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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Funnies

Maybe the Brit ones will submerge!

Funny #1

British Prime Minister, David Cameron was in the country. And saying very nice things about Malaysia and Najib. The 1st British PM to visit Malaysia in 20 plus years! A period of benign neglect as Najib put it. When I read the reports of Cameron's visit I must admit I was impressed by the high quality of diplomacy displayed by all. And then David Cameron announced that he and Najib discussed "the possibilities of Britain taking part in the future procurement prospects for Malaysia".
Ahhhhhhhh........Things getting too hot in France I guess. Got to look elsewhere lor. Hor?

Funny #2

The award for understatement of the day goes to Najib Razak for saying that the government did not find it easy to give up its powers under the Internal Security Act. He also said that surrendering the power to detain suspects without trial was especially difficult for his cousin Hishammuddin, the Home Minister but that "he did so willingly because he understood the expectations of the people." Phwaaar!!! Damn good right? Did so willingly cos he understood the expectations of the people wor. Should we all start a signature campaign and say terima kasih ah?

Funny #3

The award for most hilarious ironic statement of the day goes to Muhyiddin Yasin when he rubbished Anwar Ibrahim's proposals to abolish the PTPTN using money generated by Petronas. This is what your deputy prime minister said....
"If WE squeeze Petronas dry, what do WE have? Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs."

Funny or not? Can laugh sampai mati I tell you.



wangian said...

altantuyaa...altantuya...hantunya ada bersepah2...hehehe

Lau Kok Kok said...

Do these taiko no.1 and 2 engage their brain when they open their mouth ?

They rob and rob and rob the nation of its wealth in broad daylight as if there is no tomorrow and now this idiot no.2 lashes out at Anwar's proposal of abolishing PTPTN which he thinks will squeeze the petronas dry. What a hell...

I too had better pop in a bill.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha and a ha....what u write is so funny but sadly true.....keep it up u certainly make many Malaysians happily entertained and live a longer life to vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

Niamah leh. This MCA fler did not realise that all these while Chinese schools have been doing their own fund raising. So how to forgive MCA?

JOHOR BARU: MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has urged the Chinese to treat the party fairly and not always criticise everything it does.

He said the Chinese were very forgiving towards the Opposition and that if the Opposition did not do anything for Chinese schools, the Chinese felt it was okay.

However, if the MCA were to make a mistake, all the blame would be channelled to the party.

He also said that other Chinese schools should emulate SJK(C) Ching Yeh in Gelang Patah here which managed to raise RM1.5mil on its own to fund its new building, and not just depend on the Government for funds.

cin2tan said...

I'm LAUGHING but tak akan mati one becos waiting for more to hahahahaha b4 GE13 le !!

cin2tan said...

Briton (refined) : Excuse me, are you talking about me !?
Malaysians (....) : hey, you talk2 about me ah !?

# B : Darling, do you prefer tea or coffee ?
M : hey, tea or kopi ?

# B : Teacher, may I go to the toilet ?
M : cikgu, toilet can go ah ?

# B : Miss, may I look at those handbags ?
M : Hey , handbags can see ah ??

# B : Mother, I am sorry I'll be late for dinner .
M : Mom, I go home late, you eat first lah .

# B : Thank you very much for your generous donation.
M : TQ for your money ah !

# B : @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@ !!
M : xxx u !!

Berani Punya Budak said...

Star also reported that many malay artists have joined Umno to safeguard their rice-bowl:

Harun Salim Bachik
Afdlin Shauki....

Baik punya Cilok!

Anonymous said...

moohetin no.1 joker in msia

bring back our dignity & rights

In that post I recall the case some years ago!!!

Why must you racialise a legitimiate academic and medical standards issue ?

bruno said...

Squeezed Petronas dry.How can squeezed Petronas dry when Petronas tits are blue,black and purple dued to juice being squeezed dried.Stupid moron.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, sure laugh sampai mati lah. All these stooges are real goons,nincompoops, good-for-nothings blah, blah...... With the GE 'round the corner, they can "tokkok' to please the rakyat lah. When they gain the power, the rakyat will then regret putting them in power again....They will go back on their words and their old ways of running the country lah.... Ya, good idea to get a signature campaign to 'terima kasih' them....

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Why is it the trend nowadays for ministers to be talking for other ministries??
Prime minister talking for Sports ministry, prime minister talking for home ministry, education minister talking for finance ministry!!
They have nothing to comment about their own work??


Anonymous said...

Samsam: Dear Patrick, I found your "funnies" are not funny but rather tragic instead. Just imagine that our country is being led by a bunch of self-serving opportunistic politicians blurt out idiotic "cock-talks" at such freguency because of the impending 13GE. How on earth are we to achieve the so-called "high-income" and "world-best-democracy" status? I just can't hahaha sampai mati as you have suggested. Hoohoohoo.... Btw, may I suggest that you add "tragic" to your reactions section?

Shiok Guy said...

Golden eggs for who?

Anonymous said...

Uncle, see you at Bersih 3.

Anonymous said...

fuck loctok mamak -the kerala fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

s. Funny why they don't make the legalisation of foreign workers more simple and easy...a big mess

b. Can't understand why we like to reinvent the wheel

c. If our ministers learn to keep their mouth shut, it would be more difficult to identify the donkey

Anonymous said...

RE:Chinese School & Chinese Malaysian Raykat .

.. opposition is trying to get the pay 100% .so that i dont have to pay Rm50.00 for my children' school table.

you raise money very big.? from who ? cinababi pays 99% ,gomen pay 1% .
Gomen should pay 101% !!!!!!!!!!!!!

like this also talk big ! betul niamah ke chow hai! to the chinese running dogs!

Anonymous said...

Out of 100 primary school students, Chinese is 21. In the 9th Malaysia Plan, 0ut of 1 billion education fund allocation to primary school, Chinese school only get 3.6%, Tamil school is 1.4%, 95% goes to so called National school. shortages of primary school teacher in Chinese school has not been solved even before independent, for the past 50 years, the education system is systematically marginalizing Chinese and Tamil schools.

What has BN n MCA n MIC n Gerakan done for us ?? BN stress 1 Malaysia ; justice ? fairness ? equal right ??? sincere ???

Chua Soi Lek is a shame to the chinese community. Dong Zong exists because of the failure of MCA.

Anonymous said...

Reminder : drmm has said," 90% of inland revenue comes from kaum CINA !"

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, stupidity at its height. That's what you get when Malaysia has got nothing more left to offer. Only arrogant braindead politicians and BTNised retards. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

damn..i forgot to fuck hassan ali...niamah ke chow far hai to him!

Yeah ...!!!!! cheers!

cin2tan said...

JOMlah 428 4 a 'clean & fair election come GE13 ' ...OK ?

Sam said...

Dear Patrick

zed zaidi made so much noise about foreign talent like Aaron Aziz, wihout whom Ombak Rindu will not be a success. zed is jealous as he cannot act as a lover or a gangster.

What is your opinion on this since you also go to act in Singpore but nobody there ever complain, right?

Ernie said...

Dear Sam

Zed Zaidi is using 'Prinsip Perkasa' to avoid competition and meritocracy as malays must be protected at all cost (even by the British) so that Hang Tuah's prophecy of 'Tak Melayu Hilang di Dunia' can be maintained.

Anonymous said...

i think the gomen need to sleep on a high high bantal. You gomen guys and gals cannot win this because all money goes to the status JKR TENDER.GOV.MY =BUMIPUTRA. the tulang will goes to all the contractor ,and sometimes never get paid, So ,I just ask you how are you to win?? In another word, if we cannot cari makan, and only the JKR TENDERS GOING to the bumiputra 90% 10% other open tenders,-NIAMAH ALL UMNOand your followers. Good luck ah-jib kor.

flyer168 said...


For # 1 Funnies...

It is a "Done Deal" even before Jibby went to UK to meet the Queen...

“David Cameron says Malaysian investments have created hundreds of new jobs in Britain.

He is here to sell weapons. And hand out early Xmas gifts to British companies...Cool.

1. 24 May 2011 Speech by the British High Commissioner at the British Malaysia Society event -

2. Main - Malaysia - Now Putrajaya hands LRT deal to UK firm ahead of Najib visit @ Mon Jun 20 2011 -

3. PBS Frontline Black Money Pt 1 of 6 – YouTube -
PBS Frontline Black Money Pt 5 of 6 – YouTube -
PBS Frontline Black Money Pt 6 of 6 – YouTube -

4. Also Big Brother has instructed Cameron to ensure Bolehland’s compliance…!

British Anti Terrorism, Crime and Security Act...

They have got Jibby and Bolehland by the “Orbs/Juglars” towards the NWO agenda..."DEBTS & a Police State"

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

APCO paid Cameron to visit Najib and in turn APCO invoice Najib for the work done

How much APCO paid Cameron ?

Anonymous said...

Pat, i wonder what else other best things you can do other than complaint and complaint and complaint?


patrickteoh said...

Hahahaha...thanks BJR. You'll be glad to know that I re-read the Friday Funnies and am convinced that I did not write in a single complaint! Phwaar!!! Thanks.

flyer168 said...


We all have a choice to read your blog or otherwise...right ?

Maybe our Dy Minister is following the master...

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi .... YouTube -