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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What The Fuck!!!

(photo from The Star)
The Mat's weren't paid enough to start up their kapcai's I guess.

Did anyone see the Star story on the Mat Rempit demonstration in Penang? Since their emergence in the Malaysian consciousness Mat Rempits have been called dregs of society, road menaces and even gangsters but never were they a force for social or political change. Now they are demonstrating for change in Penang! Calling Lim Guan Eng a racist in the process too. Mat Rempits want to Selamatkan Penang (save Penang) and also demand a Mat Rempit race track while they were at it.  But there is one saving grace. Someone in the organising committee must have a good sense of humour. The Mat Rempits were dressed in YELLOW!!! Awwright!!!


Here is Wikipedia's description of Mat Rempit for the uninitiated...


Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Hahahaha this is definitely a joke!

Anonymous said...

Niamah - Article is very much expected from a loud-mouth racist Chinki like you.

Just because they are bikers and Malays they cannot demonstrate is it.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, there are still Chinks like you around.

Niamah Chow Hai.

p/s Thiew I must add.

mob1900 said...

Anon above's probably one of the Mat rempits who went demo for rm5 petrol, don't expect his email to be real. A real UMNGOK Troll.

yeo said...

They should ask for a bigger one at Putra Jaya, so bro. Najib can show his stunt there!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:29 PM

did Patrick even mention they are Malays? Who's racist here??

John Michael said...

Hey Anonymous @ 4.29pm

First of all, if you want to start cursing people, at least have the guts and courtesy to put in your BLOODY real name...."Be a man, do the right thing" (quoted from Russell Peters)....

Since when PT is being racist here? If you can judge a person based on one stupid article...then allow me to shove my 2 cents into your bloody ASS. Yes, they cannot demonstrate not because they are Malays but we expect our taxpayers money to be well spent and not spend on a bunch of parasites like the Malays and yourself....

If the taxpayers are not allowed to decide which business/ people to invest, then at least we the taxpayers have the right to voice out what is spent on our hard earned money, a term you may never understand in this lifetime of yours.....

For 54 years and still counting, how long do you expect the non-bumi to continue to spoon feed you guys? In Malaysia, the 2nd class citizen is feeding the so called self proclaim MASTER/ BUMI...what are shift of will never get this in any other countries...only Malaysia...Malaysia Boleh....

Anonymous said...

4.29 you are a fuck tub person...ever when have you seen a anai,cina babi, kadazan and lain lain and mamak rempit?

Anonymous said... all started with mamak dr. paying motorbike melayu driving in major town with flags during aug.31st..children in bicycle (BMX) also not spares !

Niamah .. ! mamak kutty really screwed the malay big time!

telur dua said...

The only thing they can save is their own miserable life. Stop rempiting or end up Mati Katak on the roads.

vinnan said...

Oii Choa Chee bai anon 4:29 PM. No one is saying they cannot demonstrate. However, just because the CM of Penang refuses to build a racetrack for them does not make him a racist. Mat Rempits sent by Khairy because the CM is bringing Vincent Tan's investments into Penang. Look at the bloggers like that Pisau.Net shit who really went all out to smear the CM over the non-existent molest case. They are mostly pro-Najib or Khairy. Mat Rempits are the scum of the earth. These puk'maks only know how to bully other innocent road users. Even the Malays as whole cannot stand them. You started the race shit as'hole. Pootuii on these Mat Rempits.

Mat Kilau said...

These are bunch of social nuisance being made use of by the bankrupt BN members(I will not be surprised if UMNO members are behind it).
My reasoning is why don't they also demonstrate in Perak(where BN is ruling)?

Peter said...

Fucking sad country, I m migrating soon, Sad Bodoh Land

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Very deafening is the sound of the silence of the water cannons, smoke bombs, tear gasses, army, riot police, black marias and the counting of "1!2!3!"


Anonymous said...

That's why they are stupidly rempiting around waiting for society to feed and feel sorry for them. Dumb asses !

Anonymous said...

Rm150.00 per head plus free petrol plus Nasi Kandar bungkus.
Also 1 free T shirt .

Fuck i am joining ..nothing else to do that day. Anyway I look like a melayu and my friend got contact.

Jom ...go go go....!!!!!!!!! down down cm..

From: Ah leong aka malai chai but actually a pure chinese ..some gene gone wrong i guess..or eat too much babi..

P/ the way hello charmaine ? got boyfriend or not ?

chenowith said...

I second John Michael's views on this matter, even though I am a Malay myself. We are too pampered and overindulged with all kinds of special priviledges that we don't feel the need to work our ass off. Too lazy. But we can talk alright! But no action. That's why we're constantly labelled as Bodoh Sombong!

Buat malu aku aja. Good thing I don't look Malay!!

Anonymous said...

Not mat la.. those were uni students from mainland. paid by UMNO - KJ

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Mat Rempits demand for a race track in Penang. I strongly urge Lim Guan Eng to build a race track without any safety barriers or sand bar. To race on the race tracks, Mat Rempits must not wear any helmets nor protective racing gear. Street clothes and sandles (flip flops) are compulsory racing gear. These race track conditions are necessary to commensurate with the death defying skills of the Mat Rempits. To have safety barriers on the track and protective racing gear is akin to asking the Mat Rempits to race on tricyles.

And finally the racing track should be located next to the mortuary or cemetery. This will ensure speedy burial for the Mat Rempits from track to disposal ground.

Anonymous said...

Peter - Just because Niamah writes a racist article you now want to migrate (you meant emigrate I assume) is it.C'mon man, stay strong and fight for your rights. The country needs fighters, not leavers.Or losers.

You can look to America for inspiration. Look at the black man. From being once a slave. Now he's become the President.

No it was not easy; he had to fight injustice with the help of the white man.

Make some noise, try to be heard.
Ride a honda-cup; disregard even if people look down on you and call you a "rempit".
Or use a derogatory racist term on you like a "Mat"
Wear yellow even if you like black.
Or wear yellow if you like yellow.
It doesn’t matter
As long as you are heard.

Make some noise in this world.

Sacrifice. Emigrate; or even migrate if you wish. But don’t give up the fight without even trying.

Beruk Nasional said...

Mat Rempits + Mat Raguts x Mat Rogol anak tiri = Terrorists!

These scums deserves to die... ummNO mercy!!!

Anonymous said...

David Teoh Abdullah use the kapcai demo as footage for his next Rempit movies ? Some said he used that for his next reality movie and some said he plans to hire Patrick as cast - Patick can you confirm this ?