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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend funnies

(I seriously think that Najib Razak should consider a change of careers)

Prime Minister, Najib Razak was on radio yesterday. On a Chinese radio station no less!!! I didn't hear the broadcast but did read that he started his session in Chinese when he uttered Chuo San (Good Morning in Cantonese). Phwaar! And as would happen in these cases, the PM's stint on radio generated pages and pages of stories in the local MSM newspapers.  Which is great because these stories provide us with our dose of weekend comedy.

Funny #1

Government willing to preserve shops as heritage buildings in Jalan Sultan .

......was the headline in one of the stories today. Now, if I am one of the owners or business operators in Jalan Sultan I would be pissed off about this. If the blaardy government is so willing to preserve those historic heritage buildings why didn't it come out and say so right at the beginning of the whole hoo-hah?  Protests la. Demonstrations la. Threats. Then now say willing and want to preserve issit? Why? Elections coming issit? The Chinese baargers need some baiting issit? Damn farnieee la.

Funny #2

This next headline can be funny or tragic or ironic depending on how you look at it.

"No Lynas if it is harmful, PM assures the people"

My first reaction when I read that headline was, "Phwaar! No shit Sherlock! How did you deduce that?"

People from Pahang and indeed all over the country have been protesting against Lynas and now the prime minister comes out to say that IF it is harmful then Lynas will not be allowed to operate? He thinks Malaysians are moronic or what?  But there is more. As if to rub some more salt in the wound, the PM continued and said...wait for it....

Those who are against Lynas should have a dialogue with us. We need to know what the technical arguments are against Lynas.

WHAT???!!! The elected government of the people is asking US to tell them what the technical arguments are??? They approved the project, didn't they? Didn't they check the technical arguments first???

Aiyoh, Mr. Najib you really should consider a career in stand-up comedy la. I think you would do much better on stage than in parliament la.

Funny #3

If you're a Malaysian of Chinese origin you should find this next funny quite UN-funny.  Read the headline...

Najib: Govt. serious about solving shortage in Chinese vernacular schools

The PM announced that the government was serious about solving the long-standing problem of the lack of Mandarin teachers in Chinese vernacular schools.

What? After more than 50 years of the same government only now want to be serious ah? Why ah? Elections coming ah? Chinese flers need more baiting ah?

Have a great weekend, people. But don't laugh too much okay.



amekaw said...


Here are some records that Bolehland may want to enter for its books of records:

zai said...

Shut down Lynas only if found harmful? We rakyat do not want you to make us 'white mouse'. This Lynas is not a laboratory test.
Our PM is gambling with our lives for a few buck profit. The cost of lives and pain and suffering will be more if this is the kind of approach our PM takes.


Anonymous said...

Wah! this guy has every solution for his own shits...

Anonymous said...

" siapa Lynas....olang putih kah !?"

'Tidak, macik, mereka bukan manusia,
itu kilang racun bolih bunuh manyak2 olang beribu2 tahun ....!!'

" @#$%^&*...cilaka betul penyokong2 nya....phooooi....@#$%^& !"

Anonymous said...

One gurubesar said : " dun you TRUST the papers, we have NO kuasa at all to employ any temporary teachers .....the MOE is trying hard for the educationists of Dong-jong'
to cancel the demonstration on 25/3 !!"

Anonymous said...

Wee Ka Song proposed eight long- and short-term plans to resolve the Chinese school issues. But he boss Muhyiddin told parliment that Chinese school had accessed head count by about 1400. Who is telling the lie here? Are the government really know what is the issue about Chinese school? The mass rally planned this Sunday to voice its concern over the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools must on. Let give a strong support to this rally.

小华 said...





Anonymous said...

Tah...dah...!!, the court jester at his best......!!!

Anonymous said...

perkosa VERY quiet = planning something @#$%^& on 25/3 !? AWAS2 !

Anonymous said...

"No Fukushima Power Plant if it is harmful" the time when it was about to be built...

and since it was NOT HARMFUL at that time, the Fukushima Power Plant was built..

Anonymous said...

FOR past umpteen long years, teachers colleges took in 90% malay trainees = surplus of THOUSANDS , so where do they go to ...CHINESE schools lah BUT they cant teach in mandarin SO put them in discipline,
PE, drawing/singing/dancing & ...&...
EVEN counseling ...@#$%^&* ...HOW they counsel Chinese kids in MALAY & ..& ..HOW could the kids understand them in non-mother-tongues !!!!????

Let's go for 25/3 !!

Anonymous said...

No sure Ajik Ko has the power to solve all these problems. Whenever he says turn right,his deputy says turn left. The funny thing is his agents created all these problems and beseiged the people concerned, now the Tai Ko comes out and hinting, I help you, You help me lah. WTF! Is this the way to govern the country, create problems and then extort votes from the people concerned.

Trevor said...

To be frank, this Najib fler has been running roadshow in the country.

The million dollar question: Does he have time to manage this country?

Anonymous said...

why cry fOr a shortage of chinese teachers, as they moron put a limit towards each chinese school with Malays teachers, -niamah EDUCATION MINISTER.
those Umno barger is really wayang kulit to the rakyat!!! My one piece of vote goes to ........ whe one who will screw us more? -tambhi umno

Anonymous said...

these are all political craps when the election is around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Chuo san ..(nearly)=hock san(sial)!!

Anonymous said...

may be they want everything MUST have 30% le SO...SO chinese schools with 30% malay staff lo !!

Anonymous said...

in broker saham firms :4 EVERY 3 Chinese remisers, ONE bumi must be employed !!??