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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Funny or tragic? You decide la.

You don't like it?  Nah!

Like quite a few Malaysians I have been waiting anxiously to read those letters written by former prime minister Mahathir to the Israeli flers. They have finally been released. I read them. I gagged. See what your reaction is.  I have cut off some slices for you to get a taste to see if you want the whole cake. EnjoySSSS!!!

This is an extract from a letter from PM Mahathir to Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu in 1997. The highlights are mine.....

Within the country disparities in wealth distribution between the indigenous people and those of immigrant origins were resolved through affirmative action in which the have-nots would have a bigger share of a growing economic cake but there would be no expropriation and redistribution of what already belonged to the descendants of immigrants. Everyone has very nearly a fair share now and everyone is fairly satisfied Relations between the different races in Malaysia are good and not disruptive...

Did Mahathir actually say back in 1997 that EVERYONE back then already had a "very nearly a fair share"???  That wasn't what he told us back at home, was it? No la! Where got enough? We're far, far away from the 30% that should belong to Bumiputra.  Maybe he was just trying to impress Benjamin la.

But there is more to make you, as a Malaysian, even more Too Lan! 

In a letter written to Israeli PM, Ehud Barak in 1999, Dr. Mahathir said, 

"The crux of the problem is that no party should revert to the old ways of taking what belongs to others on the one hand and instigating hatred and violence on the other......"

Too lan or not???!!!

You can read the Dr. M letters to the Israelis here.



Anonymous said...

Too lan jiao!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently these letters were "chosen" and "edited" as we might expect. Ask Mamakthir if he remembers a August 16, 1999 letter to Ehud Barak in which he asked for a meeting between the Malaysian Ambassador to the UN and Ambassador David Levy of Israel to discuss "fundraising for the coming elections".


dukuhead said...

mahathir's exceeded himself as usual. i kinda miss his crazy missives now that he's out of office.

Anonymous said...

The events on Arab Spring is giving him sleepness nights.

He is afraid that after BN's loss in PRU13, we will get to see the real issues surrounding MAS bailout!!!

He should just keep quiet for his sons' sake.

roy said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Patrick ,

He publicly condemned Isreal ..say what Zionist this and that ..but he wrote passionately to Isreal.

He even forgive and shake hand with Soros who happaned to be a Jews..

He is either the TwoFace (the arch-rival of Batman) or having split-personality mental problem

It is really upmost NIAMAH

By the way , don't tell my mom I use foul words

Anonymous said...

T*u Niamah Mahakutty. May he got sodomised in hell.

najib manaukau said...

That is why the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir is also know as a consummate liar and a omnipotent racist.
With each passing day you get to know the sheuanaigan more and more and now you know why Allah does not want to take him away any sooner because He wants the whole world to know the many secrets he was hiding or at least he thought he could hide from everybody. So finally Allah is showing the entire world why only the good dies young !

crazyant said...

There is a chinese saying, "so many people die, why he don't die ah?". Maybe all those money for supplement and best healthcare prolonged this fler's life???

Anonymous said...

Fuck him!

Second grade citizen said...

It's shocking. But the shocker of the week goes to Najib for granting bumiputera status to the Thai descendants. Makes me wanna pull my hair! I pay my tax, do my part as a citizen... and what do I get?

Anonymous said...

Only 3 letters and no reply from the Isrealis? You must be fucking kidding me, Mahathir, that this is all the correspondence.

Show em all and we will be the judge.

And what's the big deal about Isreal anyway. Malaysians are being oppressed , so we are no differnt than them ... if not worst!

Anonymous said...

Why did Najib release the letters?
TDM has been on his wrong side for many an episode. Najib saw an opportunity to 'get back' at TDM without getting involved directly.
Looks like a dirty war is now being waged inside UMNO.
Happy days ahead!!

Anonymous said...

and his point is? all PM and presidents write to each other. Its sounded he was scared and lied there and here he was saying he defended the Muslims. Hah? contradicting !

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that malays are still scared of jews, israel, kum kum, pontianak, pocong, komunis, ...

And they are continued to be eploited by Umno because of this malay dilemma!

Masareti said...

10 mistakes of Dr. M

Read about it here:

Anonymous said...

apanama will foolow the path of Mubarak, Marcos, Saddam ..... can't run away from karma

A Lan Gor said...

Najib is contradicting himself. On18 February 2012 he spoke to the Chinese about the crossroads facing the community, an engagement aimed at making the Chinese trust him more.

And later that night his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, attended Perkasa dinner a a VIP guest.

How wonderful? In the morning, the PM spreads some butter on the Chinese and at night, his better half pays homage to Perkasa, the single most right-wing organisation in the country, the one organisation that has consistently attacked non-Malays.

Najib cannothave it both ways. You either are a moderate or you are a supporter of Perkasa.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Mamak oh mamak !! muka hang ni macam dah kena botox tapi otak hang ni dah nyanyok . Cakap tipu BIBIR TAK BERGERTAR .

Anonymous said...

non-Chinese :"siapakah cik TOO LAN ?"

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

All politicians of their ilk are one kok color one. They were somehow born with split tongues and masters of the art of doublespeak!

Our great political "masters" utterances are oftentimes so fooking devoid of common sense that to me, they seem to be from another planet! only hurts when I laugh!

Unca Pete