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Friday, November 25, 2011

Done in super quick time 2

Trust me. This Bill is very good for you one. 

Something terrifying is happening in our country right now which many of us may not quite realise.  Those BN flers are in a big hurry to push through this Peaceful Assembly Bill which they hope will make Malaysians believe that they are listening  to the Rakyat's demands and fulfilling the Prime Minister's boast of wanting Malaysia to be a world-class democracy.  But all it is is just another big round of side-shows to hood-wink the uninformed and disinterested. On Malaysia Day this year, Najib had announced plans to repeal the Internal Security Act. Do away with the need to have a police permit for demonstrations and other peaceful assemblies. No need to renew printing and publishing licence annually. Phwaar!  But the more cynical of us knew that there was a catch. And there sure was. Part of it is called the Peaceful Assembly Bill. If you have not yet read about how ridiculous this Bill is then you better go online, Google it and read. Or the nightmare may come true for all Malaysians. Very soon.

Here is a copy of the article by the President of the Malaysian Bar, Lim Chee Wee taken from The Malaysian Mirror which will give you something to get worried about. Like your future.

By Lim Chee Wee, President, Malaysian Bar via Malaysian Mirror
The Peaceful Assembly Bill (“Bill”) was tabled in Parliament for its first reading on 22 November 2011, which we believe was the same day that Members of Parliament first received copies of the Bill. It must be noted that advance notice was not given, save for speculation in the media that the Bill would be tabled on 24 November 2011.
In addition, the second reading of the Bill began in Parliament today, merely two days after the first reading.
There appears to be unseemly haste in introducing this far-reaching and crucial legislation, without sufficient time for Members of Parliament themselves to review the Bill fully, and without adequate public consultation.
The Bill, in replacing the present legislative provision in section 27 of the Police Act 1967, introduced several controversial and objectionable provisions. For instance:
(1) Prohibition of street protests (defined widely as “open air assembly which begins with a meeting at a specified place and consists of walking in a mass march or rally for the purpose of objecting to or advancing a particular cause or causes”);
(2) Prohibition of organisation of assemblies by persons below the age of twenty one years;
(3) Prohibition of participation in peaceful assemblies of children below the age of fifteen years;
(4) Unduly onerous responsibilities and restrictions on organisers and assemblies; and
(5) Excessive fines for non-compliance of the Bill.
These restrictive provisions in the Bill effectively render meaningless our constitutional guarantee, by constraining assembly to very limited circumstances.
This stands in stark contrast to the words of the Prime Minister in his speech on the eve of Malaysia Day 2011. That speech was widely applauded by the Malaysian Bar, and by Malaysians in general, in their honest belief that there would be real and genuine reforms.
The Prime Minister had stated:
I often opine that long gone is the era in which the government knows everything and claims monopoly over wisdom. . . .
The Government will also review section 27 of the Police Act 1967, taking into consideration Article 10 of the Federal Constitution regarding freedom of assembly and so as to be in line with international norms on the same matter. . . . (emphasis added)
Be confident that it is a strength and not a weakness for us to place our trust in the Malaysian people’s intelligence to make decisions that will shape the path of their own future. . . .
It is absolutely clear that the steps I just announced are none other than early initiatives of an organised and graceful political transformation. It stands as a crucial and much needed complement to the initiatives of economic transformation and public presentation which the government has outlined and implemented for over two years in the effort to pioneer a modern and progressive nation. . . .
In closing, I wish to emphasise that free of any suspicion and doubt, the Malaysia that we all dream of and are in the process of creating is a Malaysia that practices [sic] a functional and inclusive democracy where public peace and prosperity is preserved in accordance with the supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law and respect for basic human rights and individual rights.
The Malaysian Bar recommends that the Bill be referred to a Parliamentary Select Committee, which would engage in a public consultation process consistent with the Prime Minister’s promise of “a Malaysia that practices [sic] a functional and inclusive democracy”.
Further, the Malaysian Bar is now wary as to the form and substance of the two proposed pieces of legislation that will replace the Internal Security Act 1960, given this disappointing experience. We urge the Prime Minister to hold steadfast – with courage and determination – to his laudable Malaysia Day pledges, and fulfil the rakyat’s expectations.


And here is MCLM President, Haris Ibrahim's not-so-polite take on the whole circus...


Anonymous said...

Who cares about what MCLM has to say?

It is just another trojan horse/mole of BN, just like KITA and Amanah.

flyer168 said...


I like your humour...yes it will be SOON !

"Or the nightmare may come true for all Malaysians. Very soon."

The Patriot Act equivalent...

Just to share this...

LAMAN KL-TODAY.COM » Blog Archive » Hishamuddin wrong about Patriot Act -

"Hishammuddin had said the preventive measure was needed to combat militant movements and terrorism, and cited as examples the “Patriot Act in the United States” as well as the Anti-Terror Acts in Britain and Australia."

"Suhakam chairman Tan Sri Hasmy Agam issued a strongly-worded statement soon after, saying the arrests went against Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s promise to repeal the archaic security law."

“What we want is to see them taken to court and tried and not detained without trial under ISA,” Muhammad Sha’ani said today, backing Hasmy."

The Ketuanan UMNOputra/BN Leaders, their Cronies & Macais have become Nazi monsters in the eyes of the Opressed Bolehland's Rayaat, a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully.

They are not just Whores for power and $$$, but killer whores with hate and fear in their hearts.

They are human scums, and that is how history will judge them.

No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we'll kill you.

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Old wine in new skins !

Blah ! Blah ! Blah !

At the end, same thing or should I say, at the end, BE-END !!!

Got it ?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good bill to me.

Everyone should be working hard instead of hanging around at the mamal stalls. Earn more money, pay more taxes, so that Barisan Nasional can take more from the country's coffers.

Simple! Now, you Malaysians, GET BACK TO YOUR WORK or else I'll throw the tear gas at you.

Dumno said...

So, whatcha gonna do, rakyat yang senang ditipu, vote us out of power? Muahahahah!

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