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Friday, February 10, 2012



Anonymous said...

Niamah, lucky to see u will be back !

Belated GONG XI FA CAI to you and your family !

Anonymous said...

...come back for what?....nothing 'civilized 'anymore...cow can be lamb..just stay away and be sane ! makan KFC also got chance kena wallop ! roti also scares on 'tai yee mah' recipe inside..


Anonymous said...


Dale Veen said...

Please come back soon.... have been patiently waiting to read your blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Niamah, where have you been lately? Malaysians seriously need a daily dose of Niamah in order to stay sane.

Without Niamah some may even start to believe the endless lies fed to us by the mainstream media.

Help! SOS Niamah! For sanity!

Anonymous said...

You look great, hope the guns are from the new budget 2012-more guns and more police, more people are dying very soon,

Kopi Jazz Cafe said...

wah lao eh!

Need to have a 'teaser ad' to showcase your return?

Who to terminate?
Kroni Fried Chicken flers?
RPK the running dog?
Shahrizat the condo-lembu?

Time for you to be back. Kind of tired with those Raja Lawak antics from BN.

Anonymous said...

ok lah.pat.with your 'i will be back' want to tell us you got a big gun iszit?

big gun no use one if cannot fire ..correct ?


from:small gun that can fire 24/7 ..somemore got smoke come out after..

patrickteoh said...

Wah Anonymous 2:36PM your small gun can fire 24/7 one ah? Good for you lor. Don't choke on the smoke ok? And anyway, it's not how many shots you can fire. It's about how many of your shots hit the target. So don't waste your limited bullets ok? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Remember to carry your gun when in KFC.

Jakim tulus said...


Lu punya jaket hitam kulit apa?
Ada halal tak?

Anonymous said...

welcome back, though u chicken out ler

Anonymous said...

I see you got a new job. A Terminator no less.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to :
- shoot those cows in the condos and get back the more than RM250 million and return that to the people of Malaysia
- kill those chicken in the KFC and tell them its not racial which they made out to be and demand their apologies because its just a case of bad service and staff attitude
- apprehend that fella called Ibrahim Ali and made him apologize for the pig that he transformed into when giving white paos to the poor elderly who innocently turned up for his mockery.
So you have now the cows, the chicken and the pig(to be more polite hog la) to terminate this mission.
Good hunting.
This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.
Good luck Patrick.

Anonymous said...

eh pat...more imbrahim clown stuff pls...

Anonymous said...

wat's u in the 'anti sharkfin' about pls !?