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Sunday, May 13, 2012

And the award goes to......

 Ha! See? They will hold your balls like this. Just like Francis and Alphonso. We all BN ah? We all sikit lembut a bit. Better.

And the "So What? Proves I Know My History" award goes to...Nor Mohd Yakop, the minister in the PM's department for saying,

"Malaysia will revert to 1511 if Opposition wins"

He also said that the country will return to the times of Francis Light and Alphonso de Albuquergue as the Opposition did not have the capability to pursue the Bumiputra agenda.

Phwaaaaaar!!! See how smart the YB is? Lead off with 1511 the year of the Portugese invasion of Malacca. Then, since Penang is under the Opposition slip in the name of Francis Light, the English fler who colonised Pinang. Damn good la this fler.  And then he signs off with one terror statement about the Malays in Penang being neglected. After all, he is the MP for Tasek Glugor.

By the way, for the benefit of us non-Bumi's what IS the Bumiputra agenda? At the expense of non-Bumiputras? Can please tell us? Thank you.



2012 said...

Noh Yacob wants to create hari ini dalam sejarah. as if 513 is not enough, he now wants to be credited with Bapa 1511 !
I live near Gelugor. No Yacob better works harder to contribute and let my Malay friends to trade in shophouses not at roadside stalls in front of shophouses.

monsterball said...

That Yacob blighter should stand for 13th GE and shut up.
More and more nonsense uttered by so many BN politicians.
It's corruptions and dividing the races that Malaysians will vote these crooks out.
It's jittery and sleepless nights...that these buggers are uttering nonsensical stuffs.
It's being afraid to be investigated for corruptions..all of them.
1511????...nothing else to say??
Is Yacob trying to tell Malaysians...that the 250,000 Bersih walkers are all idiots and don't know history of our country?
How silly and childish can one be.

Anonymous said...

that fucker mamak gamble in the FX market and los RM30b of the taxpayer money.
go ask the fucker to fly kite.

ordinary malaysian said...

Can lah, Patrick. Simple what. Bumi agenda is Umno agenda lor. But no good say Umno so say Bumi agenda lor. That Alfonso and Francis flers aiya they no Bumi what. Soli, they no Umno. So ok use them as bogi men to frighten the Bumi kao kao lor.

FrankRoss said...

BUMIPUTRA AGENDA.... just to keep the UMNO fella on power... hmmm...i wonder if this Nor fella is actually bumiputra.... cheh

Trevor said...

If BN wins again, Malaysia will revert to 1402, the year Parameswara founded Malacca.

Keith Yeoh said...

Zero sum game.

Antares said...

This fler is the Vice-President of the Evil Mamak Association. How many billions did he "accidentally" lose while he was deputy finance minister during Mahathir's ridiculously long and costly (to the rakyat) reign? No need to say who the President is....

Tiger said...

When will these morons understand that it is NOT a zero-sum game?
We are all in this TOGETHER, no matter what the colour of your skin is!
The economy is now globalised, you think the countries outside care whether you're Malay or Chinese? They only want to see what product and service you've got and what's the QUALITY!

bakarmerah said...

hallo, my cousin sister is married to Francis Light's great grandson lah. I must let him know about this grand insult!

Anonymous said...

Sejak bila Mamak nih jadi Bumiputra? Another thick skinned pariah.Real Pandi lah this scumbag. Muka tembok. M16 pun tak lut!.

Anonymous said...

Sorhai punya mamak!

Anonymous said...

What the nonsense he is talking?
he already got his 30% share in the achieve of bumiputra. I mean all 99% already in the JKR TENDER.


Really evil in the scene of running malaysia

2) giving IC FREE WITH A TARIKH luput to bangla..... I will release it when the time is right.