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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Watch deputy education minister, Wee Ka Siong enjoying his own boogers......


Anonymous said...

Even we know the corrupt Umno is BUT THE TENSION ON THE DEMO BY PEOPLE ,shouting, banging cars with the feets is not our culture as a malaysia. HOW ARE WE PERMITTING THIS GOONS from tearing down our beloved country, We can see many youtube upload on may ceramah, --niamah, How can they act like street punks.... we sure fail malaYSIA VERY SOON.

Chet said...

Eww ...

Anonymous said...

eat shit?

Afi said...


Why are you not a 'teacher for a day' like harith Iskandar?

Why you did not take part in Astro's Super Spontan?

Are you among the cast in the sequel to Baik Punya Cilok?

I had a dream that you got to host your own TV show, but i woke up in disappointment before knowing which tv station. I hope my dream will come true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Another UN-educating Minister.


Alisha Residenc said...

anda boleh sila pertukaran pautan, sila? Saya akan melakukan perkara yang sama,
laman saya
berharap anda jangan keberatan

Anonymous said...

Patrick: Another deputy minister who has met his KPI (by BN standards) !


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeeew. Now I know how come "shit" is always coming out from his mouth. Yuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

cin2tan said...

Eeeeeyak.. dat's the nostril shit !

Anonymous said...

Afi raised good questions, but Patrick did not respond.

Abu Sobri said...

Bersih is about a clean and fair elections for us to elect a governemnt of our choice. To be able to choose we need a minimum of two choices.For the past 50 years we were only given one choice-the ruling coalition. This is because of an unfair and unclean electoral roll, vote stuffing, rigging of postal votes and delineation of constituencies to favour the ruling coalition. The media has been gagged to shot out the opposition, thus we are unable to make informed decisions on how we vote. The judiciary has also been compromised when hearing election complaints. The Elections Commission ,which is supposed to be independent, operates as part of the coalition's election machinery. we never had a fair go at chossing the govenment we want. However, despite all the electoral fraud and intimidation, voters have decided to attempt to have a two-party system at the last GE in 2008. That's why Bersih 3.0 is important. The choice is ours.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

"Finger Licking Good"
If it taste good , he should be sharing some with Nazri.
Luckily those cameras ain't focusing his ass.Ah Siong might scratch his ass and take a whiff.

Anonymous said...

no wonder those barisan ministers spew out filth from their mouths !!

Gopal Raj Kumar said...

why no see you in new Adflin's thai made movie ? u r brilliant in baik punya celup - miss u this time !!!!

any upcoming projects in msia movies pls update in your blog. last seen u in nasi lemak 2.0

cheers & hope u sit-in as well

Fuad said...

Najib Spending Could Risk Downgrade Without Revenue Boost

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s record spending binge, aimed at shoring up support before elections as early as next month, may risk the country’s first credit-rating downgrade since the Asian financial crisis.

Standard & Poor’s “might have to think about” a potential cut in a few years unless the next government enacts measures to boost revenue and reduce subsidies after the vote, Takahira Ogawa, an analyst at the rating company, said in an interview. Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings also said Malaysia must take steps to bring down its debt-to-GDP ratio, which the International Monetary Fund projects may climb to a 20-year high of 55.9 percent this year.

Najib, 58, has raised civil servant salaries and pensions, waived school fees and boosted handouts for the poor in a bid to extend the ruling party’s 55-year lock on power. His National Front coalition won its lowest-ever share of the vote in 2008, and failure to secure a clear mandate may lead to political gridlock that would impede plans to strengthen public finances.

Sally said...

Seems like Patrick has 'exited' the local malay movies after the flop of Karipap Cinta?

Also most of his former acting colleagues like Adflin and Salim have joined Umno.

What about approaching Ernie Chen of Outloud for a movie role?

monsterball said...

It needs BERSIH 3 to meet you old friend.
I will take your offer to drive me to your restaurant to keep my promise..or else...I will have some guilty..sleepless nights....for no reasons.
Then we can discuss a stage show...'Odd Couples" for my first acting role with you.
How am I going to contact you with no phone #?
Better give the the Rest Name again...address and the fixed time and date..and I take a taxi over.
What say you?

raj said...


Are you joining your friend Salim Bachik in OME Oh My English tv campaign?

Still awaiting your rumoured appearance on Super Spontan on Astro Warna.

monsterball said...

Dear Pat....Nice meeting U face to face again.

monsterball said...

Are you well and home safely..Pat?

patrickteoh said...

monsterball, thank you. Yes Min and I made it home safely. Thank you for your concern. And it was really nice meeting up with you at Bersih 3.0 after all these years.

monsterball said...

Pat....40 years friendship..same characters...same sincere mentalities and behaviors.......that's not easy to find nowadays..old pal.
Glad to hear you and Min reached home safely.
I went home as pillion rider on a motor-bike!!
Never on one.for 40 years too.
The bumps and narrow bike road with pot holes scared the wits out of me....for 1/2 hour.
Die for good reasons and purpose..OK ...but not die on a stupid road accident. adopted Muslim son...delivered me home safely too.
Will surf and check your Rest. phone # and contact you.
Right sad to see Lee Chong Wei lost the Indian final.
Take care friend.

monsterball said...

By the way..Pat...I do comment quite alot at Lim Kit Siang's blob and love to visit two hantus blogs...Rocky and "KTEMOC kONSIDER"
Saw Harris Ibrahim...why no more sitting in as one of
"BERSIH" committee member.
He said he was sacked.
Do you know....Hishamuddin Rais..the MC for BERSIH group?
I gave him a Pug male dog!!...from English name."Bruno" changed to a Muslim name now.....hahahahahaha
Can't wait for BERSIH 4....if Najib wants more....keep ignoring cleaning off..the dirty filthy 3 million phantom voters.
There I talk so much in your blog again.
One will say....'Monsteball..shut your gap. You talk too much."

Anonymous said...

what a disgusting habit! after digging it out, must taste and find out whether to continue digging or not!

monsterball said...

I have yet to learn the art to talk like...Anon 12.53AM....don't know who is he/she is talking about.
I hope this ghost is a she.
Man must have balls to talk like a man...not beating around the bush like a pondan.

Voyance par telephone said...

I stumbled upon your blog very interesting! ! Thank you for giving us this moment of pure happiness.

Lyn said...


Your Blue mansion co-star Emma Yong died of cancer. RIP.

Any tribute for her?

horoscope said...

I hope that everything change into the best.Cause many people suffers from this and government must do something quikely.

marduk said...

Pat, This is disgusting ! No defence for this one from this pig. Anywayway, this idiot deserves it!