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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day. For those who won't be damned only..

Come be my Valentine. I have a HOT babe waiting for you down here.

Yes it has been quite a long time since I last updated Niamah!!! My apologies for the delay. I really don't know why I have not had any inclination to blog the last month or so.  I know that there has been so many things happening in our  country that warrant some comment or other. But I was just feeling too frustrated and lazy to write about them. Thankfully, they were more than adequately covered by many other online writers.  Yes, and the Chinese New Year holidays didn't do anything to spur my need to Niamah!!! During the period it was usually more Yam Seng!!! than Niamah!!! Thank goodness. Now that Chinese New Year is over and most of the noisy fire-cracker shows have ended we back to focusing on things like the perennial evils of Valentine's Day. We seem to hear the same thing year in year out don't we? It is kind of tiring really. Especially since those flers really have nothing new to add. Oh wait!  There is something in today's news. In an apparent effort to invoke fear of the Almighty's displeasure, JAKIM has issued a warning to the faithful that sending out an invitation to "be my Valentine" may invoke God's wrath! How? Well, I was thinking of trying to explain what I read in The Malaysian Insider story but gave up halfway. It's best that you read for yourself the 'logic' behind the learned pronouncements by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) as well as Federal Territory Islamic Department (Jawi) HERE

Another issue that has got Malaysians riled up in recent weeks has been the announcement of the 1Care health care insurance proposal.  An across-the-board 10% deduction from the salaries of all employees has been proposed to fund this new health care system which we are told is based almost entirely on the system used in the United Kingdom. Not that you and me and 99% of the Malaysian Rakyat know what that means la. Most Malaysians just zoom in on the fact that another 10% of their salary is set to be cut from an already shrinking ability to cope with the rising cost of living in the country. Which brings into question our government's usual way of announcing these things. The rule seems to be announce first la. We think and formulate the details later la. Which results in all sorts of accusations and misunderstandings.

Deduct 10% salary. Mandatory. No choice one.


No la. Just talking only. We not yet decide la. 

Only can consult doctor 6 times a year. GP only ok? And cannot choose doctor one. You sick, we tell you which doctor you will see.


No, no, no it's not like that one. 


Errr... actually nothing is finalised yet. Don't worry. We explain later.


We are still at proposal stage. So don't worry. We can discuss nicely, nicely later okay?


Errr...actually the YB say ah...all decided already. It is going to happen. Whether you like it or not.


You get my drift? That seems to be the way Kerajaan Malaysia does things of late. Think of an idea. Announce first. Think about details later. If people don't make noise then good lor. Then we can take our time and fuck things up in our own time. We will appear to be doing something good and maybe we can make some money for ourselves in the process.

If the people complain and make noise then we back-track. And then announce to the people that we are listening to them because we are a government for the people ma. Rakyat Diutamakan. Yay! So vote for us lor.

For me this year of the Dragon came with the final realisation that we as Malaysians, after 50+ years of Independence have become a nation of people who are cynical and suspicious of everything our government does. Or doesn't do. Right or not?

1Care = Ha! See la! Which crony is going to make some money here? 

Valentine's Day = Okay, time to stir up some religious action to keep the rakyat divided and weak. 

KFC punch-up =  Malay flers beating up Chinese fler. Nobody focuses on the fact that it is just a case of abominable customer service and demand an apology from KFC!

See? Now you can understand why I've not been here for a long time. Even to think about these things can die one la.



Wah Lao Boy said...


You should franchise your chicken dish so that we can have an alternative to that Kroni Fried Chicken.

1 Care is out to destroy the health insurance industry in Malaysia, in order for that Bokhary guy to control the industry like he has done for sugar?

Jakim can say whatever things to the Muslims but it does not have the authority over non-Muslim, right? Nowadys a leather shoe also need halal cert. What about condo and condom?

Anonymous said...

U see.....the moment u write sure all news will make u crazy Niamah...but we nid more Niamah doses...cuz the news becomes more niamah day in day out...+u+u+u

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Just look at the School Base Assessment (PBS) which they are implementing now. Even the headmasters are in the dark...

ordinary malaysian said...

Welcome back, Niamah! Who won't feel niamah! READING ALL THE NEWS! CNY or not, nimaah news go on without fail. This is Malaysia la. You don't know ah? Pendatang or what? Never mind lah, whatever GOM does, it does it for the good of you and me lah. Tak bersyukur lu! Want to cut 10% salary to give you 1Care also complain, complain, complain. Not happy can go back to from where you came. Want to give you "free" health service also ungrateful. See doctor, no need to pay what. Just buy your ubat-ubat. That also susah? Some more ah, why want to keep back 10% salary, what can your 10% salary buy you ah? Chicken little from KFC? You can get punched there know? Condemn Valentine's Day also you complain. Why ah? You no see ah, you ask me be your valentine, then how about god ah? Cannot what, what if god jealous? You people no think. Want play play only. Don't play, play you know? PCK not happy you play, play. Aiyah, you flers, if GOM no take care of you, you long time in the longkang tahu? So no play, play. Support the GOM!

pilocarpine said...

1Care is a bag of bullshit, where the middleperson will bag the most benefits without doing anything much.

Why replace our current system, when minor adjustment will do? Reallocation of funds and human resource will do. Shut down 1Malaysia clinic for goodness sake. It is no different from any other health clinics, plus giving the people a false sense of security that the medical assistant manning the clinic is the doctor.

pilocarpine said...

full information on campaign of Taknak1Care at the official website

Tiger said...

The rate things are going, only the poor will die young.
At least the rich can afford Pantai, SJMC, Sunway, Gleneagles etc.

Sarjen Sanders said...

In future, KFC need to display signages that says, " Angry, hungry customers not allowed" , " Limited Chicken Supply", "BEWARE!! Fierce Employee Inside", "Last Order at 7.00PM. Closed at 11.30PM", "Customers are not allowed to complain, shout, scold, or hurt the feelings of staff. They are our asset". " Last in, first out- customers", " Say your prayer before you enter". And lastly, " Enter At Your Own Risk".

Anonymous said...

The Ah Jib Gor administration has a scheme for those earning less than RM3,000. They can invest in SARA 1Malaysia. RM100 million in government subsidies are to be handed out to Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank and Bank Simpanan Nasional to facilitate loans for applicants eligible to take part in SARA 1 Malaysia. No need to fight over KL’s allocation – the Najib government has thought of everything!

However, public funded subsidies for a scheme that promises annual returns of over 32% for investors are odd. Many still harbor doubts about the SARA 1Malaysia scheme, since the returns are too good to be true. Why sell bonds to the poor? If the government has low reserves in its public coffers, why not sell the bonds to the 1% of Malaysians who have been making it rich through government contracts and projects? There are also plenty of Malaysians on the Forbes list who can extend a loan to the Malaysian government. Or doesn’t the Umno-BN believe in lending to ‘themselves’?

Maybe Obama should learn from Najib?

LinPeh said...

Stop the 10% middle man practice and the govt stands to save millions on medicine. Do you know that hospitals cannot purchase medicines from the pharmaceutical companies. They have to place an order with the middle man who is from (you know which ethnicity)to get their supplies. Ever wonder why sometimes you cannot get your supply of medicines? Before you start to blame the pharmacist at the counter consider this. The middle man flies by night, disappears with the money or could not honour the credit given, surely the drug company is not going to supply the hospital the medical supply order it has placed with the middle man la.NIAMAH

Anonymous said...

Niamah...KFC incident, a mockery to intelligence, such a stupid excuse for racism, poor management & hooligans

Anonymous said...

This shows our government (read BN) is always thinking. They are always thinking of how to squeeze the last drop from you just in case they are not the ruling party in future.

Sunny Merican said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you. Just make sure you follow the JAKRIM's guidelines on how to celebrate the day.

Garispanduan JAKRIM : Tatacara Menyambut Hari Valentine

Anonymous said...

Hello Unca Pat!

Thot u have been visiting the GOM dungeons lately due to your silence!! Who knows?!!

Thot mebbe you have been shooting your mouth once too often on some "sensitive" issues and the powers-that-be seen have seen fit that you are reined in for "your own good".

Stranger things have happened in Bolehland man.

So it is with a sigh of relief to know that you have just been feeling lethargic after too much pigging out on CNY yummies!!

I am still waiting to see with bated breathe as to how our wunnerful govt is going to turn the NFC cows into a non issue. Freaking hilarious!!

Welcome back!
Unca Pete

Payne the Sharp Shooter said...

hey u! u la the ordinary malaysian fler, u racist!! what? all the gomen doing are for the good of us? well, sorry but i doubt that.. What about NFC one? good la so that u can get ur steak fresh from cowcondo.... 1care a? i hv no idea abt this one.. bcoz epf already took about 13% of my monthly wage but at least my employer oso contribute. if another 10% of my income deducted ah, then i bring home oni 87% la for us to spent. to pay my PROTIN saga, pay ptptn, pay house rent, buy nenen for my newborn son and my 2 years old daughter, pay pre-school fee for my 4 years old son, buy enough beras for a month, gasoline for my PROTIN and lastly, nothing left to spent. so what u want us to do? to bersyukur? funny la u. if doing bersyukur make us full all day long, it's not a big deal. we can even doing BERSYUKUR all 12 month a year. u fuckin bastard.

elizabeth said...

It is reported the government spend only 2% or 3% of GDP on health care. With 1care, rakyat pays 10%, and GOM spend none. Now GOM can spend more money on other things, like to have more RELA members of expand FLOM office... I will be retiring shortly, I really hope retiress no pay this 1care tax lah!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Govt. asking 10% here, 13% there and GST later too..

Can we say "No more money already lah!!!What more do you want!!!"

Following which, give them a good one on the nose too.


Anonymous said...

It's just scary. "If they can do this they can do anything.".... One old fella said this when he saw Avatar. If you think Avatar is scary, this 1 Care is even scarier. How am I going to feed my family when they deduct 10% from my already shrinking salary? Everything increase such as sugar, rice, milk, fish, vegetables ....bla, bla, bla. As PAT pointed out, this scary Rakyat Diutamakan Gomen may later said where got deduct 10%, we deduct 8% only ma after hearing the rakyat's grouses. Niamah 99.

Anonymous said...

I tested with some of the grassroot bumi's they have no clue about the progress in Penang as well as the nonsense BN's work. Can the Opposition make some fliers in Bahasa comparing Penang before and after as well as this nonsense and distribute this via newspaper distribution and hand distribution, it may just do good.

Patrice Suarez said...

Fix the economy, say struggling new-generation voters

The government’s talk of economic transformation and reform has little resonance with the nation’s newest batch of voters who are suffering from the erosion of spending power in the country which they feel has made it a struggle to survive and clouds their future.
Unlike the older generation of voters who were able to easily pay off a house and a car within a few years of starting work, today’s generation of young adult workers find themselves in debt before they even start working and are looking at 20-30 years to pay off a house, if they can even afford one, and as long as nine years to pay off a car.
The country is also grappling with poor purchasing power as reflected by KL’s ranking in the 2011 Prices and Wages report by Swiss bank UBS AG, placing a lowly 49 among major global cities, down from 47 in 2010.

Frust said...

They hv ObamaCare, we have JibGorCares (for yr $!). Nothing wrong with the way they announced this plan, it fully complies with the:

1Malaysia-sia Sahaja - Announce First, Discuss/ Consult/ Amend/ Delay/ Cancel Later


NFC, KFC, what's next?

Anonymous said...

kfc=ketucky fried IS
nfc=natural/national/no-more fried chicken !!?? (confussi)

Anonymous said...

Come whet yr appetite & build yr muscles at Kung Fu Chicken!


Derrick said...


we need more ppl like you.

Himpunan Hijau 2.0 is going to rock the BN runs district, Kuantan this coming Sunday!!!

and they are shitting bricks!!

shafiqabu said...

i love your writing very much! =)))