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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Done in super quick time!

I went to renew my passport this morning. As a cynical Malaysian when it comes to dealing with government departments I posted on Twitter and Facebook the day before asking for advice and suggestions as to which Immigration office I should go to for the most efficient and painless service. As usual I received a whole bunch of suggestions. Thank you.

I decided to go the new Immigration office in Kelana Jaya (actually it is in Plaza Glomac) since it was the one closest to my home. I had budgeted 3 hours for the process after reading the stories from the other Malaysians who have had experience with passport renewal in recent months.

I arrived at the location at about 11.15AM. There is a convenient public car-park right in the next block. And as I was walking to the Immigration office I passed a little photo shop which offered instant passport photo taking services for RM10. Took my photo and proceeded to the Immigration office which is located right next door to a mamak restaurant. Nice.
This is the Immigration office that moved from Subang Terminal 2

It being a Malaysian government department the first thing that greeted me was this hand-written A4 paper sign on the door... can a government office not have something or other ROSAK at any one time? Right?  When I entered I was struck by the design of the place. Who is the daft architect who designs Immigration Department facilities? Why are facilities required to cater to large crowds always designed WIDE but not LONG. It's about 16 ft. from counter to door!!! How come ah? How to accommodate queues la? Queues = LENGTH. Not Width!!! Idiots! The result of this poor design...

I was advised by this kindly-looking pakcik pegawai to use the passport renewal machine. The machine was located in a tiny room on one side of the lobby...

...not too bad actually. They only allowed one person in at a time and the average time each required to use the machine with the assistance of an Immigration officer was 4 minutes. Impressive. And the pegawai was bi-lingual. Impressive!!!

I had budgeted 3 hours but the whole process took me less than 9 minutes from the moment I arrived!!! IMPRESSIVE!!!

But then...

Sorry, encik. Mesin memproses rosak la. So you have to come back on Friday to collect your passport. Maaf ya?

It wouldn't be a Malaysian government department if there was nothing ROSAK kan?  But still I was thankful that it was a relatively painless process to renew my passport at the Jabatan Imigresen Cawangan Kelana Jaya. Terima Kasih.

And while there I met 3 fans. One, the kindly pakcik at the reception counter who thought my name was Robert. Another remembered me from the days of Radio 4 which meant that he was at least as old as I am. And the 3rd was a fan of this blog.  Nice to have met  you all.


p/s the photos look shitty because they are taken with my Samsung Galaxy 1 phone camera. But it's cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S2.  I'll live with the shitty photos.

p/s 2 Another thing I learned today. Imigresen is spelt with 1 M.


Anonymous said...

I made mine and the family passports at Plaza Glomac as well. Took total 2 hours from arrival to collection of passports. The beauty is that my family cannot go on normal working days and this particular immigration office is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

adri4n said...

i was there (plaza glomac) for my passport renewal on early october and came across the similar outcome..

eventually ended up driving all the way down to damansara office to get things done

i wonder what took them so long to fix the thing as it has been lingering for months now (as per my record perhaps its way longer than that)

Anonymous said...

why u so funny patrick? hahahhahahah....... laughed so hard... everything also ROSAK LA WEI!

Anonymous said...

you should have driven back ( 2jam) to ipoh & dapat-ed ALL siap-ed (1jam)... then :
makan the canning ccf, tapau the BIG-tree-leg's stuff, eat the greentown Rojak & cendol , old-yellow white-chopped-chicken & taugeh , kaiC horfun, Faikay fishheaded-choke ,Wooley 1-ton-mee & popiah & salt-bathed/baked (?)- chicken ....then visit SMI & Bro Paul's grave , Perak Tong , TR waterfall ....then buy the Tambun lookyau , Kg Simee tantak & siewyoke ...then ...then...aiyoooo
mamyak-mamyak lagi ...then PLEASE dun forget to go back to KL lah , OK !!

btw, my inkglis NOT from SMI but SGI same as Zorro-U , S-Fish & Tiger one !!
2nd btw : CO2 = car burn die outside, H2O = BM air bukan English air , H2SO4= ...sorri ...terlupa-ed !!

Anonymous said...

As usual, anything wiht 1M sucks! Money sucking exercise.

Nia seng.

Anonymous said...

3rd btw :
1) cow-head offenders ??!!??
2) COW = club of obedient wives !
3) cow-rearing business : 250juta gone fart or ....? ( part of it spent buying 9.8juta condo in ...where ah? Tokyo or NY !!?? )
COW of 2moro = dun know yet .

Anonymous said...

4th btw :
PAGE won = BN wins 2/3 majority !?

Poplems :
1) 85% guru2's kelapa ...oops
kepala-sakit to hantam maths/sains in good English macam Patrick's one !!??
2)POOR quality :
1+2x3=? (guru answers 9);
1/2 + 2/3 =? (guru answers 3/5);
mari, let go to sain lap .....!
3) SIGHS !!!

najib manaukau said...

The construction of all the government offices are all designed and constructed by the handicapped, as such why should anyone be surprised at all to find sign boards 'Rosak' !

Anonymous said...

If Umno were serious, this Cowgate scandal should be the starting point for correcting wrongs amongst the political bigheads. Shahrizat should resign if she loves Umno and if she really subscribes to ‘Rakyat Didahulukan'.

NFC has not uttered a word to refute them. In the absence of convincing rebuttal evidence, this cabinet minister is tainted.

She is legally trained. She knows the rules. She has become a liability to BN and to PM Najib Razak. With the 13th GE in the near horizon, she should voluntarily head towards the exit, failing which, the flames of the electoral campaign will consume her alive

Tiger said...

I told you so, the one that moved from Subang Terminal 2.
Actually, time to praise Imigresen lah.
They've improved tremendously, but I suppose the maintenance of al things ROSAK still needs work.

Kudos to Imigresen!

PS To other govt. depts, pls BUCK UP lah!
My taxes pay your salary, ok?

Tin Tun said...

TBH flew out of the windows of the MACC & was mercilessly killed for a false allegation of only $800, but these very clear evidence of corruption & daylight robbery committed by the corrupt in power for 54 years are given red-carpet treatment by every corrupt institution.Where is Mahathir, Ibrahim Perkasa Bin Umno, Ridhuan Tee & the perak mufti who are "real" defenders of Islam & Allah? Why go to Mecca, garbed in pure white robe with full media highlight throwing stones at the devil, but back home so many real devils robbing the rakat dry, but no stones for them, but worse defending such devils??? And why only Joseph Pairin, Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy all charged for "corruption" & treated like filth in BN, but Umno leaders are immuned to prosecution? Members of the BN regime, you cannot serve two masters, you either serve Allah or you serve Umno!

Shidee said...

Najib is using my tax money to support this mamak to supply inferior products to malaysians. Will najib prove us wrong by feeding his grandkids with this rubbish. RM40m given to this Mydin fella. Incredible. Is this fella another of FLOM's toy cumboys. Also to think that petronas stations will now be selling these inferior products!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a better experience at the same place when I renewed mine in September. Got everything done and collected my passport in less than 30 minutes. Perhaps its was almost 4pm when I arrived and there was not much of a crowd then.

Anonymous said...

I am currently staying in SIngapore. Just renewed my passport at the high comm, and I can tell you, there is lesser and lesser queue there now. There are more queue at the consular as quite a number of Malaysian now annulling their citizenship.

Good for me as the passport renewal now less hassle, nothing rosak, but got like more than 8 counters. Went in around 8:15 am, left @ 9:00 am. Came back after lunch around 2:00 pm to collect passport, left around 2:15 pm.

Impressively fast.

Anonymous said...

Luckily Khairy is not a lawyer. Otherwise he would used clients' money, which is held in trust, to buy condo. This is the typical mentality of UMNO guys.

silv3r3ack said...

Patrick, I went there on Monday morning and guess what? Had the same shit experience and only can collect on Wednesday 'sebab mesin rosak'. I didn't see the 'mesin rosak' on Wednesday morning around 8am. It took me another 45 minutes to collect my passport on Wednesday,niamah!

Anonymous said...

NFC = national/natural fried chicken?
Wat has this got to do with cows dat stay in 9.8juta condo !??? @#$%^&* .

Wat has the infamous SIL's wife's dad got to defend when OUR 250juta went through his zzzzzz-hands ??

lewall said...

Dont shake so much, then picture would look better. Remember to turn on the Anti-Shake as well. Very informative blog though... Am going there soon. Thanks Patrick~!

Xian said...

I think I renewed my passport at Subang Airport two years ago. It was very effortless, I did the same thing as you going through the machine. I was lucky however, because the machine wasn't rosak and so I got my new passport instantly. Everything took me less than an hour!

I was very shocked because like you, I was prepared to wait for at least 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

I was there on 19 Oct, mesin rosak. Told to collect new passport on 28 Oct. Can't (or should?) believe that it's rosak again.

Anonymous said...

The corrupted Shahrizat husband is trying to justify that soft loan taken to start the national feedlot project is better used buying condominiums because they give better returns.

If that is so, please use commercial bank loans with high interest rates to buy condominium. Don't use public money meant for food project to invest in high-risk projects!!!

Khairy, what say you?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately even the newest Malaysian Immigration Complex located in their own complex (Kompleks KDN Jalan Duta) is badly designed. Same problem, no rooms for queue. My question is, haven't the government learned from the previously 'badly designed' offices. So dissapointing.

Nonetheless, since I got to the office around 8:45AM, I was done with the whole process by 9:30AM and was asked to come back after one hour. Not bad at all...

Anonymous said...


You certainly pointed out the very common trait in all government offices, which is, something must be ROSAK. If it is not the computer system ROSAK, it is the doors or lifts that are ROSAK. Obviously some well connected dudes who got the highly cost inflated contracts to build these government offices and supply the equipment wanted to make even a bigger bundle hence these dudes supply low quality equipment which explain why things are always ROSAK in the government offices.

I guess its an accepted fact of life for the government offices that their equipment have to ROSAK daily. Otherwise how can the government proudly proclaim the country as 1ROSAK MALAYSIA.

Anonymous said...

You can now renew your passport online, fill up online form, upload photo, pay with credit card. And choose which office you want to pick up the passport. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:40 talk about Ipoh.... Yes, Imigresen very efficient. How they do it? Simple limit the queue number declare finish for the day by 10:30am. They do not accept anymore processing after their target quantity of passport to process is reached!
And Fast too. How they do it? The 1st processing queue (which takes hours) is not counted. After your number being called and 1st round processing is done, they wil say come back at 3pm. Yes, it's true imegresen are efficient & super fast as I get my passport in 15 minutes at 3:15pm! By the way, what am I suppose to do waiting from morning to 3pm?

sexibunny said...

The new NST is still filled with Umno shit!

True Fiction said...

Try Putrajaya next time. Got my new passport just a little over 60 minutes back in April from the time I submitted the form and old passport. I was IMPRESSED!!!

Anonymous said...

8.40pm anon : pls read the program i've listed for Pat , ok ?

Anonymous said...

It's NOT 9.8juta BUT 13.8juta for 2 units in KL n NOT NY or Tokyo !
Bought with CASH ( whose money?) sure got kick-back one then whose pokets has it masuk-ed !!?? @#$%^&*.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

My experience with our immigration dept at Wangsa Maju wasn't quite so pleasant lo.

1.Queued up to submit forms in a line which snaked all the way out of the office and onto the balcony of the office. Bless you if you feel the need to pee or something!

2.Find sitting/standing room to wait for your turn to submit payment for said passport.

3.Find sitting/standing room to wait for your turn to collect your passport!

Total time taken; 9.00am - 3.30pm! A wonderful mind-numbing six and a half hours!!

(Oh, BTW, there also got that machine thingy to renew passport but unfortunately my one was too old for the machine to recognise, so have to join the queue loh.)

We malaysians are a patient lot, I tell you mostly because we have gotten used to the system. We all have no life one mah except to stand and wait for six and a half hours to renew our passports.

Criticize them and they will probably tell you that in Ethiopia or Zimbabwe, you have to wait for say...6 months for a passport or something like that.

So sometimes I ask myself what is the use??!! Sigh....

Unca Pete

cy.leow said...

You are lucky, in New Zealand it take THREE & HALF MONTHS to renew our Malaysian passports! 5 years ago it took that long, 5 years later still 3.5 months! Niamah!!

Jim said...

This is a hypotectical question for Patrick:

How much would Najib have to pay you to turn your blog BN-friendly under his MyVoice initiative?

Jim said...

This is a hypotectical question for Patrick:

How much would Najib have to pay you to turn your blog BN-friendly under his MyVoice initiative?

Anonymous said...

more on the COW-disease :

13.8juta CASH (our money) for 2 condo units : 75k/moon sewa for max of 2 years = 1.8juta :
13.8 -1.8 = 12juta = RM6,000,000.00 per unit !!
WAT kind of condo in KL (bukan NY or Tokyo or Lioncity) can REALLY cost dat much !?

soft loan of 250juta (our money) at 2% yearly was given out through the zzzzzhands many years ago : has the borrower ( + 3 sons) returned ANY cent !!?? @#$%^&* !

custom stickers said...

very informative post, about to changing the passport, i thinks this is the good way ..

Anonymous said...

Just renewed the passport for my son in Wangsa Maju.

Where is the TOILET ? Have to go to the Mamak Shop - you know the smell.

Any way kudos to the efficient staff -very crowded on the 20th Nov.

Should have gone on weekdays if possible.

Unknown said...

Dear Patrick,

Do you know we can renew passport online? Yes, it is the most wonderful thing ever happen.

I scan my photo, upload on my PC. Go online to the Immigration Website, fill up online, pay with credit card and upload photo to the website. Choose where I want to collect the passport.

2 hours later, I go to the branch, and (Miracle), i picked it up, no problem. Just show your old passport for them to cancel.

Real convinience, no queue, no nothing.

Anonymous said...

It’s too late for UMNO/BN to be so nice to undertake reform. It’s also too late for us all Malaysians to be so nice to try to convince UMNO/BN to do some reform. So to say this coming PRU13 all Malaysians without exception must vote out UMNO/BN and instead vote for Pakatan Rakyat for a true and genuine reform in a truely democratic Malaysia. All of us will be assured of that happening or otherwise we’ll vote out PR in the next coming GE. Salam reformasi.

Anonymous said...

If you took so long to update your blog, you are no different than those 1Immigration folks.

Please wake up before anti-assembly bill is passed by Haji Jibby Regime.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading your blog.Good experience for me. On sunday, arrived late at Damansara office, and still managed to get my application processed before closing time. Collection was the following Sunday.