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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Have a safe, happy, productive, healthy and prosperous


RVP said...

I prefer Massimo bread over Gardenia bread simply becoz Massimo bread tastes better and costs cheaper. SIMPLE AS THAT n no other racial reason. If Gardenia is priced 10% cheaper, my be it can earn back it's lost customers.

Pat said...

Happy new year, Patrick - to you, and your lovely family.

May this really be a good year for all of us!

Anonymous said...

How can 1Malaysia be the uniting factor when it’s proponents openly declare that “I am Malay first”. Have you ever heard our Prime Minister saying, “I am Malaysian first”? He has never and will never say it because 1Malaysia is merely a hollow slogan. Look at his policies – everything is Malay first. All the rest will have to progress on their own with little or no help from the government. And their excuse for only helping the Malays – the Malays are not smart enough to compete with the world yet. Not smart enough yet? When are they going to be smart enough? Next year? Next century? 10 centuries later? When?

If I am an honorable Malay, I’ll kick BN out for insulting my intellegience and integrity. If I’m promoted in my company, I don’t want my colleagues to look at me with desdain and scorn, assuming that I am promoted because I am a Malay, even though I am technically the most qualified person. The Malays should be ashamed that this government, for more than half a century, has been telling the world that they are more stupid than the rest of the world. And are still stupid.

You still believe in 1Malaysia? You must be a moron if you do. Only Pakatan Rakyat will restore the respect and dignity that you rightfully deserve.

rosy123 said...

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