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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday funnies

Fuyoh!!! So light this one. (I got some more appointment today ah?)

Good morning kawan-kawan. There are quite a few funnies in the newspapers today. And since so many of you profess not to buy MSM papers anymore I thought I would share some of the funnies with you la. Can ah?

Funny #1

I woke up today to read that Najib spent some time yesterday launching new look gas cylinders!!! What the FUCK!!! What kind of Prime Minister do we have here? Nothing better to do than launching newly-designed gas cylinders???

The news story raised 2 questions in my cynical mind.

1. I know the PM is a busy man but why spend time launching gas cylinders? Send Rosmah la.

2. Who owns this company Faidhi Holdings Sdn. Bhd. that makes these gas cylinders? And how do they have the clout to get the PM to do the honours?

Do you have any questions?

Funny #2

The Bukit Aman flers have announced that the police flers have some new toys to play with. 

Police will install multi-coloured siren beacon lights on more than 3,000 patrol cars na­­tion­­­wide while policemen on foot patrol will use new vests fitted with led lighting.

Apparently, these new siren lights will en­­hance visibility and make it easier for people to spot policemen on du­­ty.

Again the Bukit Aman flers are quite blur la. As a Malaysian I think that the best way to make the police flers more efficiently is a) to pay them better and make working conditions more conducive and b) recruit better qualified personnel to improve the force.

How are beacon lights on police cars and LED lit vests going to make our police force more efficient? Can one ah?

Funny #3

Okay la, this funny is actually from yesterday's papers but it's still very funny. 

It was reported in The Sun yesterday that former Finance Minister, Daim Zainuddin warned Chinese Malaysians against voting based on sentiments and emotions. He said that it will not augur well for the country in the long run if the results of the next general election show that the Malay and Indian voters generally supported the Barisan Nasional (BN) while the Chinese mostly voted for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR).
Daim also went on to say the usual political rhetoric la. BN is the most experienced...BN knows how to balance all our sensitivities...BN knows best la basically.  But when I read on one paragraph shocked me and perhaps proved that Daim is talking through his multi-billionaire arse. Here is the bit taken from yesterday's edition of The Sun...

"He said the electorate must know that no government is perfect, and the longer the government stays, the more mistakes it makes, and the Pakatan is no exception."

Mr. Daim, who is the government that has stayed on for sooooooo long? Pakatan meh?

Meanwhile, unconfirmed sources claim it is much better that retired politicians and ex-leaders of countries should just shut the fuck up and...retire.


Aiyoh!!! Laugh so much la today. You have a nice day too, okay?



Anonymous said...

Daim is going to be MACMA (Malaysian Chinese Muslim) adviser. Is he Chinese in the first place. Oh forgot suddenly became Chinese Muslim. Non Chinese Muslims cannot vote in MACMA makes no sense when he talks about any Chinese. Don't think you repent and pray God will forgive you. Long way to heaven. Sentimas apa jadi?

Anonymous said...

Hey, PM already apologised, everyone has to forgive & forget mah, no?

Anyway, it's our birth right to make mistakes & plunder the country's wealth. Whatcha gonna do, vote us out of power?? Muahahahah!

- We'll Be the eNd of Malaysia, promised.

Anonymous said...

Faidhi Holdings Sdn Bhd produce and distribute of 1Malaysia LPG cylinders in Selangor. That's why the busy man become a salesman.

Anonymous said...

He needs to have a taste of his next appointment now.

Anonymous said...

NO la, the SUN has misconstrued wat he talked3 ma !?

Anonymous said...

Faidhi Co. ah !?? shall check & let u NO later, ok !?

Anonymous said...

Ah kok Gor divorced the 1st wife whose son now is 32 & opening his mixed-rice stall business 2day , SO ah Kok Gor, though veri busy at the bullish ( not COWish)dry-market, has to be there la can he send his 2nd or 3rd wife there , yes or no !!??

Anonymous said...

fyi : the MOE is removing 100 (over-trained = extravagant ) non-mandarin speaking guru2 from the chinese primary schools SO THAT the educationists (tung chong org) will cancel their planned demonstration on 23/5 in KL ( b4 the GE13 , after dat ...hehehehe ) !!

wow ...perkosa belum tau kah !? hoping they dun baca your blog & dapatkan 'fyi' here .....sooori !

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
This Faidhi Holdings must have been holding lots of gas emanating from the premier and discovered the lightweight carrier easier to hoist around to collect the ever increasing amount of gas being spewed out.



Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Funny #2 has a Link to Funny #1

Wonder who is the lucky guy who got the contract to supply and install the lights?

Wonder who are in the panel who are involved and have interests in this project?


Anonymous said...

Please don't send Rosmah to carry the gas cylinder.

They might look alike.

Anonymous said...

no website loooo :P

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the PM is so popular. He's the funny man, making everyone laugh.

Anonymous said...


Faidhi Holdings must be owned by a Cantonese person. "Faidhi" sounds like "quickly".

Anonymous said...

Don't know why policeman have become christmas trees, need to light up to become visible and attractive?

Ah Gor is trying to be a man pleaser. How can he effectively rule the country when is involved in kachiam puteh task all over the country ? Malaysia need a strong leader, not s salesman.

There is a study, when leaders in power for too long, they become stupid. is this what is happening here ?

Anonymous said...

Daim should declare his asset.

I wander how much money he make during his umno years..... goes questionable.....?

Antares said...

Najib checking out the new lightweight gas cylinders to see if they can be put to good use blowing up unwanted murder evidence. Easier to obtain than C4 mah.

Anonymous said...

Faidhi holdong is abu talib linked company...he own maju holdings maa...