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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday funnies

PT: I scoured the Internet looking for a photo of Najib with an apologetic look. I couldn't find any. There were lots of photos of Najib happy, "you help me I help you"... but none apologetic. This is the best one I could find. Sorry ah.

Finally, Malaysia decides to emulate something that was done by Singapore. And we chose the wrong thing!!! Instead of learning from dose flers about the MRT, HDB, PIE etc. we chose to copy Lee Hsein Loong's apologetic election strategy.

"Najib apologises to Kedah and asks for second chance"

"We have learnt from the mistakes and we are sorry", he (Najib) said.

Hiyoh! So farny la. Waffor want to do that? The Lee fler also will tell you that his version didn't really work. So, Mr. Najib you think Malaysians will believe you ah? Huh? Oh you mean the apology is only for the Kedah flers?  Oh I see...but dose flers osso not stupid what. But then we, Malaysians are suckers for apologies. Say sorry only everything is forgiven. Although in this case I, as a long suffering, loyal, tax-paying citizen, hope it is not true la. Otherwise, we're screwed. Sorry ah for using strong language. Damn Too Lan d after reading that story in the papers today.

But got summor funny story headline in today's fish wrap.  Take this one for example......

Sharizat: Up to PM to extend my senatorship

Phwaaaar!!! Talk about confidence man! Or is it the newspaper's headline giving out the wrong message? That headline says to me that the woman is arrogantly confident that she will retain her position. Doesn't it?  Hahahaha...maybe she is.

Wait, wait, one more funny today.

"The Government wants to hear your ideas (about the education system)" says Deputy Prime Minister and minister of education, Muhyiddin Yassin.  The man has a really weird sense of humour la.

For months parents all over the country have been screaming and shouting about what they think is wrong with the system. Not least of all the ding-dong system of teaching Math and Science in B.M. and English. Nobody seemed to hear the 'ideas'. Much less listen to anything anyone was saying. But now, the government "will go directly to the people to hear their views and collect feedback on the education system in a series of nationwide dialogues expected to begin next month."

Phwaaar!!! You sure or not?



Anonymous said...


If by saying sorry, you get to keep the billions you stole, would you do it?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, Uncle Pat, dose bargers are real good-for-nothings. After a few decades of being the ruling government, now only they know how to open their mouths and apologise,willing to hear your ideas blah..blah... They think they can 'eyewash' and 'brainwash' the rakyat with these kind of 'tokkok' ah??? Stewpig bargers....

Wave33 said...

Apologies for one mistake and expect us to forget and forgive the balance 99 mistakes.

Sorry Ah Jib Gor, that won't do.

Anonymous said...

You guys should take Rush Limbaugh into your political fold. He'd fit right in. No wait, he apologized for calling a nice college girl a slut and prostitute. Well actually he only apologized for using those words. Ha, there you go, recruit Rush for BN asap!!!

Anonymous said...



Tulan said...

That Mooyunin fler is talking cock.
Maybe he wants talking cock fler's opinion so that he got something to do to show he is working.Niamah!

Tiger said...

You missed the point where our DPM "up-ended" his superior, our beloved PM, about the apology.
He said,"No need to bring up the past".
Hello, you cow brain mistaken for a DPM, we the Rakyat is PISSED OFF for your mistakes, and it really looks as if you lot don't intend to CHANGE your modus operandi.
So, we have to CHANGE you lah!
At least our PM has apologised.

Anonymous said...

The look on Najib's face is one where someone is furiously scratching his balls lah. And I think it is Chua Soi Lek, hence the nonchalance look.

Kalid said...

Remember the old British sitcom "Mind Your Language?. The Pakistani guy keep on saying " A thousand apologies" for every mistake that he made. The people do not take notice of it because he said it too often and yet keep on repeating mistakes. As they say fools never learn.
If Najib has corrected or attempt to correct some of the past mistakes like contracts without tender, awarding long term concessions to cronies, wasteful expenditures, craziness for high monuments etc then the people may believe that he had learned the lesson well and is taking steps to correct the situation. But he is doing the mistakes on bigger scales. He extended concession to 60 years instead of 30. He practically mortgage the country to Syed Mokhtar by continuing to award concessions after concessions. Now well loaded GLCs are encouraged to built tall monuments using the people's money. So how to forgive and forget. Time now is to take account of the past as well as the present and punish so that the future is better.

Anonymous said...

Its like a husband who continually cheats on his wife but apologises after every cheating. However he still cheats. So how to accept such apology when it is not backed by deeds. Replace NEP with needs based affirmative action. Prosecute and convict the corrupt. Get rid off rent seekers, AP systems, have open tenders etc. etc. After you have done all that and apologise then I will believe you and give you a chance BUT not now coz you sound insincere.

Anonymous said...

Its like a husband who continually cheats on his wife but apologises after every cheating. However he still cheats. So how to accept such apology when it is not backed by deeds. Replace NEP with needs based affirmative action. Prosecute and convict the corrupt. Get rid off rent seekers, AP systems, have open tenders etc. etc. After you have done all that and apologise then I will believe you and give you a chance BUT not now coz you sound insincere.

Anonymous said...

Guys, let's sit back & enjoy the sandiwara & wayang kulit!

There's no need to apologise, just show some sincerity, like stopping Lynas, stop breast-feeding the national cars & put a stop to highway robberies... eer... I mean, tolled highways.

THEN we'll consider voting for u. How, can? Fair enough? U help me, I help u mah.

CPL said...

I say sorry, you also say sorry lo. I think that is what he was trying to tell the anak mami.

Malaysianatheart said...

Yo folks – have a read: – you might find this interesting. Ananda Krishnan – looting the treasury??!! Cut and paste the link below to your address bar.

Anonymous said...

An apology without an once of sincerity!! If we buy that, we must really get our heads examined.

How about some serious jail time for all the corrupted bargers...then it would mean something! Sigh......

Anonymous said...

Didn't dis moo moo also say, no more discussion, decision oredi made.

Tiger said...

Father, must I go to work?
No, my lucky playa
We're living on Easy Street
On subsidy from Putrajaya

We've left it up to BN
So don't get exercised
Nobody has to give a damn
We've all been subsidized

But if BN treats us all so well
And feeds us milk and honey
Please, daddy, tell me what the hell
They are going to use for money

Don't worry, bub, there's not a hitch
In this here noble plan
They simply soak the filthy rich
And helps the common man

But father, won't there come a time
When they run out of cash
And we have left them not a dime
When things will go to smash?

My faith in you is shrinking, son
You nosy little brat;
You do too damn much thinking, son
To be a BN autocrat.

Anonymous said...

pm : maafku !
dpm : hey @#$%^&*, dun tell those idiots wat the mistakes are !

Meng said...


Py said...


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Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, tak penat ka bersandiwara? Siapa yang mau tengok sandiwara you lagi? Sungguh menjengkelkan. Meluat. Menyampah. Tak tau malu. Tengok muka dalam cermin dulu. Ha, sekarang baru you tau macam mana rakyat rasa bila baca you punya cerita cerita dongeng

Anonymous said...

To the education minister, here is an idea that I think, no, I AM confident that all will agree on.....RESIGN!

Anonymous said...

The line is this:::
i give you a vote and how come you screw us with Cow ! laheh!
i vote for a murderer on meh! So many unsolve or i say swept under carpet criminal case Putih atau biru collar pun niamah!
what a big joke on ourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Cow scandal time is who the agricultu, niamah!!!cow minister? appointment the Cow company?
why no news so far meh

Anonymous said...

before the are run down on election,do you think they are doing to cash out the atm machine

what project::: suke highway,MRT,LET SEE THIS WEEK NEWSPAPAER how many ATM machine will UMNO to cash out for this few months.another amour car scandle?

Anonymous said...


Would love to have the latest funnies cover the NFC plans to Breed Cattle in Khazakstan....

I understand that Khazakstan is covered by Snow 8 months of the year...

Visualize this....NFC out there in the Snow trying to Breed Malaysian Cattle!!

A snow picture speaks a thousand words

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

Today even more funny!

Dato'Seri Dr.Ahmad Zahid Minister of Defence says Uniformed forces must be loyal to Government!!!

Excuse me??? They are supposed to be Loyal To King & Country! Yes, work with the government of the day but loyalty is to King!

As a minister of defence he chooses to be blatantly ignorant about the Federal Constitution!!!

Lance said...

No more movie role for you after Cinta Karipap bombed at box office?

You should use your cantonese skills to try your luck on local chinese movies/tv shows. Don't depend too much on Finas unless you become Patrick Abdulah.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea is to try to win back the hearts and minds of the rakyat.

Abang Najib : Sorry for the Perak saga ?

Kak Sharizat : Sorry for marrying her husband who is connected to the National Feedlot controversy ?

Abang Muhyiddin : Sorry for not listening to the parents' request and was involved with the PPSMI issue ?

Rakyat : Sorry for voting the opposition ???

Can ah ???

Anonymous said...

It is election time! Why not the PM walks the transformation talk? give everyone a chance, charge those involved in NFC for something so obvious.

Failure to do so, only implicate the NFC has something bigger, something like RPK always say ‘s… will hit the fan’, everyone get a piece of it.

You can’t understand Umno, always tangle up themselves, why must all their scandals give a perception of ‘having something bigger at the back’. Why must they make it so suspicious and complex?

Tiger said...

Anonymous said...

You guys make me sick.Poor Sharizat had to resign. Her husband is to be charged in court.

It was a simple mistake. They thought that "Feed Lot" means "feed-a-lot" to make them fat and sleek. Now it looks like both lembus are beinn slaughtered, oh so unfairly, becuse you keep coplaining.Their only fault was their Inglis is not so good.

Truly there is no justice in this world

flyer168 said...


Very well said indeed.

Question: Can our UMNO/BN Political Leaders be "Man" enough as true "Statesmen" to exhibit what an "Apology" and "Reconciliation" should be ???

Just to share this...

Apology to Vietnam Veterans 1 - New Zealand - Helen Clark – YouTube -
New Zealand Government's Apology to Vietnam Veterans - Prime Minister, Helen Clark:

George Carlin Lying Politicians And Words.flv – YouTube -
George Carlin telling it how it is in Washington DC.

You be the judge.


Aidil Yunus said...

The public has the right to know why the daughter's engagement hotel orders and also that of the PM's birthday party including where the bills were sent to after the events ended were addressed to the PMO when the PM himself claimed he paid for the bills personally. If the PM is sincere and he has nothing to hide, he should show the receipt from the hotel for payments made under his name.

Anonymous said...

Say SORRY very cheap what! He already had paid those other buggers millions and some of the people on the streets few hundreds. Now only left the last stupid ones that does not want money but only the word SORRY to gain their votes la.

I give it to the PM - he is damn smart in winning votes from Malaysians!

Angah Teo said...

Masih nyenyak tidur Pak Niamah?

Tak lawak ke, der?

Kita dah lama tunggu posting baru.

Anonymous said...

Najib has been known for his rapacious behaviour when he is denied any of his wants. Perak is an excellent example. When he was denied Perak during the elections, he just grabbed it covertly using questionable means.

Now that Najib has set his eyes on Selangor, PR should be ever vigilant to deny him what he yearns most. The only way is to ensure a transparent, accountable and people centric government. PR should endeavour to get a clean two-thirds majority which would thwart a coup d’ etat using frogs.

Najib can’t be sure of getting the votes of ALL UMNO members in Selangor. The well-informed and educated Malays know his indecisive, flip-flop governance and extravagant life style. They would not want to vote for a corrupted and arrogant UMNO government in Selangor.

MCA and MIC would be completely decimated because of their track record of conniving and condoning UMNO’s racist and hagemonic dictatorial rule.

Najib can dish out goodies as and when he feels like it but the people are not fooled. It is their money (taxpayers) that is being generously given out. Not money from Najib’s kitty. He even robs the people for his birthday bash and that of his daughter’s engagement function.

He turns a blind eye to all the financial scandals in the country. He even approves of the CBT committed in the NFC scandal. He exonerates a guilty party as sacrificing her position even though he knows her time was already up. He can hoodwink the poor, uneducated and brainwashed rural folk but not the educated ones in this internet-savvy era.

Well, Aah Jib Gor dream on. It is going to turn into a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

liow tong to believe you..somemore? gas bomb shoot into hospital you also said where got ? after kena the truth ,somemore nothing happen one sorry ,punishment..etc.

teruk man Malaysia. One day hapis if somemore dont ubah !