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Friday, November 11, 2011

It's 11-11-11. So?

When in doubt, hit the button!

For some unexplained reason lots of people are excited about today's date.
Auspicious! Unique! Won't come again for long time! But for the other more jaded Malaysians it is just the 11th of November, 2011.  But the people at the Star obviously thought it a big enough deal to help them sell some more newspapers. And so they put up on the front page a really funny story to mark the auspicious 11-11-11 date. The story is headlined
"11 reasons why no 2011 polls." 

Reason #5 caught my eye and made me laugh.

Reason #5 - Najib and Muhyiddin are going on holiday in December. 

Number 8 is quite funny too...

Reason #8 - The Budget goodies will only kick in next year so it would be better to wait. 

If you're waiting for me to explain why I find stuff like the above amusing, then you wait in vain because I am not going to explain. If you can't see the comedy then I guess you ... can't.


I just found out from reading The Malaysian Insider that Najib is more popular than Anwar among Malaysians. Yeah, I'll bet that brought a quizzical frown to your face. And the survey was conducted not by some Barisan Nasional or Umno machine. It was done by a PKR internal poll! Bet that shocked you huh? Thank you PKR. Not that I, as a Malaysian voter ever liked Anwar that much myself. Do you think that there will ever be a day when Malaysians will vote for good policies and governance rather than give a fuck who the president of the party is?


MCA's Chua Soi Lek says that Malaysians living overseas should not have the right to vote because they are out of touch with the state of affairs in Malaysia. Phwaaar!!! I love it when politicians so bravely show everyone that they are so out of touch with the state of affairs regarding their electorate. Don't you? The Chua fler believes that, because he says that Malaysians overseas only read and receive information from "questionable" sources which may not reflect the “true situation” ongoing in the country. Is Mr. Chua saying that Malaysians who are IN the country receive news and information from sources that do reflect the "true situation"?  And what are these sources? RTM? TV3? NTV7? 8TV? TV9? Bernama? The NST? The Star? Utusan Malaysia?

But I do tabik Mr. Chua for one thing. Balls. Well, two things actually. Balls and a thick skin. Well, maybe three things...oh never mind la.


And if you think your elected representatives in Parliament are in the august house discussing things that are good for your life and future. Think again. Part of what was discussed yesterday was whether Saiful had an affair with DPP Farah Azlina! Think about that the next time you receive your TNB bill. Or when your kids come back from school totally confused with whether it is BM or English for Math and Science. 


And the funny of the day has got to be the Attorney-General, Gani Patail telling the parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms that the Federal Constitution does not allow the authorities to force a voter to be marked with permanent ink. Oh really ah? Then shouldn't somebody tell so many of our blaardyYB's that the Federal Constitution also does not allow random interpretation of the so-called Social Contract?


Buried in a side column on page 12 of today's Star is a story headlined "Projects not completed but they are working".  This is a follow-up to yesterday's story about 20 flood mitigation projects around the country which were ongoing but none of which have been completed.  Don't you wonder what that means?  Not completed? Did someone screw up? Did we just discover when the monsoons arrive in our country each year?
But today's story did say that although the projects were not completed they have been able to reduce flooding. Phwaar! Good or not? When elaborating on The Star report yesterday, Drainage and Irrigation Department's Lim Chow Hock said "the projects, which were in various stages of completion, were able to mitigate flooding...and that it would be misleading to say that the projects were not ready, when the ongoing projects were showing positive results." Sheeesh!  All that means is that this Lim fler sure has the potential to be a damn good politician.


On page 22 of The Star today MCA's Chua Tee Yong called Anwar a chameleon who changes his stand when facing different crowds. I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Chua. After all, Anwar is a politician and a damn good one. So he adapts when speaking to different crowds. A talent that Najib has also mastered in the short time he's been PM. Or have you forgotten your boss's achievements, YB?


Over at the Selangor State Assembly show. Satim Diman, the BN fler for Seri Serdang took the PKNS to task for allegedly paying its General Manager RM1.4mil over a 2 year period. Good question, YB. Thanks for asking it. We wait for some good answers from the state government. And they better have some. In the meantime do you know how a dentist can buy a RM6mil house too? Serious question, YB. You know or not?
(I couldn't find this story in the online edition of The Star)


And finally, I would like to leave you with this perplexing question.

How do politicians always sire children and have families who are brilliant at business and able to amass huge fortunes? Mahathir, Badawi, Hussein Onn...Sharizat etc. etc. etc.

So far all the reasons given have been BULL SHIT!
And there will be more of the same I guess when 12-12-12 swings by in a year's time.
Have a nice weekend, folks. :-)


Kok Cheong said...

that's right, BFS!
Bull F@xking Shit!

dIRtyKhian said...

I read about the reason that our Prime Minister needs to go on a it is our concern if they want to go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I coudnt agree more Unker Tiu...errrr... I mean Teoh.

NIAMAH!!! to all the politicians, especially BN's.

How come u didnt say anything about KJ and his obsession of the COW-dung?

Wak Arjun

Mr Bojangles said...

No nid wait 1 year for another a...e tickling date. 20 Nov is just round the corner. Betcha the Star and all the other toilet rolls will have a lot of tales to tell.
Turd world we are, I tell ya.

Trevor said...

Politicians are also often out of touch with rakyat's life...

So they shouldn't be serving rakyat.. ?

Nice one CSL.

Roti Sunshine said...

Brand name of this new beef in town where the cows live in a condo?


Mere denial is not enough, Sharizat. Take the advice of your Deputy President and make a police report!

You need to have cowhide to stay in politics!!!

Anonymous said...

no shame = alien word in boleh land.

NO Bullshits said...

F"ck the BN govt.We have had enough of your bullshits for 50 years! It is time we want a new govt with serious business governing the country and no bullshits politicians.

Anonymous said...

uncle teoh, i really admire the way you write your blogs.. really..

Anonymous said...

These BeeEnd suc***s and F*****s are a real nuisance. Boot them out in the coming GE... What else...?????

Anonymous said...

first we have mama rosie and now mama lembu.

lembu tua burger.

Anonymous said...

At least we save money. Papers are cheaper than Mad Magazine. Between the lesser of two evils, we choose... Johnny Dep.. the True Pirate of the Caribbean... at least voted most entertaining for two hours per showing.... or was it Alfred Newman?

Tok Rojak

Anonymous said...

You said 'So far all the reasons given have been BULL SHIT!
And there will be more of the same I guess when 12-12-12 swings by in a year's time.
Have a nice weekend, folks. :-)
You joking ah!. After reading you blog, how to have a nice weedend???
'How do politicians always sire children and have families who are brilliant at business and able to amass huge fortunes??' That will be easy. Sent our wives to get screwed by them. Niahmah!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a Black Friday Date but have been misunderstood by many people. Black Friday is where 1 child born on that day is to be a world terror maybe in 25 years later. Maybe alreadi born in the past centuries. Who knows..& 1 more thing that friday in ancient is the Pagan God Day..

Anonymous said...



Nur Aliya said...

The Shahrizat's NFC scandal has shocked the nation with the ease with which the Umno elite can cart away millions and even billion of public money while in office.

It is no longer a wonder that transparency body Global Financial Integrity estimates that between 2000 to 2009, RM888 billion was siphoned out of the country in illicit money flows.

adamJ said...

Pat, you forgotten one more most important reliable source. Chua and his DVD.

MCA knows that if overseas people are allowed to vote, they'll have a 0% chance of winning the GE.

Anonymous said...

Your last 2 paragraphs should also be dedicated to Jibby as his son has stirred up a tsunami in stock market too:

Anonymous said...

to 12.19

paki burger ok too?


from.lembu rock

Anonymous said...

wowwww!!z did you see this?0

Anonymous said...

wowwww!!p did you see this?7

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

CSL is right to worry about the educated overseas folks being more out of touch with the mainstream media spin stories than the local rural folks. Mana boleh? Sure must read locally spun stories praising the gov up & down mah, like how Moo-hyddin & Cow-ford graduate KJ defend the beefy Shahrizat, while at the same time redefining the meanings of crony & conflict of interest.

Jibby more popular than Anwar? We shd be voting for the party, NOT the person.

Anonymous said...

Shahrizat can start a new restaurant chain offering 'Kondo Beef Steak' or Burger Kondominium (to rival Ramli Burger)!

Anonymous said...

All UMNO/BN ministers are immune from prosecution, unless you run foul of the UMNO code of ethics, which is steal and don't tell. This looting has been going on for decades, so much so, that it has become a ritual to ministers. And if a minister doesn't steal, then there must something very wrong with this minister. He/she may even be blackmarked by the other BN cronies. But, trust me, MACC or the PDRM will not do anything about it. Already, MACC has stated that this case is not within their jurisdiction, and is a police case. I wonder whether the police will do any investigation or just file it under NFA. KJ has already defended this stealing and say it is only an investment. Investment? And the condo is registered under whose name? If it is an investment, then it should be registered under the National Feedlot Corporation's ownership. But we all know it is registered under this minister's family member's name.

Bang a Bung said...

Bung Kata: Ini wanita tiap-tiap bulan bocor! Sekarang duit pun bocor!!! Semua Bocor! It's funny watching one clown going after another. Pass me the popcorn.