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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another funny

Last night, Friday 11 May, 2012 2 big events took place. Comedian, Russel Peters performed to a sell-out audience in one stadium. And Umno celebrated its 66th Anniversary with a huge rally at another stadium.

I was not at either but I am sure Russel Peters made his audience do the one thing that they attended the show for. Laugh. But over at the Umno rally, our prime minister, Najib Razak performed some good stand-up comedy too. At least according to this report in The Star today.

You read the section of the report and then decide who is funnier. Peters or our prime minister. Highlights are mine la.

The party president offered seven reasons why people should support Barisan in the election.

Among the reasons were that Barisan could be trusted and had delivered on its promises, only the coalition could promise that tomorrow would be better than today and it respected the Constitution, rule of law, sanctity of Islam, Malay rulers and the rights of all races.
Most of all, Barisan can guarantee unity and harmony in the country.

Hahahahahah...and how much did you flers pay to watch Russel Peters?  I had this comedy free on TV.

Have a nice weekend.


Okay I found the Bernama story which lists all the 7 reasons. A word of caution. This could spoil your Sunday. Reader discretion is advised.

Najib Lays Out Seven Principles To Guide The People In Making Their Choice
In The 13th General Election

May 12, 2012 01:21 AM

KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk
Seri Najib Tun Razak layed out seven principles to guide the people in
making their assessment and consideration for the coming 13th general
election (GE).

Najib, who is also Umno president, said the principles
were formulated based on the almost seven decades of Umno's contributions to
the country.

"I want to lay out seven principles which can help us to
make an assessment and consideration. Firstly, between the Barisan Nasional
(BN) and the opposition, which has the leadership that is trustworthy and
keeps its promises? Who does everything? Barisan Nasional!"

"Besides that, of the 22 promises made by the
opposition...most of them are not fulfilled in Selangor. Who failed to
manage the water issue. There is a whole lot more where they failed.

"Secondly, we have to determine that tomorrow will be
better than today. Between BN and the opposition, who one can assure that
Malaysians will be much much better off tomorrow than today," he said at
Umno's 66th anniversary celebration at the at the National Stadium in Bukit
Jalil here Friday night.

Najib said the people should also be able to evaluate
which side was capable of preserving the supremacy of the constitution, the
sovereignty of the country, laws, the sanctity of Islam and the Malay
rulers, as welL as the rights of other races in the country.

The fourth principle, he said, was the people should be
able to make a choice, between the BN and the opposition, of the party which
was capable of managing the country's economy.

"The fifth, who can preserve harmony in the country. The
sixth, who can bring systematic changes and reforms? Who brings about the
country's transformation?," he said.

The last principle, said the prime minister, was that the
people should be able to choose the party which could preserve the country's
harmony to enable Malaysia to achieve the status of a high income country.

With the people gripped by election fever, Najib quipped
that he wanted to seek an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong tomorrow.
Najib added that tonight's gathering was proof of the increasing support of
the Malays for Umno and BN.

"On this fateful and historic night, let this stadium be
the witness to our gathering of the high-spirited and confident Malays. Who
said the support of the Malays for Umno has dwindled.

"Today, we bear witness to the increasing support. I want
to know, if the constitutional rights of the Malays and Islam are
threatened, institution of the state undermined...who comes forward to
defend if not Umno," he said.

The prime minister further urged the people to preserve
the harmony in the country and not to allow it to be destroyed.



Anonymous said...

basket. i paid 300quid for the show. should have held up for something better.

KJ Lim said...

Plus one package: The World most safest rare earth plant

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick: in case you really don't know, the lowest price for watching the Peter guy is RM120. My wife's college-boy nephew came all the way from Penang to see this guy on stage. Last night I drove from PJ to Subang Jaya to pick him up to go the Melawati Stadium. He told me excitingly that he managed to get a ticket on-line after the first two shows were sold out withing the same day and an extra show was extended really due to "overwhelming demands". Apart from the show ticket, he had also to pay for the express-bus tickets from Penang too. While you and the "audience" of the comedy in the other much grander stadium got to watch the show free, and those live audience would very likely be given many other freebies , this nephew of my wife got only free transfer from the bus station to the lesser stadium from me. Btw, I have never known this Peter guy before until last night. But for the other overhyped and overpaid "comedian', more often than not, his shows always bring tears to my eyes, and weeping to my heart. Have a enjoyable weekend. Samsam

david chin said...

All together now... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Tambah Another 6 will be the gathering of the DEVIL....lickly not friday the 13 ...hehehe. Lucifer has return to Bukit Jalil...all in RED.

Anonymous said...

remember : sultan T din like the umno choice of mb so he was called 'natang' !

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

You missed the Funny Part at the UMNO Stadium Rally!

Did you know that a large number (perhaps even close to 50%) of those who attended were above 60 years of age?

Many were more than 70 Years!!

Poor guy who died in the accident on the way home was 72 years old.


monsterball said...

I guess watching anything live is much better than seeing them free from "You Tube"
I was watching Russel Peters at "You Tube" and imagine me sitting at the last row of the stage..which is better from "You Tube" or live?
It's always the filthy rich first few front rows audience that enjoy most.
I guess "Ahmed the Terrorist" comedian cannot come to Malaysia...since terrorists are declared to topple the Govt.
BERSIH walkers are declared communists too.
Why do we need Russel Peters when we have natural born idiots many in UMNO b.
We can say...Malaysia has the most natural comedians in the world.
To be must really be idiot. all are nurtured by Mahathir for 22 years ...all handmade to be idiots..thus speaking like comedians.
It's one of his formula to govern forever.

monsterball said...

UMNO b is only 25 years old...not 66 years.
That itself shows the mentalities and behaviors of these liars and cheaters...keep fooling their own race.
Check it out...Tunku died ...not as "UMNO b" member.
He died without a political party ..because the original "UMNO" was killed off by Mahathir who formed the "UMNO B".
Even on party history....Najib is fooling the members.
Go check it out...who is the first member....Mahathir la...not Tunku.
These crooks can twist and turn..because the founder...Mahathir is the dirtiest politician you can find from the whole wide developed world.
That false fool his own race.
Malaysians are laughing at Najib celebrating 66 years of fantasy world.

Benjamin Cheong said...

100k at UMNO rally is more than 300k+ at Bersih 3.0?

No wonder the standard of Maths in the country is going to pot. Even the PM can't do simple maths...

Benjamin Cheong said...

Oh, and the "supporters" were paid RM300 + food + transport + lodging to attend.

People that went to Russell Peters' show had to PAY for their tickets...

Abdul Bachik said...

Najib should join Maharaja Lawak or Super Spontan.

May be he is preparing for such opportunity after the next GE?

Stephen Covey gave us 7 habits, Najib offers the world 7 principles. Sure best seller one, right?

Also, najibnomics of giving freebies should be welcomed in Greece. He can go there to be president, right? The Greek needs Durian Runtuh!!!!

Anonymous said...



MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR US ,OK! OTHERWISE NEXT YEAR NO BR1M for your old folks, the single mom, 500 RINGGIT kau sai!

Jasin said...

Dalam masa sesingkat empat tahun sahaja, Kerajaan Selangor telah memperkenalkan banyak program pro-rakyat yang memberi manfaat kepada kehidupan semua pihak, tanpa mengira jalur politik masing-masing.

Chief Wiggum said...

The Govt is not serious in the investigation of incidences of violence at the rally. It's just playing sandiwara. Just look at the composition of the panel members especially the Head, Hanif Omar. He is not qualified at all with his prejudicial, anti-Bersih comments. And the rest of them? Pls stay home and watch TV instead rather than waste your time in this panel. Yes, Bersih comm. You are doing the right thing by boycotting the panel - toothless, powerless, clueless and name it!

Anonymous said...

Don't give a damn to those flers and bargers.... Just remember to cross at the right place on the ballot paper... Don't make silly mistakes that we'll all regret for the next five years ....or maybe, the rest of our remaining years....

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, you should check out The Malaysian Chronicle! There was no 100,000 people! Another fantastic fantasy from UMNO! That fact comes complete with pictures showing parts of stadium empty! Who to believe? TMC or Bernama? Definitely TMC!

Anonymous said...

The most funny part is the PM declared so called seven principles why we the rakyatnshould elect BN, not anything else an UMMO rally, and not BN rally, not an open Rally for all rakyat.
What is the message to be deciphered here?
That other BN parties are trivial!
That GE only concerned UMMO, not the rest?
The whole event appears to be an introvert affair!
Or the PM does not feel save unless surrounded only by UMMO members?

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

I donno abt the preserving of rights of the rakyat, but umno's preserving the wrongs of umnoputras is definitely undeniable.