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Saturday, November 05, 2011

A nightmare in the morning


Waking up this morning was like confronting a nightmare while awake.  When I opened the Star this morning I read about a country that had gone absolutely bananas.  The front page story was about Muhyiddin Yassin's latest ding-dong when he announced that Math and Science would be taught in English for students who started learning the subjects in English blah...blah...and bloody blah. Politicians never admit it when they fuck up. Instead they make statements......
"I am not interested in the PPSMI debate and I hope parents understand that the government is responsive" - Muhyiddin Yassin, education minister.

The government is responsive??? For months parents have been imploring you to not revert to BM for the 2 subjects. You actually told us to shut the fuck up and that the decision to teach the subjects in BM is final. And now suddenly you reverse your decision and tell us that is your way of being responsive?  Well, pardon me all over the fucking place, Muhyiddin.

The minister also said that "...research had shown that most schools were already teaching both subjects in Bahasa Malaysia" and that "...less than 5% of 7,495 primary schools use English to teach the subjects, and for secondary schools, less than 9% out of 2,192 use English."

Isn't it amazing that a minister of education, who is also the deputy prime minister of our country, still cannot understand that it is not about percentages but the quality of our education and the kind of "graduates" we eventually produce?  Scary isn't it?

Muhyiddin is fast becoming the back-pedaling/passing-the-buck champion of Malaysia. Just a few days ago he arrogantly announced that his decision on the matter was final and that no more discussion would be welcome.  Now he is saying that Najib was also in on it. The DPM claims that the PM was consulted on the announcements and decisions and that as Education Minister he (Muhyiddin) had no authority to make the decision alone.  Did you get that impression when you read the news about the PPSMI dismissal a few days ago?

On another page of The Star today the headline story made me really upset.

"It's never too late to revert to English" - Mahathir Mohd.

To me, it was Dr. M who started the whole fucking mess in the name of nationalism all those years ago. Now he is back to talk some more cock?  What the fuck!  English is the language of the colonial masters! We must defend our national language! And so, after masterfully destroying a system that had worked for decades we now maybe have come to realise that we've fucked ourselves in the backside. Or the more sinister view is that our politicians have succeeded beyond their dreams in dumbing down the rakyat so they can continue to plunder the coffers.

On page 12 of today's Star...

"Hisham: Activities will affect nation's stability"

Our Home Minister says that Seksualiti Merdeka will affect the stability of the nation as most people are against it.  Most people? Who are these "most people"? No really I want to know. Oh wait a minute, at the end of the article there is mention of some of these "most people". They include Perkasa, Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and Penang's Body for Anti-Liberism of Religion (HUH???!!!) Right! Most people. Yes.

And in the same story there is a bit with Mahathir throwing in another of his 2 sen of cock.

"There must be a limit to freedom!"

"We don't need this sexuality thing."

"We don't need men marrying men, women marrying women and blatant exhibitionists."

"What will happen to us when people decide to walk naked on the streets? We can't stop them. If they decide as seen in some countries to have sex in public, what will happen to us?"

What will happen? Dr. M, I am surprised that you need to ask. What will happen? We (the government) will water-cannon them, tear-gas them and haul their naked asses into jail and bring back the ISA. Oh, sorry it's still here isn't it? The ISA I mean.

And so on that cheery note, have a wonderful weekend.



Peh said...

I couldn't decide whether to tick "funny" or "interesting" or "cool" at the end of the article... and then realized it was because my feeling after reading it wasn't laughter or interest... it was frustration and anger that these people who were voted in by the people of this wonderful country, can then turn around and give the finger to us and say "I'm doing what I like and you have no say in it". WTF???

Anonymous said...

But trump up sodomy charges okay.
Of course!
That's why there is a repeat!
Followed by Datuk T.
Followed by OWC.

Allah is great indeed.

Antares said...

Exasperation at bureaucratic incompetence and absurdity is what fuels this blog. Imagine, if one day we found ourselves with a competent, sensible, accountable and truly responsive government... you may have to rename this blog! :-)

Good one, Pat. You wax lyrical when totally pissed off.

Au Yong said...

It's funny that we blatantly splash detailed description of sodomy, penetration, sex video, day in and day out in all newspapers (front pages and for years somemore) and then say that a peaceful seminar to address issues on sexuality is not necessary, a security threat to nation, not our coyly demure culture and the whole f..lot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

You missed out what Khairy said on page 3 of the same paper about a hostel being apartheid.

Feeding the poor in Malaysia leads some people into trouble with the Muslim authorities.
However banning the Muslims from places deemed non-halal or unsuitable for Muslims also gets them into trouble with these Muslims.
Seems these Muslims also want to join in.
Perhaps the hostel may have to get a license from the Muslim authorities to state that the hostel is out of bounds to Muslims.
As for the blogger who mentioned that he had gone backpacking to other countries need to be examined by the authorities here whether he had been exposed to proselytisation.


casper c said...

Hello all,

Much has been said and written about the teaching of Math and Science in English but in the midst of the debate, didn't the "Kementerian Pelajaran" issue a statement, albeit a very small para, that 80% of 'cikgu sekolah' were attempting to teach both subjects and delivering course material in Malay !!!

Its been several years now, this effort to emphasise the use of English - even the idea of having expatriate/"kwai loh" take the burden off Ministry(all very shameful btw) - but all in vain for the lack of resource.

I fear for many a child currently in school as they are the one's who bear the burden of having UMNO bumpkin's dictate policy - pity.

Anonymous said...

Had already made a right guess that Moheeedin would make an about turn in the decision of PPSMI. Don't the people know that 13th GE is around the corner??? Trying to win over the rakyat's heart, don't cha know that??? His aim??? To be the PM, of course, so now must start flip-flopping lah....

Roti Sunshine said...

The Star actually make a lot of money in publishing these cocked up stories to make their readers laugh? Wonder how many months of bonus do their employees get? 12 months on the average. Don't believe? Get your restaurant to do a deal for them!

At least this outlandish paper can make you and their owner (MCA) laugh! When you consider the plight of their competitors like the MM and NST, at least they are still around.

BTW, I read but don't buy this paper.

Anonymous said...

Summarised very nicely Niamah, classic.

One of your pieces good enough to KIV for future reference.

Its good to keep reminding the younger fellas that Mahathir is the root of all evil that is happening in Malaysia right now. His legacy will live on with disastrous results for a very long time.

R Rajoli said...

These were the words of Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the United Nations a year ago: “Across all religions we have inadvertently allowed the ugly voices of the periphery to drown out the many voices of reason and common sense. I therefore urge us to embark on building a ‘Global Movement of the Moderates’ from all faiths who are committed to work together to combat and marginalize extremists who have held the world hostage with their bigotry and bias.”

Yet in Malaysia the prime minister has allowed “the ugly voices” in the Umno party, of which he is the president, to put out an agenda of hatred against all who are opposed to it.

Utusan Malaysia, as the newspaper owned by Umno, stands as an example of the “bigotry and bias” Najib had spoken out against.

Anonymous said...

We have two kids (13 and 16) and frankly we are tired of all this political games being played at our childrens expense. To us, it is simple and clear, we WANT our two kids to have a strong foundation in both Bahasa Malaysia (Melayu?) and English and since we don't think our national school can deliver what we want, we have decided to pull our children out of it. We hope when they graduate in the near future, their job market will be global instead of confining only within Malaysia and lets admit it if you don't have a strong foundation in English, you will have a problem getting a job outside Malaysia. That is a fact whether we like it or not. And we also do not have the luxury of time to waste while the politician argue over it. We are living in what i would term "idiotic time" in Malaysia right now.

Only Ubah is our hope.

Nirvana said...

so Patrick does Adam going to study math/science in Bahasa ?
Never mind can improve spoken malay.
you can teach him English at home.
when he grows up, if he decides not to continuw with your chick biz then he can go to Spore cari makan.

all the best !

LinPeh said...

Yeah. It was only last week that the COW Mooo.... cockily told the parents that the decision is final and no more talk. It was like arrogantly showing us his middle finger. Now I will show my middle finger to him and tell him right in the face "Tiu NIAMAH!" What a bunch of imbeciles running this wonder-fool cuntry.

Urban Malay said...

These stupid people are not keen to learn the International language which is English, the Goverment is promoting BM so that these retards are comfortable learning it in their own language but are not smart enough so the Goverment brings down the standard of passing to ensure more of their own passes but these compromized the quality of the education standards but the goverment don't care coz the stupier you are the easier they can control you. CAN"T YOU ALL SEE THAT ??

The wiser Malays in the urban area ensures their children learn English and some Mandarin too. What 99%. Use your brain people.

Anonymous said...

jippy washed his sin....fuck you !

Jimmy Wong said...

You are spot on on all the issues here. I couldn't have said it any better. Thanks.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Thank you so much for your writings. I truly enjoy and share your sentiments.

When mamak bendahara roars, the puffy din must kowtow. Mamak bendahara pulls all the strings, master puppeteer.

Anonymous said...

1) If most people are against seks. merdeka, won't they maintain the stability? Only when a critical mass favors it will status quo stability be in danger.
2) Where is this country where people walk naked in the streets and have seks in public?
3) How much does a ticket to that country cost?

Anonymous said...

The whole problem started 22 years ago and the best part is that the majority are still kissing his hands believing that he is their savior!
After 22 years this 'holier then thou' country is going bankrupt while the infidel and unislamic countries are flush with Cash. Bloody Disgusting!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:44pm

We all know that.
That's why he has to make multiple trips to wash his sin (too many) by installment!

Tiger said...

1. The DPM, supposedly the Education Minister, doesn't know the meaning of quality education? If you rely on percentages and stats all the time, then we going to produce mediocre students!
Gosh, what an idiotic miseducated guy!

2. The Seksualiti ban is only to justify the court case against AI.
Hello, Hisham, stop trying to con the people lah! If the government wants to be consistent (as if they know the meaning), round up all the LGBTs in the country and put them in jail lah!

3. Tun M, we do not need to wait for people to have sex in public, because the BN government is already raping Malaysia in broad daylight EVERYDAY, ok?

Curious Parent said...

Can Mr DPM explain this double standard policy?

Cambridge Chance For Mara Junior College Students

KUCHING, Aug 25 (Bernama) — Agreement has been reached with Cambridge University to help students of Mara Junior Science Colleges further their studies at the premier British academic institution, according to Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Seri Mohamad Shafie Apdal.

He said tonight that the agreement was reached during his visit to London last week, when the university undertook to help improve the quality of teaching at the junior colleges.

“They (Cambridge University) will help improve the quality of graduates of the junior colleges and see for themselves the present system of studying,” he said at a meet-the-people session at the Mara Skills Institute IKM here.

Apdal said the people from Cambridge would suggest the best method for the junior college graduates to enter the university.

He also said that Mara would spend RM159 million on its education development programme in Sarawak under the 10th Malaysia Plan beginning this year. — BERNAMA

DBP said...

60% of the world speaks English. But in Malaysia, we have leaders who champion BM because they need to appease the Malay electorate.

Simple as that.

Gratitude said...

Imagine the laughs that the foreign agencies look forward to each week when the read the news of our govt nitwits' follies. Hell, I think they may even file Malaysian political news under "humour", or "shit".

Pinocchio's nose gets longer whilst Krismuddin's only get broader.

Anonymous said...

I heard a mother scolding her son " Jangan cakap speak English nanti orang pikir kita orang kampung" in front of a mall years ago.

Bagaiman mahu cakap melayu di depan tempat yang ramai atau speaking english lebih baik.

Saya pun pusing ( Indonesian terms for confuse)

Anonymous said...

better vote for..after PTPTN expenses also gone...

Niamah ! cant they come out with better threat on the pak chik and mak cik.

Anonymous said...

What can I say... It's time to kick these bastards out.. Niamah..

anak_malaysia said...

It's a bit ironic that the director of the Malay version of Disney's Tarzan speaks out in support of one controversial way to improve Malaysian's command of English. But in the end of the day, we're trying to promote 'English the international auxiliary language', not 'English the vestige of colonial or cultural imperialism'.

Patrick, come to my blog and read about my arguments for dubbing in "Kenapa perlu alih suara". Yah, I do see the link between the PPSMI controversy and the emergence of BM-dubbed cartoons and even primetime dramas from America. We give PAGE what they want, and in order to appease GMP and co, we cut down the number of English shows on radio and TV by you-know-what.

Hahahaha... you decide whether I'm just joking or making a serious suggestion, because I don't know myself!

anak_malaysia said...

It's a bit ironic that the dubbing director of Disney's Tarzan in BM speaks out for the betterment of our command of English via controversial means.

To me, our history as a British colony where English remains considerably influential to this day has ended up as a major obstacle to our endeavour to further improve Malaysian's command of English.

The rest of the country sees mostly the dark side of English, thanks to local celebs and politicians' tendency to speak bahasa rojak. Have you ever thought that bahasa rojak not only harms BM but also bad for English?

Maybe it's too many English programmes on radio and TV historically? No wonder some Astro channels decide to dub American dramas to BM. We urbanites think Malaysia is a subtitle country, but the international TV tycoons think she's a dubbing country - or grown into one because of her schools' language row.

Good read:

LinPeh said...

Less than 5% of primary and less than 9% of secondary schools are teaching in Englito sh. These are the figures that the COW Mooooo.. quoted to support his stand on the continuing use of BM. Pls be honest with yourselves la, all the idiots in the MOE. The fact that there are still teachers (95% in primary and 91% in secondary schools)(in case this cow doesn't know maths and figures turned around for the sake of being more explicit)are still teaching in BM is due to the fact that: Having sent for training to teach in the English language, these teachers are still not able to master and teach in the English language. Taking the easy way out the MOE has decided to revert to use BM instead to save all the blushes for wasting time, effort and money. MOE therefore had no alternative but to retrogress in its decision. That's the truth of the whole fiasco. Even a professor and deputy VC in a public university could not utter a siingle sentence of English without sill grammatical mistakes.That's the sad state of affairs in our education system.

Anonymous said...

they are facing 2 main problems :
1) poor command of english eg. 5-2=3 ( five 'push' two is three )
'mari , let go to sain lap !'
CO2 ( car burn die outside)!
2) i was once asked to help a cikgu :
1/2 + 2/3 = ? ( her answer was 3/5 )
1+2x3 = ? ( her answer was 9 ).

ARE they willing to reemploy us, retired math/sains teachers !?

Mak BNyah said...

To be SURE,for our children sake, just KICK OUT these stupid umNO monkeys!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Thanks for a very entertaining read as usual and long may you continue until you run out of issues.

Sigh!... wrong, I guess with this bunch of cretins up at the top, you'll never run out of stuff to rant about!!

Its all good when you are there to brighten up my mornings as you always do.

Unca Pete

Porky Pig said...

anak malaysia

I pun 'pusing' when Micky Mouse speak and sing in BM on TV2!!!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


There's only three words to describe the state of this COUNTRY ........ MASSIVE FCUKED UP.

And there's also three words to describe the fcuking UMNO and BN ministers ..... BIG TIME FCUKERS.

dagen said...

South Sudan has decided to adopt the english language and english language will now be the medium of instruction in all schools there in that new country. So umno staying put is not an option. For staying put means allowing others to catch up. And flip flopping is worse than staying put. Then again the best that umno could do here is to do stop the flip flops. If it ever happens, that would be something to shout about.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

please give those guys a break! they seem lost , pity them as they never turun padang to the rakyat ,that why they screw everybody ,on education , on gst, tax, but those rich and famous can do whatever they like as above the law. Project never deliver in proper,but the money all gone to share,haha boleh land

CPL said...

If you support teaching of science and maths in english, please join this Facebook group. It now has more than 150,000 members after 1 month of set up!/groups/201659423239872/

Anonymous said...

just fuck dr.mamak for all the mess he created !

Anonymous said...

BN is busy fanning hatred towards immigrants in europe, UK, US and many developed countries..

Before I cant take my leave, I better escape now.. sayonara Malaysia. Better run before its too late..

good luck to all of you

Anonymous said...

if i were a teacher, i stick to ppsmi , think of the : 10% incentive every month . ie :RM 280 x 12 month =RM3360 yearly, x 6 years = richer by RM20,160. ( compare to those non-ppsmi teacher )

Anonymous said...

fyi : millions of textbooks in malay sudah siaped for 2012 SO who is going to pay !!?? OUR HARD-EARNED BLOODED SWEATY money lah @#$%^&* !!

ordinary malaysian said...

Aiyah, Patrick, why get all so upset so early in the morning? Malaysian ministers can say anything what. Don't you know that ah? We plebeians should just shut up and listen the gods lah!

Anonymous said...

Is the use of tongkat ali now allowed or not? If not, what is this chap gonna use instead? I wait with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

ah yoh ..yoh.. I take some project I approved myself where got wrong ..? and I work very hard mah....

Perverse Logic ?..

Glam said...

Good morning, Patrick! I am not sure if Alvin and gang have contacted you since your star appearance at Sunway University, but anyway, you got a more than decent mention in blog under title 'The Voice at Sunway University" posted November 10, 2011. Plus photos of you too! I told you that you are a chamrming man!! All the best, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Do you get your beef supply from NFC for your restaurant?

patrickteoh said...

Interesting question, Anonymous 10:34AM. Do I get my beef supply from NFC for my restaurant. Not unless they've used that >Rm200mil. to develope cows that swim.

Anonymous said...


An excellent place for you to perform in Penang:

Niamah FC (NFC) said...

It is very obvious by now that Shahrizat is not as smart as the other constitutional Malay with Indian ancestry, who was premier for 22 years.

This master thief has stolen billions but no one has been able to find much incriminating evidence like cheques, properties, etc, to nail him. Only after he retired was it revealed that one of his sons had become a billionaire and had made a huge investment in a brewery in the Philippines.

Shahrizat by comparison has been caught stealing peanuts while still in service. Perhaps she should now go to the master thief and get some tuition on how to steal without getting caught.

While she is at it she could also find out how her Wanita Umno predecessor, Rafidah Aziz, escaped prosecution for theft, with the help of the same thief.