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Monday, May 21, 2012

 Guilty! Go directly to JAIL. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200

There is a piece of very scary news on the front page of The Sun today. It is titled "Presumed guilty" and is about the recent amendment (No.2) to the Evidence Act. Doesn't mean anything to you? Not worth bothering about? You could be in for a rude shock. If you have a blog, use Facebook or just have a broadband WiFi account you could land in big trouble.

If "someone posts content said to be offensive on your Facebook wall, or if someone piggybacks your WiFi account and uploads a controversial document, you will be immediately deemed the publisher of the content and subject to prosecution under the relevant laws such as the Sedition Act."

So, say you post an essay of your personal experience at Bersih 3.0 then someone who claims to support you comments in your post that he/she/they think that Najib Razak is a bumbling, corrupt asshole. They can technically come and haul YOUR ass to jail!!! Until you can prove to them that you are innocent of the 'wrongdoing'.

Scared now? You should be.

A) How did they pass this amendment in Parliament without debate? 
B) How did it miss the attention of The Bar Council?
C) How come the Opposition MP's did not protest such a draconian amendment?

A) = Remember that day when Parliament sat right through the night until 3AM? And passed 8 (I think) laws in one day? This amendment was one of them.
B) = They were probably asleep.
C) = -ditto-

And you've been thinking that the Barisan Nasional government has been putting efforts into some sort of 'liberalising' of life in Malaysia? Freedom of expression in Malaysia now has a different meaning. Sure. They can freely say that you are guilty of a crime. Until YOU can prove your innocence. Innocent until proven guilty? Nope. This is not American television. This is life in Malaysia la.

Remember those days when, at mamak stalls discussing or just plain belly-aching about life in Malaysia, you would look over your shoulder first and lower your voice before you mention the name Mahathir? Life could return to those "good" old days. Unless......

You make your voices heard NOW. Call your Member of Parliament and complain. Write in Najib's blog, Facebook page, Twitter page. Write in your Blog, Facebook page, Twitter account that as a Malaysian you, as a Malaysian, are NOT happy about the amendment to the Evidence Act.

Tell them............


I'm mad as Hell and I won't take it anymore!!!  - Network (1976)


Trevor said...

OMG Pat,

this would mean you can't even say NIAMAH!!! at the end of every post!

Sedition wei! :P

Like to anonymize said...

If such thing happened at Najib's facebook, I think they straight away given him the innocent status, no need to prove anything.

If is in yours, then let us just pray-lah...amen.

monsterball said...

No one is scared like before.
Mahathir's dictatorship is different and over.
Present Dictator is faced with 2 million young well educated voters.
It's Patriots Vs Traitors
It's Evil Vs Clean.
It's Truths Vs Lies
It's God Vs Lucifer...on and on and in.
It's surrendering the country to UMNO rouges and thieves...and be slaves...or be free and make all political parties elected servants worked for the Voters.
It's getting me mad like Pat.
It's so hot...need to cool off with a long nice bath.
Thomas Cup is on.
Something to enjoy real "live" involving our country.
If we win....I need to repent and declare mu accumulated sins to be forgiven...for one a bak-kut -teh.
That to me...will keep me busy for few weeks...waiting fore 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

Are we in Zimbabwe?

flyer168 said...

"Presumed guilty"

Dear Patrick,

You have a point there...

"The death of civil liberties"

Just to share this...

Nazri: Only one ISA replacement law | Free Malaysia Today –

“This is the one we were talking about, supposedly called the anti-terrorism law,”

“This is actually the Terrorism Act...

we did not say it as such because

we didn’t want to scare people,

we didn’t want the same stigma the ISA had,” he said.

Next to share this...

1. UK Terrorism Act 2006 –
2. Home Office –
3. Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation: arrests, outcomes and stop and searches, quarterly update to September 2011, Great Britain | Home Office –
4. New Ron Paul AD – A Must See By All True American Patriots – – YouTube –!
5. terror phone, email monitoring | ZDNet -
How the UK plans anti-terror phone, email monitoring
6. Judge Napolitano: Why The Patriot Act is Unconstitutional. – YouTube –
7. Obama Makes Protesting A Felony “Bill HR 347″ – YouTube –

In other words...we are all Screwed big time...!

Unless Facebook, Google blackout, SOPA will succeed: Here's what you can do | ZDNet -;siu-container

What is clear is that the two combined, or even alone for that matter, could raise enough awareness about the bill to have the bill thrown out of Washington.

So let’s make this happen...

You be the judge.


monsterball said...

When I cannot take anymore....I used to curse ans swear at the crooks and ripped off the pictures of their stupid faces and use them to pick up my dogs shit...waiting and waiting for election day.
12th GE was the best.
I felt freedom coming.
And after the 12th GE...we can see Najib is busy busy doing all sorts of stunts to win votes.
3 years have passed and no sign...when will 13th GE be.
You can say....Emergency Rule will be his last option to save his party ..his own skin and plenty others from being charged for cheating and robbing.
It's all about UMNO b rouges and thieves..fight to the last...not that they are afraid to loose and election...but afraid to loose the billions stolen and Najib has a murder case...hanging over his and Rosmah's heads.
He has more reasons to win 13th GE.
It is avoiding Atlantuya murder case....Scorpion submarines...corruptions.
Rosmah "black magic"{pawang} made Najib divorced and married her.
The couple are now haunted by and night.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

I was shocked to read your posting on this issue. For the life of me. What the hell is going on in Malaysia? What level of hell has Malaysia descended to? What has the Bar Council got to say about this? Suhakam? TI? Hello, hello, hello, can anybody do anything to halt Malaysia's further descent into the hell pit?

Anonymous said...


for your information this was done due to PRESSURE from PAS, and extremists in UMNO who is Pro-Unity government with PAS.

PAS is a narrowminded party, they can insult you but you cannot insult them or prove of their wrongdoing. This is PAS true color.

UMNO blogger revealed that PAS,some PKR who hates Azmin and Anwar, along with some DAP work together with UMNO bloggers and politician to make the sex video.

Anonymous said...

I think we all going to jail.

Whatever Nazshit open his mouth all earth going trumbling, what can you say........Niamah is the word. I am going to print his photo and use my slipper to bang on him at ground, tar siew yan!!!!

cin2tan said...

sighs is wunderful with Jane HERE in the jungle ! ( Tarzan).

Anonymous said...

That amendment is the final nail in to their coffin. done!

Anonymous said...

please boycott Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant chain that is owned by the racist guy called Jamal Md Yunus who manipulated poor petty traders in his Bersih 4.0 stunt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

I must thank you here that you still provide a window where we can see things from another view and also have an avenue for us to voice out our thoughts.

Hope this privilege will not be taken away from you.


monsterball said...

Keep seeing the wooden Judge hammer that I can hear the knock in my dreams.
Ambiga sued foe damaging government properties...but the Poet..Samad who is the Chairman of BERSIH not sued.
Najib has no balls to sue all three...Ambiga...Sama and Hisham Rias.
Bully a woman..he is very good at.

NY Street Talk said...

Let see how this sound on International headline:

"Malaysia hurled hundreds of thousands into jail for their opinions on government oppression."