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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kill Bill!!!


Anonymous said...



KL Spring said...

Najib should not play-play with the Rakyat. If you are sincere you should consult the peoples reps like the MPs, State Assemblymen & the NGOs. Feel the PULSE of the PEOPLE, dont just push legislation down our throat, that is not a caring PM, but a dictator. Please learn from the Middle East.

Comrade said...

It seems BN does not give reforms much toss

Making all right thinking people rather cross

Let People Power walks with the lawyers too

Come mightily, better than Bersih two

Together we get our message across
Come GE13, show BN we are the boss

Saving Bolehland is what we have to do

A better prosperous Malaysia for me and you

Anonymous said...

Read yestrday The Star paper (actually it was a wrapper from my nasi lemak vendor) made me laugh, MACC setting up special unit to catch corrupted government people. A few days ago MACC said NFC is not under their scope of work. When inflation hit PM set up Kedai 1 Malaysia. With these action taken by the ruling party you can tell they (Najib admin) are short sighted. They are NOT trying to solve problem but to fool the Rakyat will their silly solution. NO brain. If they serious about solving corruption in this country give the top jobs in MACC to the opposition. I can assure you, we can cut the corruption cases in this country by 99%. Don't fool the Rakyat, we are NOT idiot that you think we are.