitution does not allow the authorities to force a voter to be marked with permanent ink. Oh really ah? Then shouldn't somebody tell so many of our blaardyYB's that the Federal Constitution also does not allow random interpretation of the so-called Social Contract?


Buried in a side column on page 12 of today's Star is a story headlined "Projects not completed but they are working".  This is a follow-up to yesterday's story about 20 flood mitigation projects around the country which were ongoing but none of which have been completed.  Don't you wonder what that means?  Not completed? Did someone screw up? Did we just discover when the monsoons arrive in our country each year?
But today's story did say that although the projects were not completed they have been able to reduce flooding. Phwaar! Good or not? When elaborating on The Star report yesterday, Drainage and Irrigation Department's Lim Chow Hock said "the projects, which were in various stages of completion, were able to mitigate flooding...and that it would be misleading to say that the projects were not ready, when the ongoing projects were showing positive results." Sheeesh!  All that means is that this Lim fler sure has the potential to be a damn good politician.


On page 22 of The Star today MCA's Chua Tee Yong called Anwar a chameleon who changes his stand when facing different crowds. I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Chua. After all, Anwar is a politician and a damn good one. So he adapts when speaking to different crowds. A talent that Najib has also mastered in the short time he's been PM. Or have you forgotten your boss's achievements, YB?


Over at the Selangor State Assembly show. Satim Diman, the BN fler for Seri Serdang took the PKNS to task for allegedly paying its General Manager RM1.4mil over a 2 year period. Good question, YB. Thanks for asking it. We wait for some good answers from the state government. And they better have some. In the meantime do you know how a dentist can buy a RM6mil house too? Serious question, YB. You know or not?
(I couldn't find this story in the online edition of The Star)


And finally, I would like to leave you with this perplexing question.

How do politicians always sire children and have families who are brilliant at business and able to amass huge fortunes? Mahathir, Badawi, Hussein Onn...Sharizat etc. etc. etc.

So far all the reasons given have been BULL SHIT!
And there will be more of the same I guess when 12-12-12 swings by in a year's time.
Have a nice weekend, folks. :-)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

A nightmare in the morning


Waking up this morning was like confronting a nightmare while awake.  When I opened the Star this morning I read about a country that had gone absolutely bananas.  The front page story was about Muhyiddin Yassin's latest ding-dong when he announced that Math and Science would be taught in English for students who started learning the subjects in English blah...blah...and bloody blah. Politicians never admit it when they fuck up. Instead they make statements......
"I am not interested in the PPSMI debate and I hope parents understand that the government is responsive" - Muhyiddin Yassin, education minister.

The government is responsive??? For months parents have been imploring you to not revert to BM for the 2 subjects. You actually told us to shut the fuck up and that the decision to teach the subjects in BM is final. And now suddenly you reverse your decision and tell us that is your way of being responsive?  Well, pardon me all over the fucking place, Muhyiddin.

The minister also said that "...research had shown that most schools were already teaching both subjects in Bahasa Malaysia" and that "...less than 5% of 7,495 primary schools use English to teach the subjects, and for secondary schools, less than 9% out of 2,192 use English."

Isn't it amazing that a minister of education, who is also the deputy prime minister of our country, still cannot understand that it is not about percentages but the quality of our education and the kind of "graduates" we eventually produce?  Scary isn't it?

Muhyiddin is fast becoming the back-pedaling/passing-the-buck champion of Malaysia. Just a few days ago he arrogantly announced that his decision on the matter was final and that no more discussion would be welcome.  Now he is saying that Najib was also in on it. The DPM claims that the PM was consulted on the announcements and decisions and that as Education Minister he (Muhyiddin) had no authority to make the decision alone.  Did you get that impression when you read the news about the PPSMI dismissal a few days ago?

On another page of The Star today the headline story made me really upset.

"It's never too late to revert to English" - Mahathir Mohd.

To me, it was Dr. M who started the whole fucking mess in the name of nationalism all those years ago. Now he is back to talk some more cock?  What the fuck!  English is the language of the colonial masters! We must defend our national language! And so, after masterfully destroying a system that had worked for decades we now maybe have come to realise that we've fucked ourselves in the backside. Or the more sinister view is that our politicians have succeeded beyond their dreams in dumbing down the rakyat so they can continue to plunder the coffers.

On page 12 of today's Star...

"Hisham: Activities will affect nation's stability"

Our Home Minister says that Seksualiti Merdeka will affect the stability of the nation as most people are against it.  Most people? Who are these "most people"? No really I want to know. Oh wait a minute, at the end of the article there is mention of some of these "most people". They include Perkasa, Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and Penang's Body for Anti-Liberism of Religion (HUH???!!!) Right! Most people. Yes.

And in the same story there is a bit with Mahathir throwing in another of his 2 sen of cock.

"There must be a limit to freedom!"

"We don't need this sexuality thing."

"We don't need men marrying men, women marrying women and blatant exhibitionists."

"What will happen to us when people decide to walk naked on the streets? We can't stop them. If they decide as seen in some countries to have sex in public, what will happen to us?"

What will happen? Dr. M, I am surprised that you need to ask. What will happen? We (the government) will water-cannon them, tear-gas them and haul their naked asses into jail and bring back the ISA. Oh, sorry it's still here isn't it? The ISA I mean.

And so on that cheery note, have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, November 04, 2011

Weekend funnies

Hi! I could be your local Y.B.

Today is one day that I am so glad I bought a copy of The Star. There is so much comedy between the pages that at RM1.20 it is almost better value than buying a RM200 ticket to watch Harith Iskander and the Kings and Queens of Comedy Asia!

I am sure that you, like me, are thinking about or discussing the ban on Sexualiti Merdeka and the hilarious "reasons" given for the ban.

"...the event creates uneasiness among the vast majority of the population, it may result in disharmony, enmity and threaten public order" - Khalid Abu Bakar, Deputy Inspector-General.

Phwaaaar!!! Damn terror words, right? Creates uneasiness among the VAST MAJORITY of the population some more.  I don't know about you but Sexuality Merdeka has been held since 2008. I have never felt uneasy about it? Have you? Nobody I've met or sat next to at the mamak stall has mentioned it. Even the major newspapers gave the events coverage. As just another event happening in the city. No big deal. Now suddenly the event might "threaten public order" some more. Come on la Mr. Deputy IGP give us ordinary Malaysians some credit la. We're not as gullible as your political masters think us to be la.  And please try not to end every press statement by kicking us Malaysians in the balls as a parting gift by saying things like, "We are not against the people's right to freedom of speech or human rights" and then ban this and ban that and shoot water cannon and tear gas all. That really make me damn 'too lan' (pissed off) with you la.

But Mr. Deputy IGP you're really not in the same league as your deputy boss la. It was reported in the Herald Sun when commenting on Sexualiti Merdeka, our deputy prime minister was quoted as saying "Any activity that does not benefit the majority of Malaysians should not be carried out. It's a waste of time, although they can say it's their own right and freedom. That's why to me, it (the festival) is totally unsuitable and I don't know it's benefits. I don't understand why they carry out such promotions. Is there any political agenda behind it?"

Political agenda???!!! Personally, I think they are running out of things to drag out in the ongoing sodomy trial.

Does not benefit the majority of Malaysians? 

So how do these benefit the majority of Malaysians?

Bakun Dam, Sepang F1 race track, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, tolled highways, the new Istana Negara.........the list is a long one but I am sure you get the drift.

Benefits? Come to think of it, if what Sexualiti Merdeka is "promoting" (your word, not mine) is so bad our Malaysia might be missing a few damn good TV cooking and children's shows, government functions emcees and maybe even a space tourist or two. Then how?


If you're a parent I am sure you are also a bit confused about what is going on with this English No English ding dong going on in our country. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says NO WAY, JOSE!!! The government's decision to teach Math and Science in BM stays. No tok! And then to kick you/us in the balls as his parting gift he adds, "...the majority of the people had accepted the desicion on the PPSMI reversal but as a democratic country, people were free to voice their views."  NIAMAH!!!

And now the old man, Mahathir jumps in with his 2 sen and says that the prime minister has the power to overrule Muhyiddin' decision and that this could be done for the good of the country. What the fuck!!!

But of course, Najib and his wife are over in Mecca. Maybe trying to get some pointers from higher sources on how to get out of this giant fucked up mess.


But the most idiotic comment came from the expert at such, Bung Mokhtar. When commenting on the Sexualiti Merdeka ban he said (the event) "......promotes same sex relationship. It will damage the country's image. Events that support casual sex (which) will exacerbate baby dumping problems

Eh!!! I think whether it is in English or BM this YB needs some serious Biology lessons.


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Are you still mad as hell?

A good friend of mine wrote this which I thought you all might like to read and think about...

Dear Malaysians, if you fail to be outraged by the multiple abuses of power by our Government in power, you are condoning their actions. 

There have been so many cases of corruption, crime and incompetence, they tend to wear down your resistance and sense of justice. 

They are banking on your inaction, lack of protest and defeatist attitude to continue their malpractices. 

As long as they stay in power, they make and break the rules. 

Stay outraged. Keep your fire burning. It is a marathon we need to complete to finish them. 

If you give up now, they will win again. Then, all will be lost.

Wednesday awards

Some award winners need to be recognised today. 

The award for Malaysian minister most unclear on the concept goes to our Higher Education Minister, Mohd. Khaled Nordin who defended the government's action in restricting students participation in national politics. He said, "The main aim of education is to encourage students to think constructively without any restrictions. That is why we feel it is unwise to let them join political parties."

HUH??? That's right. What the fuck is the fler tokking?

(Strangely, this story was front-paged in the street edition of The Star today but it cannot be found online. I wonder why?)

The male chauvinist award of the week goes to International Trade and Industry Minister, Mustapha Mohamed for saying, "I have been patient in dealing with Fuziah’s challenges. I respect her as a woman and as an MP but it looks like she does not respect me."  Full story HERE.

And finally, the award for best ability to hold a straight face goes to Najib Razak for making this anti-human trafficking speech in Australia.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hiyoh! How can this happen one?

Is this a PR spin? Anybody?


What The Fuck!!!

(photo from The Star)
The Mat's weren't paid enough to start up their kapcai's I guess.

Did anyone see the Star story on the Mat Rempit demonstration in Penang? Since their emergence in the Malaysian consciousness Mat Rempits have been called dregs of society, road menaces and even gangsters but never were they a force for social or political change. Now they are demonstrating for change in Penang! Calling Lim Guan Eng a racist in the process too. Mat Rempits want to Selamatkan Penang (save Penang) and also demand a Mat Rempit race track while they were at it.  But there is one saving grace. Someone in the organising committee must have a good sense of humour. The Mat Rempits were dressed in YELLOW!!! Awwright!!!


Here is Wikipedia's description of Mat Rempit for the uninitiated...