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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thank you,Sir!


In today's edition of The Malaysian Insider there is a report headlined ......

Very good. As it should not be. Then in the report TMI also mentions that Najib, our Prime Minister said,

“Umno was willing even back then (in 1955 during the country's 1st election before Independence) to vote candidates not from their own race, for a bigger purpose for winning elections forming a government and then independence ”

Reading that just made me want to stand up to attention, bow and say, "Thank you, Sir. For the kindness shown to us pendatangs. Thank you, Sir. You are soooooo NOT racist." 


And on another completely unrelated note have you ever noticed that, except for a very few, all our political leaders SCREAM when they speak before a big crowd? As if they did not need a P.A. system and were trying to project and reach the last row 500 meters away. I noticed that a lot, when I was helping out at the DAP fund raising dinner at Pandamaran, Kelang last week. Every speaker, from Ronnie Liu to Gobind Singh Deo to Uncle Lim Kit Siang, they all screamed at the top of their voices. For 20 whole minutes each. And seemed none the worse for it. Except that they completed lost my attention after the first 3 minutes. I mean there is just so much screaming one can take, right? The past couple of days looking at photos of the speakers at the Umno General Assembly screaming does seem to be the norm at political events. Najib's grimaces in screaming pain, Khairy gestures in ultra-high decibel rhetoric and of course Sharizat continues to scream down every accusation. And she does have a very loud voice. Maybe somebody should tell politicians that the Rakyat want to hear HEART not THROAT. You know what I mean? Hiyah! Never mind.



Linda.... said...

Totally agreed with you, sir. Past two days, all we heard is "syarahan" - with no substance at all. Funny though.

Cynthia said...

some ppl thinks that when they start screaming, they can win the world!! YES, I really can't concentrate much when someone 'screaming' at me!! and this UMNO meeting proves more..

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, you excuse them la! They all very kancheong ma!

azmie said...

need help for Bahasa Malaysia Mak Kau!!!?? where do i sign??

Anonymous said...

niamah tu you la fucking opportunist teohlogy my ass!

Anonymous said...

They(politicians have this false perception that since there are hundreds or thousands of people,they must talk hundred or thousand times stronger in order they felt their message can get across to them.

Gengis Khan said...

You know Patrick it is not only the screaming that is repulsive, it is the number of times that they repeat a sentence as if the audience are "We only want to serve the rakyat,We only want to serve the rakyat" dai podah!

Anonymous said...

Very gud one uncle pete. but never bother la even if their lidah terputus dan mata terbeliak when they scream.. what we should bother is their "a-wow @ air liur" and bau mulut longkang... kehkehkeh.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Thank you as in
"Thanks for nothing!!!"


Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, let the um*** bargers scream at the top of their voices. We all will show them what we mean in the coming GE. After all, don't they know " Actions speak louder than words" ??? Maybe they didn't learn it in school... can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

Scream, scream, empty vessels make the most noise.

Anonymous said...

YES, we're NOT racists BUT BUT BUT if you dun help ME ...I wont help you ALL pendatangs !!

bruno said...

Umno cannot be racist.It is not the party Umno and its ordinary members who are racists.It is the leaders of the party called Umno who are racists.

najib manaukau said...

If it is true that the opposition parties are 100 times more racist, does that mean that two wrongs can make one right ?
Also how come Najib or other deceitful and corrupted Umno warlords are not waving the kris as usual just like they did in the past ?
And if you are truly not racist then explain o the nation why only the Malay students from NEM (Never Enough Money) were sent abroad and the non Malay students were enrolled into the local varsities ? Are you admitting indirectly that the local varsities (run by your lackeys ) are not good enough for the Malay students ?
If that is not racism then what is and stop treating us like the morons that you are !

Tiger said...

Of course, UMNO is not racist!
They rape the WHOLE COUNTRY, regardless of race!

Anonymous said...

Tell me this!
PKR challenge UMNO not to put a non-malay as prime minister and they need an endorsement!
sound like racist is still alive in umno.Untill today see the police escort

Anonymous said...

“Umno was willing even back then (in 1955 during the country's 1st election before Independence) to vote candidates not from their own race, for a bigger purpose for winning elections forming a government and then independence ”

Jibby is been naughty & is trying to re-write history.

1st FACT, before & at the time of Malayan independence in 1957, there were more non-Malays than Malays.

2nd FACT, that Britain, our colonial ruler, would not allow Malayan to be self-governed if all the three major races were not been represented within the new government.

3rd FACT, at independence, btw, all the residents (mostly non-Malays) born in Malayan automatically became Malayan citizens by operation of law. So, people's citizenships did not depend on whether the Malays agreed or not as they were not in a position to object. Period.

This guy is REALLY talking through his posterior orifice.

Anonymous said...

Umno Youth says it is on reform mode but that it just shallow speak given the movement’s pledge to defend Messrs Shahrizat Jalil’s family’s scandalous use of public funds.

But the A-G reported that the project was a mess and digging by the Opposition showed that money was used to buy condominiums, umrah packages, a Mercedes Benz, etc. This is as blatant abuse of public funds as any of us have witnessed.

But the fat cats of Umno insist that the project is a success and can’t understand what the fuss is about. In fact, Wanita Umno members were lauding Shahrizat for “coming out fighting”. Khairy and his band of men also thinks its much ado about nothing.

Muhyiddin just says that there is nothing to the NFC scandal. DPM is defensive because he was the Agriculture Minister who promoted the NFC project. But their “celebration” of Shahrizat’s defiant stance and ignoring the blatant abuse of public funds is symptomatic of two ailments afflicting Umno.

Miriam said...

Give them some non partisan voice training Pat. You with the brandy & cigar voice :)......

Anonymous said...

Prestasi terburuk Malaysia selama 10 tahun dalam laporan Indeks Persepsi Rasuah 2011 oleh Transparency International (TI) menggariskan kegagalan Perdana Menteri Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak untuk mencapai matlamat anti-rasuah dalam Program Transformasi Kerajaan (GTP).

Joshua Lopez said...

People tend to get alert when their politicians scream and people seem to be with much in tune with it. During Pak Lah's leadership, we could hardly hear his voice at the microphone and what did we all say? "He Is Too Weak, He Is Too Soft, He Cannot Do The Job!". So this is the way it is i suppose especially when you try to get the attention of the younger generation...

抗爭 said...




Anonymous said...

Aiyaa Patrick,

our GOVT will tell you he is not an ambassador to Malaysia because his record is deleted.
Ask the americans to look into their own back yard (that has swimming pools and barbecue pits and in some cases a golf pitching range)

Malays are superior than orang putih, orang kuning, orang hitam metallic because they are the tuan of the country.

The tuan tuan and puan puan sri sri datuks datin tun tun dan toh toh tan sri puan sri sri Yang berhormat yang beramat yang berahi yang upin yang merangsang yang begitu yang sepet yang pariah yang kimchi yang kIng kong, yang awta, yang kismis, yang haagan daaz yang menang yang kalah yang obedient wives yang sexuality yang yahudi dari timur barat must listen TO THE TUAN.

Anonymous said...

Pat, the whole trouble is plainLy simple, " CAKAP TIDAK SEPERTI BIKIN." ( Talk only)

No need to open IMalaysia Clinic and shops and restaurants. Just follow our glorious constitutions.

Anonymous said...

You are a sick bastard!!!!! HIDUP UMNO....mumpus Niamah!!! he he he :)

Anonymous said...

The nice word is called spirited.

monsterball said...

As usual..he created "1Malaysia" and spoke so much about unity.this and that...and he is the one that can stuff his "1Malaysia" slogan into his own arse.
This famous flip flopper has not one ounce of sincerity.
His style is low class....lying and fooling Malaysians.......not befitting to be a PM at all.
Even Zaid who resigned fro keDAILan and formed "Kita" who was dead set to fight Anwar...has promised to support PR now.
"Bring them on" was the battle cry from PR leaders.
Why talk so much....declare 13th GE and settle all things.
Bring them on? Why..he dare not to have 13th GE and will delay as long as he can....for he knows...his current 32% support ...keep slipping..and sure to loose.
He created BILL...and keep depending on phantom voters.
One is to create trouble for Emergency Rule...the other is the win like before...if the frauds and cheating can still be applied.
UMNO b it is...with Mahathir the leaders of the three rouges and thieves....still talking dirty without fail.
MONEY stolen is the main the hundreds of billions...part at overseas...part by cronies holding in trust.
Vote UMNO b out...all will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

habis wayang. cina balik china jaga babi (jual cibai..pun boleh ) india balik India jaga lembu.(jual cibai tak boleh..busok..puik!!!!)

'lain lain' pergi mati terus.....ha..ha..ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Patrick Teoh, i would also like to point out that our "leaders" also speak differently in certain situations.

The 3 main situations are:

-When giving a speech in an international level.

-When giving a speech among their own.

and lastly..

-When giving a speech to others.

I don't mean anything else other than pointing out how they talk. Some times it's so loud like you mentioned in your above post, sometimes it's too soft to be true, and sometimes, it is oppressive...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A personal experience:

Cina to malay : why be corrupted ? it is wrong .

Malay to cina : you talk only ..evry day people put thousand in your drawer ..sure take one . got to pay car loan..etc..

Cina to malay : but wrong what ?

Malay to cina : I never ask for it . they give I take lah...

Cina to malay :But ..?

Malay to cina : But what ? ..what's wrong if MY country give me some 'extra money' my country what?

Cina to malay :wah that say also can ah ?

Malay to cina : Malay =Malalaysia mah.. cina =china . Take money from my own 'father 'cannot ah ?

Cina to malay : where can one ? wrong wrong wrong !!

Malay to cina : eh you cina also same . ji bai you cina ! I think you fellow teach and started all this when you came here !!!

Cina to malay : No ..we never ! we only sell Ji bai only . Remember Hang li po ? that 's the 1st ji bai we sell to your ...

Malay to cina : ah ..dont talk more ..pergi minium ..

Cina to malay : sure i spend one lah...????

Malay to cina : you cina all kaya mah...dont worry friend work in JKR some jalan..wan or not ?????

Cina to Malay : ok lah...dont talk lah what happen to Indian now adays.?

Malay to cina : gone case ....too ular already ..

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