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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0. My experience.

Near the Bar Council building the night before. Listen to the students from Occupy Dataran. Into their 15th day. Syabas!!!

If you didn't go to Bersih 3.0 on April 28,  you missed a wonderful event and a day in which, in my opinion, Malaysians gathered to celebrate a new-found freedom. A liberated voice. And it was a good feeling. Min and I went to Dataran 
Merdeka the night before Bersih 3.0. We walked around the Jamek area and stopped in front of the Bar Council building where the students from Occupy Dataran were gathered to 'discuss' and come up with a plan for the next day.  It 
brought a lump to my throat watching and listening to these young Malaysians. No harsh words were uttered. No ill-will against anyone, least of all, the government. They wanted to voice their demands and their rights to have that 

At the front entrance of the Masjid Jamek we met Haris Ibrahim chatting with some people and we walked with him towards Dataran Merdeka.

People gathered around a boot sale of Bersih 3.0 merchandise. 

We strolled along the river behind the HSBC building to the fringe of Dataran Merdeka. There were about a thousand people already gathered there. Mostly yellow-shirted Malaysians checking out the area for the rally in the morning. There were chants and occasionally a shout but the mood was generally very civil 
and very carnival-like. And very soon Haris was absorbed into a group of Bersih 3.0'ers and disappeared from sight. We walked up Jalan TAR and turned right into the road where our hotel was located. In front of the hotel a noisy bunch of people, some in yellow were laughing, chatting and joking about what was expected to happen the next day. Inside the hotel a group of anxious tried to beg the hotel receptionist to spare them a room. The hotel was full.
Me and Max about 40 meters from the razor wire barrier in the early part of the day.

The next day we walked out to the area of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman where our hotel was located. By that time, about 11AM the road was already beginning to fill up but it was sparse enough to allow us to walk comfortably right up to the edge of the area where razor-wires were put up. This is the end of Jalan TAR just before Dataran Merdeka. There was police presence with police manning the barricades of DM but nothing intimidating at all. I found a shaded spot on the kerb and seated myself next to a senior gentleman who told me that he had 
travelled from Terengganu for the rally. We chatted and I found out that he and I were of the same age. He was Bersih veteran having attended all 3 rallies. This kind man politely told me that my Malay was very good. I stifled a laugh at myself and thanked him. Strangely, after that comment I didn't say much more to 

We found a shaded place on the kerb to sit.

As the morning wore on the crowd increased and soon we heard chants and larger and more organised crowds walked into the area from the direction of Jalan TAR leading to Coliseum and further on, SOGO. Nothing untoward happened with people generally enjoying the rally in a Malaysian way. Talking to people they just met. Taking photos with fellow-rally-iers they hardly know. And of 
course, talking about where to eat later. 

Overhead, helicopters circled and each time they came over our area the crowd looked up, waved and cheered. Why? I don't know. After a while the crowd tired of the circling choppers and didn't look up anymore. Then I noticed that the 
choppers didn't come round again. Instead, they were replaced by a couple of powered-paragliders who circled the Dataran airspace. 

Who they were we didn't know but assumed that they were Bersih 3.0 supporters. Otherwise, who in their right minds would choose April 28 to fly over Dataran Merdeka?! The paragliders made several passes over us each time to thunderous 
applause from the gathered mob. Someone voiced the thought that they might try to land on Dataran Merdeka. Whether they did or not we never found out. But they would be arrested someone said. Ya la but they can always plead engine failure. It was either land or crash into the people below. Somehow my cynicism didn't allow me to believe that had they landed the police would be in a mood for jokes.

Part of the almost unending row of policemen marching past towards Dataran Merdeka. Because I am vertically-challenged this photo is from a shitty angle. Sorry.

At about 1145 (I think) a HUGE contingent of policemen came marching up from Jalan TAR towards DM. There must have been hundreds of them because the marching line kept passing us and didn't seem to end. One of the onlookers 
commented that the uniformed men didn't reallylook like real policemen. I looked a little closer and did feel that something (although I don't know what) was not right about the look of these "policemen". The colors of their berets weren't consistent. A lot of them looked too young and clearly had terror in their eyes and demeanor.  They kept marching towards DM and I began to wonder where they were going to store them. Well, I suppose they could all gather at DM since it was out of bounds to anybody else. I reckon DM can easily hold 50 thousand policemen or pretend mata-mata.  This police parade was cheered, not jeered mind you. Cheered! By everyone at our section of Jalan TAR. Less than 20 minutes later another loud cheer announced the arrival of an equally large contingent of yellow-shirted Bersih supporters who also kept marching towards DM. Where got space for so many people, I wondered. We were standing merely 40 meters from where the razor-wires began. True enough the line stopped marching and on order the Bersih people sat on the road. Some fanning themselves furiously and others trying to chat with other Bersih supporters like us seated on the side of the road under what little shade we could find from the noon-day sun that was blazing out from a passing cloud. After a few minutes the yellow shirts stood up and continued marching toward DM. Gonna be a tight squeeze over there for sure I thought. 

From the direction of the DM we heard shouting and I stood up to observe the arrival of 2 FRU trucks. One clearly a water-cannon and the other a personnel carrier with red-helmeted FRU standing on the open turret top. As all rally 1st-timers, I'd expected some of us to react with trepidation at the sight of these 
vehicles and the FRU uniforms. But there was strangely no worried looks or suggestions of moving away. 

But around 1245 we decided to go look for somewhere cooler to rest since nothing much was happening at the sit-in. Someone spotted a cafe across the street and we crossed the still accessible road to Restoran President Kafe. It was packed! It was pure luck that we managed to find a table by the window that has just cleared. 

Great location as it was under a powerful, circulating fan and we had a view of the rally action. The view out the window was towards Menara DBKL and part of one of the razor-wire barricaded entrances to Dataran Merdeka. We ordered some snacks and teh tarik and kopi-peng and teh-o ice limau etc. Some of us had Maggi mee goreng. The restaurant was doing a roaring business. 

Hishammuddin Hussein and other BN flers who say that Bersih and other street demonstrations are bad for business are clearly not very suited to be businessmen. Earlier on, on the street I saw mak cik's and pak cik's doing brisk business selling bottled water, ice lollies, juices and there was even a stall set up selling keropok lekur!!! Bersih 3.0, like other rallies before it was clearly very good for business despite a minority of belly-aching shopkeepers and taxi drivers who keep getting interviewed and quoted in the MSM. There were also unidentified volunteers going around distributing bottles of cool water  to mostly senior citizens.  FREE!

But Restoran President's food was more business than taste so we decided to go find our lunch somewhere else. 

Every square inch of space contained a Malaysian.

We came out to find a whole new scenario. The area where we had been casually walking around and seated earlier in the day was now packed with people. Almost every square inch of ground was occupied by Malaysians of all shapes and sizes. Some standing some sitting. There were balloons in the air. People were singing. Rasa Sayang. Negara-Ku. Chanting Bersih, bersih. Hidup bersih to the tune of Jingle Bells. 

Next to me a mak cik was seated on the floor texting on her mobile phone. She was oblivious to the sea of legs that seemed to drown her presence at Bersih 3.0

Someone then suggested that it would be a good idea to walk up the road to the historic Coliseum Cafe for lunch. What a great idea! The Coliseum where Tunku and his colleagues had gathered to plan Merdeka, our country's independence. What better place? What better atmosphere? And we inched our way through the gathered crowd and I experienced what the authorities will refuse to have us believe. That Malaysians gathered for Bersih 3.0 were truly united as one nation, one people. 

I was using a walking stick as side stepping the thousands of people standing and seated along the road was not easy for me. And each time I stumbled people around me jumped to my assistance. With genuine concern.

When we arrived at The Coliseum, dozens of other Malaysians had already had the same thought about the historical significance of being there on this fateful day. We found a table and I noticed that business on this Sunday was more than what the staff normally expected. And so an order for 2 jugs of beer took more than 35 minutes to arrive from the bar situated 10 ft. away. The mood in the Coliseum was jovial and relaxed and friendly. Chants of Bersih, Bersih. Hidup Bersih resonated at regular intervals from the bar. In the dining room people were 
happily eating the house specialities of the historic cafe while chatting about their 
experiences out on the streets. I met many friendly people who offered drinks and company and debate about the day's event. Then I felt a sudden sting in my nose and eyes. Seconds later, the staff of the cafe rushed out and hurriedly closed all the windows. Tear gas! The police fired tear gas. I heard someone shout. But the mood in the Coliseum hardly shifted. Such was the sanctity of the old drinking hole of Malaysia's first prime minister. People put wet towels to their faces in between bites of their Hainanese chicken chop or sizzling steak. Reports of high-
handed actions of the police came streaking in on everyone's Twitter, Facebook and sms. But the mood in the restaurant remained one of calm resilience. The old ghosts of The Coliseum would have been pleased. Outside the pop-pop-pop of 
tear gas guns being fired could be distinctly heard. There was a small commotion when someone rushed to the Coliseum's doors and forcibly tore them open much to the protest of the people inside. Then the news filtered through that the police or someone had locked us all in. From the outside. Funnily enough the rear doors 
were wide open. Some people at this stage tried to leave but soon came back inside saying that tear gas was still in the air. More tear gas filtered in through the cafe's air vents and people start pulling out wet towels to cover their nose and mouth. All the while not breaking the rhythm of their conversation or meal.

The lively and congenial atmosphere inside the historic Coliseum Cafe.

While waiting for the tear gas to disperse we organised our own Beer-sih rally around the Coliseum bar.

My wife and some friends decided to go upstairs to The Coliseum's balcony to take photos of what was happening outside. The photos she brought down showed an almost deserted section of Jalan TAR. A few stragglers were running for cover and some ran into the nearby Kamdar store which strangely kept its doors open. A waiter went round telling people not to go up to the balcony anymore. Later I would learn that the restaurant we'd been in earlier, the President 
was right smack in the middle of the initial tear gas assault by the police. There was also a story circulating that the Swiss Inn hotel next door was where police broke in and hauled out and beat up some guy. 

FRU personnel outside The Coliseum area of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

At about 5PM we decided to move out of the historic bar and make our way home after hearing that the situation outside was calming down and the crowds were dispersing peacefully.We went out through the cafe's rear door and turned across into Jalan TAR and then cut across to Masjid Jamek LRT. On the way there through a street bazaar which still had some stalls open we saw a large group of people in yellow running across. We retreated into a bank ATM lobby with its doors helpfully held open by the security guard. Seconds later it was quiet 
again and we walked the few steps to the LRT station. The aluminium shutters to the station lobby had been ripped open and was hanging like a limp banana leaf from its hinges. Inside the LRT lobby life looked normal with people queueing up at the ticket machines and going to the trains. We made our way to the platform and boarded the waiting train and went home.

Looking back it wasn't so much a rally for clean and fair elections. For me it was a rally for Malaysian citizens to celebrate a new-found freedom and a new-found and LOUD voice.  

It was a damn good day.



Rex Fonseka said...

"Ya la but they can always plead engine failure. It was either land or crash into the people below. Somehow my cynicism didn't allow me to believe that had they landed the police would be in a mood for jokes." Hahaha, really typical you lah, uncle. Anyway, this is a really good read. If only I could experience '1Malaysia' yesterday. Surely unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, nice write-up of Bersih 3.0. It shows that Malaysians of every race,celebrated a new-found freedom, a new-found and LOUD voice... This goes to show that whatever those "nincompoops" 'tokkok', these Malaysian citizens don't care a damn. They're definitely going to give those "goons" the boot this coming GE. Onwards to Putrajaya.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Well done! To feel the soul being cleansed by committing to clean up our nation.What a feeling.

Will do it again if it comes around again.


Lobstered said...

Erm, we were running for our lives, getting pushed and almost killed in stampede while u and the elites enjoy cold beers and nice meals in the comfort of air conditioned room.. I feel a bit insulted.

cin2tan said...

TQ !

Anonymous said...

The Star Online...
"She (Ambiga)lost control of the situation. The rally was clearly hijacked by opposition parties and we know their tricks," he (DPM) said.

how do we know if it was not planned by some YOUTH flers (or perhaps SENIORS) using some mat something?!!!

Anonymous said...

Great story, Patrick. Thanks. Wish i were there too....

Tiger said...

For what it's worth, I believe there's a message loud and clear sent out.
The age of transparency and openness is here.

PS Good one, Patrick, BEERSIH!

Bangla Cop said...

Good Cops, Bad Cops and Ugly Dogs... Rakyat Malaysia United KNEW Najib Bohong!

MCAnjing said...

Chua Soiled Lek will shits in his pant if he sees thousands of Rakyat Cina Malaysia at Masjid Jamek!

Anonymous said...

Very good indeed, so far the rakyat didnt have much fun for so long-long time indeed. What a good fun,however the group overturn the police car is indeed lowlife. we malaysia is much well educate than that!,those guys really goon.We did have a nice time there..haha.
Lastly we found a LOUD noise.

patrickteoh said...

Lobstered 2AM, thank you for your comment. I was waiting for some comment like yours to surface sooner or later. Yours came sooner. You support of Bersih 3.0 in your own way. I choose to contribute to my country's future in my own way. I cannot run and therefore cannot show my loyal "bravery" like you chose to do. And I am insulted by your insinuation that your contribution to the cause was more significant than mine.

With citizens like yourself and your mentality Malaysia will always be a despotic shit-hole.

I was part of the "elites"? I think with what you chose to believe and wrote here you have shown yourself as being more elitist than any of the good Malaysians I had the privilege of sharing some time with at The Coliseum.

Unknown said...

Do you think our ministers know the country vision, mission and core values? Vision:2020;Islam Hadhari;1Malaysia… Can we keep changing vision? Mission: Enriching self with projects, cows, diamond before country go broke? At least this is consistent. Core Values:Malay First;You help me I help you;Nambikei? Can we achieve Vision without proper core values? I think Malaysia is doomed under BN!

Unknown said...

Do you think our ministers know the country vision, mission and core values? Vision:2020;Islam Hadhari;1Malaysia… Can we keep changing vision? Mission: Enriching self with projects, cows, diamond before country go broke? At least this is consistent. Core Values:Malay First;You help me I help you;Nambikei? Can we achieve Vision without proper core values? I think Malaysia is doomed under BN!

monsterball said...

To participate and enjoying every minute of it...was exactly what I went through too.
I was glad..I went one day ahead before the main event.
The tension was always there...with so many policemen surrounding Dataran...but with the side shows...talks...discussions going on..round the many by standers like me...did not feel one bit of tensions or threats by the scores of Policemen seen. I saw some of therm. smiling and giggling .. too.
Time passes by so quick!!
From 4pm on Friday till 3PM...I had bathes and sleep at all.
All of a sudden...I was transformed to be 10 years the excitements and the atmosphere of Freedom smells surrounding me.
BERSIH 3 was the best of the three.
It has a touch of a Mexican me too.
I think....Lopstered 2AM is pulling a fast one on Pat.
He read Pat's post and the photos and Coliseum with him enjoying cold get some on their nerves and ask the ONE above....."Why me? Why not Pat? Why he so lucky la?"...tolerating so much discomfort..thirsty and hungry...and there see a photo of Pat having a party.
But I am personally old friend is enjoying himself....while guys like us...went through so many decades fighting injustices done to Malaysians......against thieves and robbers...governing the country ..with no fear to be arrested at all....for country and people always.

Anonymous said...

Well said Patrick. We all contribute in our own ways. I walked with about 5,000 others from Brickfields to Lebuh Ampang and stopped when we could move no further due to the ocean of humanity all around us. I am in my mid 50s and felt a bit tired because I am a diabetic. So I sat on a shaded area and just shouted slogans with the crowd. I wish I could have joined you for a beer at Coliseum. I go there a lot. The bar boys are all mt friends. Anyway, I digress. It was the proudest moment in my life to be part of Bersih that day, when the ground moved.

monsterball said...

To sum it up....
Ambiga was for Clean and fair election.
Anwar war for breaking the barriers ..between races and barb wires erected to bar Malaysians from using it.
Both are fighting for justice....traveling the same road with different objectives.
Anwar said...cheating in elections is OK....but breaking the barb wires is a crime.
More BERSIH events....Najib will loose more votes.

monsterball said...

Reached shit turned to hard rocks.
No urine...too little water consumed.
Need obat to loosen ..drank chilled mineral water....shit loosen..and let go....feeling siok.
Tonight...MU Vs MC...must see.

daniel said...

I was toying with the choices-go to Bersih@Dataran Merdeka, Bersih@Dataran MBJB or don't go. At 1pm I was too far from KL so I drove towards Dataran MBJB. Surprisingly, I found a place to park my car about 300m from the venue. Joined a group, including previous Bar Council chairman Yeo Yang Poh who was an official negotiator, near the back of the square. After a while we were allowed into a corner of the dataran and what followed was 2 hours speeches with tiny megaphones because the police permit stipulated that PA system was not allowed. There were lots of cheering, we sang the national anthem, more cheering and were 'entertained' by very loud music pumped from the MBJB loudspeakers which were trained on our group of 3-4000. After dismissal Many stayed behind for photos and some helped to pick up rubbish around the dataran though we were not the ones who littered in the first place. Overall it was not so action packed but we were proud that we were there when and where it mattered.

Arunzab said...

Patrick ,
Remember what W.Churchill said "they also served,those who stayed at home" they were many who supported the Berseh movement but for different reasons could not be physically present. Proud of you mate.

Voyance gratuite immediate said...

Very well made and very good records, very pleasant to go good luck soon.

Anonymous said...

kali ini : have (!?) mca flers said ?
' aiya, the wind blows the polis car
towards the crowd & BANG* the people ma !' have they !?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, revive your Music Machine la.... miss those days of your Music Machine era....

Anonymous said...

with the new law ..anyone here who published their opinion can be arrested if deemed justified by the authorities.. dont talk cock and think if you can get away with it !

Anonymous said...

Niamah!!! Why didn't I think of going to Coliseum. Dang, could have had some good sizzling steak and beer while waiting for the tear gas to go away. :P

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am missing the point, but I find it hard to support a cause when there are still fundamental flaws within our system. As long as the double standard ie affirmative actions still exist, everything else just seems defunct.

flyer168 said...

"Bersih 3.0, my experience"


Glad you did what you did on 284, congratulations.

I was there from 10.00 am (walked from Lake Club down Jln Parliament to DM) very leisurely; got gassed about 3 times from about 3.00 pm on; ended up at Sogo/CIMB Bank five foot way, watching all the drama till 6.00 pm when we managed to walk back to Lake Club to "Unwind" ourselves.

It was my best birthday wish achieved, to participate in Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0...maybe 4.0 if the powers that be continue with their charades...

Great experience/adventure as a g-father with all of them, each different from the other.

Another Historic day in our endeavour to seek a Free & Fair Election.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, Very well said indeed. I was glad to be part of the rally, being with hundred of thousands of people around the globe for making a stand and loud. Yes! it's not merely for clean and fair elections but it's much more than that. Malaysians are not afraid or intimidated anymore, Malaysians will stand for what they believed to be their rights with peace and loud. A new found freedom as you've rightly put it. Yes! It was a darn good day even though I was given the taste of tear gas and tried to walk (unable to run) for life.

SS Lim said...

Based on your account, u had ur morning tea @ about 12.45pm. Assuming you spent 45 mins @ Rest. President, and thereafter adjourn to Colesium, u wld have been there from about 2pm till 5pm. The rally/march was scheduled for 1.30pm, depending on which point u were at.
Lets assume majority of us have the same smart thoughts as u and spent the time having coffee, beer and what not from 12.45 till 5pm, what kind of visibility would Bersih achieved?
I can empathize ur constraints given ur weak legs but this is not the time to write about ur jalan jalan sambil makan story.
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Bersih 1.0, Bersih 2.0, Bersih 3.0.... the finale .... UBAH 4.0.....

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,

You've really gave Lobstered 2AM a good bashing. Significant in numbers is important. I am please that 250,000 came, every single person on the street counts. MSM do not even dare to mention the number.

Some complaint about not able to run or mobile enough to move away from danger. Niamah!!! Isn't this supposes to be a peaceful demonstration. Why do we need to run? Firing water canon and tear gas really doing injustice to the Rakyat. I waiting for the day where I can protest without fear and without the need to run helter skelter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Patrick,

You really gave Lobstered 2AM a good bashing. The numbers on the street is important, every single person counts. 250,000 is greatest achievement that Malaysian ever made.

Well, some complaint of not able to run or mobile enough to move away from harm. Niamah!!! What the hell do we need to run. It is a peaceful demonstration. I waiting for the day when Malaysian need not run helter skelter and we can have our Oktoberfest at Dataran Merdeka instead of Coliseum.

KY said...

we were at jalan TAR too, maybe about 100 meters from ground zero when tear gas fired. glad that you guys are alright. :)

Wak Arjun said...

Been there, done that Uncle.
0930 to 1800. I like!!
Atmosphere was excellent.
The cat & mouse thingy. Nice.

Indeed, "It was a damn good day" like u said until some F*ckers in some blue and some red helmets cannoned some water and some gas cannisters towards their fellow Malaysians who probably paid for their gaji for their trouble.


patrickteoh said...

SS Lim, thanks for your comments here. But I was not aware that we were in some sort of contest. I am sorry if you do not think that my account is worthy of a Bersih veteran like yourself. But you have a choice. Do not read Niamah anymore. Thank you.

Baby said...

Uncle Patrick
If that polis car happened to be close to you and capture on video, then the Bersih 3.0 impact will be very strong coz u r a celebrity.

I think SKOP production will create such scene in next blockblaster movie. sure c5 meletup !

monsterball said...

I love to hear from SS Lim where was he....on Saturday morning ..up to 5 PM.
Was he having a Lobster lunch somewhere...away from K.L?
SS Lim if you know Patrick Teoh as I do...for 40 need to apologize to Pat or stuff your envious observations into your asshole and stop making a fool of yourself.
I repeat...Pat was there from Friday to Saturday.
WHERE WERE YOU???...hiding somewhere...or what?
You cannot participate and be like the there in spirit but not physically present....that's OK...but you want to insult anyone it ..he/she..sitting in a Restaurant...sitting somewhere... or an kan ni nei...chow ceebai kia....motherfucker..with no brain.
Pat wore BERSIH T-shirt.
Did you notice that?
He was one with thousands on Saturday.
He has a weak leg and advanced in age.
Why do you choose to insult him....and for what reasons?
I think you should stay and talk more and let me...Monsterball... fuck you left and right.
I love doing that to a chow ceebai kia like you... all my guts cock.

monsterball said...

Whoever that SS Lim is....get it clear.
Patrick Teoh has a string of a wonderful exciting life that you cannot even think of smelling to come close to him.
Just ...with his voice..he can make money.
Then he move his arse...he can act in movies and theaters to make people laugh and make money.
Then he use his brain...set up this..set up that...businesses and make money.
Then he use his an author...char keow teow..and make money.
That's all the good news.
The bad news are..his voice did get him into so much trouble....long before you were born....and now..his actions speak louder than his voice.
KNOW the MAN or shut up.

SS Lim said...

Look like ur blog is only for those who hero worship u.I am grateful u didn't gave me a tongue lashing of similar magnitude as that given to Lobstered 2Am. I had thought that it was because of citizens like u and me that M'sia became a "despotic shit-hole" We or at least I was too kiasi to move out from my comfort zone. Since we both are probably in our last leg of journey on this planet, I thought with what little time left, I would in my small way support those heading the charge to make M'sia a better place. I felt that u had trivialize the event and also sending a wrong message to young men and women. I had explained to my kids my motivations for attending Bersih 2. This time around I was proud that, without any prompting they choose to be in KL with their friends.
While I do not expect u to be at the front line leading the charge, I expect that u, with ur stature give some decor to the event. To me, u have earned ur bragging rights but have u earned ur stripes?
As for your lapdog, monsterball,get him to read my remarks at (calling those at Bar Council)and steadyakuhussien if he really need to know where I was. Also get him to read Abd. Rahman Koya's article in Malaysiainsider as well as Datuk Amiga's comments to understand why some of us choose to travel all the way down to KL to attend.
BTW, I had my 1st cup of hot coffee since 11am at about 8pm.
Kind regards

monsterball said...

Monsterball calling SS Lim....where are you?
yooohooo...where are you?...smelling a pussy..for free ride?
Come and make my day...bang bang bang !!...habis wayang.

monsterball said...

Lobstered 2AM already became a dish...gone gone gone.
Waiting for his look-a-like to appear.
I simple love Lopsters....but to expensive and hard to find.
So but looks of his relation...crabs eat..real sweet and nice.
Lobsters no all.
Need dressings to eat....yet bloody expensive.

Anonymous said...

See how independent people condemned the malaysian BN leadership and EC.
Malaysian Election Commission is backward, opines fact-finding group

Harry said...

When you choose to write in a blog, just be open to comments lah, be it good or bad. Otherwise may as well close the option for comments if you can't handle critiscm.
Monsterball...chill out, man!

Gopal Raj Kumar said...

Many policemen were not wearing their name tags and batch numbers especially those involved in assaulting the rally participants and press. No explanation from the IGP on this standard practice yet. Can it be preplanned and premeditated so that those assaulted by the police have little means of identifying them and also the reason why they were confiscating cameras and videocams from the press and the public in order to coverup their use of excessive force?

AH said...

While Astro chopped a BBC news in order to show its “best parts”, The Star yesterday surely showed the “best parts” of local news. And without any chop-job too if I may add. The Star had even seen it fit to provide the links to the blogs which carry the so-called sex pictures.

The Star must be the first ever “people’s paper” in the whole world to have provided links to alleged sex pictures of a politician.

Congratulations The Star. You have achieved a new standard in responsible reporting.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks for your comment, Harry. I agree with you 100%. That's why all the comments received are published.

Mansioner said...

Emma passed away at young age of 36. She's talented artist whom you have the opportunity to work with in Yhe Blue Mansion.
My condolences to her family and fans.

Anonymous said...

Learn to accept Niamah's critics.
That's how our brains can mature.
Both of you (Monsterball & SS) should hold each other hand during next Bersih 4.0 march.
Take care.

patrickteoh said...

SS, I am sorry that you feel that I had trivialised the whole Bersih 3.0 by writing about my experience there. I want to assure you that that was never my intention. Yes, Monsterball tends to get carried away but he is a long time friend whom I appreciate.

JR said...

Hi Pat,

I envy you for being able to take part in this historic event.

I was going through a bunch of news and I thought I discovered a somewhat curious (and fantastic?) fact.

How come, no reporter from The Star and/or Utusan was assaulted on that day?? Funny, eh??

monsterball said...

Faark you SS Lim..calling me a lapdog.
I maybe a bit dramatic...but I am no lap dog to anyone.
Me a 73 year old man...belongs to no party member..a lap dog?
Faark you again...whoever you are SS Lim.
I say you are an old sickening good for nothing..sour grape.
Only good with your big find faults with someone like Patrick that you can never be.
He is a Legend in his own ways.
What are you good at? polishing?
You insult me once more...I will faark you again and again.
Patrick you.."Do not read Niamah anymore"...politely telling you to get lost.
I said come back and debate....and you call me a bloody sontoloyo?

monsterball said...

By the way SSLim....I do not read Harris blog.
I know him personally and I specialized in reading characters...through face and writings.
What do you specialized on?
Some...we stay as friends but keep an arm's length.
Do you read mY many comments at Lim Kit Siang's blog?
I guess you can say...I am a bigger lapdog to LKS than to Pat.
POORAH....pariah low class lap goon.

monsterball said...

In life..when you are have lots of sweet young things...chasing after you.
You too have few pariahs like SS Lim..simply cannot stand seeing others having better luck than him.
However...if Simple Simon Lim is born with a silver spoon it his mouth...he is still a rich bastard with no manners.
Addressing you "Simple Simon Lim" is a compliment.....if you are humble....are you??
SS are talking to two persons that have seen and done everything.
Pat & I can also sing "My Way" like Mahathir.
However Mahathir's ways is to steal billions.
Our ways are using our god-gifted talents to make it rich....without hurting anyone..or carry anyone balls.
What have you achieved...asshole?
By the time...I F him proper and good....he will take Pat's advice....vanish ....never come back again....but I hope he will stay and make my day exciting...........hahahahahaha

monsterball said...

That Simple Simon Arm Chair Critic with no manners come out again to insult...I am ready to hantam and challenge him.
When you fear need to chill off.
For that...Pat and I understands each other well.
Pat is more more diplomatic.
I could not care less...whoever anyone is.

VaginaGigolo3.0 said...

This is why bn will always win, they are using divide and conquer tactics.. We can argue some other time but right now we must unite.. Fighting eachother, looking down at this or that guy is pulling away our focus from the real enemy...

Anonymous said...

Monsterballs, Patrick's so called long time chicken shit cursing idiot friend who needs to be Patrick's ass licker to be important. Aww what a wonderful friendship. Typical.. can comment make jokes and belittle others, but when it's directed at them, cannot maaa!! Sore old farts. Heck you don't even have the respect like the people you yourself criticise. Sad flers. You and Monsterballs freaks on Malaysian soil. Old friends... hmpphhh hahah.

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 11:54AM, aiya why you say like that? Where got cannot take the jokes? That's why all the comments are publish what. Freedom of speech ma. I write. You comment. I reply. Then if you like you comment some more la. But I agree, Monsterball's language and tone of voice is a lot of time quite OTT la. So my old friend, let them say what's on their mind. Just like I am sure they will let you say what's on yours. Tone down the language a little la. Old people like us should show good example. Right? But I don't know why the fler called us freaks on Malaysian soil.

Anonymous said...

The Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and his deputy Wan Ahmad Wan Omar have no shame of being UMNO members and yet are holding such very important/crucial posts in a supposed to be an independent body, the Election Commission, at the same time. In UMNO and BN, the issue of bias, conflict of interest do not exist in their dictionary!! These 2 have thought they can hide their UMNO membership from voters but the truth will always prevails! No wonder they were and still are so determined and desperate not to clean up the electroll roll and the election procedures to protect their UMNO and the BN interests!

The EC chief claimed that his name could have been registered ithout his knowledge, so who paid his membership fees. How cannot be possible? You are not an idiot? Don’t they need your IC to register or is UMNO just picking up ICs to register? Fxxxk you with you stupid excuse!!!!!!

It matters not that those 2 koncos of the UMNOputras have not disclosed their UMNO links!! They are sitting there, as head of the EC UMNOputra division making sure the electoral playing is weighted more against the other parties!!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to prove that wisdom does not neccesarily comes with age. Sad when seemingly well defined gentlemen having to resort to vulgarity and loudness to get a point across .. SS lim wa tabik lu , able to take harsh words , kena halau from reading somemore , yet able to respond with dignity . U the man!

Anonymous said...

Slow down Gramps Monsterball. 73 eh?Don't swear too much, nanti gigi palsu tercabutt. Afterall what will your children and grandchildren think of you? Or maybe they disowned you long time ago oredi. That's why you're sooo grumpy. Well.. misery loves company, Pat and you, match made in... shit hole. faaarkkk! As Monstergramps would spew. Farneee laa...

monsterball said...

That blighter call us freaks because what we have achieved's impossible to's's unreal..thus only freaks can do that.
How to tone down what someone say I carry your balls?
Imagine it is you.. is saying.."Pat is monsterball's lap dog"...I think you will blow your top... sky high too.
No use to talk about him anymore.
He is history to me.

monsterball said...

Anon 11.54AM...Bless your pea brain to know who we are.
May you blossom into a beautiful pussy or a show your skills either in a "health center" offering extra services OR at balakan mati....looking for "You got the money..I got the tool"
PS: How's that for toning down...i step lower...Pat?
Want me to tone down another step lower?

monsterball said...

hi guys....If I use the same tone and language and F Najib or all will like it...don't you?
Well I did that for years and not one tell me to tone down.
That's weird to me!!

monsterball said...

Calling Mr.SS Lim for a debate.
The subject is..."How many shots of sperms can a man eject out...before it is all dried up?"
"LETS TALK LOVE"..aka "What's Love got to do with it"
"How to succeed without being a lap dog"
Want to debate my dear Mr.SS Lim??'s this tone.....OK?

SS Lim said...

I am sorry that my "lapdog" remarks get u so worked up. Your 1st reply was posted at 8.32pm, then another at 8.39pm. Probably someone at ur watering hole must have reminded u about my remarks. That got u all worked as evidenced by subsequent postings. 1.46am, 1.54am, 4.11am, 9.22am. Just imagine one simple word and u couldn't sleep soundly.I am sure if I had stoop to ur level with string of profanities, u would have sleep better.
Believe me, I could have a lot more critical of Patrick posting, but I choose not to, out of respect for his age. Patrick at least have the wisdom to see where I was coming from. But u, a 73 years old man never know when to stop. Age has apparently not taught u anything.
I don't think Patrick need u to blow his trumpet. And it tickle me greatly the part where u said that when he was successful, he had many SYTs chasing him that I can't resist asking u, "did u get the leftovers?"
I really shouldn't call u a "lapdog". For ur age, the appropriate term should be "socially retarded lapdog"
BTW, why are u not work-up by anonymous 11.54am comments. Couldn't understand eh?
Try to have a good sleep.
One piece of advice,monsterball. Stay off the hard liquor.It has reduce u to a foul mouth old man. Very soon u would be of not use to Patrick, save wagging ur tail.

monsterball said...

'Monsterball, Patrick's so called long time chicken shit cursing idiot friend........bla bla bla.."..said Anon 11.54 AM
Hi dare to face death for people and country?
I am not talking about BERSIH 3 or rallies.
I am talking about riots and protect the innocent Malaysians.
Have you done anything like protect lives?
I can see you will be performing the Chicken Run...when riots come.
If you dare not...protect the poor and innocent are the chicken shit person.....not me...period.
I say I say I say....I also walked at HINDRAF ...for poor Indians....tasted 2 gas bombs ..right in front of me.....sprayed with water cannons....still alive.
I say I say I say...May 13th 1969...were you born yet?
Me at Gombak defending the helpless Chinese....for one month.
Pat exposed Police Force Radio talks...most popular talks shows at that time...40 years ago.
Where were you....sucking mother's milk?
All things been said...both made millions...enjoying a blessed like...hahahahahahahahahaha
Me spend like hell.....Pat saved and saved to start this or that ..venturing to all sorts of business....working non breaks..some made money..some lost money..back to square one.....hahahahahahaha
Don't know us....please shut your gap.

monsterball said...

Pat..when a person talk big with an ANON nick..consider it...a ghost is us.
How I wish Atlantuya can talk to Najib like that.
Najib sure to die ...out of heart attack.
Talk to us like that...Anon 11.54 AM can go fly kites.

patrickteoh said...

Wah! this is getting out of hand la. So sorry people. Monsterball, I think it is time to stop calling these people names and using foul language on them. Like I said, they are merely expressing their views. And it is a free country we are supposedly defending.

However, I just want to ask of some of you not to be so condescending la. Like saying "I can hantam patrick teoh some more. But I am holding back because of his age." Hiyoh! That is soooo bad man. If you something relevant to say here you are welcome to say it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

looks like not 100% comments are published as claimed esp if it is agst you and your old dog , ironical isnt it that you attack the govt when they censure but it's ok when you do it. Well so much for freedom of speech . By the way , just checking , is this relevant enough?

Harry said...

Aiyo! Getting way out of hand la , Patrick! We have 2 guys running their own show here. Sounds like a new debate brewing. Who needs Chua Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng, or KJ and Ambiga when we have Monsterball and SS Lim?
Hope there'll be an end to all this soon before one of them gets a heart attack.
p/s A note to both of them: C'mon guys, it's getting childish...really. Enough already.

monsterball said...

OK Pat....will stop labeling him...out of respect to your wonderful blog.
Remember....he started it by insulting me.
Just look at his reply...sarcastic and mine oh mine....advising me too.
What a jerk he is.
Signing off...Goodnight to all..except ONE.
He can go to hell.

monsterball said...

One word is all I need to have a reason...for all systems exercising.....but this is mental exercise...not physical.
One cannot differentiate that and think his one so powerful to upset me is dreaming.
I need that one enjoy myself.
It's over now.
By the way...I do not drink fire water. I drink coffee and smoke cigars.

monsterball said...

Anon 10.09 PM is a smart ass to think Pat must publish all comments to allow his blog become a fish market quarreling blog.
Why can't Pat have the last say?
It is his blog and his rights to delete or approve.
Right from the start..this trying hard to trap Pat...and make him eat his words.
"you and your old dog" said Anon 10.09 PM..keep trying hard to insult both Pat and me.
Why is he doing it?
He simply cannot stand a Legend supporting change of government...or simply one shithead teaching grandfathers how to suck eggs.

monsterball said...

hi ANON 10.09 pm....all blog owners do not published 100% comments la.
Why are you so stupid.
Start your own blog...and see what happen...but I guess being an ANON tells all how brave you are.

monsterball said...

If I am Pat..I will delete all that is not good for his blog....including my comments.
But if he releases all...and with ANON 10.09 PM.. keep insulting both of is..then he may as well call his blog.."The ever forgiven fella man blog"....instead of the wonderful word."NIAMAH"
Yes Pat...when you are smart and successful and you put out so many cute and funny posts.. and belittling the got to believe ANON 10.09 a BN mole....come here to upset your good flow of thoughts.
Just throw all his comments away..and I repeat...including you see fit.
However..if you enjoy a good fight like me...keep him in to amuse us.

monsterball said...

Harry...SS Lim more.
It is now an "Anonymous" talking nonsense.
This is not childish.
This is a battle of wits.
He thinks he is smarter than Pat and me...with his insults.
In any case...Pat has the last say in everything.
Bless you Harry.
Happy Wesak week.

monsterball said...

SS Lim...what a wonderful twisted brain you have.
You must admire Mahathir very much...for you speak with a twisted tongue so well too.
Strange as it may seem to you...SYT came by the dozens to see and meet and abroad.
I just hope your daughter will not be a second hand to one.
You know why????
I was in the Music business and we do not fool around with our potential money making clients...unless one is willing with no forcing.
I married 4 SYT la..big problem.........hahahahahahahaha
SS Lim..Patrick does not need me or anyone to blow his trumpet.
His trumpet is blowing by itself.
Wish I have a trumpet like his.
I am ageless and what I have learned or cannot hope to even smell it.
Anything else to teach me...Professor SS Lim?

monsterball said...

Good health...good children...happy go lucky...can eat like change...bless with no money problem...traveled the whole world..seen and done everything..go and get that SS Lim and Anon before you open your big mouth to insult me again.
I asked myself.....'Why me"...and know I must support BERSIH 3..that's why.
What are your purposes in life...SS Lim and Anon 10.09AM?
To enjoy insulting others?

monsterball said...

SS Lim is malicious and vicious....talking like a braggart with no substance.
Pat has hinted to him...bring all out.. that is relevant and stop hinting.
We are learn something from him.

pussycat doll said...

never mess with the tail of an old barking dog :)

moster+sslim=love said...

while monsterball is restlessly putting his/her points across, bn gomen thru its religious f=dept has declared Bersih gathering as HARAM to discourage Muslim bro n sis to participate in Ubah 4.0 claiming they want to take over the gomen.
Also amno gathering to end on 513 and we hope soiled leg is there to be the punchbag if the keris is abused again !

Anonymous said...

wah...pat ..still alot of syt after you..hebat!!!!!!!!!!! but guess the most you could do isto be a painter ...hee...hee..hee but your monster friend probably can do smelling 70 plus .hee..hee.

...sorry to be rude..isnt that a fact of life?.


Anonymous said...

Monsterball 4.45pm "ps: how's that for toning down... 1 step lower.. Pat?". 4.58pm "'s this tone....Ok?"
How pathetic, 73 yrs old seeking approval of master. Me think SS Lim is to call you "lapdog"

Anonymous said...

Harry 10.47pm. Agreed but not bcoz childish but monsterball need time out to lick wounds. sslim RESPECT. No need f words but can hentam kau kau

Uncle tom said...

Isnt freedom of speech part of what the call for change is all about? If our so-called champion of liberation is inclined to reserve censorship just to have the last say .. Then from a neutral point of view what is the difference between the govt and the alternative . I am asking this , cos i have been prohibited from making comments in the fb of a senior leader from pr who talks of freedom of speech ( bull lah) . (Mr monsterball ball .. Fyi this is anon 1009pm that u have been whacking inside out . Sorry for calling you a dog , but your subsequent post justifies the mocking i guess : and
before u blast off again , thought i should let u know that i am not a bn mole as you assume old man)

monsterball said...

In blogging...everyone can say he/she.. is not a bn mole.
Najib can swear and lie at a mosque..making fun at Allah.
He was telling half truth and enjoyed it.
Now the Anon is Uncle day Uncle Dick and wait for Uncle Harry to appear too.
"Mr.Monsterball ball"..what is that??
I am Monsterball...not Monster-Ball and certainly not Monsterball ball.
Nothing else to insult me?

uncle tom said...

typo error lah mr monsterball ,and ok lah for your sake if u want to regard me as a bn mole , fine .. but that is not my point in the post . my issue is inter alia freedom of speech , what is your opinion on this dear sir?

monsterball said...

hoi Anon 8.50 AM...I don't have any wounds to lick.
Are you earlier...or trying hard to insult me.
Mental exercise good for everyone...but make sure you can tahan long long time.
ANON!!!..heard of that actor......Anthony Quinn?
He became a father at age 91...but the way this Anon writes...shows he is a brainless bugger.. floating like a drunkard monkey.
Try to be nice...than a class act..that is..if you know how to do it Patrick Teoh.
Fouls words??? why if I don't say...
"Fuck you bastard are you getting on?" to so many of my highly educated friends around the world...especially in Australia....they will not feel comfortable.
The problem with some Malaysians learn to be so cultured and so refined like Mahathir and Najib...without realizing these are con men...sweet talking to fool idiots like you.
In is time to fuck all and trust no BN politicians and the government.
Until we achieved a change of Govt...learn to use foul words to express your true feelings without diplomacy..for country and people.
In blogging...even worst..ghost can talk big too.
Anon can become...Uncle Tom..
Uncle Tom has a trumpet too... blowing hot air...apologize and insult...poorah...classless....balless ...useless ...brainless young fut.

monsterball said...

yea yea yea..Anon 10.17AM ..10.57AM..heard you loud and clear.
NIAMAH....nothing else to say?

monsterball said...

Sooooo..73 is old man....agreed.
What about Mahathir..85 still talking cock and bull???
What is he?...young man?.
Some people are special and blessed.
Mahathir is blessed by Lucifer to do his devilish work in Malaysia to have people like Anon aka Uncle Harry aka for all ..all for be apple polishers here and in the next world.
Wake up!! and be "BORN AGAIN"....hahahahahahaha
Don't be like Ibrahim Ali...gone case.
Also don't be like RPK or Chandra.
Many commentators with weak minds due to their very selfish attitudes...will need to carry balls to earn a living.
Pat and I are masters of our own destiny....and that always get few men to be jealous...and SYT never sees us long as they can be treated with respect and prefer to be old man's darling and not a young man's slave".
Facts of life sermon No.1..given.
Be grateful and learn hard facts.

monsterball said...

bull la
Mr.Monsterball ball
old man
One comment..3 noted insults as Uncle more Anon.
Whoever he is...he does have a fucked up brain.
In good English...we call him a wacko.

monsterball said...

Only in Internet...ghosts can talk and insults others.
What a wonderful invention.
Seriously speaking...the advancement of Science & Technology ...allowing everyone...all over the world to speak freely through wireless hand-phones...even beam their faces to each other as they still an amazing tool for old folks to appreciate sad...their parents did not live to use it too.
For me... a movie and music lover...the advancement to see bulky films being replaced by one small disc to view with no spots or drop outs...sparkling clears as crystal...makes me enjoy every movie/show over and over again.
However...back to Internet to see ghosts talking...that has god and bad results.
The good is countless...but the a pain in the arse for me not able to touch and feel the ghost throwing insults at me and my buddy..Pat.
Police use tear gas....I will use my durian smell sting bombs and stuff them into his mouth...for everlasting friendship.
Yip ....Science & Technology have given good and bad to human beings.
People getting smarter and children can watch blue films ..learning sex so young so freely.out of control and out come...the products...or results...everything is free..if you know where to get it.
Only the third world children are smarter and cleaner...brains are no corrupted with filth and dirt through so call..Science & Technology advancements.
Yes...having an ANONYMOUS person talking to I wish it is my dead father or mother talking again.

monsterball said...

PAS Tok Guru Aziz said Religious teachers have one eye closed declaring BERSIH 3 as HARAM.
Not one dare to reply.
Mahathir said...voters must give Najib big win to bring back ISA.
Najib said nothing.
He depends on IGP to do all he can to create and houses burning for Emergency Rule...OR use his 3 million phantom votes to win.
Do that...BERSIH 4 will come and Atlantuya's ghost will join in...and then....lets see...who will have the last say and last laugh.
I am at peace to comment seriously..with no foul words.
Don't ask for trouble....OK???

emilie said...

SS Lim, you criticise Pat who was not fighting the tear gas are not really joining the bersih 3.0.

what about other people around the world who do make their own bersih 3.0? they don't count, do they? we all (in some way) do support for fair elections, in our own way.

does not mean we're not there, we are not as patriotic as others. minimise the bashing, please. thanks.

monsterball said...

Now that you are nice to me..I will respond to your question asked at..12.32PM
If you keep on using .. "Uncle Tom"..I will ignore you.
Just Tom...ok
Why don't you call me "Uncle Monsterball"... instead of "dear sir"? waiting for me to respond by saying...
"Uncle Tom"....bla bla bla?????
Don't try to be too smart or cute to people that can put you in their pockets.
OK....freedom of say?
We are not ready yet like Americans or real democratic countries in Europe...whose citizens are educated by so advanced methods..for decades.
Mahathir is a snake that made sure the Muslims are busy defending their rights and race here....and he wanted to govern with ..guided democracy for correct...yet that sly cunning all Malaysians to be divided and ruled by him for 22 years.
However...when ever some smart ideas put out by him..they are all dressed up for his dirty politics to flourished..again and again.
Yes...we need to be guided...because our education system is so poor and full of brain washing planned by Mahathir.
We need to change the Education system....and wait at least 10 have a bunch of young Malaysians...from age 16 onwards that can talk and think like Smart young Americans.
Once 90% young Malaysians have their brains wide open...can think and guide their lives without depending on Govt help...then we are ready for real Freedom.
I repeat...UMNO b have been playing dirty race and religion politics for 55 years.
Whoever takes h
Don't expect miracles or changes to happen overnight.
Guided democracy.... with minimum guidance and as much tolerance and patience must be encourage.. freedom of speeches much ass possible.
For example...Bersih 3 tear gas and water cannons trucks... should be allowed.
Police can also defend themselves with batons and shields.. they are trained with fighting skills.
Another batch stand by with rifles...firing empty shells into the warnings is good enough.
Back to Freedom Of Speech....yes..we must speak freely with no fear to expose corruptions and race issues drummed up by out famous racialist government.
Malaysia is governed by UMNO b for 55 years and it is not that easy to apply what is good for Malaysians..overnight.
Your question testing PR supporter like see how I answer freedom matters.
Get it is CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT....most important now....and there are much much more important matters for PR to tackle.
Freedom of Speech...must have all Malaysians smart and can think independently.
Do we have that?
To me...get rid of corruptions...and unite all as Malaysians and not by races...most important.
And for my personal see all crooks charged for corruptions....with court cases to exposed them...with real lawful judgement pronounced...will make my struggle for freedom ..most rewarding.
Get rid of your stinking "Uncle" title.

monsterball said...

hoi Tom Rat..there is no doubt in my mind...u are a bn mole.
You ask the question on freedom of a freedom fighter.. waiting to see how I reply?.
You put "Uncle Tom" to see how am I going to address you?
Stop your useless low class pranks... stunts or call that.
You cannot fool old fox like me too.
Go look for idiots elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Monsterballs reminds me of that Prof Calculus character in Tintin. He gets angry whenever called a goat, here's an excerpt from wiki "", para 5 under Character History - "Although generally a mild-mannered (if somewhat oblivious) figure, Calculus flies into an uncharacteristic rage if he feels insulted or ridiculed."

I guess he won't ever stop, it's like this guy don't have anything worth to do anymore in his life.

I urge you Pat to throw this thrash away before he scares all other reader comments.

I'm telling you Pat, you don't need it.

Niaseng said...

Monstercock ... Fuck off lah old man, talk cock only that's why lah name also like cock ..old cock ha ha ha . Sure after this he whack me habis habis , niamah ..

monsterball said...

I never call my old friends dressed up with false titles... by their titles.
It is their surname that is most important.
Not one feel insulted at me...ignoring their titles.
Thousands bought their titles...including one offered to me..if I want it....for a price...few times..I rejected.
Our "Uncle Tom" needs a cabin to hide himself...for he is such an idiot to put out a nick like that.
All legends like Lim Kit Siang...Karpal...never add the word "Uncle" as these two are aptly qualified to add that into their nicks in blogging too.
Yet...millions talking to them..feel very comfortable to start of ...saying..."Uncle Lim or "Uncle Karpal"...with deep and sincere respect for both.
I wonder how many will talk to our "Uncle Tom"....addressing him as "Uncle Tom".
This man thinks he can make fools of everyone now...feeling siok to hear one start of with..."hi Uncle Tom...."
All must address him "Uncle" .
He is waiting and laughing....not realizing...we are laughing at his stupidity.. personified.

Ahmad Sobri said...

patrick can qualify for tongkat NEP!!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, please lah!

Look around you, still wanna support pakatan?

patrickteoh said...

Sorry, monsterball. I have decided to stop publishing this ongoing "debate" between you and your detractors. I am not censoring anybody's right to freedom of expression but I feel that if anyone feels so strongly about something that you can easily start another platform of your own. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

well done pat.

monsterball said...

No harm done ..Pat.
I treat it as mental exercises.
Good Luck and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

WOW ...>100 comments BUT cant lawan Susan's one which USED to have thousands on just ONE post !!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Aren't you afraid that the police haul you up for attending BERSIH? These police are terror.