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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday funnies

Explosive pleasures missed by our boys in blue.

Hi folks. Just a couple of quick ones for the start of the week. No, I am not going to comment on the CSL-LGE debate. I didn't understand most of it. Yes I do not read or write Chinese and I know that most of the people there would have been ashamed of me and say that I am not worthy to be a Chinese. But I am Malaysian first. So there!  :-)  And I never understood why the "debate" was about Chinese issues only. And why there were questions from the floor about the Penang flers towing away illegally parked cars even though it was late at night and there was no traffic. As though she is implying that laws only work during normal office hours. But I like that woman who asked the question. She shows she has balls. I mean, not many people would dare stand up in public and admit that they are stupid.  Well done, madam! Eh? I said I would not comment and then I did. What la!  Sorry ah.

The funniest line found in The Star today is courtesy of the deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin.  He's always good for a laugh.

He was quoted as saying, "Victory for Pakatan will result in changes in the laws upheld by Barisan Nasional all this while."

Errr.......Mr. Deputy Prime Minister....and your point is? The people want changes in a lot of things upheld by Barisan Nasional all this while, kan? That's why
we vote in elections. No ah? That's why governments are voted in and out. No ah?

In another Star story we are told that our police flers "see through the ads - and smash gambling dens". Phwaaar!!! Damn terror, right?  But if our PDRM could really 'see through' anything, why are there illegal ads all over the place? Like these advertisements seem to enjoy some form of protection la.  You know the type of ads I mean. Ah Long ads on walls and five-foot ways. Some more with telephone numbers all. Should be easy to catch, right? And of course those advertisements for explosive massages or volcano massages. It takes little imagination to get the thinly-veiled message of these ads for physio-therapy of the erotic type. The latest one I saw on one of the walls of the LDP promised 2-Stop Massages.  Hmmm...2 stops. I wonder what that is. Anyway, I digress. So kawan-kawan Polis DiRaja Malaysia, if you really can see through ads and catch the flers can you do us a favour by looking a bit harder ah? And those volcano and explosive massage places should be fun to raid what.



Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick ..I totally agreed with you . The debate is meaningless and pointless.

I guess both CSL and LGE is having midlife crisis ..they like to show off their ego .

Imagine ..the next they propose Anwar debates with Ah Jib Kor ...I hope they better unfuck themselves and start to work hard...

Don't tell my mom I use foul words..thanks

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,
Jessie Ooi shows us how desperate MCA is.
Anyway, if your restaurant need filter for water don't hesitate to contact this tow-car lady.

Anonymous said...


You are so funny!! Carry on please with your dose of humour.

Cheers/Yum Seng.

Anonymous said...

SIGHS ...LGE is the ONLY nonbumi CM why the @#$%^&* mca/gerakan (umno lapdogs) want to get rid of him one ...real idiotic flers like cdman & seedless man !

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Small cow talk small shit;
medium cow talk medium shit;
Big Cow talk big shit!!

This Mad Cow disease has already become endemic.. especially with the new feed-lot!!!


adamJ said...

Pat, never mind if you do not read or write Chinese. There will (hopefully) be an upcoming debate between Ibrahim Ali and Guan Eng.

Phwaah!! The title of the article is "Debate with me, Ibrahim Ali dares Guan Eng" Terror man! You should read more about it. The title terror enough already, the content even more terror! Really niamah news!

Anonymous said...

Pat... Now you know why these idots park everywhere. They think it's their right. Fuckers !
Where is the bloody enforcement you may wonder.. You are right to say that we are fucked.

Antares said...

Don't lah, Pat. I mean, why you instigate the polis to clamp down on volcano massage? Who knows, one of these days you and I may in urgent need of this service, heh heh.... otherwise we might explode. Even shouting "Niamah!" won't do the trick!

Anonymous said...

That Car-tow-girl Jessie Ooi is seeking publicity for her water filter business?

She should change line to car towing biz - Gadis Tunda Kereta!!!

Haus said...

ExPM said MALAYSIANS are no good at rational debate and perhaps never will (based on his tone)? So he thinks only BN politicians are the only beacon of hope for the country, thus please follow them blindly to avoid the nation from going to the dogs (PKR). Since the mainstream media is strongly under government control, the current PM can propagate anything for BN's "selfless" benefit while the rakyat suffer, billions of RM siphoned out of the country, our economy decline for the good a few, growing lawlessness & abuse become a norm and many more? ExPM did not figure out that we are worse off now while he sits in the advisory board of Petronas despite his expired ideas?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The KL's Comedy Club should quickly recruit Jessie Ooi (tow-car-lady) before she decides to join Raja Lawak and be poached by David Teo of Metrowealth to make silly malay movies.

Anonymous said...

That lady played too much angry bird game.... scolded Penang Chief like her son..Becareful all parents, dont let your kids get addicted to this game

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick ,

You are right ..she has balls and dare to ask in front of the public ..

But Bravery and Stupidity are mutually exclusive ..ah...ha

So she is a stupid heroine who works for CSL ..a qualified Niamah

Anonymous said...

Wonder why the name of those mastermind behind the vice activities are never mentioned in the papers or court, considering so many 'successful raids' of vice/GRO dens?

Are they politically connected?

Anonymous said...

imbrahim vs patrick teoh..!!!!!! i like .

topic: Who is more Niamah ?

Anonymous said...


I am sure you saw the picture of the woman's snarling, foam-at-the-mouth face while asking her question. Can you hold her down while I pull down her knickers and give this kurang ajar woman a good spanking ?


Anonymous said...

Say No to Lynas!

Anonymous said...

Why local celebrities are shying away from supporting Himpunan Hijau?

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, xxx son of ALI-baba , beranikah lawan ...oops sorri, debate aku in .. ...hakkah...oops ...ingklis , shitshitshit !!