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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hiyoh! How can this happen one?

Is this a PR spin? Anybody?



Anonymous said...

Simple !

For Penang - Ask Dr. Koh !

For Selangor - Ask Khir Toyo !

For Rakyat - No answers or Dubious answers like it sounds like me, looks like me but it wasn't me !

1Hee-Haw !

Anonymous said...

I am sure all the BN loudmouths, even the rempits will come out and tell us that PR is lying if it is not true! That's the check and balance mechanism!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Teoh, If you can get The Star/NST/Berita Harian/Utusan/etc to publish this on the front page, I will do for you anything you want.

Tiu Nia Seng said...

thank you for bringing out this report which was never reported by the MSM.
this can clearly show one thing-that the BN govt is hopeless!No wonder we are so far behind our neighbour countries who used to be at par or below us economically in the past. Change we Must!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Comment by anon@10:12

Perhaps you could post the link to the official source of the reports for confirmation. For sure the MSM would not publish these reports.

anon@10:12 should then help to spread the news to all of his friends.

I, for sure will gladly convey the news to all that I know.


Anonymous said...

Pat... Pls forward this to that jala fler. Hopefully he can digest the info, as to why our nation, full of natural resources is heading towards bankcruptcy.

Hidup Melayu said...



BENatang10 said...

Must Kick OUT spineless and shameless M Corrupt A in coming General Election!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

True, what some other commentator said; had it been untrue, the BN numbnuts would be out loudly proclaiming that its one big lie and PR spin.

That they kept a sheepish silence and try to divert our attention with lame brained issues is proof enuff for moi that this bunch of jerks have really overstayed and are asleep at the switch!

Unca Pete

Fisha said...

Good player indeed in figures, well we Rakyat are dumbo in calculating kan? *middle finger up*

Anonymous said...

Not a spin patrick, but soon.... all the woods, lands, and sands in the country will be gone... that is exactly what is going on in selangor... all the sands being exported to singapore, woods cut off is that what you want?

Jeremy said...


Only bloggers like nkkhoo cannot understand this simple fact.

Anonymous said...


This is not to counter spin but the indication are simple and even my 2 years old daughter can understand it. she's not even enrolled to taska but she know number well. so i dont think that the number given on the picture are too complicated to understand. what? u want to tell me that UMNO/BN didnt get that much bcoz they are protecting the environment? oh common.... unless u re blind and deaf combined together. my argument to you is 50yrs+ versus less than 5 years in office. tell me more about it.... ?
(p/s: don't tell me that the kedah, selanggor, kelantan dan penang PR gov trying to grab as much properties & money as they can b4 the BN taking over once again and that, by that, the 4 PR state environment was badly destructed by themselves at less than 5 years in power).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.33pm, are you sure less sand or less trees were fell during the BN administration? It is the leak in the system and corruptions in the BN government.

PR has shown efficiency and clean governance.

You are missing the point. Wake up or open you bloody eyes....

Or maybe you are paid to write the shit you wrote.....

Tiu Na Jib said...

No report on the timber income from Sarawak of White Hair a.k.a. ATM?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:34 PM

You have the time to read every single comments here do you? how hillarious, because nobody is even talking to you.

For your info, PR state government has been digging tonnes of sand to be sold to Singapore, and some other state, and these companies involved are Khalid cronies, along with Anwar cronies.

In Perak during PAS stay, Nizar gave his own cronies woods, lands, and one of them happened to be my own uncle who was former PAS Adun.

But he did not take it after receiving advise from his mother which is my grandma, telling him it is a sin to do that and it is against Islamic principles that the very reason he is with PAS.

In Selangor, PKR has been offering people with chinese prostitutes to lure vote, but sadly MCA resorts to the same tactic..

Dude, I tell you something.. there is no one who is honest in politics.. 16 september, 2008 manifestos, and alot others did you even see them fulfilling their promises?

Anwar is willing to even get rid of his own loyal supporters from 1998 just because of Azmin, and for your information the sex video involving Anwar was not from UMNO, but from those inside PKR who wanted to rid of Anwar because they were angry of him, (corruptions, high-handed) tactic to rid of his political opponents inside PKR to make Azmin win.Dato Saleh for example did not even do anything wrong, but Anwar along with Dzul of PAS ridicule him calling him fat-Saleh, and names.

Anwar wants to be PM, Lim Kit Siang wants to be PM, Khalid wants to be PM, Husam wants to be PM, Azmin wants to be PM, who will be the cabinet?

They called him that because they think he is unfit to lead, unfortunate for someone who was with Anwar since reformation day of 1998.

Anwar lied so many times, and he is even willing to sell this country as long as he is the PM.

A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS's agenda, and have you seen the latest cabinet draft from Azmin?

Think carefully about the future of this country.

Anonymous said...

I think there is an error of ommission. The chart missed out a column for the BN years. For Selangor the should be a Khir 'Toyol' column which states Untung 40 million each for sand and forest.

Anonymous said...

India's great moral leader Mohandas Gandhi famously said that there is enough on Earth for everybody's need, but not enough for everybody's greed.

Anonymous said...

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