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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday funnies

Itu boo toot, boo toot bukan gua punya pasal. Guarantee punya!

This story from The Malaysian Insider is so funny it doesn't need to have any input from me la to bring on the laughs.  I have cut and pasted some of the lines from the article. You make up your own mind as to when and at which part you want to laugh the loudest.  Here you are...

Faced with increasing public pressure Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil said today she will address the National Feedlot Centre NFC controversy during Umno’s general assembly this week even though it has "nothing to do with me "

(Okay la, in case  you've been sleeping the past couple of months, the National Feedlot Centre is managed by her husband and family)

"I am being patient as a woman I have to be calm... they (PR) are doing this because they are afraid of Wanita Umno’s strength"


The good old doc is at it again. Confusing the shit out of everyone. His latest pontifications reported by The Malaysian Insider today...

"Too much freedom will destroy society"

"Dr Mahathir said in Malaysia there were increasing calls for “freedom of sex” citing this as a kind of “abuse of freedom” which could destroy society..."

(Got meh? Have you heard any recent calls for freedom of sex? What is freedom of sex. Do you know?)

"Society becomes primitive backwards if there is too much freedom A good amount is good but too much freedom no"

"I think this government is listening to the people very quickly, in my time I don’t respond at all. You can interpret it as giving in or you can interpret it as being sensitive ”


Hiyoh! Tak bolih tahan already la. If laugh some more sure burst a gut la. Happy Monday, fellow-Malaysians.



Anonymous said...

..sickening to the shame . plain thief. i am leaving for nz next year for good.


my profile.I am 42 .Doctor in Surgery (Neuro) . will be attached to one of the NZ hosiptal in Feb2012.

p/s. by the way .i am a malay.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

In Malaysia,no need to subscribe to Mad Magazine.
Abundance of comic in the papers.


Anonymous said...

Nice one la Uncle Patrick! You missed one out though:

Jong said...

Why that Mamak woman always try to bring Wanita UMNO into the picture whenever she is the confronted with questions on the NFC project? What has it to do with Wanita UMNO unless she merely proxy for those Wanitas?

Anonymous said...

the woman's face herself is just like the devil! good willing...BN will go to hell after GE13.

monsterball said...

Reload...."Teohlogy 2"
You have enough materials for another toilet book.....hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh! Lots of horny people in UMNO asking for freedom of sex ... or is it Mahathir himself thinking of sex all the time ...

I tot we all have other things to do in addition to sex ... like making money to put food on the table ... well?

Tiger said...

Nothing to do with you, issit, Shahrizat?
So the boss is not your husband?
Or you no longer treat yourself as his wife?
Disowned your kids?
Malaysia being fucked up is EVERYTHING to do with BN!

Anonymous said...

Wake up Shahrizat!

It was the AG's report that disclose the NFC project as a mess, not PR, PR only raising this issue as there seems like not action was taken to address this mismanagement of public funds and poor handling of the project.

Such typical Umno arrogance and uncalled behavior will definitely be punished by rakyat in the comin election. I heard even some umno flers are fed up as the NFC scandal will open up the more cases affecting them.

As for Tun M, needless to say he is very concerned about the coming of Arab Spring to Malaysia.

rosnah said...

My source within Umno circle told me that out of the 2 condos bought by NFC, 1 is actually being occupied by the CEO himself (Izran, their son). on earth do they justify earning money from the condo rental if its being used by the CEO? Company pays salary to CEO, which probably includes housing allowance. And then CEO pays the rent out of the salary he receives?? Left pocket to right pocket is it? And they call this income!

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri....

Please do not take us idiots!!
Excuses and denials are the motto of our so called "Esteemed" politicians.


Anonymous said...

So, I guess too much corruption won't destroy society, huh?

"... in my time I don’t respond at all." - Is he sure he's remembering this correctly? After all, he's not one with the best memory around (except for anything Anwar).

This minister of cow sure has loads of cow dung ready for our amusement. Might as well claim she's a virgin.

Anonymous said...


The old fart with selective amnesia just refuses to go away. Instead he props up now and then to give his one sided views of how things should be according to him. Such a person knows no shame and is full of hate and venom. He needs to sound relevant to the blinkered herd of retarded UMNO members so that they remain hypnotised with his "skewed wisdom". He is a true indian snake charmer to the UMNO retards. In doing so, he sidetracks the UMNO retards to get away with his sons making tons of money from all their questionable side dealings viz.a viz, San Miguel-Esso Malaysia.

As for the back door woman minister, she certainly has lots of patience but not because she is a woman as she claims. She is a COW and we do know that COWs are patient animals. I wonder whether she really understood herself when she claims she "has nothing to do with it". Perhaps she also has nothing to do with giving birth to her children.........

Anonymous said...

aiyaaaa , i'm hungry & i'm taking Massimo bread ( nothing to do with nfc beef or gardener....oops gardenia anymore! ).

Anonymous said...

the mooooodpm ( NOT the nfc beast )
has mentioned 'jihat' for GE13 wo
@#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

laughter is the best medicine!
i love MALAYSIA.


Ernie said...

Speeches at the on-going Umno AGM are full of comedy and niamah moments!

Joshua Lopez said...

Mother Fucking Old Crook! He takes the time to blast Seksuality Merdeka and calling them immoral and animalistic. But wasn't his leadership of 23 years immoral & animalistic?! Isn't UMNO immoral & Animalistic?! Mah Chow Hai!