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Friday, November 04, 2011

Weekend funnies

Hi! I could be your local Y.B.

Today is one day that I am so glad I bought a copy of The Star. There is so much comedy between the pages that at RM1.20 it is almost better value than buying a RM200 ticket to watch Harith Iskander and the Kings and Queens of Comedy Asia!

I am sure that you, like me, are thinking about or discussing the ban on Sexualiti Merdeka and the hilarious "reasons" given for the ban.

"...the event creates uneasiness among the vast majority of the population, it may result in disharmony, enmity and threaten public order" - Khalid Abu Bakar, Deputy Inspector-General.

Phwaaaar!!! Damn terror words, right? Creates uneasiness among the VAST MAJORITY of the population some more.  I don't know about you but Sexuality Merdeka has been held since 2008. I have never felt uneasy about it? Have you? Nobody I've met or sat next to at the mamak stall has mentioned it. Even the major newspapers gave the events coverage. As just another event happening in the city. No big deal. Now suddenly the event might "threaten public order" some more. Come on la Mr. Deputy IGP give us ordinary Malaysians some credit la. We're not as gullible as your political masters think us to be la.  And please try not to end every press statement by kicking us Malaysians in the balls as a parting gift by saying things like, "We are not against the people's right to freedom of speech or human rights" and then ban this and ban that and shoot water cannon and tear gas all. That really make me damn 'too lan' (pissed off) with you la.

But Mr. Deputy IGP you're really not in the same league as your deputy boss la. It was reported in the Herald Sun when commenting on Sexualiti Merdeka, our deputy prime minister was quoted as saying "Any activity that does not benefit the majority of Malaysians should not be carried out. It's a waste of time, although they can say it's their own right and freedom. That's why to me, it (the festival) is totally unsuitable and I don't know it's benefits. I don't understand why they carry out such promotions. Is there any political agenda behind it?"

Political agenda???!!! Personally, I think they are running out of things to drag out in the ongoing sodomy trial.

Does not benefit the majority of Malaysians? 

So how do these benefit the majority of Malaysians?

Bakun Dam, Sepang F1 race track, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, tolled highways, the new Istana Negara.........the list is a long one but I am sure you get the drift.

Benefits? Come to think of it, if what Sexualiti Merdeka is "promoting" (your word, not mine) is so bad our Malaysia might be missing a few damn good TV cooking and children's shows, government functions emcees and maybe even a space tourist or two. Then how?


If you're a parent I am sure you are also a bit confused about what is going on with this English No English ding dong going on in our country. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says NO WAY, JOSE!!! The government's decision to teach Math and Science in BM stays. No tok! And then to kick you/us in the balls as his parting gift he adds, "...the majority of the people had accepted the desicion on the PPSMI reversal but as a democratic country, people were free to voice their views."  NIAMAH!!!

And now the old man, Mahathir jumps in with his 2 sen and says that the prime minister has the power to overrule Muhyiddin' decision and that this could be done for the good of the country. What the fuck!!!

But of course, Najib and his wife are over in Mecca. Maybe trying to get some pointers from higher sources on how to get out of this giant fucked up mess.


But the most idiotic comment came from the expert at such, Bung Mokhtar. When commenting on the Sexualiti Merdeka ban he said (the event) "......promotes same sex relationship. It will damage the country's image. Events that support casual sex (which) will exacerbate baby dumping problems

Eh!!! I think whether it is in English or BM this YB needs some serious Biology lessons.



浪費 said...


Anonymous said...

I hope you are not promoting the Star aka the Scum with your statement 'There is so much comedy between the pages that at RM1.20 it is almost better value than buying a RM200 ticket to watch Harith Iskander and the Kings and Queens of Comedy Asia!'

Pity Harith Iskandar, he has to cari makan too as I heard he has been 'gam' by local TV stations.

Anonymous said...

DPM no shiok Ajib. nailing another nail into Ajibby's coffin by calling kenot tok. no more. sudah titik-titik on PPSMI. calling us the minority, ok. lets c what d minority can do in da ballot box...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Niamah - I am beginning to respect you in spite of your shenanigans.

Gratitude said...

LOL I wonder where Bung Mokhtar learned about his birds and bee from that gays have wombs and fallopian tubes! This guy is not even fit to hang around and swing with the orang utans.

lolo said...

I love this site, thank you to all who are created, I learned many things, very positive, a thousand thank you.

nstman said...

Mr deputy IGP, you talk drivel, or in layman's terms, talk cock. It is our country's misfortune we have mutts as leaders. Good night and tiuniamah

Ramlie said...

Umno Media like Utusan and TV3 calls Seksualiti Merdeka as 'Seks Bebas'.

That why the malays mengamuk!

Umno really knows how to excite the G-spot of the malays!

Tiger said...

God forbid, our DPM to be PM!
He's such a stupid moron, our country will be in jeopardy if he takes over Najib.

Anonymous said...

very good words, very funny with this post.haha
great work

Anonymous said...

OMG- at the last remark by "Kebinatangan", I actually burst out laughing non stop!! Next they are going to show us a little 8 years old and claim that he is the product of this relationship between Saiful and Anwar and expect the entire nation and the rest of the world to believe it. How about that?

Anonymous said...



Borneo Vespa Club Kuching said...

Pat, thought the last Yang Berhutang fella is Biology learned man from his Khalwat case. Ke Ke Ke

Anonymous said...

the Yang Berhutang fella is Human Biology learned man from his Khalwat case.

Anonymous said...

Just love Malaysia. It feels like a freak show. What next? Can't wait!

LinPeh said...

Woah .... That OrangUtan really imply that homosexuals can produce babies that will eventually be dumped??? This is PhD Biology la.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Pat,

I hope u realize that i almost die laughing while reading the "bung thing" of kinabatangan statement about this sexuality merdeka. and added some more by the commentator, I can't hold but to pissing on my angrybirds underwear. Hails to u pat. NIAMAH Clasic!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything that UMNO and its muslim fascist affiliates do not like has got to be politically motivated. Going by UMNO's definition above, the sale of pork and alcohol in this country must have been an opposition politically motivated agenda since UMNO and its affiliates cannot consume pork or alcohol.

Anonymous said...

it's clear that there's 3 reasons for all this smokescreen BS from the umno fellas.
1.The Ambiga factor. Get her and all her supporters whenever her name shows up.
2.Get the fanatics into a frenzy on a common enemy. In this case rally the muslim votes.
3.Associate DSAI with the sex spin and keep the spin, spinning.

And as far as the dopey MOE chief goes, he's also playing with sex..the LGE son accusation was one of the examples.

Anonymous said...

Gwah punya Malaysia.

My malaysia hor, don't like all this gay thing one.

Dealing with heterosexuals also so susah enuff for our brilliant gomen woh; now somemore these gays want to have their festival leh. How can.

Mebbe they scared that all those public display of limp wrists may spark off a riot leh.

Then you know lah, we all also sometimes want to screw the gomen backside one, suddenly har, you got all these people coming out and they all really screw backside one you know!! Have a heart leh, how can the gomen allow this?

Shhh..don't tell them, especially that Bung fella, you cannot get pregnant one.But they scared that they may have to take maternity leave and start leaking every month then really susah loh!

So have a heart and try to understand these dimwits because I think they will hopefully be extinct somewhere in the not too distant future!!


Unca Pete

Han said...

To prevent an escalation in baby dumping, we should cease reproductive sex immediately. 1Buntut, anyone?