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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday funnies

One of the alleged demonstrators showing his alleged wounds suffered after being attacked by alleged hooligans.

Funny #1

There is a really funny story in the front page of The Sun today titled, "No checks, please: EC"

The  Elections Commission was giving its agreement to some of the proposals made by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on electoral reforms. But the funny bit is this.

The commission is against letting a PSC monitor the implementation of the recommendations to the EC!

Isn't this like a childish, foot-stomping reaction by the EC? Okay la, I agree to your proposals but why you must come and check that I am implementing the changes?

The EC chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said that this was because such monitoring would impinge on the commission's position and independence!!!???

Errrr....Mr. chairman how would that be possible? Somebody watching to make sure you do your job properly would impinge on your independence?  Please explain nicely to us dumb members of the Rakyat can ah?

Funny #2

The award for the funniest ironic statement from a minister goes to Hishammuddin Hussein today. For saying......

"We are a progressive country and demonstrations are normal in a democracy, it is a global culture. This rally is just about people who want to gather, so it's really not an issue."

PHWAAAAR!!! Damn good, right? Same bird but can sing so many different songs, man. Tabik!  But I am fantasising that the minister must have added somewhere that should some baargers come and wallop you during the demonstrations then you cannot expect sympathy la. But of course our police people will arrive on the scene in less than 6 minutes. After the baargers who beat you up have gone la. But we will investigate. That one we sure do one. Trussssssssssst me.  Hahahahaha...sorry.

Funny #3

This next funny is really laughable and scary too. 

The Malaysian Parliament yesterday passed 8 laws in one day!!!
(I couldn't find this story in the online version of The Sun but it's in the street version page 04)

Funny #4

I am sure you all have read reports or seen the video of the students being attacked by a gang of hooligans while holding a rally in Dataran Merdeka.  This funny appeared in The Sun today.

The deputy higher eduation minister Saifuddin Abd. has urged the police to investigate the allegations of the attacks against the students. But I would have thought that from just watching the online videos and talking to people who were there would be enough reason for the police flers to start doing some investigations. No ah? So funny one. Deputy minister must come out and URGE ah? Damn farniee, right?

Funny #5

PTPTN or no PTPTN? This issue has been in the news for the past couple of weeks.

Got PTPTN, some people say it gets abused. Students use the money to buy stuff instead of what the money was intended for.

No PTPTN then people say a lot of Malaysian students will not be able to afford tertiary education.

To me it all seems to be a matter of poor system control especially in the collection department. PTPTN gives out loans but does not seem to have a viable system of collection in place after all these years. Funny la. The amount runs into the billions. But nobody seems interested to recover it.

Then there are many people who support the Opposition view that education, up to tertiary level, should be the FREE right of every Malaysian citizen. But last night a friend mentioned to me that instead of campaigning for free education people should campaign for BETTER QUALITY education. If the quality is lousy WAFFOR? Give me free osso I don't want, right? Which is actually is what is happening right now. True?

Have a nice weekend, folks and...

If you have not registered to vote by now you have done your country and your fellow-Malaysians a great disservice! And I hope you have a rotten weekend.



najib manaukau said...

The EC has run out of excuses for the commission and as a consequent he just has to say something even though it is a reflection of what he is. Also just don't expect the Umno's lackey to be able to come up with excuses acceptable to the Malaysians.
Or is he treating all the Malaysians just like kinder garden students with his own kind of mentality ?

Anonymous said...

You're back. Thank God. About these politicians ah Patrick, I think even a major surgery to repair their damaged brain cells will also do them no good. Their remainig brain cells (if any) are perpetually on an active self destruct mode. So how to repair? Beyond redemptionlah. Cakap banyak dengan dia orang tu buang masa aje lah. Must "bury" the entire chain gang this coming GE, otherwise sooner or later you or I will suffer from cardiac arrest from reading too much about their stupid antics and mental retardation.

Anonymous said...

JOM428 for a 'clean & fair' GE13, ok?

cin2tan said...

JOM428 too at Ipoh polo ground at 2pm .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.49p.m.
Ya, no major surgery will repair the damaged cells. Now on their minds are just how to win back the rakyats' hearts and win the 13th GE with mind-blowing majorities... They don't care a damn 'bout whether the giveaways will bankrupt the country and the rakyat will have to bear the consequences... So,.... BOOT them out once and for all.... No pity......

Anonymous said...

I think it is not fair especially to the tax payers to abolished PTPTN...Since the Opposition wanted to abolished it, why not we do it like the Mara...From loan convert to scholarship if the person receive the loan achieve good results...example first class hon will not need to repay the PTPTN loan..second class hon pays only 50% while 3rd class hon pays 80%...i think with this method, it will encourage university student to work harder....

Anonymous said...

...everytime he says something about election, election laws, election procedures.... on TV....everytime I read what he says in online papers/ makes me felt very, very, very stupid!

#%^#@&^()*$^&*()$%%!!!....= niamah!


Abd Aziz Mohd Yusoff....(and I am NOT the EC Chairman!!!)

Anonymous said...

previously the the debate with our LGE AND CSL got some points:
WE mca GOT uni for the chinese ,What Dap got? only a mouth for the nation.....We can have Minister in the BN , ! bUT TODAY NEWSPAPER 21/5/2012 says Tramsport minister will soon kick out MCA (I MEAN chinese ),because it make so much money compare with other ministeries BUT AFTER THE election--Haha Niamah UMNO.

i THINK mca better come out from BN. , WE CHINESE has been discrimate positively by the UMNO, FOR SO DAMN LONG.....Niamah- let the BUMIPUTRA VS PAS HOLD THE COUNTRY ADMINISTRATION. SEE THE SMARTY play .I give them few years, Malaysia is going down the nigeria lane of corrupt country. and number 1 also...HAHA OR MAYBE mic get the upperhand . haha to samy vellu and sons

Anonymous said...

why is the chinese and indian dont behave like them........reason.

their culture are more then 2000 years old ..! those who cam caling in the early morning.....??? dont know what to say or should they be blame....?

Anonymous said...

One BN guy used EC's service to change the address of university students so that they could vote for him.


Anonymous said...

In funny 2, th fcuker hi shame said about a few years back that demos are not in malaysians culture! He is a fcuker alright!